Joe Biden Officially Enters 2020 Race….

Well, here it is.  Awkward, weird, structurally odd, and trying to gain momentum using a well-worn club manual with tattered binding that will likely fall flat in the digital era, Joe Biden has officially entered the race.  This is going to be interesting.

This launch is the important part to watch.  The launch helps us quantify how many of the DNC Club’s board of directors, donors and Corinthian seat-holders are supportive of this effort.

So far, the institutional support looks rather tepid; likely because Biden’s brand will be akin to selling new licenses for Blockbuster Video store franchises.

Skepticism abounds.

DELAWARE – His long-awaited answer to the biggest political question in the country and Delaware came in a video posted to social media Thursday morning.

In announcing that he will vie for the Democratic Party’s 2020 presidential nomination, Biden framed his candidacy around opposition to President Donald Trump.

“If we give Donald Trump eight years in the White House, he will forever and fundamentally alter the character of this nation, who we are, and I cannot stand by and watch that happen,” he said. (more)

It looks like the club has dusted-off the old, Fabian Socialist, and the newer Saul Alinsky, playbooks… and pasted them together for a modern version of Biden fueling his run with a message of division and carefully crafted social justice.  This becomes evident in his Charlottesville reference points.

(Yahoo) In his announcement, Biden went after President Donald Trump and the statements he made after violent clashes between activists and white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 2017.

In the wake of the demonstrations, which killed one person, Trump said there were fine people on “both sides,” a remark that drew wide condemnation.

“With those words, the president of the United States assigned a moral equivalence to those spreading hate and those with the courage to stand against it,” Biden said in the video. “In that moment, I knew the threat to this nation was unlike any I had ever seen in my lifetime.” (more)

While I’m tentative to put old, white and creepy Biden into the officially designated ‘Chosen One‘ slot on the DNC Club outline; it does appear a majority of the DNC board members have allotted Biden time to see if he can earn a larger support network.

Joe says: “I can do this”… and a tenuous board, not wanting to be disrespectful for earlier club loyalty, says: “ok, but you need to do it early; and prove the possibility of success early. So we can have a back-up plan if you can’t pull it off.”… “Fair enough?”

Here’s the top sixteen, and how they appear to be positioned:

  • Senator Ted Cruz was to 2016…. as Senator Elizabeth Warren is to 2020
  • ♦Governor Jeb Bush was to 2016 as…. VP Joe Biden is to 2020 (tenuously)
  • Senator Marco Rubio was to 2016… as Mayor Pete Buttigieg is to 2020
  • Governor John Kasich was to 2016… as Senator Bernie Sanders is to 2020
  • Senator Lindsey Graham was to 2016 as… Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is to 2020
  • Governor Mike Huckabee was to 2016… as Senator Corey Booker is to 2020
  • Senator Rand Paul was to 2016…. as Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard is to 2020
  • Dr. Ben Carson was to 2016… as Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke is to 2020
  • Governor Chris Christie was to 2016 as… Governor J. Hickenlooper is to 2020
  • Governor Scott Walker was to 2016 as… Governor Jay Inslee is to 2020
  • Senator Rick Santorum was to 2016…. as Senator Sherrod Brown is to 2020
  • Governor George Pataki was to 2016 as…. Eric Swalwell is to 2020
  • Governor Rick Perry was to 2016…. as Senator Kamala Harris is to 2020
  • Governor Bobby Jindal was to 2016…. as Julian Castro is to 2020
  • Carly Fiorina was to 2016 as…. Senator Amy Klobuchar is to 2020
  • Governor Jim Gilmore was to 2016 as… Rep. Tim Ryan is to 2020

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334 Responses to Joe Biden Officially Enters 2020 Race….

  1. terryjlongo says:

    “the biggest political question in the country”. Not.

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  2. petszmom says:

    So are we done with Beto?

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  3. JMC says:

    Campaign slogan: “It’s Joe’s Turn!”

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    • WSB says:

      Cankles must be fuming.

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      • LoonsCall says:

        she is always fuming, in more ways than one.. what was it Pedoesta said, urine, cabbage and farts? ..don’t recall the order

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        • dd_sc says:

          cut and paste of the email:

          People tell me that Hillary is acting ‘like a retard’ since her head injury. Frankly, considering her normal behavior, I’m surprised anyone noticed! (this is a joke!) Have someone talk to her doctor and see if there’s anything he can give her.

          Also, I’ve noticed she’s had an “odor” lately. It reminds me of a combination of boiled cabbage, urine, and farts. I’m guessing it’s either connected to her fall or simply the fact that she rarely bathes. Outside of encouraging her to take a shower once in a while, I don’t know what to do about this. — any suggestions would be appreciated.
          –sent from my iPad–

          some epic commentary on HRC

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        • LoonsCall says:

          & a battle for the “soul of America”? How completely out of touch are these people?.. am sure there are many, many folks who don’t want him or anybody like him fighting for their “souls”.. they are battling for the soul of America alright but not in any good kind of way.. you ain’t gettin’ my soul, buddy so might as well end your “battle” now

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  4. JohnFul says:

    Jeepers Creepers Biden was an attendee of Susan Rice’s January 17th oval orifice meeting. Indictment inbound. Where will his campaign headquarters be, the prison library?

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  5. burnett044 says:


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  6. Doppler says:

    It will be the Trump Campaign versus the Trump Derangement Campaign.

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  7. andyocoregon says:

    We can just see the Democrat debates now……….. “I hate Trump more than you do!” ………. “No, I hate him more!” …………. “You’re both wrong. I really despise him!” ……. etc.

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  8. MM says:

    Is Biden running to keep from getting indicted?

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  9. Nigella says:

    I think he’s creepy but ignore him at your peril

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    • bour3 says:

      Oh, I’m ignoring him alright. Hard. I’m not watching a single of these videos, nor reading any text of his direct words. None of the tweets. Why purposefully annoy myself? That’s masochistic. But I will read all around him. I’ll read what others say about him and about the ridiculous duplicitous misleading wrong things that he says, and his endless gaffs. I read you for example. But not him.

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  10. Gunner says:

    Come on…this isn’t about Biden. This is a typical calculated ‘D’ distraction (damn, can no longer bring myself to say the name of that former political party). Biden is pretty much everything the left wants to avoid; and Sanders is just a placeholder. Once the anointed one is announced, it’s back to DE and VT for those two.

    So, who is the chosen one? I could venture a guess; but I’ll leave it with ‘SHE is waitin’ in the wings’. And, no it’s not that thing that ran last time.

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  11. Anon says:

    Biden is a gaffe machine. Look at this just today

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  12. Summer says:

    Joe, you can’t possibly hope to win the nomination without promising free stuff on a massive scale. Medicare for all and free college are already taken, Joe. Student loans are done. Up the ante.
    Oh, and you forgot that the biggest threat we face is Climate Change.

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  13. getfitnow says:

    FTA – SHOCK POLL: BIDEN OPENS 8-POINT LEAD ON TRUMP” screamed the Drudge Report headline on the announcement that two-time loser Joe Biden has decided to run, once again, for president.

    The headline links to a Morning Consult story that found Biden with a 42 percent to 34 percent lead over President Trump in a hypothetical matchup.

    “Along with his advantage over Trump, Biden has held a consistent lead in Morning Consult’s weekly tracking among likely Democratic primary voters,” the report says.

    But the only thing shocking about this poll is that anyone would put any stock in such polls so early in the race. Just ask President John Glenn.

    In May 1983, a Gallup poll came out showing that then-Sen. John Glenn would do better in a matchup against President Reagan, with a far wider margin than the Biden/Trump split.

    As the New York Times reported on May 19 of that year, the survey “found that Senator Glenn led Mr. Reagan 54 percent to 37 percent.”

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  14. Jim Raclawski says:

    joe! has a rich digital history …. sit back…. get yourself a super sized “adult beverage” and enjoy….
    then let’s talk Kiev…. and the CHICOM deals his and “swiftboat’s kid snagged…..

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  15. Ausonius says:

    Whenever I hear a DEM say “This is not who we are,” I reach for a brick to throw at them!*

    According to DEMS, Amerikkka is racist and deplorable and does not deserve anything but a great comeuppance and punishment. Is that not a contradiction to their constant chant of “This is not who we are” ?!!!

    According to DEMS we should be constantly ashamed of our past AND our present! We should be constantly kowtowing to Socialists and Communists and Atheists and maybe then we might have a future.

    Who should we be according to DEMS? We should be pot-puffing, baby-killing, organic vegetarians who ride bicycles – when we are not bombed out on drugs – and who allow criminals to roam free, because locking people is unfair and probably racist. We should anyone to enter the country. We should have no rich people: everybody should have the same fair income with all kinds of FREE STUFF (drugs, insurance, drugs, pensions, drugs, telephones, drugs, abortions, drugs, Internet access, drugs, birth control, and drugs) all paid for with fantasy money.

    Is that who we should be? It is according to the DEMS! As to who we are right now, you only get a contradiction from their statements!

    * (For the story of the original German phrase (Whenever I hear the word “Culture,” I release the safety on my Browning, which became “I reach for my revolver”) written in a play by a Nazi writer, see:

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    • Michelle says:

      And yet, after all the Dems whining and virtue signaling, their frontrunners are old white men.

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      • Ausonius says:

        Shhh!!! You are not supposed to see the man behind the curtain! 😉

        And anyway, these old white guys want to take care of you! They want to wrap in the loving arms of Mother FedGov, and she will hug you and squeeze you and hug you and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze you until you have been smothered and die.

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  16. andyocoregon says:

    “[if] you want to keep someone away from your house, just fire the shotgun through the door.”

    – Joe Biden, Feb 11th, 2013

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  17. Publius2016 says:

    Sleepy Joe – first day: “Make America just like it used to be”

    45 said 3 years ago: Make America Great Again!

    Just like old Joe…steals from the BEST!

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  18. Mike L DelMarcelle says:

    I don’t think the Dems have a chosen one. The guy they had planned on, Beto and spent $60 mil on a senate race, lost. They poured that much into Beto’s senate campaign so after taking the senate seat from Cruz he would run for president. In their thought process him being from (and possibly winning) TX would garner them TX electoral votes, allowing them a chance to defeat Trump. Their “chosen one” got un-chosen 6 months ago when he lost.

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  19. Daylight says:

    Come on! This is a big (EFFING) deal!

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  20. lfhbrave says:

    I guess Creepy Sleepy Joe is the consensus candidate of the Uniparty for 2020. They picked him as VP for O last time. Always wonder if these “masters” actually had a round-table meeting to pick their candidate every four years.


  21. JohnA5150 says:

    “Sleep Joe Biden” is a good nickname, but I think “Swampy Joe Biden” is even better….

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  22. BobBoxBody says:

    Trump has completely screwed the political machines up. They have nothing to counteract what he is doing. Biden is the best they can do. Bernie is probably the most authentic guy on the ticket but he’s already sold out from the last election.

    I wasn’t so sure after the last election, but ic an say now after everything that’s happened that the DNC is doomed. The party is tearing itself apart and have no counter against the political authenticity of Trump versus their fraudulence. They’re likely to damage each other more than Trump will in the general election….watch…..

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  23. Don’t worry about Joe…………worry about his running mate. Biden’s clutch could slip at any time.

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  24. Orson says:

    Prediction: The ultimate plan is to throw in Michelle Obama as the running mate. But, there will be a grace period to see if Biden can hold his own. Should he come out on top, then Michelle Obama will be announced as the running mate much earlier than usual. Biden, upon making that announcement, will state that should he win, he will only serve one term.

    However, should he not be able to hold his own, Michelle Obama will remain outside the fray so as not to damage her brand. She’s slated for 2024 either way.

    Without question, the dems will jump through all kinds of hoops to assure that there is a minority on the ticket. They’re running scared from Trump’s successes with that demographic (employment/ walk away project etc.). It’s always identity politics with that side, and they need to put a stopper in the leak. That’s why I project Michelle Obama is the actual chosen one (2024). It’s also why Barack Obama is not outright endorsing Biden….just yet. Eventually, he’ll be all in and his wife will be the other half of the ticket.


    • FrankieZee says:

      Michael doesn’t have the will to campaign, not now not ever. Plugs won’t make it to Jan 2020. The only person they have to make a serious challenge is Bread Line Bernie.


  25. sunnydaze says:

    Here’s the tweet of Carpe Donktum’s YT, above. Just in case tweets are easier for some to share.

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  26. xenosonice says:

    I find it interesting that Senators have had very limited success in modern Presidential elections.

    In 2016, the choice was between a Businessman (Trump) and the Secretary of State (Hillary).

    Before Obama, the last Senator to become President was JFK.

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    • ristvan says:

      There is a reason.
      The president is ‘CEO’ of the executive branch. That is a senior MANAGEMENT position. The implicit job requirement ought to be you have (successfully) run something.

      Eisenhower ran the military in WW2. Reagan ran California. Clinton ‘ran’ Arkansas. B41 ran the CIA. B43 ran Texas. Obummer 44 never ran anything, and it sadly showed. HRC pretended to have run State, and lost to a real CEO for many reasons.

      PDJT is succeeding like no one since Reagan for (IMHO) 2 reasons.
      1. He has a clear strategy articulated during his many campaign rallies.
      2. He was for decades a CEO who got it done, making him billions.

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  27. Sammy Hains says:

    In a brilliant turn, President Trump referred to Biden as “Sleepy Joe.”
    This is deliberate and brilliantly played, because he is planting the seed for “Creepy Joe” without saying it, since the media would surely have howled and turned it into a Trump Scandal™ if he had called Biden “creepy.”

    But it’s out there now for “creepy” to seamlessly replace “sleepy” and permanently brand Biden the way Trump branded Crooked hiLlARy.

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  28. the5thranchhand says:

    Why the constant chatter about Ms. obama running for president? Really, this is an honest question. She is many things, (none good, okay) but presidential is certainly not one of them; by a lloooonnnnggg shot.

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    • trialbytruth says:

      Shes the most visable Dem who checks the identity boxes / minority/ female/transgendered/ basketball forward/

      think like a democrat for a second and then dose yourself with brain bleach.

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      • the5thranchhand says:

        Thank you trialbytruth. But, want need the brain bleach; could never, ever, in a million eons, think like a democrat, okay? Never thought about the identity boxes!


    • Chewbarkah says:

      She has more executive experience than the other Dem candidates. Oh wait, she has none whatsoever. Just had a grossly overpaid political job as a lawyer at a hospital (because Democrats can’t stop helping the People…).


  29. Lactantius says:

    Joe Biden is a man of towering intellect, integrity and humility. He eats at Katie’s on his way to Home Depot where he buys sophisticated materials like Plumber’s Crack and Hammer Toes and Scrapple to fix his running mouth problem. His sainted father used to say to him: “Joey, you don’t have an open mind – you have too many holes in your head.” God bless him, Joe is the arch angel of propping up his malaprops and shooting himself in the foot with precision. He was born challenged and he has been losing ground ever since. John Nance Garner told Lyndon Johnson that being Vice President “isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit.” He would probably tell Joe Biden that if he got to be Vice President that he should quit trying to over achieve his chances. (I’ve always wondered if Garner said “spit” to Johnson or something more earthy.) Joe’s sainted mother, whatshername, looked at him when he was born and told his sainted father: “Let call it Quits.”

    God love him, old God-bless-him Joe means no harm. He just wants to be respected, loved and constantly forgiven. We owe him that. Or something.

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  30. Dora says:

    Some dems don’t want Sleepy Joe and they are vicious.

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  31. He’s 77 years old and his face lift is starting to erode.

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  32. Bigly says:

    The internet is lite up with Biden 42, trump 34

    Lol. They are going to do it again!!

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    • unconqueredone says:

      Yes, my local pro-Trump talk show host is discussing it with all seriousness. He claims to believe the poll and that the poll itself isn’t in dispute, so he’s very concerned.
      Since he wouldn’t take calls challenging the poll itself, he needs to realize that these polls are designed to produce a result that the MSM will market. I’m sure that a pollster can choose certain segments of the population or ask the questions in a precise format in order to achieve any desired result. Unbiased polls are like unbiased journalism.

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  33. Sundance,

    Thank you as always. We also have Seth Moulton announcement. Please add him to the list

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  34. citizen817 says:

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  35. citizen817 says:

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  36. DWC says:

    And of course it would be fitting for Joe to announced that all his rallies will be held at elementary schools where he feels, in more ways than one, so confortable in that environment.

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  37. citizen817 says:

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    • Sentient says:

      Is that the same son who left his wife for his dead brother’s widow?

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      • benifranlkin says:

        Hunter is a real beaut. From the Washington Examiner: “Hunter was discharged from the Navy Reserve, where he had been working as a public affairs officer, in 2014 after he tested positive for cocaine. In response to Kathleen’s filing, Hunter’s lawyers demanded that she furnish any letters, emails, or other messages “between you and any person that you had a romantic or sexual relationship with other than your husband during the marriage.”

        After the filing became public, Hunter Biden acknowledged that he had become involved with Hallie Biden, the widow of his brother Beau. It is unclear when the relationship between the two began. Beau Biden, the former attorney general for the Bidens’ home state of Delaware, died of brain cancer in 2015 at the age of 46.”

        And let’s not forget Hunter’s millions he “made” in the Ukraine. From the NYTimes for starters: Hunter Biden, 45, a former Washington lobbyist, joined the Burisma board in April 2014. That month, as part of an investigation into money laundering, British officials froze London bank accounts containing $23 million that allegedly belonged to Mr. Zlochevsky. as something like an Energy Minister.

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      • BigMamaTEA says:



  38. ristvan says:

    Just a POV.
    The Dems are bereft of viable pres candidates. They now have a 78 year old already turned out to pasture failed warhorse with undeniable creepy issues. They have a bunch of grossly inexperienced wackos like a gay mayor of a small city, a failed senate candidate, and three first term female senators with zero executive experience. They have a senator caught lying for decades about her Cherokee ancestry to gain minority advantage. They have Bernie, again. They have two single issue sky blue former governors from troubled states with no records of significant accomplishment.
    All backed by Perez and a national party with no funds, that HRC bailed out in 2016.

    How any of them think they can beat PDJT is beyond me. TDS on full display.

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  39. gingergal says:

    Since they are going by the old rusty playbook, I’m guessing his speech on Monday will highlight how poor his parents were.

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    • benifranlkin says:

      I like the part where he cheated in law school:
      Biden Admits Plagiarism in School But Says It Was Not ‘Malevolent’

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  40. Niagara Frontier says:

    After today I’m even more convinced that if there is a “chosen one”, that name won’t be revealed until the convention. I’m starting to believe that there may not even be a “chosen one” at this point.

    The Dems have no incentive on telling who it is now. First, the political landscape is likely to change between now and the convention. Second, Dems want many hats in the ring so that no candidate arrives at the convention with a majority on the first ballot.

    Third, a long drawn out primary season benefits the party. They envision every candidate attacking the President 24/7, and the media will gladly broadcast every word of it.

    We may not see the reveal until the superdelegates can vote at the convention, and that’s not until the second ballot unless a candidate already arrives with enough pledged delegates to win.

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  41. bulwarker says:

    Bad-Touch Biden’s underwhelming entrance is proof there is no chosen candidate. I agree that a majority of the old guard support him, but in today’s Progressive Party their voices are greatly diminished. What more proof do you need than Obama refusing to endorse him? (I’m betting the Obamas back Harris) And the New Guard, like AOC, trashing old white candidates. This primary will be brutal. Biden has never known a presidential race where the “club” did not control the outcome, and if he expects to be handed the contest he is mistaken. While many of the Democrat candidates are indeed “splitters” and “harvesters” there are a good many who legitimately think Trump is an easy win and won’t step aside just because they’re told.

    This is going to be interesting, and I think there still might be another high profile dark horse to enter.

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  42. candyman says:

    Sorry Joe, couldn’t even make it thru the complete ad.

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  43. getfitnow says:


    FTA – Former Vice President Joe Biden, fresh off his presidential announcement Thursday, addressed reporters in Wilmington, Deleware, declaring that “America’s coming back like we used to be.”

    “America’s coming back like we used to be: ethical, straight, tell ’em the truth… supporting our allies, all those good things,” Biden said when asked if he has a message for the world following his campaign kickoff.

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  44. JRD says:

    Peter Schweizer: Joe Biden is the most corrupt vice president of our

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  45. phattcat says:

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  46. jk says:

    Biden? Who cares

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  47. PatriotKate says:

    Here’s what we are up against:

    Nancy Pelosi: “This glass of water with a D on it would have won …”

    That became obvious in 2016, when people I was sure would recognize Hillary Clinton as one of the biggest criminals in U.S. history, voted for her anyway!

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  48. beaujest says:

    The “ Groper Doper” is on the move,hide the children!

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  49. Carrie says:

    Educating the youth about Biden..

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