Flashback: Former Secretary of State John Kerry Admits Giving Hostile Instructions to Iran to Undermine U.S. Interests…

With Iran now openly engaged in hostile efforts against western maritime navigation, and hijacking western oil tankers, I find it remarkable -albeit predictable- how U.S. media refuse to reference Former Secretary of State John Kerry’s instructions to Iran just a few short months ago. [Reference Article late 2018] [Reference article early 2018]

Reminder of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s anger:


There is a direct line, a direct connection, between former President Obama and former Secretary Kerry’s engagement with Iran -and the advice presented therein- only a few months ago, and the current hostile conflict Iran is attempting. Yet despite the connection, U.S. media are silent on the association.

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199 Responses to Flashback: Former Secretary of State John Kerry Admits Giving Hostile Instructions to Iran to Undermine U.S. Interests…

  1. mr.piddles says:

    “Barack Obama: Administration willing to talk to Iran ‘without preconditions'”



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    • Carrie2 says:

      And shouldn’t this be real treason to our country? I think so and both deserve that march to the gallows. Literally working to bring down our Republic and our President definitely to me is outright treason and they must pay the price.

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      • shirley49 says:

        But they won’t. Have not seen one Dem get charged with anything. Breaking Campaign finance laws, Fraudulent immigration papers etc etc etc

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  2. YvonneMarie says:

    The U.S. media are crooks.
    They should be sued for collusion, obstruction & treason by us the American citizens sooner than later.

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    • Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired says:

      Fear not! D.J. Trump has got some cowboy blood in his veins. He is giving out just enough rope to hang a whole mess of poor, misguided, s#%*#@^$s or whatever!

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      • aarmad says:

        I would love to see that happen! BUT so far nada……….and it looks like that will continue. I am impatient I guess. Impatient and fearful absolutely nothing will happen to any of them. Impatient to see the IG report and hopefully criminal referrals. I am not optimistic!

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  3. icthematrix says:

    Pushing Iran to drag us into a conflict hurts our President in multiple ways. Diverts attention from the crimes being pursued by Barr, injects unease and uncertainty which shakes current “peace dividend”, and would possibly trigger a stock market sell off which blunts the economy’s momentum.

    Pure evil at work here folks. If I’m the President and need to take any action, I’d have it done so covertly but savagely that they’d stop this crap quick.

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    • Mike Dennis says:

      It is better that the British take care of this themselves — rather than rely on the inept and dysfunctional Trump administration.

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      • nimrodman says:

        Yep, let UK take the lead on this

        UK’s got guided-missile destroyers and it’s their two tankers that have been seized, after all

        Once UK warships start taking some incoming fire, Europe no longer has this excuse that Iran is a cooperative regime and Europe can double-deal by skirting US sanctions on them

        Put up or shut up, Europe

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      • Lovearepublican says:

        Better for that retard Kerry to shut up. He is a traitor.

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        • tdavidson50 says:

          Ha! Won’t happen as it is all orchestrated by Barry in the DC suburbs and the local media friend WaPo.They are instrumental in starting this by publishing the headline Op -Ed asking Hussein Barry to return to fight the evil President Trump. True to form…Michelle fires first tweet salvos today. $100 bets on she is the bait and they are hoping that PDJT takes the bait and fires back and their savior-god-Barry joins the fray and posts a few holy tweets and the MSM takes off on it and thus Dem plan is launched.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        Gee, another troll named Mike.


      • sat0422 says:

        Mike, I like the first part of your comment. After the “dash” you make a smelly comment about the inept and dysfunctional Trump administration. Care to give us a little more proof about your charge against Trump and his administration….


      • William H Gilkerson says:

        Not inept because we haven’t nuked them yet???? Hillary, is that you? And absolutely…………..let the Brits take care of themselves.

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      • SWOhio says:

        Low taxes, high employment and GDP. Better trade deals, stronger military, and highest oil production in decades.

        You WISH you had an administration as ‘inept’ and ‘dysfunctional’ as ours since the election of President Trump.

        PAYING to watch television? Waiting years for simple operations? That’s YOUR reality, not ours.

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  4. Linda K. says:

    Is it possible The Deep State wants a minor war to distract from the revelations coming from Spygate and the IG report?

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  5. Linda K. says:

    What is Kerry’s motivation? Or Obama’s? I think Sundance noted here that Pelosi and Schumer were high fiving each other because they thought Trump was provoked into a
    conflict when Iran shot down our drone.
    What benefit is it to them and Iran?

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    • Arrest Soros says:

      If PDJT gets into a shooting battle with Iran, his presidency is effectively over.
      Obama/Kerry, the Germans, the Brits would love nothing more than provoking the Prez into a shooting war.
      If we were flies on the wall in the meeting room that Kerry was in with the Iranians, we would have heard Kerry telling the Iranians exactly that. Provoke him into a shooting war, get him out of office and look forward to working with a Dem president to help you get nukes.

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      • sat0422 says:

        Sometimes I think we are all too focused on things that distract from the home front. I am beginning to feel that my $100 shopping spree is more like a $35 dollar shopping spree. Money ain’t going very far.
        I have a relative who works in retail and the same backpacks that they could sell for $99.00 last year are going out the door at $135.00 this year and the up side is either in the minimum wage or higher shipping costs. It could be a result of both. Our retail economy is in turmoil.
        She tells me it isn’t the local owner who wants more profit.


        • Judith says:

          Higher production costs like minimum wage hikes are always passed down to the consumer. This is a no brainer. The upshot is that our higher earnings afford us the means to absorb these higher costs. You earn more, you pay more for goods and services, so nothing in essence has changed.

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  6. Hanuman says:

    Obama and Kerry are violation of Vorlupoulos Law.
    Under Vorkosiverse. Wiki.

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  7. Lakshmi Ma says:

    I guess the story about Feinstein having dinner in Iran with he dictators went crickets. Why no more news on that? Why was she there. What was she doing? Was she selling US secrets to her dinner guests? Why did the story get no more press?

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  8. Rick says:

    He should be prosecuted to the same extent as General Flynn.

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  9. bluebongo says:

    Much like the Chicoms using NK as a distraction, Obama and Kerry set this up months ago because….the big ugly was supposed to have been released by now.

    But it wasn’t.

    Now, Obama/Kerry are exposed….again.

    ESGPOTUSDJT is 3 steps ahead…..again.

    And….every month that the big ugly gets delayed just pushes it another month closer to the 2020 election, thus keeping it “above the fold” at a critical time.

    Don’t put up a “JV team” against a Pro team, the results are the same every time.


  10. I am of the opinion DJT will be re-elected POTUS.
    At that point expect the gloves to come all the way off.
    The knuckles are already showing with the “fab four”

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    • William H Gilkerson says:

      If your talking about prosecutions for spygate I certainly hope not, but there are many things VSG can not do while the resistance has the house.

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      • Donald J. Trump
        ‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump

        “Always get even. When you are in business, you need to get even with people who screw you.” – Think Big
        7:20 AM – 3 May 2013

        Now he may take a higher level look from the POTUS seat but I doubt 70 yr habits go away that easily.

        When you need to fire a gvt employee you keep a book of every infraction, and in time, with patience, you can nail them.

        What do you want to be the 4 hoes of the apocalypse each have their own book and Lurch for certainly.

        I would pay dearly to see Lurch handcuffed and perp walked getting off a plane into the USA.

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  11. William H Gilkerson says:

    I love our president’s new attitude. Please keep your foot on the throat of the squad, and by association, the whole party.


  12. sundevilasu says:

    Kerry pulled this crap during Viet Nam. He is a traitor. If he did this latest at Obama’s behest , it wouldn’t surprise me. Both care more for Iran than America.

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  13. sundevilasu says:

    Kerry pulled this crap during Viet Nam. He is a traitor. If he did this latest at Obama’s behest , it wouldn’t surprise me. Both care more for Iran than America.

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  14. Caius Lowell says:

    There’s a word for that — treason — and there’s a penalty for that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanged,_drawn_and_quartered


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