Big Govt Publishes New Cooling Standards: Thermostat Should Be Set to 82 Degrees When Sleeping…

Fresh from the same Dept. of Energy and EPA that gave us: toilets that don’t flush; light bulbs that don’t light; dishwashers that don’t wash; plant-based fuel that burns like carrots; and paper straws that dissolve in liquid….  Now we get this:

[…] Energy Star, the federal program from the DOE and the Environmental Protection Agency, said the coolest you should keep your home is 78 degrees when you’re home.

When you’re at work or away, the program recommends setting it at 85 degrees. When you’re sleeping, Energy Star said to set the thermostat at 82 degrees. (link)

Setting the thermostat at 82° at night is well recognized grounds for divorce. I swear these administrative state progressives are going to have us force-fed sustainable algae cakes if this keeps up.

Some journalist-type person published these new cooling standards on twitter, and the responses are quite funny.

“I see we’ve decided to give up on sleeping. Or going home for that matter. Or having pets that aren’t native to the rain forest.” (link)

“I’ve already embraced a dying Earth, so I keep my central air between 67-72 at all times.” (link)

“I’d be laying there making a giant sweat angel in my bed” (link)

“New report shows these as the recommended temps for smelling like an onion.” (link)

I have no idea how my ancestors survived deserts. If the thermostat in my house showed a number that started with an 8 I would call the police” (link)

But seriously…. given the track record for current energy efficient standards and how they end up being actually applied to life (toilets, dishwashers, lightbulbs etc.) it’s darned frightening to think the Feds believe 78° (when home), 85° (when away) and 82° (when sleeping) is a reasonable cooling standard.

Insta-misery; aka living in hell.

Watch out California….  Pretty soon you might not have options when the proletariat mandates the installation of compliance regulators inside the A/C system.


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518 Responses to Big Govt Publishes New Cooling Standards: Thermostat Should Be Set to 82 Degrees When Sleeping…

  1. mike diamond says:

    We Texas polar bears choose 76! 82 is just too hot for us 60 year old men!

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    • couldn’t do 76 mike, the wife wants it set to 72. why? so she can pile blankets on top and “get snuggly”!

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    • Ralph Kramden says:

      Right on, Mike! Of course, in Texas, we don’t “air condition”, that’s for wimps! We refrigerate!

      Air conditioning takes some of the humidity out and drops the ambient by, maybe 10 degrees. That’s fine if you live in New York City. In Texas, we wring out the humidity by 30 or 40 percent and drop the ambient by 25 or so degrees. That’s refrigeration! It’s also why no one goes to Austin in July or August.

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  2. Zorro says:

    We have obtained the utopian temperature settings. The science is now settled.

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  3. noswamp says:

    Railway stations around China have air conditioning is set high enough that it is uncomfortable.
    Banks as well. Communism hits the USA.
    The handoff to China was almost complete. And the traitors to our country are still openly in gvt. and pulling off suicide stunts in federal prisons. it’s as if the inmates are running the asylum and calling POTUS crazy when in fact they are the crazy one.

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  4. Dehbashi says:

    It’s just a new legalized way for post abortion. As everyone knows, newborn babies need a optimal temperature of 69-72 degrees to survive. Even thinking about 78 would fry them which is what big government wants.

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  5. billsv says:

    I lived in Chicago and cracked open the window at night even when 20 below. I will set my thermostat after every government employee does the same for a month

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  6. wvcoalman says:

    Most everything the permanent politburo commissars in these Grubermint agencies come up with makes me uncomfortable. I don’t need anymore “suggestions” from them to make me more uncomfortable.
    However, I wonder if the letters I have been receiving periodically from the electric power company (AEP in my case) that want me to join some “energy saving” smart thermostat program has anything to do with this nonsense so they can monitor your thermostat and remotely adjust it to the desired Grubermint “suggestion” ?

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    • MelH says:

      Don’t look now but the “smart” program is going to be shoved down your throat with or without your consent, unless your government is different from the California government. At first they ask, which only means you’ll be among the first to get the “smart” device. Then some how they don’t have to ask anymore. T hey simply arrive, do the switch-out, and leave. Here, suddenly the A/C stops and the thermostat window tells me how long i can expect to wait for it to go back on. I was really lucky the day it was 100…..they only kept it off 17 more minutes, that I was paying attention. More than what? i don’t know because I was too busy finding my fans and turning them on. LOVE those fans!

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      • Adam Phillips says:

        Reminds me of college; our landlord had a cage around the thermostat so he could set it where he wanted it. So we invested in a heating pad for the summer, and an icepack for the winter, a little duct tape to keep it on the cage and we were comfortable!

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    • WVPatriot says:

      “Curious cat” became very edgy when those notices began arriving with their monthly statements, wvcoalman!

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  7. John Davis says:

    I can hear them yelling at the EPA: “You posted what?!”

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  8. BigTalkers says:

    When an old friend of mine was a teenager he’d wait until his family was asleep and turn down the therostat to 65. A short while later his dad would awake and roar, “God-dammit!”

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  9. scottmc37 says:

    What about in the winter? 82 also?

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  10. Phillie_fan62 says:

    Ahhhh yes, good old energy star! A few years ago I bought a replacement faucet for my kitchen. Didn’t pay much attention when buying it. A few months later I saw an ad in the local flyer selling the same exact faucet. This time I read up on it. it promoted that I’d save 30% more water! It runs slow, unlike my old faucet. 30%? If I need to fill my coffee maker with an 8 cup limit, I still need 8 cups of water. Only now, it takes longer. Which make my well pump run longer! So my pump runs longer which uses more electric, it’s on a 220 circuit! So it takes 30% longer to fill up a glass or whatever and takes 30% more time. Where is the savings?

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  11. Alan Reasin says:

    In MD, using fees, the state has forced home owners to have their electric meters read by satellite for efficiency. And as an added bonus, they can remotely shutdown appliances during an emergency; maybe like having your thermostat set for 75 in the summer.

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  12. mylabs5 says:

    So you run a fan and use twice as much energy to keep cool. Will they outlaw fans next?

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  13. Benedict Comey says:

    The one thing that separates the third world from the industrialized countries is … air conditioning.

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  14. Mary Wilson says:

    Sales of window units will be through the roof, because they won’t be able to control those.

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    • yy4u says:

      ha ha Good one. Invest in companies making window units. Then that begets the window unit police who drive around looking for contraband window units. Will we have to register our window units? Then comes window unit confiscation.

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      • Scott says:

        Once a bunch of us begin to think like you, the feds will mandate an integral switching mechanism that can be used to render your window unit as useless as your central ac. They already require electronics on your car that can both track and shut off your new automobile. (Assuming your car is newer than 2008)

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  15. pocaMAGAjunta says:

    Can’t wait for the 2020 campaign commercials. The volume of material being freely surrendered by the liberal left leaves the Trump campaign with an limited stockpile of ammunition.

    I would suggest this energy tip be stored with the other examples of “How Democrats have been working to lower the standard of living of average Americans while they rob the Treasury, your hard earned money, to live like kings.”

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  16. Bill Dumanch says:

    Living in Phoenix, 82 is the age of our Sun Lakes residents. NOT where we set our thermostats…

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  17. itsy_bitsy says:

    I suggest that government officials who come up with these absurd ideas be forced, by law, to live with them themselves, Put an official lock on this jerks thermostat!

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  18. Bob says:

    78 degrees. The idiot who came up with this never lived in south Texas in August when it feels like 100 degrees with the heat index

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    • Big Jake says:

      Try real South Texas (Rio Grande Valley) where it IS 100 degrees. Heat Index is for sissies! Lol

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      • Xena Laminak says:

        I lived in San Benito! The humidity, mosquitoes, oppressive heat, you could never sleep at 78! Read diary accounts in the library at UTB written in the 1800s. HELL HOLE. Disease. People died just from the heat!

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  19. Bob says:

    These new toilets suck. Sometimes you need to flush twice so it doesn’t save money.

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  20. Earl Hickey says:

    If this standard becomes law, I am going to do all my cooking in a coal burning stove in my back yard. When it’s not used for cooking , going to be using it to burn trash.

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  21. FanGirl says:

    A dehumidifier makes it feel cooler. 82 would still be crazy. If they want to control people, how about private jets that fly to climate change conferences? Or stores, malls, doctor offices that are FREEZING.

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  22. Scott says:

    Solar panels are pretty cheap. Inverters … for turning dc into ac … are also fairly cheap. Find out the cost of a “net meter” from your local utility and put in some solar panels. With some minor tinkering you can have constant ac capability when the sun shines … and very little ongoing expense. Don’t fight ’em, work around the fools.
    We have new style front loading washer & dryer. We add about 1 gallon of water to the wash cycle … clothes get clean & we save 90% of the water usage. (Without the extra gallon or so, the washer is worse than useless.)
    We bought toilets (Brazilian) from Costco when ours needed replacement. They work great. Our water provider did accuse us of using a meter cheater … and changed our meter twice after we got the new washer & toilets. Not all new toilets work well … most suck … but the ones I got are great … and cheap … maybe a fluke .
    These guys mean well, they just consistently “miss the mark”.
    Must be their new age high quality politically correct education … and a disdain for logic & experience.

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  23. jarmssite says:

    The enviro-nuts are just trying to acclimatize us to Hell, which is where we’ll end up if we follow them.

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  24. Mr e-man says:

    California already forced me to have a smart meter on my home. They CAN control my electricity use.

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