Roger Stone Questions DOJ on Predicate of Russia DNC Hack…

In two separate court filings Roger Stone is challenging the DOJ to produce evidence of their predicate claim the Russians “hacked” the DNC servers.

The first filing is a motion to compel [SEE HERE] and requests the DOJ provide unredacted documents to support their framework of evidence that Russian’s “hacked” the DNC.  The second filing is a motion to suppress [SEE HERE] any downstream evidence, extracted by the use of search warrants, built upon upon the predicate claim of Russians “hacking” the DNC.

In essence Roger Stone is challenging the U.S. government to prove the DNC was hacked by Russians; and further he is refuting the validity of the FBI using a private organization, Crowdstrike, as a valid investigative and determinative body.

The suppress motion argues it was the responsibility of the FBI to secure and investigate the hacking evidence and not rely upon the word of a private party hired by the DNC (an opposing political entity). If the government cannot prove the Russian’s hacked the DNC, and subsequently attempted to work with Wikileaks for the distribution therein, then the basis for government claims about Stone seeking to engage with Wikileaks diminishes.

If the DOJ and FBI are independently certain Russian’s hacked the DNC servers, there should be no issue in providing the evidence toward that claim. It will be interesting to see how the DOJ responds; and how the judge rules on the responsibilities of the FBI.

(Link to Motion to Suppress)

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398 Responses to Roger Stone Questions DOJ on Predicate of Russia DNC Hack…

  1. shipley130 says:

    Who will be the fall guy/girl that was in charge of the DNC? My money is on Donna Brazile. If the DNC didn’t allow the FBI to investigate their server then the natural question is why the DNC didn’t allow and investigation. The democrat cesspool is getting gigantic.


  2. EJ says:

    Great – he has a legitimate 4th Amendment issue here.


  3. Ironclaw says:

    You mean it’s not legitimate to take the word of a private contractor that’s being paid by one of the interested parties?


  4. farrier105 says:

    What Stone should also do is challenge questionable elements in the Crowdstrike report upon which the FBI relied and related elements in the Mueller indictment of the alleged Russian hackers.

    1. Why did Crowdstrike permit the alleged hackers to stage the DNC’s data for exfiltration and to exfiltrate the data? By documenting that the incident response was not conducted in a way that protected client information and contained any hack not an ADMISSION AGAINST INTEREST?

    2. Why did Crowdstrike wait until June 11-12 to expel the alleged hackers from the DNC network when they could have done it FIVE WEEKS BEFORE that time?

    3. Why were all affected machines, servers, workstations, routers, etc. not seized and maintained as evidence by the FBI? The analysis should be done with forensic images, but the forensic images are produced by the affected machines, which are like digital cameras containing photographs. The forensic images are like photographs. You have to determine their authenticity, which means you have to control the “cameras”–the servers and workstations that produce the images–in their ORIGINAL STATE with a chain of possession documented that proves there was no opportunity to tamper with the data inside that produces the forensic images. Since none of the workstations or servers were seized and put in secure storage, there is no way to authenticate the forensic images.


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