Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Invites You to Enjoy an Exciting Family Vacation…

Portland, Oregon, is located in the Northwestern United States. Portland is considered the cultural mecca for the most refined vision of Democratic Socialism. Known as a Marxist hub for modern cultural and political violence, all tourists are eligible for complimentary helmets as they travel to and from various points of interest.

In addition to teaching your kids new words, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler welcomes each visiting family.  Together, he and his leadership team are committed to maximum excitement during your stay. Welcome to Portland – You’ll fight like hell to enjoy it, or else:

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279 Responses to Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler Invites You to Enjoy an Exciting Family Vacation…

  1. Take an APV/RV to Portland for vacation. Complete with water cannon, pepper spray jets. And PA system for MAGA announcements.

    Lovely this time of year. Discounts during election season.

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  2. MIKE says:

    I guess the gist of the story is NIKe deliberately picked the BetsyRoss flag to bring it into liberal vogue, for the express purpose of their foot soldiers(sorry) to vilify this flag, completing another leg of the relay, where the finish line is the removal of the current American flag? Oh, and sweatshop nike will make some big bucks in the process?
    Sounds like a job for RICO.
    If only we had prosecutors and an honest court system…


  3. Crackerbaby says:

    Anyone acting threatening (or wielding a weapon) and wearing a mask needs to be shot on the spot.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell


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