Congressman Joaquin Castro Doubles-Down on Intent to Target President Trump Supporters…

Joaquin Castro is personifying the ‘Mamet Principle’ as he justifies his action in posting lists of President Trump donors/supporters for targeting by political opposition.

Pretending an action is something else, other than what is clearly evident in that action, is exactly the approach used by leftists to deflect from their behavior; it is also the way leftists turn themselves into victims as an outcome of their own activity.

To deconstruct this illogical fallacy, direct questions must be asked.

Direct questions, perhaps uncomfortable questions, which cannot be avoided by deflection and obfuscation; and cut to the heart of the matter.  Example: If your intention is to make public the identification of private citizens contributing to your political opposition, then would you support federal legislation requiring all Trump supporters to wear visible armbands or insignia in public?


Here’s a video discussion with one of the people identified in Castro’s “Hit List”. What is described is exactly the outcome that Representative Castro denies in his justification.

Mark Hanrahan, the CEO of MidAmerican Aerospace, speaks exclusively to Fox News Digital about Rep. Joaquin Castro’s tweet identifying him and dozens of Trump donors in the San Antonio area.


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173 Responses to Congressman Joaquin Castro Doubles-Down on Intent to Target President Trump Supporters…

  1. Mike in a Truck says:

    Ja-Queen is a turd from a family of turds. He thinks he’s being cute. But he’s no longer 3 and and adults will not forget this.

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  2. Kleen says:

    These are the communists demanding gun registration.

    Over my dead body.

    Absolutely not.

    J.C, GFY!

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    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      This is EXACTLY why our founders (women and men)
      put in the 2nd Amendment –
      as a solution to Dictatorship Parties (DNC) and their deranged cult followers.

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  3. What jackasses! You think Texans are going to look upon the Castro brothers with fondness and respect after this crap they’ve pulled on GOP donors in Texas????

    Bill Miller’s BarBQ is beloved by San Antonians!!!! There is NO WAY they’ll take kindly to this. In fact, I’d say Bill Miller’s had better prepare for massive rising sales as a show of support from Texans!!!

    President Trump won Texas by 9 points, for crying out loud!

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  4. sarasotosfan says:

    Remember this.

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  5. Becky Pacey says:

    I tweeted to him that I had made “another” donation to Pres. Trumps re-election.

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  6. Heika says:

    Well so far I have not seen anyone dig in and show who is donating to him. If its so ‘okay’, then the rules apply to all. Its okay to publish this to start Joaquin Donors, I am not interested in digging further because I am not a Demagog, (so rightly called!) but perhaps someone just needs to open the floodgates so we can see all the moms and pops who want him in power? Or are they just getting their tax deductions in..?

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    • mr.piddles says:

      “show who is donating to him”

      I understand the impulse, but, TBH, it doesn’t really matter who donated to El Hombrecito. The only “donor” who matters on The Left is Soros… and at that, just to keep track of the radical organizations that he funds directly and indirectly. He’s dangerous by all measures. Or to a lesser extent the Koch Brothers. Other than that, Joe and Mary Democrat are largely irrelevant in the Grand Scheme. Moonbats will be Moonbats, etc.

      The radical antics of the likes of El Hombrecito, and the over-the-top, overemotional, fake outrage on the part of the Dem Candidates will backfire, IMO. It’s just all too much for normal, rational people… Democrats included. Let them blow up their own crap.

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    • Bob says:

      If only we could return the favor and show all of his donors….oh, I forgot they are not us citizens!

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    • IdahoDeplorable says:

      Top 20 Contributors-it says (many unions) UPS, USAA, United Way, US Dept of Defense?!, Air Traffic Controllers, among others.


  7. Landslide says:

    Mr. Hanrahan did a fantastic job in the above Fox digital Interview! Now, let me go get that Wrangler Plate at Bill Miller’s! Need some coconut pie to go with it. 👍🏻🇺🇸👍🏻🇺🇸 Think I’ll put my Trump 2020 bumper sticker on my car before I go.😁

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  8. Kleen says:

    Voters intimidation

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  9. citizen817 says:

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  10. Kleen says:

    Bill Barr should go after him. This is voter intimidation

    He is intimidating his political enemies. It should be illegal.

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  11. bluebongo says:

    Castro has an inner Avanetti just waiting to get packed in at prison.

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    • De Oppresso Liber says:

      Ja-queen would likely flourish in a lockdown environment……eventually, once he gets past the “groupthink” participation and the pain 😉


  12. beaujest says:

    Hey WahKeen you and your ilk didn’t build this country ! Go away !

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  13. sunnyflower5 says:

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  14. simplewins says:

    It’s backfiring folks.

    “Sickening.” “Dangerous.” “Pitiful.”
    That’s how two retirees targeted by Democratic Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro described the congressman’s decision to publish the names of 44 Trump donors in San Antonio area. Both women spoke on condition of anonymity, citing fears of political violence and harassment.
    In addition to posting the list of local Trump donors, Castro singled out two local businesses for their owners’ Trump donations, as well as a local realtor. “Their contributions are fueling a campaign of hate that labels Hispanic immigrants as ‘invaders,’” he wrote on Twitter. “I think what he did is sickening. I think it’s disgusting,” one retiree, herself an immigrant, told the Daily Caller News Foundation in a phone interview. “I’m a naturalized citizen, I love the United States of America, I think our president is doing an amazing job. He’s not a racist, I’m not a racist, and for them to be totally trying to be brainwash people, I think it’s just garbage. I think it’s just going to backfire on them, really,” she added. The woman said Castro’s post shows “how overboard [Democrats] have gone.” “It’s upside down, it’s like they’ve gone off the deep end, because a lot of my Democratic friends are not quite walking away yet, but they are so turned off by what’s going on. I don’t think they’re going to vote,” she said. “I don’t think they’ll vote for Trump, but they’re not going to vote for the Democrats.” The second retiree, aged 79, said she was “shocked” when she found out Castro tweeted her name to his followers. “I think it’s really pitiful, it shows what he is or what he believes in and what he does, so it’s really disappointing,” she said, adding that she wants Castro to apologize and delete his post. “I’ve had several phone calls this morning and people who have not donated to Trump, have said they’re going to. This has made them decide. It’s backfiring,” she continued.

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  15. trialbytruth says:

    Trump fundraising text in 1,2,3….

    “Send a message to the Castro brothers donate 50 dollars now. Let the Castro’s know Trump supporters are in it to win it and will not be intimidated. Let’s show them just how strong and committed this movent is.”

    If the Trump team does not send this or something similar out I will give up my Treehouse decoder ring.

    I particularly like the sound of the “Castro brothers”


  16. youme says:

    Donor list: Joaquin Castro . ( CASTRO FOR CONGRESS (C00497933) )
    Biggest donor: ActBlue

    Total contributions to political candidates year to date by ActBlue

    Donor list ot ActBlue: None listed


  17. scrap1ron says:

    Perhaps President Trump should release the names of all the Democrat politicians he’s donated to over the years. You know, the same ones who are calling him a racist today.


  18. JTR says:

    Are these Castros related to Fidel by any chance? It sure sounds like it!


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