Chinese Woman Had Additional Spy Tech During Security Breach at Mar-a-lago

During a bond hearing today prosecutors say the FBI is still investigating whether a 32-year-old Yujing Zhang, the Chinese woman accused of lying to illegally enter President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida, is a spy.

After a search warrant, additional spy tech was found in her hotel room including: $7,500 in one hundred dollar bills; a signal detector device to find hidden cameras; nine USB drives, five SIM cards and an additional cell phone.  Sketchy… all of it.

(Via CBS) A federal prosecutor says a Chinese woman who was arrested for illegally entering President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club had a device to detect hidden cameras in her hotel room when Secret Service agents searched it.

Speaking at Yujing Zhang’s bail hearing Monday in West Palm Beach, Florida, prosecutor Rolando Garcia said agents also found U.S. and Chinese currency in her room, along with nine USB drives and five USB cards. She’s charged with lying to a federal agent and illegal entering.

Secret Service agents arrested the 32-year-old woman on March 30 after they say she gained admission by falsely telling a checkpoint she was a member.

Inside, they say she told a front-desk clerk she was there for a nonexistent Chinese American event. She was arrested after agents say they found her carrying four cellphones, an external hard drive and a thumb drive with computer malware installed.

The purpose of the hearing Monday is to determine if Zhang should be released on bond. Federal prosecutors believe she’s a flight risk.  (read more)

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156 Responses to Chinese Woman Had Additional Spy Tech During Security Breach at Mar-a-lago

  1. rf121 says:

    Someone from China who was in the US was found to have Chinese and US currency. Really. Is that a crime.

    Sort of like someone being accussed of having bomb making materials that they found at their house. “A bottle of clorox bleach was found in the laundry room along with some cleaning materials containing ammonia”.

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  2. Head of DHS asked to resign, and next head of the Secret Service…. wondering if this had anything to do with those resignations??

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  3. Ger San says:

    This was what’s known as a “test run.” A person is sent to discover vulnerabilities and probe for weaknesses. They try to get as far as they can, and they typically expect to be caught. These runs happen all the time. Sometimes our agencies do it to themselves as an “audit” of security procedures. Seldom, however, are the details revealed so publicly.

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  4. Nowut Ameen says:

    What else has the Secret Service missed?

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  5. Rob says:

    “test run”
    That leads to some interesting thoughts.
    Secret Service has a tough job.


  6. Joshua2415 says:

    Just like Mitch McConnell to try to sneak in one of his wife’s nieces from the old country to spy on Trump. He should have let her stay in her regular job, installing Windows updates on his “Gang of Eight” laptop.

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  7. Troublemaker10 says:

    I just hope we don’t find out this is another FBI asset.

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  8. cthulhu says:

    A Secret Service agent — not a consumer forensics guy — randomly sticks the USB drive into his own computer and is surprised when nefarious things begin to happen?!?!?!?!? In a Twitter thread, someone opined that this is like a detective finding a weapon at a crime scene and immediately testing it by firing at another cop.

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  9. i wonder if this woman works for diann feinstien??


  10. I dont think its uncommon for any Chinese tourist to carry more than one cellphones and almost any usb stick these days can carry malware especially a chinese job. Chinese inherently are very nosy and will try to sneak into places where they are not allowed. I think this is a nothing story. When I travel to Asia I usually take two cell phones a laptop 2-3 portable hardrives, usb sticks with movies recorded tv etc.


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