Details Behind Patrick Byrne Allegations of FBI “Political Espionage”…

Former CEO Patrick Byrne has given four primary interviews where he outlines his knowledge of a 2015 and 2016 political espionage operation being run by the FBI.

Fox News, MacCallumFox Business #1Fox Business #2CNN, Cuomo

After a review of the interviews, and extracting specific points therein, here’s an overview.

The substance of Mr. Byrne claims does seem to align with what we already know about the DOJ and FBI activity during the 2016 election cycle, including the FBI operations.

First, Patrick Byrne claims he has spoken to the DOJ on April 5th, 2019, and again on April 30th, 2019.  Mr. Byrne states he told the DOJ all of the information he was aware of during those two interviews covering approximately seven hours of questioning.

The current public statements Mr. Byrne is making are not with the approval of the DOJ or any investigators therein.  His decision to go public with this information comes as a result of conversations with a life-long mentor and confidant, Warren Buffett.  Mr. Byrne states he has known Warren Buffett since Byrne was a teenager and Mr. Buffett was in his mid-forties.

According to his CNN interview Byrne talked to Buffett in June of 2019 about how he could be a witness in the DOJ investigation authorized by Attorney General Bill Barr and being conducted by U.S. Attorney John Durham.  After listening to the details, Buffett recommended Mr. Byrne go public with the story.

However, in order to go public Byrne would need to separate himself from his role as CEO of Overstock, the company Byrne founded.  Mr. Byrne resigned yesterday, August 22nd.

Byrne explains he told Buffett about his April conversations with the DOJ and Buffett said it didn’t matter… Byrne still needed to go public with the story. It sounds like there are several motives for going public; perhaps one is personal safety.

To verify his April DOJ discussion, Byrne points to two references:

♦First, the movement of Maria Butina from harsh isolation in prison on May 9th, ten days after he delivered his testimony to the DOJ.  According to Byrne Ms. Butina was moved to a very different White Collar facility based on his information.

♦The second reference point Byrne highlights is the May 13th DOJ appointment of John Durham to look into the origination of the Russia investigation events. Byrne says this too was a direct result of his two DOJ sessions April 5th and 30th.

If Byrne is accurate; and if his claims of him personally being an operative of the FBI with instructions to engage Ms. Butina inside the political espionage events structured by corrupt FBI officials are genuine; it would appear Special Counsel Robert Mueller facilitated throwing a bag over Ms Butina in an effort to keep the corrupt FBI intelligence operation hidden from the public. This would explain the Mueller demand for strict solitary isolation and confinement.  [The reports are indeed troubling]

Again, if Byrne is correct, it would appear that extremely significant and exculpatory Brady material -evidence that could easily prove an entrapment defense- was intentionally withheld from Ms. Butina’s defense team.   Alarmingly this points to ongoing corrupt officials that still remain inside the current DOJ.  Ms. Butina was collateral damage.


A review of the time-frame details provided by Patrick Byrne in the four interviews shows his story told four times is consistent each time.

Fox News, MacCallumFox Business #1Fox Business #2CNN, Cuomo

Here’s a brief review of the consistencies aspect:

After a cursory meeting in/around July 2015, Byrne claims in the period of September to December 2015 he reported contact with Russian national Ms. Maria Butina to the FBI as a precaution related to his security clearance.

Byrne claims he was asked to participate in an FBI intelligence operation and to introduce, and/or facilitate the introduction of, Ms. Butina to the campaigns of Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump.

In December of 2015 Mr. Byrne became suspicious of the FBI motives because he warned FBI officials of a potential that his efforts, his reputation and those who trust him, may result in Butina gaining entry into campaign confidences.  The FBI agents told Byrne that was exactly the intent; people high up in the FBI wanted Ms. Butina to gain deep access into the Trump campaign.  Mr. Byrne became suspicious of a corrupt political motive, but didn’t say anything at the time.

Additionally Byrne’s assistance was requested for an investigation of a high-level government official, he later named as Hillary Clinton.

[Sidebar: It’s noteworthy that during these FBI engagements Byrne was never requested to facilitate Ms. Butina into the Bernie Sanders campaign.  The inference in that omission is the Dem primary was rigged, and the riggers saw no value wasting time on Bernie]

In/around Feb or March 2016 Byrne was told to focus Ms. Butina’s attention to the campaign of Donald Trump and to diminish any attention toward Rubio or Cruz.

The assistance of the investigation of the federal official (Hillary Clinton) ended in late June and early July of 2016.  Immediately thereafter Ms. Clinton was publicly -and unusually- cleared by FBI Director James Comey on July 5th, 2016.

In/around this same June & July time-frame (2016), FBI agents requested Mr. Byrne to focus on developing a closer romantic relationship with Ms. Butina and to use his influence to target her to closer proximity with the Trump family and Trump campaign.

It was within these June and July 2016 engagements where FBI agents were apologetic about the requests and specifically mentioned their instructions were coming from three principle FBI officials Byrne described as “X, Y and Z”.   Later Byrne identified FBI Director James Comey as “Z”.

In the Fox MacCallum interview Byrne named James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Bill Priestap, John Carlin (DOJ-NSD) and Peter Strzok.   Mr. Byrne said the specific instructions were coming to the agents from Special Agent Peter Strzok as he relayed the requests of those above him [X, Y and Z (Comey)].

This FBI contact structure highlights an arms-length operation; perhaps intentionally constructed to create plausible deniability for those above the directly instructing agents.

In essence, these rank-and-file FBI agents were asking Patrick Byrne to be a civilian handler of a Russian national, and instructing him to carry out a covert counterintelligence operation.  The FBI agents were apologetic about asking a civilian to take on such a role.

♦ Ms. Maria Butina (pictured left) is described as a young Russian idealist, who had strong connections to high powered Russian oligarchs.

The purpose of Butina coming to the U.S., as explained by Byrne, was for her to engage with influential Americans for contacts that could provide geopolitical value to the oligarchs.

Patrick Byrne was seen as important to Ms. Butina due to his connections to the emerging financial structures of crypto-currency and block-chain.  Byrne is a libertarian who believes in small government, and is somewhat of a disruptor in the business world. Ms. Butina wanted to introduce Byrne to her friends in Russia.

While it was not outlined in any of the four interviews, alternative currency options to the U.S. dollar have been an ongoing effort of Russian interests for a while.  Russia considers global trade attached to the dollar as geopolitical problem; and they have been working for years on alternative currencies for trade (and their own wealth) that can avoid U.S. sanctions and the reach of the U.S. treasury.

♦ As a Russian national with specific Russian interests that are not in alignment with U.S. national interests, Maria Butina would be defined by the U.S. intelligence community as an ‘agent of a foreign power’.   Her status would mean unrestricted monitoring by the U.S. intelligence community would be entirely legal.

However, because of this ‘foreign agent’ status Ms. Butina could also be valuable as a virus to infect anyone the U.S. intelligence apparatus would wish to target domestically.  This motive appears to be the reason for the FBI to tell Mr. Byrne where to send Ms. Butina.

Conducting FISA-702(16)(17) database searches and surveillance on U.S. persons who would meet with Butina would be justifiable and legal.

Extended contact with any U.S. person could likely lead to a Title-1 surveillance warrant through the FISA court.  However, even without the warrant, 702 searches would be valid just from brief contact.

As we have shown FISA-702(“16” to-from) and (“17” about) queries were off the charts during the time-frame of November 2015 through May 2016.  Per the FISA audit conducted by NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers, after the flags noted by the database compliance officer, 85% of the search returns were unauthorized and unmasked.

The time-frames here are too coincidental to be accidental. [Judge Collyer Report]

From the operational description of Mr. Patrick Byrne it would appear Ms. Butina was used by the FBI to “dirty-up” political targets, opening them up for surveillance.

The FBI/NSA database can be used in real time, or in historic mapping, to monitor people simply by entering their cell phone number and filtering the geolocation.   Additionally, texts, call logs, emails, and sensitive electronic communication can all be reviewed by officials using this database.

Perhaps we will learn more as this story unfolds.  Until then, what Patrick Byrne is describing is an illicit and intentional use of an FBI counterintelligence operation to monitor the political campaign of the opposing party.

Maria Butina likely did have sketchy intentions from a U.S. strategic interest perspective; and monitoring her was perhaps justifiable.  However, specifically directing Butina on where to go and who to meet is another kettle-o-fish entirely.

That corrupt aspect is likely why Mueller, Weissmann and the corrupt small group within the DOJ and FBI, wanted Butina locked away in strict isolation.

♦ Lastly, it’s worth noting in the Fox Business interview, Patrick Byrne describing in hindsight being offered a $1 billion bribe of sorts to stay quiet.  This has peaked many curious questions; however, it is worth noting a bribe as described could come in a multitude of forms for a businessman who operates a massive corporation.

In 2018 Mr. Byrne’s company, Overstock, was under an SEC investigation.


I’m sure it is just a coincidence, but FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok’s wife, Melissa Hodgman, happens to be the Assoc. Director of the SEC Enforcement Division, who happened to be leading the SEC investigation of Patrick Byrne’s company. [LINK]

So the wife of the FBI agent who was directing Patrick Byrne in the sketchy FBI operation targeting Donald Trump… just happens to open an investigation of Byrne shortly after the corrupt FBI operation containing her husband first hit the headlines in early 2018.

I wonder if the elimination of that SEC investigation was worth, oh, say $1 billion.

Huh, imagine that?


Small world.



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  1. gsonFIT says:

    I am fairly certain this is the Wall Street case Byrne is referring to.

    4 Charged With Insider Trading in Galleon Case
    Published: November 5, 2009
    After weeks of speculation on Wall Street, prosecutors brought a fresh round of insider trading charges on Thursday that left no doubt they were aiming at hedge funds and the networks of market gossip that are endemic on trading floors.

    Raj Rajaratnam, left, founder of the Galleon hedge fund, leaving his bail hearing in New York with his lawyer, John Dowd.

    The charges, against 14 money managers, lawyers and other investors, followed the arrest last month of a hedge fund billionaire, Raj Rajaratnam, on charges that he had profited from inside information.

    In the latest criminal complaints, prosecutors described a network that used prepaid cellphones to avoid detection, and that was pierced in part through surveillance and wiretaps.

    One law enforcement official, speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation is continuing, said the authorities expected to make more arrests in the coming weeks. The investigation is part of a broad Federal Bureau of Investigation push into crimes related to hedge funds, including the addition of a third securities fraud unit in New York, the official said.

    And for the first time, the authorities hinted that they might be brushing against the pinnacle of the hedge fund world, S.A.C. Capital Management, a $12 billion Connecticut fund company. Neither S.A.C. nor any current employee has been charged with wrongdoing.

    The broadest of Thursday’s complaints names seven defendants, including Arthur J. Cutillo, a lawyer at the prestigious firm of Ropes & Gray, who is accused of offering tips on impending takeovers that the firm worked on. The tips were then passed among a group of lawyers and traders.

    Prosecutors also announced five guilty pleas from hedge fund managers in Massachusetts and California, including one from Roomy Khan, the witness at the center of the case against Mr. Rajaratnam.

    As part of a plea agreement made public on Thursday, prosecutors agreed not to charge Richard Choo-Beng Lee, a California fund manager who worked at S.A.C. from 1999 through January 2004, on any insider trading he committed at S.A.C. as long as he had disclosed the insider trading to them. Mr. Lee pleaded guilty in October to insider trading while running his own hedge fund last year.

    Jeffrey L. Bornstein, Mr. Lee’s lawyer and a partner at K&L Gates, said Mr. Lee was cooperating with the authorities and could not comment on the letter or what information Mr. Lee might be able to provide.

    A spokesman for S.A.C. said he could not comment on the letter.

    Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, said the investigation, which began more than two years ago, was continuing. He added that investors who believed they were at risk of being charged should come forward voluntarily.

    “I urge you to come knocking on our door before we come knocking on yours,” Mr. Bharara said.

    In all, 20 defendants have now been charged in the overlapping cases, and five have pleaded guilty.

    Defense lawyers who were not involved in the case said the government’s tactics, which included phone taps and wiring cooperating witnesses, were more typically used in organized crime than in securities fraud cases.

    Still, the investigation has not publicly ensnared any of the biggest hedge funds. And the total profits that the schemes are said to have produced are relatively modest, about $60 million so far.

    Mr. Rajaratnam is not named in any of the complaints or pleas announced on Thursday. But Galleon, his company, appears to be at the center of the investigation. The two men identified as leaders of the ring, Zvi Goffer and Craig Drimal, are former employees of Galleon.

    Mr. Goffer worked at Galleon from January to August 2008, while Mr. Drimal had an office at Galleon, according to the complaint. A person knowledgeable about Galleon said that Mr. Goffer had been laid off last year as part of a broader staff reduction, while Mr. Drimal was once an employee.

    Thursday’s complaint does not claim that the men used insider information on Galleon’s behalf. Instead, it claims that they traded for their own accounts, making millions of dollars buying stocks in companies that were about to be taken over. Mr. Drimal made the largest profits, earning $8 million, according to the complaint.

    The defendants were concerned about the possibility of wiretaps and informants and frequently talked about ways to avoid being caught, according to the complaint. It said that in February 2008, Mr. Goffer warned Jason C. Goldfarb, another defendant, against making trades that were too obvious.

    Referring to someone who had bought options that would be valuable only if a stock made a large gain in a few weeks, he was quoted as saying: “You know what that means? Someone’s going to jail, going directly to jail, so don’t let it be you, O.K.?” Adding an expletive, he then said, “That’s a ticket to the big house.”

    The other defendants charged Thursday are Emanuel Goffer, Michael Kimelman, and David Plate. All worked at Incremental Capital L.L.C., a trading company that Zvi Goffer started in 2008. Incremental did not return requests for comment. Lawyers for the men declined to comment.

    In a statement, Ropes & Gray said it was disappointed “to learn about this situation” and would cooperate with investigators. A lawyer for Mr. Cutillo declined to comment.

    Two other defendants, Ali Hariri and Deep Shah, were charged in other complaints.

    Thursday’s arrests overshadowed an afternoon hearing in which Mr. Rajaratnam asked United States Magistrate Judge Theodore H. Katz to lower his bail and loosened his travel restrictions. Judge Katz ruled that Mr. Rajaratnam, who had been required to remain within 110 miles of New York City, could now travel throughout the United States. But Judge Katz declined to reduce Mr. Rajaratnam’s bail to $25 million from $100 million, as his lawyers had asked.

    Mr. Rajaratnam has vowed to fight the charges against him.

    The five guilty pleas announced on Thursday include Mr. Lee and Ali Far, former Galleon fund managers who set up their own hedge fund, Spherix Capital, in 2007; Steven Fortuna, managing director of S2 Capital, a hedge fund in Boston; Gautham Shankar, a trader at the Schottenfeld Group, a broker in New York; and Ms. Khan, who once worked at Galleon and pleaded guilty to a federal wire fraud charge in 2001.

    Richard Schaeffer, Mr. Fortuna’s lawyer, said Mr. Fortuna had closed his hedge fund. He declined to say whether Mr. Fortuna was cooperating with investigators but said Mr. Fortuna “is hopeful of the fact that he accepted responsibility for his conduct at a very early stage will bear upon the sentence he receives.”

    Lawyers for Mr. Far, Mr. Shankar and Ms. Khan either declined to comment or did not return calls or e-mail messages seeking comment.

    The complaints represent a significant expansion of a case that has gripped the hedge fund community.

    Researching a company’s prospects is a crucial part of investing, and hedge fund managers, stock analysts and other investors regularly swap information about the companies they own. But they are not allowed to buy and sell stocks based on important information that has not been disclosed to the public, such as the news that a company is about to be taken over, or word from a corporate executive that a company’s earnings will fall short.

    The tips described in the broad complaint on Thursday appear to fit into the classic definition of insider trading more clearly than the case against Mr. Rajaratnam. In each example, the stocks rose quickly and predictably after the announcement of a deal, enabling conspirators to make large and low-risk profits in a matter of days.

    In contrast, much of the complaint against Mr. Rajaratnam focuses on his habit of swapping tips and rumors in advance of quarterly earnings reports and other corporate announcements, a practice on Wall Street that has been routine — at least until now.

    Michael J. de la Merced and William K. Rashbaum contributed reporting.

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  2. Spatch says:

    Where does Epstein fit in all this? It’s been reported he was also working with the government and had blackmail material on the political world. I find it difficult to believe that is just another coincidence. This is getting uglier by the day.

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    • dawg says:

      After the Epstein death, I think Byrne came out to protect himself.

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    • suejeanne1 says:

      just came back from the grocery store – Mom had “The Five” on (FoxNews) – Martha McCallum is on there today and they were just talking about her interview yesterday with Patrick Byrne and I just get so annoyed hearing her voice –

      then I see that idiot Jesse Waters grinning – oh you dummies – this is not a joking matter –

      God bless you and keep you, Mr. Byrne!

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    • Richard Orberson says:

      It is my opinion that Epstein is in France or Israel. I truly don’t think he’s dead, too many things point to him still being alive. The way his Will put things in a trust that nobody knows who is controlling it. I’d say he’s controlling it.

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  3. This is going in very different direction! He’s afraid for his life! Deep state will get him if he talks too much!

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  4. I wonder how many business CEOs were paid billions to spy on Trump!! Bezo my be? There must be more!

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  5. islandpalmtrees says:

    If Patrick Byrne story is correct then Attorney General Bill Barr or U.S. Attorney John Durham should be able to get from the NSA Database all of the information needed to confirm his statements to include all of the missing Peter Strzok text messages. Remember Barr, can declassify anything, now.

    William Binney, a former senior NSA official: “So if the FBI really wanted them they can go to the NSA database and get them right now,” he stated of Clinton’s emails as well as DNC emails.

    So my question is a simple one – why not just get the pertinent documents from the NSA Database?

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    • Bogeyfree says:

      Been asking that exact question for 3 years.

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      • islandpalmtrees says:

        There must be some major part of this story not being told. Three years ago any member of the IC to include the FBI and CIA could have made this request of the NSA Database. It seems someone or some committee did not want this information revealed – who? Say the SSCI. Would they have enough power to prevent NSA database access?

        I would love to see Sundance with his sharp Analytical Skills make sense of this.

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      • Dee says:

        They don’t want you to think they have that capability or to spy on you at will. We are no longer that silly.

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    • PBR says:

      Go to Judicial Watch website and listen to their recent update on Hillary Clinton email scandal. he just won a suit to get documents and have the inquiry re-opened.

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    • Bill says:

      And here is the reason for that random decision by congress and the IC to not renew the software program moving forward.

      Does anyone remember Sundance’s post several months back about how the IC and congress were not going to renew the program for the NSA database??? Many of us said this was the exact reason they were making this decision. In order to get rid of evidence and his future evidence.

      This is turning out to be one big nasty picture that encapsulates the old adage “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Scary times folks.

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  6. tiredofallthis says:

    And the collateral damage to the abuse of Maria Butina by Comey, Mueller, et al is most likely the arrest and imprisonment of Paul Whelan. Butina was essentially convicted and sent to prison for trying to network with Americans. Putin was publicly outraged when her guilty plea was announced in December 2018. Putin is an old KGB hand, he knows when someone is spying and when someone isn’t spying. Butina was not spying. And when Putin thinks that one of his citizens is being abused he is going to take action. Hard to believe that it was a coincidence that Whelan was set up and arrested in Moscow a week later. Butina was forced into pleading guilty by, among other things, being held in solitary confinement. Whelan is being held in solitary confinement. Be willing to bet that when Butina gets released so will Whelan. I also think that Whelan may not be as innocent as he is being portrayed. Seems more than a little fishy that a guy who is dishonorably discharged from the Marines in 2008 is the Head of Security for a large corporation (BorgWarner) less than 10 years later. And that he spends a lot of time in Russia. At the very least he was trying to network with Russians–just like Butina.

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  7. Jerry Hodge says:

    1) Warren Buffett is a big-money Liberal who is the supposed “conscience” of Byrne.
    2) Now we are to assume that Hilary was somehow a target in this.

    Don’t these facts scream red flag (or, red herring)?

    If the timeline outlined by Sundance makes sense, we would expect it to if Byrne were competently trying to make his disclosures withstand scrutiny.

    Hannity mentioned today that he is not touching this story due to some inconsistencies. Whatever you might say about Hannity, he has been on top of the Spygate saga from early on before most others jumped on that wagon.

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    • sturmudgeon says:

      When I saw Buffett’s name connected with Byrne’s… that caused me some concern also.

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    • Rynn69 says:

      Jerry Hodge: I see where you are going, but consider this:

      “Warren Buffett is a big-money Liberal.” Big money = YES. Liberal = if it helps his business. He is a business man first and foremost who will do whatever he needs to do to keep government at bay. Patrick Byrne was involved with one of his companies and they seem to have a mentor-apprentice type friendship.

      If the FBI wanted to utilize Byrne as a civilian asset to move in a Russian amongst campaigns, you would indicate Hillary Clinton in the list because eliminating her would send off alarms to Byrne that the FBI motives were targeted, biased, and illegal.

      Hannity, that’s another story…


    • whoseyore says:

      Totally agree, Jerry.
      Keep in mind when thinking about all of what he mentions in his interviews that according to the article below, Patrick Byrne was on an extended leave from Overstock from April 2016 – July 2016 due to some issues he was having due to stage IV Hepatitis C. That is right in the middle of the time frame of all of this.

      I believe that he was brought in by the Deep State to cover their tracks so it doesn’t appear that they were focusing only on Candidate/President Trump. Also to point to Russia as the reason our government got involved in spying in the first place. He told McCallum he was told to set up Hilary Clinton to be blackmailed. I don’t believe that because Hilary was involved in the whole Fusion GPS thing. She was partners with the DOJ/FBI/Deep State in trying to take down Candidate Trump.

      Also, notice in the interviews that when he lists the four campaigns he was told to get dirt on, he always lists Hilary’s first or second and gives more details about hers. If he were not lying, the natural thing would be to name Trump first because we all new Trump was being spied upon. The fact that he lists Trump last is very telling. That is what people do when they lie, try to point over here rather than you seeing the ‘over there’. Start watching the McCallum interview at the 10:43 point – he makes claim that Hillary was the big focus and after Maria Butina marked her off of her list and was going to focus only on Rubio, Cruz and Trump, the government was no longer interested. We all know that is bogus. Hilary was NOT the one our government wanted to snag. Keep watching the video after that 10:43 point, because McCallum asks if Butina was working for our government and he claimed she was definitely not working for our government and at that point he gets a little annoyed at that question. Notice how at about 12:06 he tells Martha, it was NOT the FBI and not to even say that because the FBI got ‘hijacked’ from the top. Then Martha asks if he is talking about the CIA and he gets all stuttery muttery and says there were three (un-named) senior officials who were behind all of this. I think that he is trying to clear our government and make it look like they were only playing defense against the Russia Deep State because this will be our government’s alibi of how the whole Fusion thing got it’s start. Byrne makes claims that Maria Butina is swimming around with Republicans and even said that she was more Republican than Liberal. That is a crazy statement because Russians are not Republican or Democrat! He goes on to protect Comey, Strozk, and even Obama in the interview.
      I do have concern that he mentions he waited until someone he could trust came into the position of DOJ. If he can trust Barr, can we?

      Lastly, do you honestly believe that this guy would walk away from a multi-billion dollar company because of his loyalty to his country? I say – not without being compensated financially some other way.


    • MBB says:

      I think conscience is not the right term. They are family friends. It seems like it was an advisory role because Byrne was very afraid if being killed.


  8. Ipse Dipxit says:

    Work it backwards and it paints a different picture. The young Russian woman laid out as a honey-pot for three Republican Presidential candidates, and before that for the NRA, supposedly worked for a gun rights group in Putin’s Russia after having sold her furniture store empire built in a few years after college – and about the same time Barry told a townhall they had some things working “under the radar” to assault the Second Amendment. Quite the display of flexibility, innit? And Baba Yaga / Babushka RosAtom’s campaign here in the US picks up the Russian theme for their coup right after their “unexpected” loss to President Trump.


  9. Lulu says:

    The FBI, ATF, DOJ, NSA, CIA, State Department are completely compromised and should be abolished.

    And every other federal agency/department/office should be looked at including the DoD and the individual branches of the military.

    I really believe the only way to save the Republic is to end almost all federal agencies and start from scratch.

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  10. zimbalistjunior says:

    im not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet so ill say it
    this might be an effort to protect the Deep State with a double down on ‘national security’ exemption.

    Basically, as far as I can tell, the DS can claim any action they undertook in the name of the nebulous, ambiguous, catch-all term ‘national security’ can be excused from criminal sanction. At worse, they made a mistake.

    The claim will be that since Butina was a Russian and since, as we know, she admitted to some quasi-espionage activities, anything the DS did to investigate her and her connections are excused under ‘national security’.

    But, say you, what about the DS seemingly entrapping Republicans. Well, then the DS will fall back on the old we needed to continue and prolong the investigation in an effort to go up the chain of command…much like the cops would try to go up the ladder to catch the drug kingpin…here, too, the effort would have been to catch the top guy, el primo whatever etc etc

    you would think that this would require the DS to posit that there is an analagous person to an El Chapo kingpin..someone who is running operations in the USA on behalf of Russia

    so here they can get imaginative–they can say that based on Trump’s past (see the Steele dossier bs ) the DS honestly thought that Trump himself was the kingpin..and whoops i guess we were wrong
    or they can say, we thought it might be the ambassador or some other russkie in the USA–maybe a sergei millian type
    or they can just take a page from the movie No Way Out, and say they were trying to catch a shadowy Ruskie figure named Yuri.

    yuk yuk and yuk


  11. rcogburn says:

    We are being played. He’s shilling hard for someone, I think Brennan.

    Byrne is a Trump-hating Libertarian who in 2015/6, used his position and influence to place a Russian agent near the Trump campaign and, he claims, personally arranged for the blackmail of Hillary Rodham Clinton. He played 007 and lost.

    Forget the $1bn, they’ll throw him in jail for the rest of his life (which might not be that long). They’ve got him by the short hairs.

    Underneath his sob stories about mall shootings and Rabbi Warren, Byrne is out there saying THE RUSSIA INVESTIGATION WAS LEGIT, not at all fabricated, but improperly used as a cover for “political surveillance” done to multiple candidates, not just Trump, and…James Comey.

    Sound like Brennan?

    Listen to his last few minutes on his last interview, Cuomo, #3, and see if you think he’s a blowing the whistle or reciting their talking points.

    start at 35:00

    “An illegal order…I want to be clear, the Men In Black we’re very unhappy…this is really awful, we have never heard of this in our careers, the United States never does stuff like this, we are not the bad guys…but the order came from” [points upwards].
    Cuomo: “And you think Jim Comey knew?
    Byrne: “100%”

    “There’s good news for both Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans are wrong. The democrats didn’t just dream up this Russian investigation–the FBI didn’t. They had ME jumping up and down saying there is a problem here and looking at it! I thought I was going to be talking someday, explaining why didn’t they look into it! They’re wrong. The Republicans are wrong to say this was fabricated out of nowhere! What they’re right about, though, is that it was actually being politicized.”

    Also, as for the $1BN: maybe he got a taste last August. shares rose 21%, after a Hong Kong private equity firm invested $270 in his new blockchain company. Byrne owns 4.1M shares of


    Zero sympathy for this guy.

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    • Papoose says:

      It is very good to look at both sides of the coin and also along the rim. My first impression of himwas: hmmm, yeah, Ok. Hmmm sure. I get a very spidy feeling about the Russia angle.

      It was Brennan and Powers all along… from the get go —- Coordinated by the Usurper.
      Samantha Powers…. Brennan…. Coup


    • gda53 says:

      Did you read the linked Reason article? It seems to me you didn’t if you say “Byrne is a Trump-hating Libertarian”

      The article clearly says he ONCE hated Trump (and still hates Clinton) – likely because he believed the MSM’s propaganda at the time – but was now a fan. So the CORRECT thing to say would have been “Byrne WAS a Trump-hating Libertarian”.

      Big difference.

      Cuomo interview:
      “The democrats didn’t just dream up this Russian investigation–the FBI didn’t.”

      WRONG! He said “……- the FBI DID”.

      Big difference.

      Remember, Byrne is only familiar with his little piece of this enormous conspiracy. He is putting ALL the blame on the top brass in FBI/IC, because that’s all he knows.

      We have the big picture – we know this did not originate just with the FBI. Or Brennan for that matter.

      Obama had the spy network working for him 24/7 since at least 2012. Byrne still thinks this is a few bad apples on the 7th Floor.

      My take is he’s a genuine patriot who’s not a fan of Dem or GOP, just a very smart businessman/entrepreneur who still lives in the (imagined?) past when both parties still wanted the best for the country.

      Liked by 2 people

      • PBR says:

        Nicely stated, gda53


      • rcogburn says:

        Yes, I read everything I link. The June, 2019 piece says, “but now Byrne has reconsidered his views,” although, “there are still many things that bother him…especially his rhetorical style.” If CTH had an edit feature, I’d change to: “until recently, Byrne has been a Trump-hating Libertarian,” and probably add, “denouncing Trump as “a fake businessman” and “a disgrace to America.”

        Re: the FBI did/didn’t. Do you think he is telling Chris Cuomo, the Democrats did not dream up the Russia investigation, but FBI did [dream it up]? That’s not what he’s saying at all. He’s saying nobody dreamed it up. It was not fabricated. It was real and he was part of it, so Republicans should stop thinking the whole thing was fake. Read the whole talking point.

        I listened to his interviews back to back. He’s all over the place, but he tells the exact same, clearly scripted narrative, repeating the same key words, phrases, and talking points. No matter what question he is asked, he sticks to the same narrative. All the signs of someone in a tightly controlled message box.

        You think we have the big picture, but Byrne does not. Why is that? Why do we know about the Obama spy network, but “Byrne still thinks this is a few bad apples on the 7th Floor?” He’s an extremely smart guy and a researcher/writer himself. I’d be very surprised if he isn’t at least as well read as anyone here.

        I’m going to disagree with you on Byrne as a patriot. You seem fond of him and very sympathetic. My take is he’s a wealthy 56 year old CEO, probably with a gargantuan ego, probably with a big James Bond fantasy, who followed his “instructions” to seduce a Russian agent, go after the Trump campaign; and even set up a blackmail op on Hillary Clinton. If that’s all true, he’s not a patriot, he’s delusional.

        And right now he’s deeply, deeply compromised. They absolutely own him. They (whoever “they” are, I don’t know) certainly don’t want him running around shooting his mouth off. But he does have value a shill of some sort, willing or unwilling, which I think is what we’re seeing now.

        He quits his CEO post and goes on TV, why? Because he’s distraught over mall shootings? Because Rabbi Warren prevailed upon him to be righteous and save the country? Or because that’s what his controllers want him to do.

        He was taking “orders” and “instructions” from the “Men In Black” three years ago. I think it’s pretty clear he’s doing so now.


        • tozerbgood8315 says:

          “Re: the FBI did/didn’t. Do you think he is telling Chris Cuomo, the Democrats did not dream up the Russia investigation, but FBI did [dream it up]? That’s not what he’s saying at all. He’s saying nobody dreamed it up. It was not fabricated. It was real and he was part of it, so Republicans should stop thinking the whole thing was fake. Read the whole talking point.”

          Seriously? If you listened to all 4 interviews where he fingered Comey, Brennan, and said that Barr is going to bust up the iceberg. Why would he say that if his talking point is there really was Russian collusion?


      • MBB says:

        I think your take is correct.


    • tozerbgood8315 says:

      Sorry, but you’re making chit up, and you’re completely ignoring his comments fingering Strzok,Comey, and Brennan, and praise the living daylights out of Bill Barr who’s going to completely bust up this iceberg.

      Honestly, you must have listened to a different interview than the rest of us.


      • rcogburn says:

        He fingered Brennan?


        • tozerbgood8315 says:

          Yes he did… early on in one of the 4 interviews as I recall. He names Brennan and Comey.


        • tozerbgood8315 says:

          ff to 3.10 point – he names Brennan and Comey


          • rcogburn says:

            Thanks for the link. I had not seen this one, only the three long interviews he did. Now I understand what you were talking about. He seems to be a completely different person here than the other three: relaxed, articulate, confident, and in control of himself. I didn’t know he’d named Brennan here, I wonder if Brennan will be x y or z. Makes the three long interviews even more strange. He’s , he’s definitely reciting a narrative with a


            • rcogburn says:

              typing on my phone, hit button accidentally – reciting a narrative with the repetition of key points and phrases over and over, incoherent but tightly focused, and never veering off it no matter what the question. There’s something not right about those three interviews.

              I would not rule out the possibility that someone got to him before yesterday and he is compromised.

              I will keep an open mind.


    • whoseyore says:

      Notice how Cuomo keeps looking down at something during the interview. I believe that there are people at CNN telling him exactly what to ask when he is in interviews.


  12. Perhaps Messrs X, Y & Z answer to people well above Hillary’s paygrade. Perhaps the spying on politicians to obtain material for control (blackmail) purposes goes back well before PDJT or HRC, targets all stripes and encompasses a wide range of collection techniques, including using the IC and strategic bad actors (eg. Epstein).

    Perhaps this is so big and disgusting that even well established CTH branch warmers need to be introduced slowly and gently to the truth.

    Liked by 3 people

  13. paulashley says:

    I applaud Bryne for putting his money and career where his mouth is. We need more people with the courage to do the right thing.


  14. paulashley says:

    I applaud Bryne for putting his money and career where his mouth is. We need more people with the courage to do the right thing.


  15. paulashley says:

    I applaud Bryne for putting his money and career where his mouth is. We need more people with the courage to do the right thing.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Papoose says:

    Here’s another red head with a foreign accident that needs to be interrogated: Usurpation 2007
    We watched them usurp Hillary Clinton at New York during the Democratic Convention in August 2008 right after The World Tour to be POTUS… and check out Cass Sunstein, too.

    If only we had won the Chicago Olympics 2016… not. Thank you, Lord.

    BRENNAN & Company


  17. Kleen says:

    Whoaaaa Ya’ll.

    You need to watch Glenn Becks video today on PB.


    Glenn said when he exposed George Soros on Fox, some very high profile person like Warren Buffett, warned Glenn to make a huge deal about it and scream to world that crossed Soros’ line.

    If something happened to Glenn… even an accident to investigate the “accident”
    As possible murder.

    Glenn said the fact that Warren Buffett advised Patrik to go around cable news all over the place is a sign he has reasons to be concerned about his safety.

    Epstein everyone!!!!!!


  18. David R. Graham says:

    Who would have $1B hanging around in the black to use for a bribe?


  19. David R. Graham says:

    Buffet tells Byrne to dirty up his handlers before they you-know-what him? Is that what happened there? And why did Byrne get involved as an informant/civ agent to begin with? Stupid thinking that alphabet soup agencies conduct legit ops?


  20. tozerbgood8315 says:

    I haven’t seen any discussion on who the “corrupted official” he helped the FIB investigate just before they allegedly asked him to pick up again with Ms. Butina, (I didn’t read every post – sorry)
    Anyone have a clue as to who that might be?


  21. tozerbgood8315 says:

    But all seriousness aside… dude does 4 interviews, and at the end of them says “I’m laying low”.
    That made me downright almost KILT me keyboard with me coffee!


  22. gsonFIT says:

    Regarding the $1B bribe. It could be a buyout of the $700 M $OSTK or a contract for Tzero (Byrne’s blockchain company). I dont think he meant a plane full of unmarked bills.

    BTW, It seems like the FBI has quite a network of informants. Any number of them could be used to accomplish a “bribe”


  23. Bill says:

    Isn’t the company that was making the mattresses for the illegals crossing the border to sleep on in processing centers? The company that the left tried to boycott and the CEO stood firm and didn’t cave? Or was that another firm?


    • Diddian says:

      That was Wayfair is related to several other online “curated household furnishings” retailers – Birch Lane, Joss & Main, All Modern, among them – but don’t know if they are related to

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Rynn69 says:

    This is sobering to the American people.

    Key institutions of our government have become corrupted. We must begin a long process of ridding the corruption and bringing accountability to those who perpetrated these crimes on the American people.

    It seems the circle of corruption is contained to a fairly larger size group of people operating at the highest levels within. Employees below would fall into the category of being corrupt as well, or fearful to speak out for fear of being the next person spied upon by a now weaponized law agency.

    The American people would like to know the genesis of this corrupted group’s power. Did it go all the way back to 2001 when Mueller was appointed FBI Director? It seems it would have to at least start there as Mueller has demonstrated corruption. Did it start with Bush 41 or Clinton? Interesting piece on Clinton cleaning out the law agencies:

    Perhaps someone could write about the genesis of the corruption so that we, as a country, can prevent it from ever happening again. I nominate the courageous Sidney Powell.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Dennis McKinney says:

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive!”

    I was at first in sure of what he (Byrne) was trying to communicate! My first question was, Why now? And, with all of the tick-tock and dot connecting why hadn’t any of this been revealed before now?

    If true, there had better be some arrest & convictions! These coup d’etat conspirators are still acting like the law is on their side! From my bunker, this is some seriously unconstitutional & illegal behavior!


  26. Diddian says:

    I cannot reconcile the following:

    Byrne’s assertion that his FBI agent handler said they were spying on Hillary, Rubio, and Cruz as well as Trump.

    FBI’s leaving the contents of the Weiner laptop untouched until circumstances forced their hand right before the election.

    So, is Byrne lying or is he merely repeating the FBI agent handler’s lie? If it is not Byrne, why did he wait until now to say something. Barr has been in place for months. Strzok testified before Congress months ago. What is different now from months ago?


  27. Wooddux says:

    Was David Clarke’s Unexpected Senate Confirmation Withdrawal a Maria Butina Casualty???

    Why wasn’t Josh Israel’s, Think Progress’ seminal article on Maria Butina, not footnoted in Feinstein’s letter revealing the Butina chess piece in a Senate non-intelligence investigation? This is the only major progressive article that was released before the ONI, “Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections.” If not the first, certainly one of the early articles tying Butina to the Trump orbit.

    The Israel article was used to outline Russian involvement with Trump & Trump Jr, David Keene, Pete Brownell, Dr. Arnold Goldschlager, and his daughter, Hilary Goldschalger; Jim Liberatore, and former Milwaukee County Sheriff and Fox News regular David A. Clarke. However, Feinstein sends a letter on Dec 4, 2017, long after she has left the Senate Intelligence Committee (Nov 2016), but CCs Chuck Grassley. She pivots, focusing questions on Rick Clay, Rick Dearborn, Johnny Yenason, and Paul Erickson, rather than the other grouping of previously disclosed Butina targets.

    Why? Easy; Clarke had already withdrawn from consideration. These were political hit jobs, and his withdrawal was already accomplished.

    How many Butina operational targets existed? The FBI and Gang of 8 attempted to tie Butina to Rick Clay, Rick Dearborn, Johnny Yenason, and Paul Erickson to the Trump Organization. However, Josh Israel focused on Butina’s connection to David Clarke (Paid for part of Clarke’s trip to Moscow) and the NRA executives. This may have led to Clarke’s strange and unexpected withdrawal during the Senate confirmation process. Think Progress referred to Clarke’s difficulties with the OPM background investigation process. (Original Clarke Hit, KIRA LERNER) (Clarke/ Butina Hit, Josh Israel) (Clarke Withdrawal) (Clarke Withdrawal Follow-up)

    Click to access AE4411E399C50229E0DC44F2F75AE7E2.letter-to-butina.pdf (Office Personnel Management Background Investigation Process)


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