Mark Levin and Byron York Discuss Weissmann/Mueller Report and Two Years of Nonsense…

I’m on my fifth 4×8 whiteboard overlay, now formatted into a timeline sequence; and I’m determined to have a massive amount of material for both the House and Senate to confront former special counsel Mueller if he complies with requests for appearance.

Believe me, this ain’t Mueller’s construct; it’s from the original small group: 19 lawyers, 40 current FBI officials and their Lawfare assistants.  They have no idea how much their own hubris has positioned themselves at the precipice of their own grave.

In my opinion, the Mueller appearance and a well armed Republican panel should be the ignition spark for The Big Ugly.  There is enough material evidence manifest within the 448-page Weissmann report to collapse three-years of intense intelligence abuse and destroy the Democrat party for decades…. Thus an unfortunate suspicion, Mueller will never present himself for questioning.

Taking a brief break, here’s Levin and York:

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228 Responses to Mark Levin and Byron York Discuss Weissmann/Mueller Report and Two Years of Nonsense…

  1. Perot Conservative says:

    1. Also interview Weismann, or interview him first. Weismann is likely (?) the active SC. Mueller the figurehead.

    2. All comms between and from all Weismann 18 Angry Democrats?

    3. I typically watch Fox late at might when I am tired, switching between fun shows and patriot items, but I think something map have popped back up.

    John Huber? I believe Hannity had ‘Huber Report’ on his list of coming events, and Sara Carter said he is investigating the FBI. Did SH misspeak?

    4. Rod Rosenstein: body language expert said he looked ‘dead inside’. Is that his normal press conference stare? Or …

    a) he know an Ugly is coming, medium or large
    b) he flipped?

    Sara Carter says IC insiders are turning on each other.

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  2. Iris D. Lynch says:

    I could not turn away from Rosenstein’s face atBarr’s summary. Not a muscle, not a blink, he looked SO guilty!

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    • Did you see Ol’ Rosie’s head getting REDDER AND REDDER…Towards the end I thought the guy was going to through the concrete…AG Barr is setting this up and the TAKEDOWN of these individuals is going to be fun to watch!!!

      Don’t forget PDJT 2nd EO he signed…BEING TRIED BEFORE A MILITARY TRIBUNAL!!!

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    • BebeTarget says:

      And WORRIED.

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Iris, I agree with his few gulps, a few eyes towards Barr, his statue body, all said loud and clear he is scared to death and rightly so. The AG was smart enough to keep him and “use” him to go over the document and both arrival at the same conclusion of no collusion. Now Rod is probably afraid of a “strange” death. Karma is not nice and Rod is seeing it coming. Will he be allowed to retire with pension, or fired and kicked to the curb. Must admit this is far better than a lot of movies I have seen.


    • Carrie2 says:

      Iris, there were gulps or throat muscles a few times, and directing his eyes very little to Barr, and a smile that must have hurt with stiff muscles, and he did blink a few times.


  3. vincentcuomo says:

    The rats always abandon a sinking ship.


  4. dwpender says:

    IF Mueller agrees to testify, the Republicans should hire DiGenova, cede all their time to him, and let him do the x-exam. We’ll still have a political circus — every 5 minutes Digenova’s flow gets interrupted for another Democrat to question.

    I fear that on most material questions, we’re going to get, on one basis or another, “can’t discuss — ‘ongoing investigation,’ ‘national security,’ ‘classified,’ etc.”

    I also fear the Dem “decision” will be to have Mueller give closed-door testimony. They’ll all run for microphones immediately after to let the public know what they “can” tell us.

    I know I should never take counsel of my fears.

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  5. Concernedcitizen says:

    i strongly disagree with York as to his contention that the DOJ (Rosenstein) panicked in the face of the media and Dem firestorm after Comey’s firing – that this panic led to the appointment of the SC.

    Here’s the truth: Comey’s firing was phase 1 of the coup attempt. Rosenstein recommended to President Trump that Comey be fired knowing that Comey’s firing would trigger calls for a SC. In Phase 2 of the coup attempt, Rosenstein had Mueller waiting in the wings to assume the position of SC . SC Mueller stacking the deck with biased anti-Trump/pro-Clinton prosecutors was Phase 3 of the coup attempt. An obstruction investigation of Trump was the immediate focus of the SC as he went through the motions of investigating the dubious Russian collusion allegations

    Thereafter, the corrupt media and left-wing Dem politicians played their part in the coup with hysterical calls for Trump’s impeachment or removal by means of the 25th Amendment – all designed to inflict maximum political damage on the President, the welfare of the Country be damned.

    There was no panic at the DOJ to appoint a SC – it was all orchestrated by Rosenstein.

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    • snarkybeach says:

      I believe what he meant by panicking was the constant drum beat of MSM/Dem “We have to do something!” that was 24/7 at the time. The same chaos was surrounding the Bush WH regarding the supposed outing of Valarie Plane (who was coincidentally a Vanity Fair cover subject–how covert is that?)


    • Mark McQueen says:

      Agree. RR was very much a player for the opposition.

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    • “SC Mueller stacking the deck with biased anti-Trump/pro-Clinton prosecutors was Phase 3 of the coup attempt.”

      As has been stated here before, Mueller was drafted in by the Crossfire Hurricane stacked deck to serve as its gray-haired Madarin. The enduring mystery is when did Mueller become privy to the false provenance of his SC? At the outset or only by the time of the 8/7/17 Rosenstein memo? And, if he was a perfect Weissmann dupe from the get-go, why didn’t he bring it to a more rapid conclusion? Given his own conflicts, Mueller might have not have needed much encouragement to remain Master of Ceremonies. Imagine being an accessory and having the good fortune to be put in charge of the prosecution.

      What did Mueller know and when did he know it?

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      • Sorry, I meant the August 2, not August 7 letter, above. Note also to SD: the scribd heading cites the August 22nd, 2017 letter, obviously a typo fyi.


      • Maquis says:

        Considering his vulnerability on a career of corruption and Uranium One, I’d say he was never out of the loop.

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    • zozz1 says:

      Whatever Rod’s role was in this, Barr was clever enough to put him right there in front of God and the world for all to see, and to give him lots of credit…that is, tie him firmly to the whole fandango. He did not let Rod fade into the background. Barr loaded Rod up!

      The jig is up for the corrupt crowd…now, it is only a matter of time, and to hark back to a phase from an earlier time, they can “twist slowly, slowly in the wind” as they await their fate. Cat and mouse….

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    • BebeTarget says:

      You make a very cogent and persuasive argument, Concerned. . These people have am anti-Trump motive for every move they make. I watched Mr. Levin’s program with Byron York and was very surprised and puzzled when Levin asked York what he thought was the reason Mueller kept his investigation going. Both appeared to be baffled and have no idea as to the reason. The reason for the length of the investigation, at least to me, was very obvious: It kept the president silent for fear of being charged with obstruction and it protected the corrupt, guilty traitors in the FBI, DoJ and CIA.

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    • Johann says:

      I too believe the firing of Comey was planned. I’ve read reports suggesting Rosenstein was angry that Trump had fired Comey based on Rosenstein’s recommendation. I find it bizarre Rosie should be angry over the fact that Trump was doing just what the doctor ordered. I suppose not a word about Rosie’s role in the Mueller Report.


  6. The entire 38 minutes of this interview is here. Well worth the watch.

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      Thank you! Saves me from having to find it. 🙂


      • I won't back down says:

        very very grateful for you posting this.

        I am in the weeds on this. kind of think York is being uber naïve at the end.
        The friggin report is so one-sided on everything. Nothing will be accomplished by having Mueller under oath unless Barr stars applying pressure and turns him.


        • Mark McQueen says:

          I think a lot of people fail to see that the public release of this garbage allows it to be “cross-examined” and thoroughly discredited. Advantage, Trump. I also believe Mueller testifying is far more dangerous to the Dems than PDT. Again, advantage, Trump.


  7. Tparty says:

    SD, you likely have this already, but just in case. Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election
    Fully searchable, indexed, compressed

    Surprising how often NYT and WaPo are mentioned as ‘sources’


  8. NoSnow says:

    The Mueller Report says nothing of the mid-2015 “Cozy Bear” intrusion of the DNC network originally identified by CrowdStrike 15 June 2016 and repeated in the DHS/FBI JAR. Why didn’t they investigate this intruder? Perhaps it was an ally…

    The Mueller Report also does not mention that an intruder was in the DNC system until October, 2016 as documented in a Mueller indictment — well after CrowdStrike claimed they had cleaned the system in June. If CrowdStrike missed an intruder, it could have been another source of documents for WikiLeaks.

    It appears the Mueller investigation could not verify the contents of file transfers from Guccifer 2.0 to WikiLeaks because of encryption. They are guessing what the contents are.

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  9. omarie says:

    The Big Ugly has been promised for awhile now…..but nothing has really happened. Until all those involved are charged nothing will change. We need someone from the Media, someone Big who will put Country BEFORE ambition, someone Big from the FBI, someone from the other side who is so sickened by what has happened that they are ready to rat them ALL out… my dreams😢

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  10. pucecatt says:

    I have a question for the legal minds out there , can a member of these committees be brought up on charges for leaking classified info ? Or any congressman, senator for that matter .


    • Ain’t gonna happen in our lifetime.


    • SteveC says:

      I’m not a lawyer, but I have to refresh training on this at least once a year.
      The only person for whom releasing classified information is not a crime is POTUS – as the overall authority.
      All that’s needed is the will to prosecute. My hope is that if they are going to prosecute it will be for much more than releasing (in any of its iterations) classified information.


  11. Paul says:

    Hannity should take lessons from Levin on how to conduct an interview…

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    • TwoLaine says:

      MOST of them should.

      Now if we can just get Levin to talk in his inside voice on a regular basis. He’s like nails on a chalkboard…


  12. bigralphie says:

    This IS on-topic but has anyone else experienced trouble locating the ENTIRE 45-ish minute episodes of SPECIFICALLY Life, Liberty & Levin? This one as an example – there are TWELVE minute ‘clips’ and a 27-minute clip available on youtube (and, no, they don’t ‘add up to’ the full broadcast – taken from the same timeframe). I’ve had a devil of a time finding FULL episodes, not even on the fox website. Very irritating.


    • bigralphie says:

      DISREGARD – I accidentally skipped right past the uploaded 38 minute (not 40?) video. NEVERMIND and I apologize.


    • boomerbeth says:

      This clip is a preview. It air tonight @10:00 pm

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      • TwoLaine says:

        Incorrect. It was a special 1-hour show aired Saturday before Watter’s World, all him & Byron York on Thuh Mueller Report & Thuh Media. Full version is a few messages up.

        His normal Sunday show went on, a new one, and was Levin ONLY talking about Thuh Mueller Report and Thuh Media.

        BOTH are well worth watching.


  13. boomerbeth says:

    For those who don’t have the time or patience to read 448 pages of Weismann hyperbole, fabrications and prevarications,

    Would someone kindly list the top 10 evidential facts that will obliterate the criminal racketeering enterprise originating in Chicago, known as the Democratic Party and their members working in DC.?
    The ”ends justify the means” has never never been accountable by these psychopaths. Like Lex Luther, they pay no price.

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  14. AlabamaLiving says:

    We got the how it was done. We got most of who that has done it. But, we don’t know the why it was done?
    I theorize that whatever happen was in Obama’s first term. Here’s the situations I recall:
    Fast & Furious
    IRS scandal
    Libya Overthrow
    My money’s on Libya. Weapons were moved from them and CIA. ISIS creation?
    It’s a lot deeper than we’re seeing. Bad people did bad thing. Fill in the list. The answer’s there.
    I pray that the Lord will provide insight and with the knowledge and understanding he has given me, that it will prevail itself.
    Any sane person would realize the jig is up, but they’re not like that. It’s beyond doubling down. We have a lot of info flowing to us. Dot connection!

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    • Mark McQueen says:

      Why? All of the above. Big Picture wise, to put it simply, PDT derailed the Marxist/Globalist plans to destroy the USA which was mostly succeeding under Obama.

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  15. Sassy says:

    Later in the same interview, York discusses McGahn’s helper, Annie Donaldson, who took notes, unless she wasn’t in a meeting with Trump, and then McGahn would dictate from memory his “notes,” which she would then write up. Interesting to note that Ms. Donaldson worked for Mitt Romney.


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