Trump Right Again – More Puerto Rican Government Officials Indicted for Corruption, Wire Fraud, Money Laundering and Conspiracy…

♦Puerto Rico has a long history of public corruption and abuse of federal funds.  Back in 2015 ten government officials in Puerto Rico were arrested for corruption, bribery, honest services wire fraud, extortion and various schemes related to giving payments to friends and family via federal contracts. [LINK]  This is the typical corruption PR is known for.

♦A few weeks ago (June 28) the FBI, Public Corruption Unit, posted a notification of an ongoing corruption probe and provided a tip-line for leads related to bribery and/or corruption of public officials. [LINK]  This probe is connected to the billions of dollars U.S. taxpayers have provided to Puerto Rico for recovery after hurricane Maria (2017).

So much money is poured into the island that hundreds of local and regional officials seized the opportunity to indulge their friends and family with funds from recovery accounts.  This is the widespread corruption President Trump previously drew attention to.  This overt and in-the-open corruption is why Nancy Pelosi took the entire Democrat caucus to Puerto Rico in January for a vacation with her favorite lobbyists.  Everyone in/around PR knows this corruption is the norm, not the exception.

Today, six more people were indicted under new federal charges, including two government officials: Julia Keleher, who served as Puerto Rico’s education secretary until April; and Ángela Ávila-Marrero, who was the executive director of the Puerto Rico Health Insurance Administration until late June. They are variously charged with wire fraud, money laundering and conspiracy, according to the 32-count indictment.

WASHINGTON – […] The federal indictment says the former officials illegally directed federal funding to politically connected contractors. The arrests come about a month after Congress approved a controversial disaster aid bill that earmarked additional funding for Puerto Rico’s recovery from Hurricane Maria in 2017, which were tied up in part because President Trump called Puerto Rico’s officials “incompetent or corrupt.”

Rep. Raúl M. Grijalva (D-Ariz.), chair of the Natural Resource Committee that oversees Puerto Rico, called on Rosselló to resign amid the ongoing federal investigation.

“We’ve crossed that crucible now,” Grijalva said in interview. “The restoration of accountability is so key going forward.”

Prosecutors said Rosselló was not involved in the investigation, according to the Associated Press.

A spokesman for Rosselló did not immediately return requests for comment.

The arrests come as senior White House officials are searching for new ways to limit the amount of federal aid going to help Puerto Rico, and the island’s allies fear the arrests will give Trump greater justification for curtailing additional aid to the island.

“The governor of Puerto Rico and his administration have now given President Trump the ammunition he needed,” said San Juan Mayor Yulin Cruz, a political opponent of the governor. (read more)

President Trump was exactly right when he both informed and warned voters of what would happen with the money dumped into Puerto Rico.  Here’s a reminder:

Any Questions?…

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157 Responses to Trump Right Again – More Puerto Rican Government Officials Indicted for Corruption, Wire Fraud, Money Laundering and Conspiracy…

  1. not2worryluv says:

    Next stop on the list of Corruption in the Caribbean should be the USVI!

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  2. Retired USMC says:

    All Democrats in “good” standing no doubt. You could throw 3/4 of the Democrat party in jail and not a one innocent person would be in the mix.

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  3. flatlandgoober says:

    Why in the world would we want Puerto Rico as the 51st state?

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    • dd_sc says:

      So they can start paying income taxes and take on all the other responsibilities of being a state. Needs to be an straight up vote in PR, become a US State, or an independent nation. No more territorial status.

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      • Mac says:

        NO MORE RICO! Dump that worthless rock and its criminal, unpatriotic (remember Vieques?) population right into independence. We need that scumhole like we need a Yellowstone Caldera explosion. The island and its people are a huge net negative. The sooner it, and its people, are cut loose and on their own, the better for the U.S.

        Liked by 2 people

      • PinotNoir says:

        Give them back to Spain with a nice apology.


  4. jarmssite says:

    Clearly they are being arrested because they are “women of color.” Entirely racist and sexist. There could be no other possible reason.

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  5. JonB3 says:

    I’m a generally a Boston Red Sox fan, BUT, this is why I cant stand manager Alex Cora who being from Puerto Rico bashed Trump, and refused to go to the white house following the Sox winning the World Series last year …. Cora had the nerve to say PT was “politicizing” to aid to PR

    It’s amazing, but now I hope the Sox lose !

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    • scrap1ron says:

      I’m hoping a journalist slaps Alex in the face with this revelation and asks him for a response, but we know that ain’t happening. Commies have to stick together.

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  6. Lamont Cranston says:

    Isn’t West Side Story banned because it has been deemed racist, disrespecting these wonderful “people of color” (referenced above).
    BTW: Which is it anyway? Hispanic, Latino, Latina, LaRaza, Latin American, Chicano, Chicana…
    And, while we’re at it, how about Negro, Negroid, people of color, colored people (NAACP?), ni—r (Grammy Awards), black, African American…?
    Massive anger, self loathing, lack of identity. Same with the LGBTQ-CCC-HH-FP-D…
    But, I must admit, that’s a lot of Nike stuff, ghetto chic.

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  7. Can someone please tell me the rationale to keep Puerto Rico as a territory?! Oh, to keep Cuba’s hands off it?? WHAT WOULD BE THE DIFFERENCE if Cuba did “move in”??? They are socialists now. Cut them off, once and for all. I’m so sick of the billions and billions that have gone into that place, as well as the socialist influx into our country from that place…hello AOC. Get rid of it.

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    • RLTW says:

      PR has been socialist for decades. Research the Macheteros. I was working in PR when a great indigenous Puerto Rican SAC and patriotic American made it San Juan FBI Office priority to track down the leader of the Macheteros, Filiberto Ojedo Rios. I spent the better part of a year tracking down Filiberto in the mountains and jungles of PR.

      Proud to say that I was part of the Team that located Filiberto and killed him after he opened fired on the assault force. Filiberto was trained by the Cubans and the Soviets. The shots struck all but one of the Operators in their body armor. One was seriously injured.

      Nonetheless it was a glorious day. It is a glorious thing to kill evil men. It is a glorious thing to wage war against evil. And you will sleep your most peaceful sleep whenever you do so.

      The FBI (through DOJ OIG) destroyed this brave SAC who had us track down and kill Filiberto. Does that even surprise anyone at this point? Can you not see it? This brave Puerto Rican/American patriot rose up through the ranks of the FBI from mail handler to an SAC and returned to save his homeland from the Communists! DOJ and FBI destroyed him for doing so! DOJ and FBI are run by Communists!

      AOC is a Machetera. Wake Up!!!

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      • Oscar Torres says:

        Yeah…thats be coming evidently clear now. These nefarious forces within justice and in the intelligence have got to be crushed.


  8. Michael D Hutchinson says:

    And of Interesting Note is that the IRS is Incorporated in Puerto Rico


  9. Alan Reasin says:

    I figured we were in store for corruption in the beginning. My thoughts were based on the cultural view that the media unintentionally showed us with their videos. After a natural disaster on the mainland we see neighborhood members working with utilities and public service workers helping to search for victims, clean up the roads and perform temporary repairs. I saw none of that in Puerto Rico when cameras were filming the devastation, even truck drivers striking over issues about delivering supplies to citizens. Public officials crying for help when in view behind them were stacks of supplies some there because of the truckers strike at the time. That angers me still today. Since Puerto Rico’s citizens have US policy laws on poverty, we see 42% of them on government aid that provides benefits to lower-income people. So why would one do anything when the government will do it. That is human nature when government makes extravagant promises. But such security means one loses freedoms.


  10. beaujest says:

    Somebody tell the Dunce Red Sox manager from PR who refused the White House invite !


  11. p.ramirez says:

    Trump is right too many corrupted people in the Capitolio” I am not a republican or democrat. IThis is an ongoing situation in PR, Most of them owns mansions home outside Puerto Rico, there is where the money given to help the Maria” disaster is. Smart people with high college education working with salaries below average and poor retirement benefits. Not all puertorican are corrupt ;many of them follow the right way , they are smart, and they work to have a decent life style. Puerto Rico should not be upset at Trump. He is trying to eliminate the corruption that for many years Puerto Rico is/ was under.


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