Decepticon Paul Ryan Joins Fox News Board of Directors…

A week after saying any Democrat who made the 2020 presidential race about “Trump’s personality” will beat him, Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch hires Paul Ryan to serve as a board member for the news organization.  This announcement follows on the heels of Fox News hiring the former head of the DNC, Donna “Debate-Gate” Brazile, as a contributor.

Yes, it is clear to see the direction and intent of Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch.

It must also be remembered that in 2013 Fox News worked behind the scenes to facilitate the Senate’s comprehensive immigration reform platform.  Additionally, a year later, Murdoch himself advocated for Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio as the preferred candidates in 2016, using Megyn Kelly to achieve their objective.  Yes, it is all one unfortunate, political and ideological continuum.

(NBC News) Fox Corporation debuted as a public company on Tuesday with a new board member — former House Speaker Paul Ryan.

The company, which includes Fox News and the Fox broadcasting network, had been dubbed by some in the media industry as “New Fox.” On Tuesday it announced the completion of its separation from 21st Century Fox, which houses the company’s TV and movie assets that are being acquired by Walt Disney Co. The new entity will trade on the Nasdaq exchange. (read more)

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218 Responses to Decepticon Paul Ryan Joins Fox News Board of Directors…

  1. andyocoregon says:

    I thought I was hallucinating this evening when I watched Tucker Carlson’s Show. First he had on Chris Hahn, former aide to Sen. Schumer.

    Later, Tucker interviewed Richard Goodstein, former adviser to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

    The physical and personality characteristics of those two loony liberals are so similar it’s amazing.
    They both have the art of spewing liberal B.S. down to a science.

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    • Jan says:

      In all fairness, Tucker frequently has both of them on throughout the week. Having Richard or Chris on is nothing new. Chris Hahn came out today earlier as wanting to abolish the Senate, as well as loading more judges on SCOTUS.

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    • It’s a requirement to use doublespeak before entering the hallowed halls of the Communist-Democrat Party. Sad to admit but they are VERY good wordplay.


  2. dwpender says:

    Let’s not overestimate the significance of a Board position — generally, a well-compensated, rather silly sinecure. How many members of Fox’s Board (other than Murdocks) could any of us name?

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    • Peoria Jones says:

      The ones you don’t see are the most dangerous.

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      • Pyrran says:

        Rupert Murdoch
        Lachlan Murdoch
        Chase Carey
        Anne Dias
        Roland A. Hernandez
        Jacques Nasser
        Paul Ryan

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        • Pyrran, thx for posting.

          Anne Dias-French born, went to Georgetown and Harvard BS. Worked for Goldman Sachs. Runs a hedge fund. Interesting that she did research into electoral college as a young student
          Chase Carey-Vice Chair Fox News and CEO Formula One
          Roland Hernandez–owns his own Media co. Formerly CEO at Telemundo (two different times, last ending in 2000). Many board positions, some in lodging industry. Harvard BA and JD
          Jacques Nasser-Management positions at Ford, ending as CEO (left in 2001). Various board positions; Chmn of an Australian mining co. BHP Billiton 2010-2017 (perhaps Rupert Murdoch got to know him in that period. Born in Lebanon but immigrated to Australia as a young man.Interestingly, he authored initial business operating plan for Ford’s Hermosilla Mexico plant. He also was kidnapped in Argentina (early 80’s I think), returned after two days.

          From this line up, all our suspicions about where Fox is heading would seem to be correct.

          Hopefully some profit minded deep pocketed person is lining up alternatives.

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          • Alligator Gar says:

            This Nasser dog turd is the one that told the Ford engineering staff that he saw too many white faces and ordered that changed. He’s why I will NEVER buy a Ford. Anti-white racist b@st@rds. They can GTH!

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        • balthazar9 says:

          Never forget the Murdoch wives, they’re worse than their husbands.

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        • Kim Smith says:



    • bitterlyclinging says:

      Look at the board of directors of A&E Corporation and ask yourself why the History Channel does not have any programming of a historical nature any longer.

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    • Linda K says:

      First they suspend Judge Jeanine for getting too close to the truth about Shiria law and Omar, next, Donna Brazille. the smooth talking Clintonite dem operative, now Paul Ryan? Good bye FOX. I only watch you for Tucker.


    • Warrior says:

      The world would be a better place without either the Murdoch’s or the Koch’s.


  3. WSB says:

    So, is Ryan on the board to make sure he and his buddies’ crimes are stifled from being reported? After all, can Hannity, Sarah Carter and the Hill ever reveal the Gang of Eight conspiracy?

    Sarah had interesting news tonight.

    “A State Department official who was awaiting confirmation to be U.S. Ambassador to Albania communicated with the former British spy Christopher Steele and supplied information to a senior DOJ official after and before the 2016 presidential election.”

    Former State Department Deputy Assistant Secretary Kathleen Ann Kavalec’s nomination was withdrawn recently by President Trump, according to a Senior White House official who spoke to”

    Maybe this is all getting too close for all of the usual subjects.

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  4. Because of liberals mainstream media I cut cabl’s,But i miee only OAN I like alot,

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  5. Mike says:

    Speaker Paul Ryan was so media savvy and effective for his party in the recent 2018 midterm campaign, i can totally see why he is qualified to be on the board of an important media giant. All smells good.

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  6. alliwantissometruth says:

    It’s absolutely disgusting to see these totally corrupt, criminal and treasonous pieces of sh*t go on to again profit from their time screwing over their country and their people

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  7. concerned3 says:

    Wow, no Conservative news now on TV! The direction is clear. Find an alternative to MSM and Fox News.

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  8. Payday says:

    This hire will serve to inhibit all the RINO talk across the network.

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  9. Tazio Nuvolari says:

    Well, if he does for Fox what he did for Republicans, nothing, then there’s no worry.

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  10. I foresee the resurgence of radio listening, and podcasts for conservatives, across the age demographics.

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    • warrprin1 says:

      We turn on the radio at noon for Rush. Three hours later our local guy, same station, lays it out for three more hours. Then Hannity’s radio program begins. It’s easier for me to listen to Hannity than to watch him monopolize the interviews with his tv guests.

      Our local guy is good. He has been sitting in for Rush when Mark Steyn is otherwise engaged. Our guy is Ken Matthews. Does his homework thoroughly. And he has a flair for humor.

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  11. Grace Gilmore says:

    They are shutting down all conservative opinions one by one, becoming scarey cause with media covering up their crimes, it is difficult to beat their lies. Republicans should stick together while they can and start prosecuting these people for treason. If Americans doesn’t wake up and vote these people out, we are doomed.

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  12. Jeff says:

    I have to remind myself how fortunate I am to enjoy the Dallas AM radio waves. Starting early in the morning, we have two consecutive local conservative talkers – one of whom, Mark Davis, has subbed for Rush before. Then Rush is on, followed by a choice of Savage or Hannity. And if I’m not mistaken, Larry Elder also has a show in there, not sure of his time slot. Then, in the prime drive-time slot, we have The Great One, Mark Levin to wrap up the night.
    And I get home, I check my email, and then I come to the Treehouse.
    That is all the information input that I require.

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  13. concerned3 says:

    Wolf Donna Brazile Arrives in the Fox House

    The hiring of Donna Brazile by Fox News as a contributor should be taken at face value: Proof positive that the Number One Cable Network is no longer teetering toward the left but is now an active part of it.

    Brazile’s arrival in the aftermath of Fox News suspending Judge Jeanine Pirro all for asking questions about radical Somalian activist Ilhan Omar on her ‘Justice’ show, is not only a slap in the face to Pirro and her many followers, but a slap in the face to the network’s many conservative viewers.

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  14. Donna Brazile should not be a part or employed by any organization. This is what is wrong with America and the left. She is no better than Cohen. Brazile is a liar and a cheater that lack honor and integrity. I can only omagine the families and lives of these people that lie cheat and steal. How can they ever be trusted. It’s obvious that they can not ever actually do the right thing. It a national dosgrace.

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  15. Tl Howard says:

    She IS different in that she’s a “caught” and an “admitted” cheater. Fox believes we should value her opinion, the bastards.

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  16. Rynn69 says:

    Now we know the deal Paul Ryan made with the devil:

    Big Donors to Paul,

    1. Stall any and all border wall funding through President Trump’s first two years. We want cheap labor, Paul. We could careless about America or the American people. All we care about is making money for ourselves and buying more material things – that is what we care most about.
    2. Lie to the President of the United States by promising him you will back border wall funding. After all, we have lied to the American people for years . . . making them think we want to stop illegal immigration and that we want to repeal Obamacare “root and branch.” What is a lie anyway, Paul? We have no character or soul and doing right by the American people has not been a priority. Remember that and you can stay in the club.
    3. We are just asking you to hold out for 2 years because in 2018, we will have our puppets in the GOPe sit down and ignore the massive voter fraud that will be undertaken by the Democrats. It will be a win for us because the pressure to fund the wall and do the right things will fade away. We will no longer have the House majority. We can slink into the happy minority and life will continue as we know it! Us = winning! American people = losing!
    4. But here, Paul, is the piece de resistance: if you pull this off for us over the next two years, we will give you a cushy board position with Fox News. It is right up your alley. Just like the cushy Speaker position. You can continue your P90X workouts with all the time off you will have, hike and fish with your brother in the mountains and post it on Facebook and Instagram how you are having the time of your life, and we can make sure you don’t have to work full time and can be home on the weekends. How can you lose?

    Paul Ryan will never regain his soul. Everywhere you go, people will know the deal you made.

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  17. StillHere says:

    If you want to watch great news from Patriots, consider Serialbrain2, Mcallister TV, Truth and art tv, Redpill78, Craig Mason, You are Free Tv, Zackdafracko, and many others on YouTube. They’re all smart and YouTube tries to ban them when they tell the truth. I guarantee you’ll rarely go back to Fox or any of the others.

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  18. GB Bari says:

    May a permanent curse be placed upon Paul Ryan.
    His deeds will bring about the proper Karma that he so richly deserves.

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  19. pigletrios says:

    Besides Tucker I’ve switched to either OAN, Big Band or 50’s music instead. Fox is a mess and I can’t waste my time watching


  20. LibertyOne says:

    Donna Brazille aka ” Here are the questions, Hitlery” & Lying Ryan…what can go wrong….EVERYTHING!


    • Remington..... says:

      Here it is Tuesday nite. Middle of the week, and Lou Dobbs, lyin Ryan’s arch enemy, is MIA. It would not surprise me if he resigns. Also would not surprise me if bringing on lyin was a driver to push Lou out.

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  21. dustycowpoke says:

    Thanks Sundance for clearing up muddy water about Foxnews and 212Century Fox.

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  22. Timmy-the-Ute says:

    Does anyone else think Ann Coulter has lined up a show on FoxNews.

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  23. Alison Wilson says:

    I am sure that Trump is sadden by the news that Fox is drinking the swamp water. Maybe if he gave exclusive interviews to OAN it would push their profile high enough that our cable company (Atlantic Broadband) would carry them.
    He can also push his displeasure by not giving Fox so much access to the people around him.

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  24. Tell everyone you know about this. Maybe they won’t boycott but at least the seed is planted when they digest this garbage.

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  25. Danimal28 says:

    Fox suspends Jeanine Pirro for telling the truth and then hires Donna Brazile and Paul Ryan. Right. I cancelled cable yesterday.

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  26. unconqueredone says:

    Dear FOX (and those who advertise there):

    One CNN is more than enough. If you become redundant, your ratings will match CNN. You were valuable as a different voice from the other alphabet media. No more.

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  27. Pokey says:

    FOX News is fubar. What you feel is the Collectivist horde taking over, by coercion, what they couldn’t get control of by convincing the voters.

    We all know by now what they said after they cut the tail off of the monkey. They said, “It won’t be long now.”

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  28. Linda K says:

    She dedicated her book to Seth Rich and said she was fearing for her life. Maybe, she will tell everyone who killed Seth Rich for ratings?


  29. Linda K says:

    She dedicated her book to Seth Rich and said she was fearing for her life. Maybe, she will tell everyone who killed Seth Rich for ratings?


  30. concerned3 says:

    Lou Dobbs Tonight 3/19/2019 Start At 9.51 Look for JW


  31. joan p calhoun says:

    I suppose next they will hire Maxine Waters.

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  32. askandgettruth says:

    what a P.O.S. go get a job in china you traitor. you are going down as the worst speaker we ever had. so go flap your do nothing lips it will be more than you did while in office

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  33. Clarissa says:

    Go to One America News Network. You will never be sorry, it’s true journalism.

    Found the channel on my ROKU box, it costs $5 per month. A pittance for all they provide.


  34. Paul “Skunk” Ryan


  35. Apfelcobbler says:

    The Left demands Total Censorship and has put a huge target on Tucker – he has no major sponsors left except Mike Lindell (Mr Pillow). Half of his ads are Fox promotions. He’s hanging in there, but how long will Fox subsidize his slot? Bless Tucker for going pedal to the medal, for however long it lasts!

    It was annoying watching the debate cheater yukking it up with Hannity, and vice versa. Hannity, of all people!! What does she bring to the table, having lost her credibility? Especially after hearing Hannity banging on about her for the last 2-3 years. To pretend she doesn’t have some splainin’ to do first, before giving her a platform? Why does Fox have some burden to “submit” and silence Judge Janine? … It just reeks of Paul Ryan-grade cuckery and needless folding.

    Fox brought a Lefty into OUR safe space! Why? What does Fox gain from this?

    Has anyone seen a single tweet praising Fox for their efforts at shutting down Janine or patting Fox on the head for featuring Donna Brazille? It’s not like there’s a shortage of leftist viewpoints! Why Donna Brazille, and why now?

    Then it hit me — Are they trying to chip away at PT’s best MSM platform before the election? Would they actually sacrifice ratings for this goal, as part of the lefty/globlist war on deplorables? (Or is it an unintended consequence?)

    We know that Murdoch’s kids are to the left of their father. But are they really itching to pay for the financial fallout of “reforming/disciplining” Fox?? Even if there is an uptick on new advertisers, the Left will go right back to threatening them/boycotting. The Left’s goal isn’t to goad Fox into being progressive – their goal is total destruction and eternal punishment of anyone to the right of Lenin.

    Meanwhile Brazille’s debut at Fox got its own article at the New Yorker. She portrays herself as a crusading progressive determined to “bring civility back to public discourse” — at Fox … (because Fox is particularly troublesome – racist and bigoted, you see). She’ll reform Fox, but she also promises to act as a mole for the Democrats (In other words, she doesn’t want to lose her seat at the swamp buffet, and she ain’t no spring chicken! Donna has no intention of learning to code!) This portrayal of idealism is as dishonest as her debate cheating — everyone with half a brain can plainly see that the days of “civil discourse” are over and have been ever since Hillary uttered the word “resist” Nov 9, 2016.


  36. Paul Ryan America’s most successful follwer. Fox bought a one sided shined up penny.The
    Flop, crash, burn…..


  37. zucccchini says:

    Yeah…Anyone remember Radio Free Europe? I can see a Radio Free America coming as Conservatives swarm away from Fox and commit to other media.


    • Cobra says:

      I’ve thought for some time now that Fox news was a whole lot liberal . And then Bam” here comes Donna Brazille” , What ? are you kidding me or what ? Them they put Paul Ryan on the board “, That was enough for me right their . That’s when I switched my TV to One American News period .
      Sorry , but I don’t support liberalism in ANY” way shape or form .

      I though it was a good move on the boards part , when they got rid of Megan Kelly” , and Megan Mc Cain” , then they turn around and do something pretty stupid like Brazille and Ryan .

      There are a lot people like myself out here that feel the same way , as I do . I just want Fox” board to know , they have made a very bad mistake placing Paul Ryan” let alone Donna Brazille on their board of directors . By by ratings…. ben nice knowing you .


  38. Miriam Harper says:

    Many of my friends record FOX shows. I now record one or two. Paul Ryan is owned by Soros, Jeb Bush is owned by Soros,Barack Obama,owned by Soros and many more. Chris Wallace left Sometimes Bret leans left, Shephard Smith is the head lefty in charge. Donna Brazile is a cheater and a liar and admits it. Juan Williams, well I just pray for him because he is doing what he does to hold on to a job. Being negative over kill does not work with me but I guess Juan was told to be that stupid. Many Rino republicans were and are taking money from Soros. Thank God for OANN


  39. Laurie says:

    Fox is CRAZY to go left, it will go down, mark my words!


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