Round Two – First Democrat Debate Series – 9:00pm Tonight on NBC – Open Discussion Thread…

Due to the size of the field, the first Democrat presidential primary debate took place over two nights: last night Wednesday, June 26; and tonight, Thursday, June 27, in Miami.

NBC, MSNBC and Telemundo are hosting the debate and hold exclusive rights to broadcast from 9pm EST to 11 p.m EST on both nights.

The moderators for the debate are: NBC News’ Lester Holt, Savannah Guthrie and Chuck Todd; MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, and Telemundo’s José Diaz-Balart.

The candidates for Round Two are: Author Marianne Williamson; Entrepreneur Andrew Yang; Former Vice President Joe Biden; Governor John Hickenlooper of Colorado; Mayor Pete Buttigieg of South Bend, Indiana; Representative Eric Swalwell of California; Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont; Senator Kamala Harris of California; Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York; Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado.

If you are a communist, socialist, communal activist; or if your hobbies include sitting around a campfire picking parasites off your friends; then grab your sustainable algae cakes and consider this an open discussion thread.

Or if you are just looking for a laugh by watching Moonbats howl, well, that’s OK too.

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722 Responses to Round Two – First Democrat Debate Series – 9:00pm Tonight on NBC – Open Discussion Thread…

  1. Liberty ONE says:

    BEFORE both debates, more like we’ll give you everything FREE, they should have played the song…..SEND IN THE CLOWNS!!!

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    “When I’m not changing diapers, I’m changing Washington” Swalwell.

    I win!!

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    • Hillaryisguilty says:

      The (San Jose?) Mercury states that Eric Swallowswell owes just under $100,000 in student loans. Could this be one of the reasons he is pushing a hard core liberal agenda. Did someone offer to pay off his loans if he followed a radical left wing agenda? Is this what’s going on Alexandria Ocrazio-Cortex? Could heavy debt be the cause of some of the Dems irrational behavior?
      The Dumbocrats and left wingers have definitely lost their marbles. There is no way they can win in 2020. Unless they rig votes. Or start a civil war.


  3. sticknca says:

    All the time spent on gun control and zero time on the 70,000+ overdose deaths per year.
    A drugged population is a compliant population.

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    • dd_sc says:

      A soma a day …

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    • Yippeekiyay says:

      Exactly, sticknca. “A drugged population is a compliant population.”

      I’m in California too (I know, I know). The legalization of marijuana was just another way to control the population, and buy votes.

      The state government only cares about the huge amounts of money it’s bringing in. They do not care about the people that are being affected.

      I’m in a rural, AG zoned area. The corrupt government at the local level is trying to rezone AG zoned property to allow growing/manufacturing/distribution of cannabis/marijuana. It’s disgusting. The criminal element that it brings in is alarming, to say the least.


  4. BitterC says:

    So what are the chances anyone will challenge Kamala’s eligibility? Some question about her parents’ citizenship statuses when she was born.

    Or has Obama set the precedent that citizen parents aren’t required?

    What she did tonite to Biden is down right scary. She’s got a race card [of sorts] and ain’t afraid to use it.

    Saw on twitter she moved to Canada at age 7 so she only would have been waiting on that bus for 1st grade. Not to mention her parents were both professionals. I doubt she attended 1st grade in an inner city school.

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    • 13wasylyna says:

      Former Obama eligibility litigant Commander Charles F. Kerchner, Jr. (Ret) recently posted an article arguing that Harris is not constitutionally qualified.

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    • lotbusyexec says:

      Look st the Jessie travesty – America in 2020 if she’s in charge 😳

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    • dginga says:

      I lived in the Detroit metro area when forced busing began in 1968 (same year as Kamela). They did not bus elementary school kids until they were at least in 4th grade. She only lived in Berkeley until second grade. She may have taken a bus to school, but she was not part of the forced integration busing. Harris is lying, and the rest of the pack is too intimidated by racial politics to call her on it.

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    • rcogburn says:

      Posted this above, but it belongs with your comment.

      Sounds like she’s eligible, but she’s done quite an editing job on her childhood:

      Kamala Harris was born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California, to a Tamil Indian mother and a Jamaican father. Her mother, Shyamala Gopalan Harris, was a breast cancer scientist who immigrated to the United States from Madras (present-day Chennai) in 1960.[3][4] Her father, Donald Harris, is a Stanford University economics professor who emigrated from Jamaica in 1961 for graduate study in economics at University of California, Berkeley.[5][6] Recalling the lives of his grandmothers, Donald Harris wrote that one was related to a plantation and slave owner while the other had unknown ancestry.[7] In a 2019 interview, Kamala Harris said, “‘I am black and I am proud of it.'”[8]

      Harris’s first name, Kamala, comes from the Sanskrit word for the lotus flower. Her family lived in Berkeley, California, where both of her parents attended graduate school.[9] She was close to her maternal grandfather, P. V. Gopalan, an Indian diplomat.[4][10] As a child, she often visited her extended family in the Besant Nagar neighborhood of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.[11] She grew up going to both a black Baptist church and a Hindu temple.[12]

      Harris’s parents divorced when she was seven, and her mother was granted custody of the children by court-ordered settlement.[9][7] As an elementary school student, she benefited from school integration.[16] After the divorce, when Harris was 12,[17] her mother moved with the children to Montreal, Québec, Canada, where Shyamala accepted a position doing research at Jewish General Hospital and teaching at McGill University


      • Debra says:

        This blurb makes no mention of her being eligible for the presidency.

        Yes, it gives her date of birth, which acknowledges that she is past the 35 years old requirement. But, it says virtually NOTHING as to the citizenship status of her parents, which IS the only determination of conferring NATURAL BORN citizenship status on her.

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        • rcogburn says:

          I was thinking birthright citizenship. Good point on natural born citizenship for the presidency.

          Kamala’s a fake, with ties to team Obama. Wouldn’t put anything past them.


          • Debra says:

            There are only two methods of citizenship attainment per our Constitution: one is to be a natural born citizen, the other one is due to some act of Congress that grants citizenship.


  5. GSparrow says:

    Kamala Harris’s Victory Lap over sleepy Joe might be short lived if Gateway’s article about her lying or misleading in her “sentimental personal story” is true.

    When she said, she was in the 2nd integrated class at Berkeley, I didn’t believe it was correct. The 2nd Yearbook page of integrated students at Berkeley was in 1964, the year Kamala was born. She only went to Berkeley for 2 years and then was educated in “non-segregated” Canadian schools.

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  6. Troublemaker10 says:

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    • covfefe999 says:

      That is a very powerful headline. I’m pretty sure the majority of citizens in this country do not want to provide health care to illegals.


    • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

      Unless some Oprah type late entrant comes along to save them, I think the election was over right there.

      Only way I’m wrong about that is if their mobilization of the illegal vote is farther along than I suspect. But it would have to be pretty far along, for them to be adopting this as the party platform. Which it clearly is. They all raised their hands.

      I doubt things are quite that well planned or engineered though. A lot of this is TDS driven, which leads them to adopt positions as far opposite of PDJT as they can get.


  7. Troublemaker10 says:

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  8. convert says:

    Alll these Democrat white men are wasting their time. None of them will be on the ticket. I’m utterly amazed that they aren’t smart enough to figure that out. I can’t see anybody but Warren as being fully embraced by their psychotic base.


    • SwampRatTerrier says:

      That includes the old white honky Kamala.


    • Justice says:

      CNN has been hammering on him today saying…”His time is up.” He uttered “My time is up” last night so it’s a good stepping stone to get rid of him.

      No old white guy will ever be the Demonrat nominee. Rush Limbaugh pointed out that this party is a loser hate-filled bunch of nobodies. They have nothing but hate to offer and Trump was the winner of the debate last night.

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  9. Jederman says:

    The only problem is (thanks to the corrupt media and education system) almost half the country will want to vote for one of these dangerous losers.

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  10. D Rogers says:

    Not a single American Flag present at the debate. Pretty clear message.

    How do I post a picture of this here?

    Have a wonderful weekend and celebration of our Independence next week you fine Deplorables!!

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    • desperatelyseekingmelania says:

      The platform is pretty obvious: give away everything possible to illegals in exchange for illegal votes Leaving the number of illegal voters as the only big question in this election.


  11. Troublemaker10 says:

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  12. Troublemaker10 says:

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  13. thedoc00 says:

    The only thing missing is Bob Barker as moderator, for the Price is Right and to spin the Freebee Wheel of Fortune.

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  14. islandpalmtrees says:

    What can be said, about these folks. It was like watching the Special Olympics for politicians. The story of Misfits toys. I actually, felt sorry for these people.


  15. Troublemaker10 says:

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  16. Troublemaker10 says:

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  17. Ausonius says:

    I just read DEM operative/commentator Joe Scarborough’s comments about how last night was a disaster for DEMS, a veritable circular firing squad, with not enough attacks on President Trump.

    He is wrong: there were plenty of insults (K. Harris: “Trump is a racist”) against the president, which is precisely their problem. Reality does not gibe with such claims:

    But the “reality problem” is much deeper: for each one of these DEM candidates, every day in America is a living nightmare, where jobs are not plentiful, where “Wall Street” cheats Americans out of billions every day, where prosperity for the lower classes is deliberately made impossible by groups like the KKK and Neo-Nazi’s, where Republicans pass laws to kill women and to oppress minorities of all kinds, where religions are intolerantly daring to support the Republican agenda, and where America is constantly about to start World War III because of Trump’s bloodthirsty incompetence, where …(Enter imaginary grievance here, or Socialist agenda desire which no rational person wants)…

    The Reality Problem is, of course, not a problem for the pessimistic, self-deluded Leftists populating the DEM party. But for attracting the undecided, and for keeping “traditional” DEM voters from switching to the president or staying silent during the 2020 election, Reality will be biting them on the bottom, assuming the Republicans can wage a decent campaign using our present reality to persuade the tepid or the undecided.

    The “professionals” in the Republican Party might find a method to throw it away: what is their nickname…”The Stupid Party” ?

    Contribute to the Conservative candidate directly: I for one do not trust the “professionals” in the Republican Party.

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  18. tozerbgood8315 says:

    The closing comments were PURE AWESOMENESS IN A NUTSHELL:

    Swallwell is gonna change diapers as president

    Marriane Williamson is gonna show up Trump by harnessing love, cuz’ she really knows what Trump did to America’s mindset.

    Michael Bennet is gonna beat Trump even though most people haven’t even heard of him.

    Hickenlooper is gonna screw up Washington like he did Coloroado, but it won’t be socialism.

    Kirsten Gillibrand will stand alone and take up fights no one else will (like she didn’t against Bill Clinton).

    Andrew Yang will solve all the problems caused by Donald Trump (I think he means free $1000/month Gov’t checks)

    Kamala Harris will cure the 3AM agenda by stopping the food fight, and whatever is needed to get to the end of the month at (where there will no doubt be pics of her as a little girl riding on one of Joe Biden’s school busses)

    Pete Buttigieg promises to be the Mayor of America, and the universe will look back upon those years in glee.

    Bernie Sanders will un-stagnate everything. It’s gonna cost a lot of money, but it’s ok cuz’ the rich will pay for it.

    Joe Biden is gonna sleep his way through the next 4 years cuz’ believe him… he stands for our rights & we can do anything together.


  19. tozerbgood8315 says:

    And contrary to Kamala’s opinion…


  20. tozerbgood8315 says:

    And then there’s that unlimited abortions thing


  21. tozerbgood8315 says:

    Andrew Yang… un-freaken-believable…


  22. tozerbgood8315 says:

    And then there’s that “I was that Little Girl” you forced on to one of your school buses!


  23. tozerbgood8315 says:

    But imo… outside of Marianne Williamson’s harnessing of love cuz’ she knows what Trump really did… I’d say Joe Biden took the stupid saying prize of the night


  24. rcogburn says:

    Revisiting some Biden classics and praying he stays in the race until the bitter end.


  25. Garavaglia says:

    Bloomberg is too easy on this non-disclosure stuff. Just say they signed those agreements willingly. nuf said. Only Trump can deal with this kind of nonsense.


  26. Garavaglia says:

    And Klobuchar has a meltdown


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