President Trump: Illegal Immigration Removals to Begin Shortly…

Ellison Barber of Fox News reporting the ICE removals are likely to begin shortly:


On June 22nd, 2019, President Trump agreed to postpone any deportation enforcement after a call with Speaker Nancy Pelosi:

Two weeks from June 22nd, would be July 8th, 2019.

However, a review of Nancy Pelosi’s congressional calendar reflects Pelosi’s House has been out of session since June 28th, and does not return until July 9th.

This schedule and deadline is exactly why House Democrats are pulling border stunts and urgently pushing media narratives in the headlines. Pelosi had no intention of fixing the legislative issues; instead, she used the time-delay to create maximum political position for herself, democrats in congress and their media allies.

(Calendar Link)

…..So it does not come as a surprise to see this series of tweets recently  from President Trump:

WHITE HOUSE – Yesterday, a single, unelected district judge in Seattle issued an injunction that prevents the government from ensuring the detention of those aliens who cross the border unlawfully until the completion of their immigration court proceedings.

The decision ignores an express statutory prohibition on granting class-wide injunctive relief against enforcement of the immigration laws and also holds unconstitutional a statute passed by bipartisan majorities in Congress during the Clinton administration that specifically prohibits the release of certain immigrants on bond.

The district court’s injunction is at war with the rule of law. The decision only incentivizes smugglers and traffickers, which will lead to the further overwhelming of our immigration system by illegal aliens.

No single district judge has legitimate authority to impose his or her open borders views on the country. We must restore our democracy and ensure Americans have the voice to which they are entitled under our Constitution. (link)

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179 Responses to President Trump: Illegal Immigration Removals to Begin Shortly…

  1. Lactantius says:

    Of 180,344 in federal prison, 35,009 are “criminal aliens” who have violated immigration laws and 60% of those are Mexican. These are not just “illegals.” They have committed crimes that are serious enough that deportation is not the solution.

    We distribute such prisoners between federal penitentiaries and federal correctional institutions depending upon how dangerous the criminal is known to be.

    We deport MS-13 gang members if we do not have criminal charges against them.

    The fact is that illegal immigrants who are in the prison system are cost the U.S. taxpayers a bundle of money. They make up 20% of our federal prison population.


  2. simicharmed says:

    I would like them to BEGIN NOW! DEPORTATIONS! ALL 30+ MILLION of them!

    Every one of these ALIENS (yes they are legally confirmed as ILLEGAL ALIENS!…not “undocumented”, “migrants”, “immigrants”), or ANY of this brainwashing soft-language”.

    ILLEGAL ALIENS! All of them, including their illegal alien offspring they stream across the border to birth! I want EVERY single one of them GONE! Every one of the Illegal Aliens are factually ELIMINATING my Constitutional Rights as a US Citizen.

    I do not need to have Illegal Aliens “welcomed” in my Nation. The more they are “welcomed” and “coddled” by “Sanctuary Policies”, the more I KNOW they are VOTING and comfortable.

    Every one of these invaders destroy my position (my assumed value), as a US Citizen. I see it (Illegal Alien Invasion(s)), as destructive to my well-being and towards my Nation.

    And “low and behold”, it’s just THAT and MORE! A catastrophic Invasion (unmatched), will (and is), destroying the USA.

    Watch it happening….it’s on video right now. The Invaders are indeed invading at every weak-point of the border.


  3. Gary Lacey says:

    Pelosi and Schumer are possibly the most disingenuous individuals in congress, both are liars, clearly they must think lying is an advantage.


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