Sunday Talks – Cuccinelli: “Pool For Deportation Removal Exceeds One Million People”…

Acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Ken Cuccinelli, battles through the manipulative ‘open-border’ narrative of CBS Margaret Brennan to discuss ICE removals, border conditions, and asylum laws:


How the heck did never-Trump leader Ken Cuccinelli end up with a position in this administration? This is the same guy who tried to lead a 2016 convention effort to change the rules and remove Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

ADD: After thinking about it, this series of Sunday talk appearances is likely a trial run to test Cuccinelli and see if he has genuinely had a ‘come-to-MAGA‘ change in outlook.

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209 Responses to Sunday Talks – Cuccinelli: “Pool For Deportation Removal Exceeds One Million People”…

  1. The ONLY reason President Trump has for “hiring” someone like Cuccinelli, that I can see, is to “negotiate long-term”, in other words, forget the treason and reach out to the opposition, even use them in critical positions. But other commenters here have well informed me now, that Cuccinelli is just another of the now-limitless number of self-interested hacks who “will support Trump when I agree with him”, which is of course fertilizer, and lust to be President next. Another Romney. They all think they know so much, and are so worthy (“If they think Trump is great, how much more will they love me?”) Absolute idiots, all. But I don’t like ANYBODY, even President Trump, dealing with these insane and incompetents.

    …and your little dog Kushner, too (cackle, cackle … just so you know I know this is a rant).


  2. GSparrow says:

    Of course Cuccinelli was the 1st guest; so everything he stated could then be contradicted by the following guest or guests. It’s called “the contrived cancellation” of any positives regarding anything Trump or one his reps states. When the show is over the anti Trump talking points dominate the hour by a wide ratio.

    Delaware’s Dem Sen. Coons was the next guest and he claimed he’s frustratingly fighting hard for legislation that will improve the border situation but it’s all P Trump’s fault that there has been no meaningful legislation presented about border issues because POTUS “first embraces new proposals and then later rejects them.” (paraphrased)

    He undoubtedly fools his Dem constituents with poor me spin like this.

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    • Kenji says:

      Cool ! So then we’ll be down to 10M Illegals squatting in America … /sarc./sideways cat glance

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      • mike says:

        … or 21M or 32M, depending on how you measure.

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        • John-Y128 says:

          … intentionally, nobody has a real number or costs of in-country illegal immigrants.

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          • mostlyogauge says:

            Very true. What is the real number? Since the immigration laws that had been working quite well were trashed by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 (aka Hart-Celler), the US has been invaded with illegals totaling, I would guess, over at least 40 million.

            About 20,000 days have passed since Hart-Celler became law. Using an average of 1,000 illegals per day (yes, I plucked that number out of the air), about 20 million illegals have invaded our country. However, we all know that the average number per day has gone up substantially. So, I would put the number at at least 40 million. This is disgraceful.

            Ted Kennedy sold the act as one that would not change the racial makeup of the country. Well, he lied about that. What would Mary Jo think?

            The Hart–Celler Act completely changed the nature of immigration since the Emergency Quota Act of 1921 was passed. The 1990 immigration act further exacerbated the problem.

            For further reading (two asterisks in front of the url): **


        • Larry Charles says:

          The left don’t want people to know the real number and how huge it is.


  3. Lamont Cranston says:

    Fire the alien enemy invaders back across the border in cannons similar to what “Zachinni the Human Cannonball” used in the circus…except…use real gunpowder.

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  4. Fed up.
    Don’t want one more word or tweet of lip service.
    50+ damn years of words & no action have essentially ruined my home of the (once)Great American Southwest
    Everyone in DC can STFU

    I want RESULTS.
    When do we get results?

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      • starfcker says:

        Bluto, this is the shooting people on 5th Avenue thing he was talking about. It’s a gamble, but it looks like one he’s willing to take. Will the stellar results on trade be enough to convince his supporters to give him a pass on this? I don’t like it as a bet, but we’ll see. He’s painted himself into several corners at once, convinced he was holding some strong cards (DACA, TPS, etc.). Bluffing only works when the other side doesn’t believe you’re bluffing. FUBAR. There are not going to be any deportations.

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      • Rhoda R says:

        It’s more than are being deported at this moment.


      • Greg says:

        Someone on an earlier thread on this subject posted a video interview of an ICE Agents, it was an HBO show like Cops but with ICE. Anyway they were serving warrants for deportation. The Interviewer asked what do you do when you find illegals other than the ones your are looking for?? He answered “we do our job”, which indicates to me that if they find an illegals during their raids, warrant or not they are getting arrested and deported.

        So these raids are presumably for illegals that have deportation orders already but if they find (and they will) other illegals along the way they get picked up. Had I not seen that video clip I would feel the same as you but I am hopeful ICE will “do their job”.

        Side note: here in Marshfield Mo. our Mexican restaurant was raided by ICE last year, the restaurant now only has 1 employee that I have ever seen before. Many of those deported were here for years.

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    • Larry Charles says:

      The SOB politicians in both parties are isolated from the effects of illegal immigration and don’t care about how it affects common people.

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  5. The very bitter truth (IMHO …) of this entire situation – of how a million(!) human beings have come here and have stayed here – is: “knowing, institutionalized defiance of the 13th Amendment.”

    Let’s not kid ourselves: these are our slaves. The people who are “not there,” and who live every day in fear of the Federales, and who will do anything that we ask.

    We also have many more millions of indentured servants: “non-immigrant visa” holders who are literally(!) indentured by means of the “sponsorship” requirement.

    Are we ready to face this generation’s “civil rights situation?” Yes, this time it is a completely different pattern of human-rights abuses, which will call for entirely different outcomes in an entirely-disjoint legal definition. But are we, as a society, ready to confront this 21st-century manifestation of the same damned “peculiar institution?”

    – – –
    No, as I said, “this is not the 1960’s.” This is different. This is new. And yet, it is very old.

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    • Kenji says:

      What do you mean … “not there”? … underground? Every one of these fine, hard working immigrants are “paying taxes”. And their children are all Rhodes scholars who will all take 6-figure jobs in the Deep State. And are adding to our cultural diverrrrrrsity. And will drop a litter of brown children to hasten the “browning of America” …

      /sarc./sideways cat glance

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      • Kenji, I say with utmost consideration that in your response you have left not a single “convenient trope” unspoken. I bear no ill will to you, least of all “in public,” – and I wish no rejoinder from you. “Peace.”

        But – and this is strictly my opinion – there is no profitable path-forward in this sort of thing. This situation is exceedingly complex, and exceedingly unpleasant. And, in this particular case, “while it begins beyond our shores (and our laws), it cursedly ends within them.”

        Ummm … “and with this, let us agree to let the matter rest.” Because, more than a hundred years ago, the selfsame issue resulted in Civil War. Which turned out to be the very-worst national decision that our country ever made.


        • mike says:

          As tragic as some slavery aspects may be for them, the real dangers include the Invasion, genocidal and munition aspects against us and our literally unborn (forever) children. MS13, La Raza and Islamicists for mere starters.


        • mostlyogauge says:

          I have to disagree that the Civil War was the very-worst national decision that our country ever made.

          I think that the war was unnecessary but, hindsight is always 20-20. Funny, that; 2020. But I digress. The British were/are still pissed off because they lost the Revolutionary War and had to abandon the “colonies”. Even with us saving their bacon twice, they’ve been screwing with us ever since. They almost took the country back via the War of 1812. The British and the French almost got involved in the Civil War because they both looked at it as a possible way of getting their colonies back; a country divided is easier to take over. Churchill got us into WWI. Remember the Lusitania? Churchill and FDR got us into WWII; they both knew the Japs were going to attack the US. MI5/6 spying on our VSGPDJT.

          Yes, the Civil War was very bad and horrible. But, however much I dislike Lincoln’s tactics, his overall goal was to keep the Union together; that I agree with. I wonder how much different US history would have been if Lincoln would not have been assassinated?

          What was the very-worst national decision? Hmmm. Not resolving the slavery issue earlier? Dropping the atomic bombs? FDR and Truman giving in to Stalin’s WWII demands? Not attempting to rescue our military from Bataan and Wake Island? Korea? Viet Nam? Afghanistan? Sherman’s march to the sea? Forming the Federal Reserve? Forming the CIA? The 16th and 17th amendments to the Constitution? The WTO? The World Bank? The IMF? Getting off the gold standard? There are a lot of nominees for that answer.

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          • cheering4america says:

            There ARE a lot of nominees for that answer, and you’ve named several excellent candidates, but dropping the atomic bombs is not one of them.

            Despite what the bleeding hearts tell you about it now, at the time it was the correct thing to do, and many experts and non-experts ON BOTH SIDES have figured out that dropping the atomic bombs actually saved lives – again, ON BOTH SIDES – in the long run.

            P.S. If President Lincoln had not been assassinated he had actually formed a country, Liberia, to which to send freed slaves, and had a commission to follow through with this plan. More honest American blacks in previous decades visited Africa only to exclaim “I’m glad my ancestors got on the boat” after seeing what their living conditions would be like had they stayed (e.g., Philadelphia in 2019).

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    • tgimacb says:

      RE “this generation’s “civil rights situation?” WTF?
      Conquistadors enslaved the conquered (that’s Spain talk)
      illegal aliens CHOOSE to immigrate into the federalista voluntarily.
      So, Central Americans employed, are landed, have cultural roots aren’t the body of caravan walkers.
      No, this is NOT “this generation’s” anything! WE impose laws for life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness for OURSELVES AND OUR POSTERITY

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  6. Devil in the Blue Drapes says:

    Speaking of the citizenship q on 2020 Census…..

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  7. Joemama says:

    In my opinion, the one (slight) upside to the mass illegal invasion of South Americans into the USA, compared to the illegal invasion of the EU, is that most of the invaders from South America are Christians. There is hope that most of these invaders can assimilate and embrace American values in time.

    There is no such hope with the muslim invaders in the EU.


  8. mj_inOC says:

    NOT an impressive interview.
    No wonder he lost to be VA gov.

    Time to bring in the Trump A-Team.
    Let’s Roll.


  9. Quint says:

    Bwaaa….Kenny ‘s just pretending. His heart is with illegal aliens whose voting demographic he loves.
    My theory is the Don appoints Never Trumpers to increase the degree of difficulty of implementing his election PROMISES, it’s like platform diving, more points for the hardest dives.
    Appointing people who hate him is the Don’s major, major political flaw.

    Another one Miller didn’t vet


  10. wightmanfarm says:

    Trump’s forte certainly is not hiring good people.

    His whole “negotiation” team is made up of CFR members – doesn’t bode well. (Ross, Lighthizer, Mnuchin = all CFR globalists)

    Now this Cucinnelli yahoo.

    I think we’re screwed.


  11. Edwin says:

    cuccinelli supported Cruz and did what he thought was right at the time, I supported the effort and now I fully support Trump, huge difference between being pro Cruz during the primary and never Trump after. and Trump has proven himself now whereas before he was considered an Uber lib.


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