China Brings Mainland Military Forces into Hong Kong – Protests Cry Freedom…

As the U.S-China trade confrontation continues, China is running out of dollars.  Beijing is burning through cash to prop up its manufacturing industries; and the currency devaluation only exacerbates the problem.  A weak Yuan, makes their exports cheap; but China is an economy of dependency, and relies upon dollars to pay bills.

Against this growing internal financial crisis, videos seem to confirm Chinese military moving into regions around Hong Kong as protests continue.  Hong Kong nationals staged a three-day protest at Hong Kong’s international airport to draw attention to their plight.


HONG KONG (Reuters) – Hong Kong police fired tear gas at demonstrators in the working class district of Sham Shui Po on Sunday, as yet another day of protest marches turned into a confrontation between police and activists.

Ten straight weekends of increasingly violent protests have plunged Hong Kong into its most serious political crisis in decades, posing a challenge to the central government in Beijing.(link)

Many voices in the west have forgotten the lessons from Tienanmen Square, when the central Chinese government used the Mongolian army regulars to gain control over the protests. The authoritarian Chinese government is communist at its central core; despite the party leadership’s corruption and capitalistic wealth.

Videos show the Chinese military are moving into Hong Kong to position themselves against those voices who are demanding the region remain a free and autonomous open society.


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340 Responses to China Brings Mainland Military Forces into Hong Kong – Protests Cry Freedom…

  1. Brant says:

    Is this about to happen in HK the “big ugly” Trump talked about? The storm coming? This will indeed upend the entire deep state. If will be a yuge storm. The coup attempt we just had will seem like a small skirmish. And the coup plotters may get taken up by this international big ugly. COC caught up in it. Politicians everywhere.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      I am here in HK right now and have pretty much witnessed this protest from the start 10 weeks ago. It actually started much earlier back in January when students started marching in front of City hall, but the intensity has turned up a notched since Carrie Lam and her thugs started implementing thuggish tactics against the protestors.

      Me and my family live in Macau, where I go to on the weekends as I return to HK on the weekdays to work. Last week I was refused entry into HK for the first time without explanation with a US passport.

      This entire trade dispute with China and the riots are compounding things even more to adverse situation, and has hit me really hard financially. Most of my clients come from mainland China, and now they will not travel to HK due to the violence that has broken out! Currently I am stuck and looking for options to stop the bleeding. By the grace of God is how I am surviving right now!

      I live in Tsim Sha Suai where a lot of tourist come to shop. The last couple of weeks the malls have become like ghost towns and what is normally crowded streets in places like here and Central, walking down one today is rather strange not having to bump into people.

      The tourist industry has been hit the hardest, as now other businesses are becoming ill affected by the politics and current intensity being played out.

      The subway stations are littered with plastered propaganda such as “China go Home”. ” Hong Kong is not China! along with thousands of sticky notes of messages about independence, democracy, and human rights.

      Last week while riding the subway, the thoughts of terrorism suddenly entered my mind as this city is vulnerable and now have to seriously consider my options to get out of here as the feelings are starting to become more intense.

      Just to be clear on the economic front, I am not complaining what Trump is doing in relation to China, in fact I support it as it needs to happen and my attitude is “it is what it is” and we all make sacrifices along the way. I am feeling the effects in what I thought I wouldn’t affect me but due to the protests it is exacerbating the economic issue here in HK that is directly having an affect on me and my family! So I ask believers here to pray for me, for my safety and to find a solution to get me and my family out soon!


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      • dreamguardian007 says:

        Jedi9, May God protect you and your family along with the people of Hong Kong. May He lead you to safety and wise decisions about your family’s future.

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      • The Devilbat says:

        We are praying for you. Let’s hope that the Chinese government changes their brutal tactics due to the whole world seeing what they are doing.

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      • Jedinovice says:

        I am praying for Hong Kong and China.

        From my reading I get the impression the following true but can you confirm? It’s for my understanding and ***prayer!***

        1) Most protesters know they cannot win this and it will end with massacre. They carry last letters in their pockets.
        2) They know freedom in Hong Kong is bust and Xi wants domination NOW! He is not going to wait nor compromise.
        3) The plan is not to win – they can’t – but to make the CCP and Xi lose by forcing Xi’s hand so he cannot handle the economic and political backlash of the massacre when China has too many problems on too many fronts. The only hope the protestors have is that mainland China economically collapses and is finally Communism thrown out by a starving people. After all, Xi promised them more wealth at the cost of everything else.

        What’s your take on this? Had I read things wrong?

        Note: I live in SE Asia, far from China I accept but I live in a total ethnic Chinese bubble and my clients are ALL ethnic Chinese. So this is vaguely relevant to me.
        I am praying on this and I will send up some for your personally like NOW!

        Have faith. I have been driven into dust before, stayed faithful and after decades of endurance and grief, have been raised up and protected quite miraculously.

        Am praying – Jedi to Jedi.

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        • jedi9 says:

          Thank you so much for your thoughtful and kind words! I agree 100% with what you are saying! I just remaining to be thankful and not fall into a place of negativity! I know I will get through this and sincerely appreciate yours and others prayers here!

          I watched with my own eyes today the Chinese military rolling in from Shenzhen and its a very intense feeling right now! My Wife just sent me a video of the airport which protesters have shut down is pretty crazy!

          Things are changing and I am in the middle of its chaos! Faith is all I have at this point!

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          • RightAroundTheBlock says:

            J9, “Things are changing and I am in the middle of its chaos! Faith is all I have at this point!”

            Stop with the drama. Are you still hoping for a lucrative financial future for working within a communist state?

            Faith is good, but so is common sense.

            What if things worsen quickly and you can not get out?

            Take the $ hit, take care of your family.

            Come home.

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          • Jedinovice says:

            OK, thanks for the confirmation.
            I am praying for HK and the fall of Communist China.
            And for you.
            Er, the data and history suggests Xi us going to crash down HARD. So if you can get out I suggest you do so.
            I live in Indonesia now in an ethnic Chinese bubble. It really is a bubble! Technically getting residency permits is all but impossible but it has opened up for those setting up their own business and there are masses of Chinese coming here somehow!! If you have any connections with the Chinese in Indonesia they might help. I dunno. Here the Chinese look out for other Chinese. If you have any connections and are willing to set up for yourself – forget a work permit now, that’s a non-starter – you might be able to get very well settled.
            Of course, there may be better and easier options. Indonesia is actually pretty peaceful and developing nicely. It is presented as an islamic hellhole which it is not. Everyone focuses on Aceh which is as much part of mainland Indonesia as Aceh and also has it’s own -insane Sharia- system and assumes Indonesia is like Aceh.
            And it depends in your calling. For decades God called me to ensure in the atheistic UK were I was pretty much outcast. It was virtually sheer endurance and I God would not let me move! But eventually he led me out here and it’s been blessing ever since. We have to be obedient and humble before Him. Sometimes He protects and sometimes He prepares a martyrs crown and gives strength for the calling. So you gotta pray and LISTEN to Him.
            I ***am*** praying. I have JUST been praying!

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            • TMonroe says:

              “We have to be obedient and humble before Him. Sometimes He protects and sometimes He prepares a martyrs crown and gives strength for the calling. ”

              This; joining in prayer

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      • greg platz says:

        I have to agree on a couple your one of few that understand we have to stand up to china 2nd and I agree with steve bannon china built on foundation of sand globalist just move entire US manufacturing to china trump moving it back even though they said never could be done and others moving to other countries. Trump can tear down china and yet they walk away from deal thinking they can out wait him (not happening) all I can say is be flexible your future is rocky but there will be jobs just not the ones that had china always winning America fighting back
        hang in there
        will pray for u and family

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      • Shaolin Luo says:

        Right decision to leave


  2. Marc says:

    I don’t like the fact the protesters are waving US flags. They are not our protectorate and it frames the narrative of the CCP that America is backing/supporting these protests. They want President Trump to get involved and this is a ploy to goad him into a negotiation with Chairman Xi.

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    • Jason Ross says:

      These people were protected by the British crown a mere decade ago. Maybe they should send some warships that way as a show of force.

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      • old deplorable owl says:

        Their lease expired. Hong Kong is now fully Chinese property. HK and Shanghai are major financial and trading centers, No way will China let them out of their grasp.

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        • Wasn’t there a 50 year treaty signed by the UK and China when the was given to China?

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          • Jedi9 says:

            99 years the same with Macau!

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          • The Devilbat says:

            On June 9, 1898, the British under Queen Victoria brokered a 99-year lease agreement for the use of Hong Kong after China lost a series of wars fought over the British trade in tea and opium.

            In 1984, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang negotiated the underlying plan for the lease to end, such that Hong Kong would remain a semi-autonomous region for a 50-year period after the lease ended.

            The lease ended on July 1, 1997, and since then tensions between the democratically-minded Hong Kong population and the PRC have continued, although Hong Kong remains functionally separate from the Chinese mainland.

            The last time I was there was prior to the British taking down the Union Jack flag. There were English policemen on the streets as well as Hong Kong Chinese policemen.

            The Chinese policemen who spoke English had a special marking on their uniform as an indication that they spoke English.

            There was a tremendous advantage to China to leave Hong Kong as it was as it was a very rich capitalist city that did billions of dollars in trade. Why the Chinese would upset that is a real mystery. They will be the losers.

            Maybe one needs to look a little deeper into why this is happening. Maybe one needs to look at who runs China’s banking. That my friends is the Rothschild family. Those evil SOB’s have started wars and controlled the rise and fall of countries since the time of Napoleon.

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        • De Oppresso Liber says:

          Exactly correct, and make no mistake, Hong Kong’s financial prospects are the ONLY thing Xi and the Chicoms care about; Xi could not care less about either the people’s well being, or their fate. The ruthless, brutal Xi, and his allies in our very own U.S. Congress, will use the crisis as a weapon against President Trump.

          Hong Kong is the goose that lays the golden eggs, and Xi must realize that it is Hong Kong’s history of freedom and human rights, which were introduced during British colonial governance, that created the conditions for capitalism to produce such great wealth. Why would the Chicoms risk killing the oh, so valuable Goose, by sending the PLA into Hong Kong to create a live satellite feed of Tiananmen Square Redux playing on every television in the world?

          They must really be scared of something……perhaps President Trump’s tariffs are hurting them much worse than they are admitting, and are afraid a financial collapse could spark another Chinese revolution? The whole world would mourn such an event, but for very different reasons than Xi and his communist murderers. They would only be concerned with the loss of their personal fortunes, maybe their individual lives if they couldn’t sneak out, but the last revolution cost more than 60 million Chinese lives…..and that was a low-ball estimate.

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      • Jedinovice says:

        Replace “warships” with “banana boats” and “show of force” with “show of solidarity for sovereign China under it’s Divinely appointed Emperor” and you would have a more accurate rendering of where the UK stands on this kind of matter these days.

        Ex-Pat Brit.

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    • Brant says:

      Methinks MSM not covering this means they know this is good for Trump on many levels and debate points. They can’t say send in US troops to save HK and other quicksand type talking points.

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    • VVV VVV says:

      The protestors will fold like a cheap lawn chair when the Chinese drop the hammer.

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      • GP says:

        I disagree-but it does appear this will get ugly.

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      • 13wasylyna says:

        As if YOU wouldnt fold like a chinese lawn chair in the face of lethal force? The violence necessary to put down these protests will make tinnamen square look like a picnic.and we the larger world will sit back and do nothing. In fact MSM will not even cover it.

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    • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

      We are already involved. Not in a boots on the ground way, but we are certainly applying economic pressure.

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  3. Matt Transit says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Victoria Nuland is amongst the crowds distributing chocolate chip cookies.
    (Deep state op to the max.)

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  4. fangdog says:

    Interesting, Hong Kong protestors are protesting the kind of government our American protestors want.

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  5. thomas says:

    This is huge and i’m not sure what we should or shouldn’t do.. What i do know is Hong Kong flourished under capitalism and they won’t let it die without a fight… This is going to get ugly and bloody, unfortunately..

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    • Steve Herman says:

      thomas, PDJT has been slowly throttling down the spigot pouring US$ into PRC. Who is to say Xi is not going to rob the HK piggy bank. Visualize all the US$, Brit # and Euros sitting in HK banks, Prime Minister Xi rolls in with withdrawal slips or maybe CCP IOUs.

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  6. Kris says:

    Tianamon 2.0

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  7. Brant says:

    This will also show what happens to an unarmed population. Australia is too “nice”. Venezuela is, well, Venezuela. But China has been wanting to be seen as developed and they will show they haven’t changed since Mao.

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  8. Motzilla says:

    It’s been pretty hairy for the Hong Kong demonstrators today/tonight. All kinds of bedlam and mayhem videos popping up online on various websites. I’m kind of surprised China/Hong Kong hasn’t turned off the internet access and public communications access yet. Unless, perhaps the Chi-Coms want this stuff seen for some reason. Also funny how America’s fake news Democrat lapdogs flat refuse to really cover this. They’re very blasé about it all. I guess in-depth reporting on and seeing so-called “Democratic Socialism” in action may be counterproductive to the upcoming POTUS election, no doubt.

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    • CM-TX says:

      China owns, therefore controls a lot more than we think they do. Hollywood included.

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    • CM-TX says:

      That video is horrifying! They’re fleeing away from, being shot at with rubber bullets. Clearly these people weren’t a threat & scared for their lives.

      The one girl on right gets grabbed. She’s completely still, not resisting, in fetal position. The POS is sitting on her, starts beating her with a nightstick. A couple more THUGS join in.

      The guy on Left is being pummeled by 5-6, cornered. Another one is dragged back up the escalator by 2, don’t want to imagine the beating he took.

      This is SICK! Whatever LE/Mil they are… they need to face some sort of trial for that unjustified brutality & abuse. That is not OK! Airdrop these people weapons or something, so they can at least defend themselves against these evil scumbags.
      Senselessly beating-up defenseless citizens, & women no less. Ooooh so tough (they’re NOT).

      So NOT a good look China! Disgusting & pathetic!

      Make every POS Leftist pushing Socialism, & anyone pushing Gun Control (FOX News that means you too!) WATCH this on a loop. Socialism is just a nicer word for Communism. It all ends the same way.

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      • Sugarhillhardrock says:

        Trials are for civilized societies.
        Chicom army personel need to understand death. These HK people need weapons to cause the smug to feel the cost of oppression. Send their precious sons home in body bags, the governmentally engineered infertile will get it, right quick.

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      • The Devilbat says:

        According to Karl Marx, socialism is a precursor to communism.

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      • Jan says:

        This is what the radical Left wants to do to us–conservative Americans. You won’t see any of the 2020 Dimm candidates saying one word about this. They’re just sitting back and taking notes.

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  9. Jason Ross says:

    Where is Trump??? That loudmouth on twitter has access to Rueters and the BBC, correct?

    Trump is fighting a war with China … one that China started. While the rest of the world tries to tie his hands behind his back and pretend such conflict DOES NOT EXIST.

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  10. Brant says:

    This may in fact be the big ugly we have heard so much about. It will take out international deep staters including our coup plotters and no ties to Trump. Jus china being China.

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  11. A2 says:

    I suggest if anyone is interested about the situation in HK to follow or just read
    Antony Dapiran
    HK-based writer, lawyer, photographer. Author of “City of Protest: A Recent History of Dissent in Hong Kong” (Penguin, 2017). Also local in Melbourne & Beijing.

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    • Jedi9 says:

      I wish I could, but my online activity has be to a minimum as I have no doubt they are monitoring me for any activity on my part deemed to be considered an act of protest against the state!

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      • A2 says:

        Yes. But you were monitored from the day you signed on to a WiFi contract, PCCW or others.

        I have been monitored since 1984. I don’t give a s##t. They know me in China and Hong Kong. You have a US passport. That protects you though you may feel otherwise. Time to pull up sticks and find another job. Be safe is number one for you and your family.

        I’m a lifer.

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  12. SHV says:

    As an outsider “looking in” at Hong Kong and the potential for social unrest spreading to the “Main Land”, I think social/political unrest has a different perspective for Chinese familiar with their history than for Westerners watching from the side lines. Very, very recent history for the Chinese, ie. 150 years, 1850-1867, Taiping Revolt “Christian”, Dungan Revolt, Muslim 100 million (?) dead. Chinese Civil War 10-20 million dead, “Great Leap Forward” 40-50 million dead, Cultural Revolution 5-10 dead (?).

    The World was horrified with Tian’anmen, 20,000 dead (?); what will be the response if a revolt against the CCP results in more typical numbers of casualties, ie. in the tens of millions dead?

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  13. KPomeroy says:

    Trump’s getting the world under control. Notice that? 🙂

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  14. Jason Ross says:

    civilization over slavery/abuse

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  15. I sympathize with the people of Hong Kong at this time.
    GOD, please help the riotous overcome tyranny, wherever it occurs.

    I remember when the wall came down, and Russians were fighting for freedom; there was an optimistic sense that, maybe we can be friends, or at least get along.

    If this spreads to the mainland, perhaps…

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    • PBR says:

      My friend from Berlin told me recently about the day the wall “came down”. There were rumors floating about that something might happen, people started challenging the guards, and the guards just let them go right through. All very peacefully.

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    • underwhelmingposter says:

      Then along came Putin!
      IMO, bring thousands of troop transports and remove all civilians from HK and transport to Singapore. Then after having vacated HK, detonate tie explosives left behind. Leave HK a shell. Singapore can easily become the dominant financial powerhouse.

      In all seriousness, most Dems do not admit that the culture for the Communists is steeped in fear and brutality.

      Please do not lay the blame at PDJT. He is looking out for us, personally and financially. He has always said he did not want to get the US involved in wars. He has done that!

      As bad as we feel for HK, it is Communist China that is an issue.

      Perhaps, as an afterthought, he could seize ALL Chinese assets in the US of A until they stop murdering their own people.

      Or up the tariffs to 25% now.

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      • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

        It will be fun watching the left/MSM blame PDJT for the fall of the Xi regime. They will frame it as Trump causing global instability through his recklessness.

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  16. omyword says:

    Vote demoncrat and you too can experience all the joys of communist oppression.

    This advert Supported by Bernie Sanders and frends.

    Vote blue (or end up like Jeffery)

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  17. scrap1ron says:

    Tienanmen Square Part II coming right up. Our Democrat Socialists must be so envious.

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  18. fangdog says:

    If the Hong Kong protestors had a chance to come to America in an exchange with the American protestors, I wonder how many Honk Kong protestors would come to America in comparison to the number of American protestors who’d be going to Hong Kong?

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    • underwhelmingposter says:

      Absolutely great analogy!
      PDJT could invite all HK to the US of A and go through a proper vetting, but get fast tracked.
      HK should be left a financially shell no matter what after this.

      And the UN Human Rights Commission will urgently meet after all the deaths and blood in the streets. Then they will say, “there is nothing going on here’. Oh, before? That’s history. We live in today’s world.

      Now, nest subject? The US of A? Yes, that is really bad. We should condemn Trump immediately! (sarc)

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  19. bayrat65 says:

    When the military is ready to crack down, they will shut down communications. It will not work in this day and time. The world will see the real brutality of the chicoms. See them for what they really are, Brutes. Xi is finished, he let this uprising go way to long.

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  20. 335blues says:

    Look at what the CCP is doing in Hong Kong.
    These videos should be shown in response to all in the democrat party
    calling for socialism in America.
    Give up our right to bear arms?
    Hell no.

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  21. iwasthere says:

    Good thing HK had a bill of rights with a 2nd amendment. Oh wait. British common law country. Sorry.

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  22. Troublemaker10 says:


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  23. golfmann says:

    I wonder how many in China actually know this is going on thanks to Google and others teaching them how to build the code? They are going to start killing people like beforei n the square.
    This will not end well. PRAY!

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  24. Graham Pink says:

    This not a western problem.
    This is a Chinese Communist problem.
    Sit back and enjoy the show.

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  25. John Lewis Kokalis says:

    Yea, send google over their to help out the PLA. Maybe google can use spying software to capture and ID all these peasants.

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  26. curator55 says:

    There are some similarities to the Tiananmen Square protests but mostly differences. A regrettable similarity will likely be the forced end to the protests and the end of their dream of negotiating freedom via protests with a Communist Dictatorship. However, I didn’t notice any tanks in the long line of troop trucks so they might be planning to end the protests in a slightly less bloody way. But I wouldn’t count on it. In the mind of Chairman Xi Ping, any “freedoms” the HK and Chinese people enjoy are approved by the Chairman or Supreme Leader and his minions. Crazy Bernie’s dream job.

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  27. curator55 says:

    I wish the people of HK success but it is not likely. Folding to the protesters would be self destructive for the Chinese Communist Party. The calls for Trump to intervene are understandable but it could definitely lead to nuclear war if the USA interferes significantly in China’s internal affairs. The transfer of Imperial Britain’s Hong Kong back to China on July 1st 1997, was an official and lawful handover of a British Colony to China via the “Sino-British Joint Declaration on the Question of Hong Kong” which was signed by the heads of the two governments in Dec 1984.

    It should not be surprising that the “Deal Breaker” Chinese Communist leadership is breaking the terms of the HK handover but it was the British that did it and signed it and are therefore responsible for any deviations. “The agreement stipulated that under Chinese rule the HKSAR would enjoy a high degree of autonomy, except in matters of foreign relations and defense, and that the social and economic systems as well as the lifestyle in Hong Kong would remain unchanged” until 2047.

    This is a British deal and problem. P Trump has enough on his plate including the Iran Deal aftermath and North Korea. Let Boris lead the way.

    Note: HK became a British Colony after the Qing Dynasty lost the Opium War (started in part over imbalanced trade with China) to England in 1842. The Chinese were forced to sign over HK to the British as part of the “peace deal.” These were the same type of Imperial British Navy and soldiers that the patriots of the USA threw out of the colonies in 1783. History is read differently on the winning and losing sides.

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  28. Heltau says:

    During the early 1970’s Hong Kong and Kowloon were a wonderful to visit. Visited there 2 times while in the 1970’s and 1 time about a month before it got taken over by the commies.
    Things there were cheep and plentiful. It was one of the best ports to visit while bombing nam.
    Now with the commies taking it over from the British, it has turned into a crap hole like all the other ports that are run by libturds.
    china really screwed the pooch on this port.
    Really a crying obscene shame.

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  29. Jedinovice says:

    I kinda hate to ask but I have been trying to get verification – after trying to get lotsa prayer moving – and I can see no work from the Hong Kong Free press or anyone else confirming the arrival of armed forces. I know the PLA is stationed in Hong Kong already though, a full crack down would require more forces, I know.
    But people are stating that the video footage is not of Hong Kong at all but mainland China itself.
    If there was any hint of a real invasion of Hong Kong the British “Daily Express” would be all over it with the title “World War 3” on every slight between or withing nations.
    Do we have any verification here?

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  30. 13wasylyna says:

    All of the corporations using China as their production base should move out when china begins to target the people of Hong Kong for special action. This is also a warning to Taiwan that your freedom is only possible because of China’s restraint.

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  31. curt says:

    This is how Bejing is going to justify “lethal force;” by identifying the protesters as terrorists:

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  32. Phil McCoxwell says:

    It looks pretty easy for the Chinese military to come in and stomp these young protestors. It’s a safe bet that personal firearms are not allowed. Which, in my opinion makes these officers pansies. This is why the left want weapons. This would never fly in the US. At a certain point there would be a massive response from we armed citizen militia. Communists are chickenshits.

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  33. chickenhawk says:

    How will they try to blame Pres. Trump for this? If they can’t, do they really want to show how brutal China is?
    How can the world continue to trade with a murderous communist regime that is willing to massacre its own people? This is the time to highlight what China is all about!!!

    World wide sanctioning of China business if they do this. Make this the choice for all countries. Choose freedom or choose tyranny.

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  34. rojobirds says:

    HK today. Taiwan better wake up because China has its sights on you next. So thankful my family immigrated from Taiwan to US, but still have many friends that fear for their future.

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  35. Kerry_On says:

    This is NOT just China. Look at Paris and the thuggery that Napoleon wannabe – Macron, has turned loose on HIS people! The world is craving freedom once again. The EU is crumbling under the weight of its own bureaucracy and is going to come crashing down like a house of cards without warning (remember the USSR and the Berlin Wall). China is in DIRE economic straits and Trump is waging a masterful war on them, using sanctions instead of bullets and missiles. HK is, at best going to exacerbate it and at worst, kick the brick out from under the tire and send it careening down the hill.

    I am reminded by a friend that we (in the West) speak of “The Chinese People” but, in reality, there is no such thing. It is a melange of various tribal, ethnic, cultural, religious and familial groups, all of whom are competing against each other for a share of an ever shrinking pie. They are always one rice bowl away from removing “The Will of Heaven” from the emperor (Or “President for Life” in Communist New Speak).

    XI and company have never had to confront a master negotiator like DJT. He continually vociferously praises Xi while using economics to force him to acquiesce to actual “Fair Trade”. This has never happened before and Xi and ministers have no idea how to deal with it. Trump cannot involve himself in HK in any material way less he be seen to “interfere in Chinese Internal Affairs”, BUT he can force XI to weigh the FINANCIAL impacts of his actions. Again, remember that Trump is using sanctions more effectively than bombs or bullets could ever provide.

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  36. jkae says:

    If there’s one thing I’ve learned since Donald Trump has been elected is his policy of attacking funding/resources of bad actors. In China, he’s going after their funds in order to squeeze them into reconsidering their political policies/direction. He is also cutting funding sources for many Democratic terrorist groups and think tanks. Money is the mothers milk of everything. Cut off the grant money for climate change studies and start funding useful studies and all of a sudden the dynamic changes. Dems have been using public funds for their progressive movement for a long time and the President is well on his way to taking away their sources of public funding. That’s how he will bring the Chinese back to the negotiating table. He just said he’s not ready to make a deal. China needs to be tenderized a little more economically and then the deal will be made. MAGA…

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  37. Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

    This short clip was posted on Utube-Goggle early in July.

    It appears as though mainland Chinese forces have been moving stealthily into HK for some time now in preparation for a violent blowback against the freedom protestors. Once fully in place expect a formal “request for China’s help” from the established leadership in HK. That could likely trigger a full scale crackdown accompanied by media silence & localized internet blackout.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Michael Hennessy says:

    I guess the communists not only want to hasten the the relocation of foreign manufacturing to other countries but also eviscerate their banking and tourism industry.

    The ruthlessness of communism is eclipsed only by it’s selfish stupidity!

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  39. James Burgess says:

    I think China is willing to pay any price if it means bending Hong Kong to their will as long as they believe it will preserve their power.

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