World Bank Directors Unanimously Select David Malpass as President…

Two months ago President Trump nominated Undersecretary of Treasury David Malpass to the position of World Bank President.  Today the executive directors voted unanimously to select Mr. Malpass.

WASHINGTON, April 5, 2019 – The Executive Directors of the World Bank today unanimously selected David R. Malpass as President of the World Bank Group for a five-year term beginning on Tuesday, April 9, 2019. The Board expressed its deep gratitude to Interim President Kristalina Georgievafor her dedication and leadership in recent months. (see more)

As President Trump’s World Bank nominee Mr. Malpass appeared on Fox News with Trish Reagan to discusses his vision for the international financial institution. Below:

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8 Responses to World Bank Directors Unanimously Select David Malpass as President…

  1. GB Bari says:

    Sounds like Mr. Malpass comes well prepared with a complete lexicon of global banking language. Also sounds like there’s already a strategy to deal with Maduro’s intransigence and help Guaido to accelerate Venezuela’s recovery.

    Interesting question from Ms. Regan re. Americans who hold Venezuelan investments selling them to the Russians on the cheap. I wasn’t sure Malpass had a good answer as they both seemed to decide to move away from that rather quickly.

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    • thedoc00 says:

      Unless the US Government is offering to make good any losses incurred by US Owners of Business assets located in Venezuela, there is nothing the US, World Bank or anybody else can legally do to avoid them cutting their losses and moving on.

      That means Russian Oligarchs and China Inc.are going to be picking up assets at bargain prices. Once the sell off is done, Maduro will be advised to accept that exile on the Rivera with his mistresses because the Russian and Chinese will no longer be supplying Cubans and others to keep him in power.

      There is more opportunity in a stable country with US dollars doing the heavy infrastructure work, than one in turmoil. That is a lesson from Africa, both have absorbed.

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      • GB Bari says:

        Im not sure but I should think that those U.S.-owned assets in Venezuela might regain their value after Maduro leaves and Guaido assumes command.. Not immediately but certainly there is great potential.

        My bet is that PDJT sees that and is working with State Dept., maybe even the CIA to accelerate the change of leadership down there while also somehow holding the Russian and Chinese dogs at bay.

        I don’t know the particular strategies neing played out but if President Trump and Guaido can maneuver through that minefield there is a lot of potential wealth to be gauned for everyone.

        If they rid themselves of Maduro and that destructive brand of hard socialism, Venezuela can only go up.


  2. Chris says:

    Trish has always impressed me , well prepared and sharp .

    She fills the slot after Lou dobbs in my locale ,after which the wife gets to choose what is watched .

    Would watch/listen to more but ya got to keep the peace in the nest.

    After an hr of Lou, could use a break anyway .


  3. WSB says:

    Quite a lot of ground covered in that interview. Sounds to me like Venezuela has been a money laundering rest area for a very long time. Now, the yard sale begins.

    Congratulations to Mr.Malpass should he be ultimately confirmed. Hopefully, he will be very affective to right the wrongs of so many scams.

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  4. Chief Economic Hitman Malpass says “We hope that there’s $ available to the new gov’t of Venezuela as it sets up a free gov’t…” It was perceptive that Reagan framed it as ‘our banksters vs. Communist/Terrorist banksters.’

    Malpass thought he was going to do a puff piece with a talking hairdo, and Trish Reagan’s informed questions caught him off guard. She even got in a plug at the end for micro loans to women to help stabilize developing countries.

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