Democrats Led By Nadler and Schiff Outraged at AG Barr Decision to Hold Press Conference…

Democrat politicians and their water-carrying media allies who helped spur the Mueller investigation for two years are furious about Attorney General Bill Barr and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein holding a press conference tomorrow (9:30am) shortly before releasing the Mueller report (11:00am).

The level of Democrat pearl-clutching over process is only exceeded by the transparency of their political demands to create a narrative.  It really is silly…




(Haberman – New York Times)

(Kessler – Washington Post)


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492 Responses to Democrats Led By Nadler and Schiff Outraged at AG Barr Decision to Hold Press Conference…

  1. gnadfly says:

    I’m outraged I tell you! OUTRAGED! HURUMPH! HURUMPH! HURUMPH!

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  2. mr.piddles says:

    “Democrats Led By Nadler and Schiff Outraged at AG Barr Decision to Hold Press Conference…”

    On the plus side: they have no leverage in any of this. They are simply along for the ride.

    Also… Maggie Haberman and friends: STFU, you Deep State Tools, Lefty Propagandists, and Obama Protectionists. Maybe you and your sisters and brothers should have strived to do real, objective journalism all these years. You know, integrity ‘n stuff. You made your beds, so enjoy that. You Dipsh*ts haven’t seen the “bad news in Washington” yet. But you’ll know it when you see it.

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  3. joeknuckles says:

    I wonder how many different fake copies have been “leaked” as bait.

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  4. jahealy says:

    I heard about the presser by Barr first and thought, “Good move, AG Barr!” Then I came here and read SD’s post and the tweets from The Outraged, and I swear, I haven’t stopped laughing. What a bunch of boring, predictable idiots. Yes, we know you wanted to get all your talking point lies out as soon as the report dropped tomorrow, and you’re butthurt Barr is going to be the one to set the table instead. Whatever, you bunch of lying, seditious clowns and hacks. With any luck, tomorrow will be a big nothing compared to what’s coming down the pipe/pike from our AG.

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  5. Donzo says:

    They’ll be singing the Guantanamo Bay blues soon enough if we have any justice left in this country. If not, MAGA is a pipe dream. There is no MAGA without justice.

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  6. eujenek says:

    They are throwing a tantrum because they were caught lying daily for the last 2 years,.

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  7. trishinsouthernillinois says:

    I hope Sundance posts a LIVE Barr/Rosey/Mueller thread tomorrow.
    Looking like a nasty storm will be hitting at the same time where i live 😕.
    It’s nice when i can just follow along with Treeper comments & not miss it. (hint,hint)

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  8. Pied Piper says:

    Seems to me the dims either know or are pretty sure the report is not going to hurt Trump much and maybe not at all. So they are stirring the pot about the process so they can have something to squeal about. Hope I am right.

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    • oldumb says:

      Oh I think they know there are juicy things they can twist into something. There are sentences developed expressly for this purpose. I think they are afraid those will be redacted. They already have a slander script, and it will only work if the magic sentences are released. I think.

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    • Tl Howard says:

      I don’t know about that as I just heard Trump say that “there will be some pretty rough things said tomorrow” and then he added he might speak to the American people about it. Supposedly he issued threats and I’d suspect he issued them to McGhan. It’s obvious the investigators wanted WH staff to tell them as much as they would about their verbal exchanges with POTUS.

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    • Murray Smith says:

      nah, its that they are worried Barr will take out the juicy unproven nonsense allegations they already know about from Mueller et al so they wont be able to run with them


  9. Scoot says:

    What’s the deal with the parentheses? Is he whispering? I was under the impression that was symbolic of something in the twitterverse but I forget what, why, etc, since i’m not on twitter anymore.

    Anyway, they would find something to complain about even if they delivered the report on a silver platter. I don’t care when I get to see it, I am just happy we will see it. AMDG!


  10. buanadha says:

    But, but.. Trump isn’t allowed to fight back…


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  11. kltk1 says:

    LOL, Dems are being beaten at their own game for the first time in YEARS and they’re freaking out. Best POTUS eva’….

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  12. 4EDouglas says:

    this alone tells me Barr is the right man at the right time.
    If the Dems want to hurt people on a grand jury, break protocol
    for national security,etc. Barr’s the man to tell’em to stuff it..
    their power is draining like a Dollar store D cell..

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  13. kevin Cowlishaw says:

    Construction site safety hats on for tomorrow patriots, liberal heads are going to be exploding in all directions !


  14. Lucille says:

    Black Conservative Patriot YouTube Channel

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  15. mb says:

    WaPo is describing the redactions as light and most of the report is about obstruction with no clear slant.

    Thats the sounds of a million liberals heads exploding in disbelief, or would be if the werent busy rationalizing the Washington Post running up the white flag.

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  16. JoD says:

    Still waiting for good to triumph over evil……Hope springs eternal.

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  17. Concerned Virginian says:

    Well, I would think that by now there isn’t a Tums or a Depends left in a 10-mile radius of DC.

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  18. Guffman says:

    Trump gave the Dirty Dems their turn at bat – for two years with Mueller. They struck out.

    Now it’s our turn. The bases are already loaded and the mighty Trump is stepping up to the plate…

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  19. Tomorrow’s drama is pure theater. When the dust settles, the Mueller findings will reveal no collusion, no obstruction… again

    And Trump gets to enjoy democrat / media pain .. again.

    And his approval numbers will go up .. again nice chair

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    • armie says:

      No, I think it’ll be no collusion, arguably obstruction. The next months will be spent arguing the facts, and only sometime later will there be a wide understanding that you can’t obstruct an investigation into a non-crime.

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    • Will Hunt says:

      this should be fairly obvious to everyone who’s still paying any attention to this kabuki show…. Barr is CLEARLY not an idiot. He will not be disputed when the report is released.


    • thelastbesthope,
      Great pic of the boss.

      It is a shame that the media worked diligently to not let President Trump’s charming personality take over his fighting personality.

      But I think after a long time, the native born Americans born in past 2-3 decades should be able to say something like “I am truly proud to be an American for electing a worthy President”. … or something like that ;).

      I tell my kids that they are truly blessed that they are growing up in the Trump era and not in his predecessors era. My elder one ribs me all the time but I am glad now that she has turned around from “Trump hates kids” phase to “0bama and Hillary are THE biggest liars”. Now I have to turn her around from thinking that Bill Nye is a “scientist”. That will be harder since it is her “teachers” showing his videos and we all know that “my teacher is never wrong” .. it was true during our times and it will be true during my grand children times.

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      • tarheel69 says:

        Raising children this day and time is a challenge and it’s looks like your doing a great job of being there parent.we need more people like you .good luck to you and your family..


  20. Tl Howard says:

    Looks like when the Muellar team decided they couldn’t pin anything on Trump, they decided to squeeze the people working for him and get quotes about the POTUS that made him look volcanic. Then, the next step was getting Barr and POTUS to agree to release almost everything. In this way, I think they win again in portraying POTUS as vulgar, profane, and vindictive. It’s the best they could do and since it will indeed color how people once again look at him, Trump has to address the people and be calm and poised yet passionate in explaining how he KNEW how these people were trying to frame him.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Oh, a “Vulgar, Profane and Vindicative POTUS? Is THAT where they are going?
      Easy to address. Generate a list of all the documented times Harry Truman, LBJ, Carter, etc. are documented to have been vulgar, profane or vindicative. Hell, there are marks on the resolute desk, where Ike slammed down his golf shoes. He was putting, on the putting green, of coarse. Was called in, hsd to take his golf shoes off, so as not to mar the floors. When they briefed him, he got p.o.’d, and slammed the shoes down, making ,…quite an impression.
      Vulgar? REALLY? Didn’t they learn ANYTHING with the “shitehole comment” b.s.?

      Go ahead! Make my F’in day, Joe.

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  21. Firefly says:

    Sure hope the August Rosenstein scope memo is unredacted so we know and understand what exactly Mueller SC were investigating, Wonder if it was the Assange stuff that they had already been working on that was redacted. The Manafort stuff was old crimes too.

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    • Dutchman says:

      I don’t know how they could possibly justify redacting the expanded scope memo, its GOT to be there.

      As for Assange, if Stone was indicted, and as we know he WAS, seems like there HAD to be SOME mention of Wikileaks?

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  22. Jase says:

    You expect confected outrage from Dim politicians, but from so-called ‘objective’ reporters?
    The tweets from Haberman and Kessler et al are grossly unprofessional and should, by rights, be enough for Barr to exclude the from the presser- if the moronic hacks don’t boycott it, that is.


  23. citizen817 says:

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  24. SR says:

    Barr will be killing importance of report by press conference. The fake msm, Dims and RINO do not have time to read or analyze report but political consultants and donor class modify report and they lost that talking points by press conference. I am looking if someone ask smart questions regarding deep state and previous administration spy ring.
    PTrump knows tomorrow is most impact hammer time to bring real collusion and may be declassification.

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    • Dutchman says:

      Sorry, I know wishful thinking is tempting, but releasing declassified material tomorrow would be stupid, IMHO, and PDJT is a Very Stable Genius,
      NOT a Very Stupid Guy.

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      • chipin8511 says:

        Let them back themselves into a corner first see what they do then when the time is right drop the MOAB declassify everything.Comey Clapper Brennan and many more will not sleep well tonight we are one step closer to indictments.


  25. dustycowpoke says:

    Sundance the article is right on Ches makes the day.

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  26. concerned3 says:

    All Barr has to say is we know Obama ordered the spying on the Trump Campaign. World shortest press conference!

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  27. concerned3 says:

    BOOM! Joe diGenova on Collusion Investigation: “It All Started in the Obama White House – The Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost” (VIDEO)

    Former US Attorney Joe diGenova joined Sean Hannity on the eve of the release of the full Mueller Report by Attorney General Bill Barr.

    Joe diGenova accused Barack Obama of being behind the Trump-Russia collusion narrative.

    Joe diGenova: Barr will conclude, without saying it tomorrow, that it all started in the Obama White House. Barack Obama knew about this from day one. He authorized it. Brennan and Clapper informed him. Everybody knows that’s where we’re headed. And it’s about time. Because a lot of very innocent people have been hurt. Not just Donald Trump who has been absolutely outrageously harmed, by what President Obama authorized. But now “the chickens are coming home to roost.”

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  28. concerned3 says:

    John Solomon: One text message has always stuck out in my mind… And that is the text message from Peter Strzok to Lisa Page after coming out of one of the meetings… And the text says, “The White House is running this.” I covered law enforcement for 30 years. The White House does not normally run counter intelligence for Justice Department investigations. That text remained in my head for a long time. And over the last few weeks I’ve been reporting, I think Victoria in the last segment had something really important. She said January 1, 2017, there was at least one White House meeting. I think next week we’ll be talking about a meeting one year earlier where the origins of the Trump collusion case begin. A whole year earlier.

    “The White House is running this.”

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  29. concerned3 says:

    Remember who should be getting the Pulitzer prize for 2019, Sundance!

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    • Dutchman says:

      The Pulitzer has become a ‘Participation award’;
      Sundance has already earned a place in the history books. 50 years from now;
      WHO is “Woodward and Bernstien?”
      “Uh, dunno!”
      “Who is Sundance?”
      “Oh, THAT I know! Deconstructed the whole attempt to destroy PDJT, the greatest POTUS, ever!”


    • concerned3,
      I think that will be an insult to Sundance and his fellow treepers. Especially since it is this same award being given to collusion scam artists “journalists” for past two years.

      But who knows .. they might as well do that to “take out” Sundance and try to bring his popularity down among us treepers. Now Now .. I am sounding like a conspiracy theorist. 🙂


  30. Sherri Young says:

    When Horowitz has his next hearing on the hill, there should be three people at the witness table. Barr should be on one end, Horowitz on the other, and Wray squeezed and squirming in between. That one needs to find a lucrative job with a private law firm. He really needs to be encouraged to leave.

    Chris, your kids are getting bigger every day. Your wife never sees you. You really need to get into a different line of work that would allow you to spend more time with your family.

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  31. ATheoK says:

    The trouble is NappiAdler,that you are always absolutely “troubled”.
    Sit down, shut up and learn from the master about how to be a real leader and accomplish things!


  32. Pete says:

    Nadler and Schiff, most inept politicians on the planet. Say goodbye to the Dead End Kids.


  33. Joe diGenova on Collusion Investigation: “It All Started in the Obama White House – The Chickens Are Coming Home to Roost”! The movie has started!


  34. sassymemphisbelle says:

    For my fellow night owls 🤣

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  35. Tomorrow will definitely be a FUN day!

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  36. jx says:

    Nadler is deeply troubled all right, he should get professional help.

    As for Schiff… why wouldn’t the AG give a press conference? It’s likely that he will describe the process from beginning to end, including the redaction process. Ever think of that, smart boy? Obviously not since you’re shooting your mouth off with accusations that the AG is only shaping public opinion.

    Nadler and Schiff are two fools.


    • CHenie says:

      Yes-I agree that a press conference explaining the redaction process of a report that never should have been written at a cost of $40 million dollars is a common sense thing to do. I mean, the SC was only an attempt to take out a duly elected President.


  37. Sort of agree with nadler on one part of his garbage……..

    “i am deeply troubled”

    Yes, you and many of your feckless tribe are indeed. I hope most of you hang for treason and the rest rot in jail.

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  38. Snailmailtrucker says:

    What really Chapped their Entitled azzez was that Barr said they would receive a Hard copy about an hour later !

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  39. Gary Lacey says:

    Democrats have to know they have lost the WH in 2020….

    This Democrat loss is brought to you by the whining voices of Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer amd the Democrat Party……(sniveling)

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    • CHenie says:

      There’s something afoot I/we aren’t seeing. WHY are the Dems running, at break neck speed, to the left. I mean, sprinting with all their might to the left. Is it so Bernie will look like a Centrist?

      Last week, Bernie made a comment about how we can’t take unlimited migrants (paraphrase).

      I’m thinking Bernie will be the chosen one-with Heels-up-Harris as VP


  40. Rynn69 says:

    What this shows the American people is how for years and years the Democrats controlled the media and the narrative of what the media covered. What this shows is the Democrats utilize spin and false narratives to try and shape/control the American people’s view. What this shows is the media is irreparably and astonishingly corrupt. Finally, in conclusion, THE MEDIA CAN NEVER, EVER BE TRUSTED ON ANYTHING AGAIN.

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  41. Kerry_On says:

    What could be a better way to start my day than to listen to the NY Times whine that someone is going to spin information before they do. ROFLMAO… All time best!

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  42. DJT2020 says:

    Great move keeping Rosenstein around and not letting him exit earlier.

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    • He was ORDER by AG Barr to have his A$$ standing in the background since he caused most of this and once everything comes out later with Guilian’s Rebuttal to all the nonsense … Rosie’s day(s) will be numbered!!! Hope he gets a good calendar to look at like we did in the ‘Nam…Playboy Bunnies were THE BEST!!!


    • LULU says:

      Rosenstein looked very uncomfortable. At one point, a weak smile at someone. I believe he is a weasel…


  43. Shirley says:

    Hope they get just as excited when their buddies Obama, Clinton’s, and all their corrupt buddies finally get arrested.


  44. mutantbeast says:

    Im “outraged” that I have tp put up with 16 tons of Nadlard and Adam Piece of schiff.

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  45. shipley130 says:

    I wish the Democrats would have had that much outrage about Benghazi. And please don’t forget the Ohasshat whispering to Medved to tell Putin that he (Ohasshat) would have more flexibility after the (2016) election.


  46. Shame, shame, shame!

    Every Trump rally from now on, the President should call out the Press Corps, and the crowd respond respond, “shame, shame, shame.” Every time we see a press set up in public, our response should be “shame, shame, shame!” Not only is it wholly appropriate, it will also be the only response that adequately describes our disgust with them, how they have squandered the public’s trust, and their constitutionally privileged powers entrusted to them. Early on they, by their voluntary actions, became part of the story—so much so that they became invested in the story so much so that they couldn’t extract themselves from the story. That embarrassment, nay…humiliation, is why publicly shaming narcissists like them, is one of the few measures that will precipitate the soul-searching so desparately necessary for restoration. The same is true of many in the Democrat party.

    Shame, shame, shame.


  47. Democrat party are nothing But haters and Lying porpaganda along with mainstream media cowards, so glad that i stop watched liberal TV news channels,
    I only watch OAN channel That Better Than porpaganda fake news channels,


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