MAGAnomics – An Incredible Team, Delivering Astonishing Results….

CTH writes a great deal about President Trump’s economic policies, and how those policies are reversing the decades-long erosion of the middle-class.  Factually, substantively and empirically the workers of America are gaining ground. Bigger and better than before, and far beyond what anyone else could have delivered.

This is not a theoretical exercise.  The execution of a broad-based economic and global trade reset is underway. Today’s economic results, the growing strength of our U.S. economy, is a testament to the success of MAGAnomic policy being delivered. These results, when fully realized, will secure our economic future and last for generations.

All of that said, there is something we don’t emphasize enough: The team of Secretary Mnuchin, Secretary Ross, USTR Lighthizer, Trade and Manufacturing advisor Navarro and NEC Director Larry Kudlow, face a scale of opposition almost unfathomable in modern political terms.  There are trillions at stake; hundreds of the most powerful financial interests in the world are against them; and yet this team is succeeding.

It takes incredible stewardship and fortitude to face down the Goliath’s of global interests. From Wall Street to the International Monetary Fund; to the World Bank and World Trade Organization; to the interests of Europe and China; and across all of the geopolitical boundaries enmeshed with all the multinationals therein.   Quite remarkable.

Just sit for a minute and think about the scale of opposition…. it really is an incredible accomplishment, beyond almost anything anyone would have hoped or imagined.

The people’s president, Donald Trump and this private sector economic team; arguably the best and most qualified group ever assembled in modern history; deserve our appreciation, unyielding and full-throated support.

We deserve it, they earned it:

Thank You!


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136 Responses to MAGAnomics – An Incredible Team, Delivering Astonishing Results….

  1. Nancy Steger says:

    Our situation is as dire now as it was at the time of the Revolution. Our government has been under attack by subversives throughout the 20th Century. We haven’t had representative government for a long time; we’ve been ruled by a de facto totalitarian regime, operated with invisible strings. They’ve dropped all pretense now and are switching from subversion to blitzkrieg. Just as they were poised to sweep in and declare victory, Trump got in the way. We’re in a fight for our lives and freedom. Tragically, half of our citizens don’t know it and/or are complicit, and the rest of us can’t come up with an instant battle plan to fight a “psycho-political,” culture war. It will take every bit of our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor — assuming there is still some left to draw on.

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  2. My vote for Trump in 2016 was a middle finger to the MSM/Democrats. My vote in 2020 will be a vote for President Donald Trump. And for the first time in 42 years of voting, I made a political donation. I will also let the thugs from Texas, the Castro brothers, know that I donated. And send them a picture of what waits for his Antifa buddies if they’re stupid enough to show up.

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    • K Templar says:

      I am as mad as you are about the Dems / Communists but I would advise not sending the picture of what antifa deserves, the FBI will be knocking if you do. Stay focused friend, 2020 is going to be a year for the history books. By all means stick it to the Castro / Commie / la raza brothers, they hate whitey.


  3. 3rdday61 says:

    There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.
    How on God’s great earth can you truthfully spout that President Trump is for The People when he is responsible for over $5Trillion of fresh steaming piles of debt piled onto an already unequally and over taxed(burdened) People??? The very same Government that has done everything in it’s power to oppose him, President Trump turns right around and rewards them with unlimited access to The People’s wallets. Nothing he is doing costs Trillions of dollars.
    The US accuses other countries of currency manipulation? What in the **** do you call 2% Fed funds rate in a ‘booming’ economy? This is supposed to be America First!!! Artificially low interest rates,done only to attempt to mitigate the relentless encroachment of interest payments on the exploded National debt, devastate savers and fixed income dependents(50+million retirees) right here, right NOW!!! It’s no longer the ‘can’ that’s getting kicked. It’s The People.
    Perhaps people here are content with an all powerful, all consuming, crony socialist Government.
    When I was referred to the CTH, as usual, I read the ‘about’ section first. I didn’t have to read very far to find the terms ‘limited Government’ and ‘fiscal conservatism’. I thought I’d found the real deal.


    • K Templar says:

      Second term will see a lot of government slashing and debt pay off.


    • jiminCO says:

      Well, sure, 3rdday, but where the **** do you think we’d be with a Hillary Clinton adminstration ala “Obama 2.0”?

      the “people” always need to pick their poison

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    • Robert Justice says:

      Au contraire 3rdday61, you have found the right place, you just must stay the course to see what is really going on. Sundance has an incredible grasp of what is really going on in the world.

      Trump’s win in 2016 prevented the completion of a globalist takeover of America that would have buried our Republic for 1000 years. His win in 2020 will allow his team to complete the changes necessary to get our sovereignty back.

      The take over of our economy and institutions was started in the early 1900’s with the creation of the so called Federal Reserve and the private central banks controlling it.

      The world is a complicated place and with the vast buildup of military forces by China and Russia, coupled with the weakening of the US military during the Bush and Obama years, the first requirement is to allow the country to be able to protect ourselves.

      President Trump has concentrated on building building the U.S. military and bringing back the industrial base to allow us to be self sufficient. There is a coming global recession / depression coming and the U.S. will be able to weather it with the incredibly fast changes being made as described in this article.

      Because of the globalist Paul Ryan and the Dimm control of the House of Rep in 2018, the President had no choice but to allow the debt rise to continue. What good stopping the debt increase if the country is lost in the meantime.

      Once we are back on a solid foundation for self sufficiency with full employment, then the task of finding out where all the trillions of dollars have gone that have been stolen can begin and the national debt can be solved. The ship of state turns slowly.

      All patriots must work hard to re elect Trump in 2020 or all is lost.


  4. Orville R. Bacher says:

    The Left is funded by America haters, both Foreign and Domestic.
    The debt owed to President Donald Trump for his clarity of vision and fortitude in the face of the Mad Crowd of parasites is incalculable.

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  5. shirley49 says:

    I hope that once he is out of office in 2024 that he comes up with a way to make these people pay for what they have done.


  6. NoFixedAddress says:


    This was a post of mine on an English blokes blog I have followed for some time at


    Excellent summation.

    I watch most of his rallies, speeches and press conferences as detailed on

    I stand in awe of the bloke whom I think of, positively, as The Greatest Showman on Earth.

    What really impresses me is the caliber of the American financial patriots he has around him let alone some of the others in the background.”

    To me it is watching History being created in real time.


  7. Charles Curran says:

    We should have green Keep America Great (KAG) hats. Why? MAGAnomics is colorblind.


  8. Pyrthroes says:

    From late 2017 our objective-factor (State, Defense, and Treasury), comparative historical era, statistically normal model has rated Pres.Trump fourth of 41 rateable incumbents (excluding W.H. Harrison, Zachary Taylor, James Garfield, while not double-counting Grover Cleveland), ie. between Thomas Jefferson (third) and Andrew Jackson (fourth).

    Though some consider this an inherently biased exercise, we eschew intentions for outcomes: Despite much academic hype, on a basis of historical commission, omission, and default Wilson, FDR, and LBJ substantially underperform Truman, Theodore Roosevelt, and James K. Polk (rated 7th through 9th) as well as (for example) Madison, Monroe, and Eisenhower (rated 10th through 12th). On this readily quantifiable, succinct, historical context-and-perspective basis, “leadership” in terms of ability, character, integrity is reflected not in ideological prejudice but definable results.

    Down the road, posterity will not be kind to such as Benedict Barack Gangrenous, Wild Willy and MzBill, nor yet the Deep State’s coup d’ouevre sanctioned by every lurking-menace domestic-and-foreign Globulist (sic) cabal since Reagan’s time. Stand strong, with Churchill: “Have hope, have faith– deliverance is sure.”


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