Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in DC…

President Jair Bolsonaro arrived in Washington DC this past weekend.  Bolsonaro is scheduled  to meet with President Trump tomorrow, Tuesday March 19th.  The bilateral discussion between President Trump and President Bolsonaro could be one of the more consequential geopolitical meetings of the year.  The visit is below the radar of almost all media.

President Bolsonaro made a surprise visit to CIA headquarters earlier this morning.  A visit that was not on the official schedule.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro visited the Central Intelligence Agency’s headquarters on Monday, an unusual move for a foreign head of state that was not on the public agenda for his first official trip to Washington.

The visit underscored Bolsonaro’s embrace of U.S. influence in Latin America to confront what he calls a communist threat against democracy — a theme he remarked on during a dinner on Sunday evening with his ministers and right-wing thinkers.

Presidential advisers, including his official spokesman, had said during the dinner that his agenda on Monday morning would be kept private. But Bolsonaro’s son, Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, revealed the visit in a Twitter post.

“Going now with the (president) and ministers to the CIA, one of the most respected intelligence agencies in the world,” he wrote. “It will be an excellent opportunity to discuss international topics in the region with experts and technicians of the highest level.”

The Brazilian president was scheduled to meet later on Monday with former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson.  (more)

Meet Congressman Eduardo Bolsonaro, the son of President Jair Bolsonaro.  We can learn a lot about geopolitical direction by paying attention to the emissaries.


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77 Responses to Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro in DC…

  1. Maquis says:

    Looking forwards to the First Ladies photos…

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    • NvMtnOldMan says:

      Maquis–Does anyone have the video of Brazil’s First Lady giving a speech right after her husband did when he became President of Brazil??


  2. The Boss says:

    There seems to be many things going on under the MSM radar these days, which is too busy propagandizing and lying to pay attention to what is possibly a huge move for the better in this hemisphere (visit to CIA notwithstanding).

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  3. Publius2016 says:

    its time! Brazil Colombia and US make a very strong coalition to end Venezuelan Communist Socialism…

    China and Russia will need to pare back their ambitions in Americas!

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    • jbt says:

      Just hope China doesn’t sneak any of its tainted pork into Brazil or across our southern border, This is serious biological warfare.

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      • Time to ban Chinese pork.

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        • Alligator Gar says:

          They bought Smithfield. I won’t eat it any longer and I loved Smithfield bacon…when it was US grown, harvested, and prepared.

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          • ristvan says:

            AG, it still is. Chinese ownership did NOT move the smithfield farms or packing plants from the US southeast. Just gives them acess to good US pork they can import into China at cost, taking their profit in China rather than in the US.


        • James Carpenter says:

          OK with banning Chinese pork.
          Heck, I refuse to feed anything from China to my dogs. I love them. And they trust me.
          But please… could we demand a joint venture to keep General Tso’s Chicken available?


      • trapper says:

        Sounds like China decided that, instead of destroying 1 million pounds of diseased pork, they would just smuggle it into the US instead.

        I check all packages and won’t eat anything that doesn’t say “raised, processed, and packaged in the US” unless I know it is European or Western Hemisphere. Chicken includes “hatched.” Furthermore, I won’t buy anything from China that touches food, such as cooking and eating utensils, pans, or dishes. You just don’t know what is in the glazes or what impurities are in the metals. Heavy metals? Radioactive metals?

        The Chinese are not like us. They have zero regard for human life.

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        • James Carpenter says:

          Oh, I’m sure they have regard for human life… just so long as that regard doesn’t have any negative impact on the “bottom line”.


  4. Brant says:

    How much of added benefit of Trump tweets is to distract folks/media while real work gets done?

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    • Luke of the D says:

      You know, that is a good point. Perhaps President Trump does not want the liberal MSM to pay attention. “Hey fool, look over here! Nice fool. Nice Democrat.”


    • trapper says:

      I’ve wondered that myself. “Look! A chicken!” and the CNN crews all run over there, while he does something significant here.

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  5. LBB says:

    Hope Brazil brought some kind of thoughtful gift to CIA.

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    • bertdilbert says:

      Like a Brennan tombstone?

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    • GB Bari says:

      Could Brazil under Blosonaro possibly be considered as a Five Eyes type of ally?
      Replacing an existing who became unreliable, or more likely, adding to the group making it Six Eyes? It’s a huge country and there are many benefits by fostering a close relationship with them.

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      • Was about to post the same thought!

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        • bertdilbert says:

          Not a fan of “eyes” due to the most likely abuse is political opponents. The bad ones keeping the bad in power.

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          • I’m not a fan, either, although collaboration on going after the Communist infiltration of the Americas would be powerful.

            We need clear-cut, rock-solid compartmentalized and verifiable methods for limiting what can be shared and how.

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            • bertdilbert says:

              Yeah, but the problem is that eventually the bad guys get control of it and use it against the people. Remember Maxine Waters talking about the database? The democrats are always plotting a crime scene.


            • SmurfetteX says:

              Five Eyes is behind the globalist push for communism. Anything covert is not good, nor can it ever be made good. Lack of transparency and espionage is pure gamesmanship by the monied elitists. The huge collateral damage to civilians like pawns on a chess board, part of the hypergame for control is to be accepted in the name of world conquest.


            • Stillwater says:

              I seem to recall that Trump, early on in his term(during his first visit?), gave Saudi Arabia some sort of intelligence access for their ME region to aid in the regional cooperation against terrorism. I forget what that new alliance/cooperation between certain ME countries was called.

              Maybe Trump will set up some similar intelligence access to Brazil for their South American region in their fight against Communism/Marxism.

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      • 🍺Gunny66 says:

        Bolsonaro will meet U.S. President Donald Trump in the White House on Tuesday during a visit aimed at strengthening economic, political and military ties between his right-wing government and Washington.

        The status of “major non-NATO ally” (MNNA) gives a country preferential access to the purchase of U.S. military equipment and technology, including free surplus material, expedited export processing and prioritized cooperation on training.

        Currently 17 countries have MNNA status. Brazil would become just the second Latin American country to join their ranks after Argentina, which received the designation in 1998. Colombia last year became a member of NATO.

        The Brazilian officials said they have been negotiating the designation since the beginning of this year. They requested anonymity because they were not cleared to discuss it publicly.

        The MNNA designation would ease the transfer of defense technology at a time when Brazil’s aerospace industry has forged new ties with the United States, including a planned tie-up between Boeing Co and Brazilian planemaker Embraer SA on both defense and commercial aircraft.

        Last year the Trump administration embarked on an arms export policy to help American defense firms compete better against increasingly aggressive Russian and Chinese manufacturers.

        The United States and Brazil have also reached an accord to safeguard U.S. space technology that the South American nation hopes will be used in commercial rockets using its launch center near the equator

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      • SmurfetteX says:

        The Sixth Eye is already taken..
        Oh wait, in the words of the braggadocios PM himself, he is the second eye and is as large as the US NSA. (Why so big?)

        Cybertech Tel Aviv conference, 10 min mark.


  6. sundance says:

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  7. railer says:

    Trump’s making nice with all, but that visit to Langley is a message. No idea as to who’s being messaged and what is the message, but no doubt the messaged know the message already.

    The opaque and ominous nature of this sets the proper tone, even beyond that set by Bolsonaro’s visit. I like it.

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  8. emeraldcoaster says:

    President Bolsonaro slated to meet with Hank Paulson. And that’s a good thing?


    • bessie2003 says:

      In the linked article that sentence is completed by this:

      ” . . . meet with former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson and deliver remarks at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.”

      Hopefully there will be a transcript or video link to his CoC remarks.


      • sundance says:

        Most externals have a professional reference to the CoC as the guys who wrote the trade agreement language. It takes a long time for the world to realize the CoC is no longer allowed to write the trade agreements for the U.S.A..

        We’re talking about decades of re-education here. A visit to the U.S. CoC was (and still is) a custom because of that history…. It will take years to break the tradition.

        Don’t put too much emphasis on it. The world is learning, slowly, that President Trump has stopped sub-contracting trade agreements. Most modern leaders likely don’t know the full scale of that shift.

        Hell, how many Americans knew that Tom Donohue was given full autonomy to write the trade language and legal details in trade agreements?

        Lots of learning going on…

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        • Rafael says:

          Brazil First from the point of view of Bolsonaro.

          You guys might think the Chamber of Commerce is a plague, but that’s because of the positions they adopt.

          They are wonderful allies to Brazil, which is exactly why they should not be allowed to do as they please regarding US trade policy.


    • SmurfetteX says:

      I looked him up.

      Henry Merritt “Hank” Paulson Jr. (born March 28, 1946) is an American banker who served as the 74th Secretary of the Treasury. Prior to his role in the Department of the Treasury, Paulson was the chairman and chief executive officer (CEO) of Goldman Sachs.

      In April 2016, he was one of eight former Treasury secretaries who called on the United Kingdom to remain a member of the European Union ahead of the June 2016 Referendum.[46] In June, Paulson announced his support for the stop Trump movement and endorsed Hillary Clinton for the presidency.[47] In his op-ed to The Washington Post Paulson wrote, “The GOP, in putting Trump at the top of the ticket, is endorsing a brand of populism rooted in ignorance, prejudice, fear and isolationism.”[48]

      Paulson is a leader of the Climate Leadership Council, along with James A. Baker III and George P. Shultz.[49]

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    • Sherri Young says:

      Saw the part about Hank Paulson and hated it immediately.


  9. Luke of the D says:

    Interesting. Sadly, very few Americans will ever hear of this visit or of the possibility of growing strength between Brazil and the USA this visit may portend. Why? Because if it makes President Trump or America look good, it isn’t news to the liberal MSM.

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  10. 335blues says:

    America would do well to welcome and help in every way possible a staunch anti-communist like President Bolsonaro, and he would do well to model Brazil’s economy after President Trump’s
    economy. America is booming, and what a great thing for the free world it would be if Brazil
    could bring such economic growth, and it’s accompanying growth in freedom, to South America.
    One could envision “America” being the freedom zone of the world when it encompasses the
    entire western hemisphere.
    The former communist satellite countries in eastern Europe are trying very hard to do the same
    over there, and also deserve every help we can give them as part of the worldwide effort to
    marginalize, and destroy communism.
    Maybe it is time for a worldwide capitalist conference.

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  11. ristvan says:

    Brazil is the key to South America, as explained on a previous thread. Borders all but two of the continent’s countries. For that reason alone, an ideal CIA ‘base of operations’.
    China was making major inroads because Brazil is so resource rich. CIA could help Bosonaro build a counter operation, as his own intelligence forces are undoubtedly depleted and in disarray after Lula and Dilma.

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  12. Ospreyzone says:

    Chairman XI cannot be too happy about this meeting. It wasn’t that long ago that China was aggressively lobbying the other BRIC nations to displace the US dollar as Reserve Currency, preferring a denomination of their own choosing. That would have been economically calamitous for the USA and probably would be well on the way to fruition had HRC won the election.

    I wonder how you say “Curse you villain,” in Mandarin?

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    • progpoker says:

      詛咒你的惡棍 😉

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    • 🍺Gunny66 says:

      OK….now you got me started………

      Q: What has 2 wings and a halo?
      A: A Chinese telephone, Wing-wing, halo?

      Q: What do you call a Chinese woman with one leg?
      A: Irene.

      Q: Why do the Chinese hate American football?
      A: They spend 13 hours a day making them.

      Do the Chinese realize when they are buying souvenirs in America, they are buying things made in their own country?

      Thank you…..thank you very much…..

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  13. jeans2nd says:

    The best part of the CIA visit is, no longer possessing a valid security clearance, Pres Bolsonaro will be greeted by Gina Haspell, and Brennan will never ever have the full readout of what went on and was discussed. Brennan will be pontificating and spinning blind for the first time in decades.
    More Winning! roflmbo

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    • LBB says:

      Yes, Brennan’s news offerings ( ides of March timing , etc) are extra hollow. Thought it a good sign of his network drying up. Actually makes things feel safer.

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  14. G S says:

    I’m from Brazil. There are certain things to consider about the Bolsonaros. I take them with some precaution. They are all (the father and 3 sons) long time politicians. I never heard of anything good they have ever done. Hopefully, now that he’s President he can show some good public work.
    The first thing I didn’t like is that he broke his promise and Brazil still in the Paris Agreement. And in the BRICS also. I read in a Brazilian website that he’s also scheduled to go to China this year.

    Because I was born and lived in Brazil during the military dictatorship, I have my reservations about certain things they say and do.

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  15. Sue Fowler says:

    Agenda #1: Venezuela
    #2: Russia
    #3: Of course, money


  16. Sue Fowler says:

    Agenda #1: Venezuela
    #2: Russia
    #3: Of course, money


  17. Laramie Evan says:

    I am part owner of several businesses in Brasil. I’ve traveled there approximately 50 times over the past decade, have over 200 employees, and I’ve learned a bit of Portuguese in that time.

    Normally, when one hears the “views” of South Americans about US politics, you only hear them parrot what they’re told by CNN, Bloomberg or the NY Times. Indeed, this is exactly what I heard from Brasilians 20+ years ago when I first started going there: President Bush II is evil; conservatives hate all non-whites; there’s rampant discrimination in the USA; etc.

    My, my, my, how things have changed. In the ensuing 20 years, Lula was elected, followed by Dilma Roussef. Together, they embarked on a massive socialist corruption scheme. (What else do socialists do?) The media in Brasil (principally O Globo) attempted to cover it up, just as they did with HRC and Obama here.

    But, ironically enough, it didn’t work there. They had a few honest prosecutors and an honest judge (Sergio Moro) who refused to let it all be swept under the rug. That’s the biggest difference between Brasil and the USA today: They’re actually prosecuting their criminal/politicians. The scandal (known in Brasil as Lava Jato, or Car Wash) has resulted in hundreds of indictments and jail time for dishonest businessmen and corrupt politicians. Here in the USA? Not so much.

    But, the other thing you learn if you spend some time among Brasilians is: (a) they’ve woken up to the fact that their media are utter liars, and they don’t trust anything major media says; (b) most of them absolutely love Trump and are hoping Bolsonaro will be just like him; (c) they want someone who will “shake things up”/drain the swamp and (d) they still have a ton of crime but the locals have no more patience for it as the socialists looked the other way and made things worse for years. (There’s even a very large segment of Brasil advocating for gun ownership as a means to reduce crime.)

    They call Bolsonaro “little Trump” in Brasil. I live in a left-leaning part of the USA and casually mentioned this to a neighbor the other day. His response, ‘oh, he’s a dictator?’ I said ‘no, that’s Venezuela where they have socialists like here. Bolsonaro is promising real change like Trump. The locals call him ‘little Trump’ as a sign of admiration and hope.

    The neighbor was dumbfounded. It never occurred to him that such a view was possible.

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    • G S says:

      They also love the Obamas.

      The left in Brazil is not as strong as here, mostly because of the devastation they are facing now after the last Presidents attempts to socialism. But, like many countries in Latin America they still dream with what they call Scandinavian socialism. They think they can be like the USA but “better”.

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      • Laramie Evan says:

        I’ve definitely seen that, as well. But, 10 years ago this thought was pervasive in Brasil: “We need government to protect us from all the evil businesses out there.” Hence, you have corrupt unions and impossible labor laws, a myriad of taxes purportedly to pay for social programs, etc.

        I’ve been seeing that change significantly in the past two years. It started with the bus fare protests a few years back, then the impeachment of Dilma, and the latest election was a continuation. I know these issues are not supported by the same groups. My point is: Things are changing.

        There’s always a chance that the PT party (leftist labor party) could mount a comeback. Bolsonaro doesn’t have a majority. But, I see very encouraging signs. I love Brasil and really want to see the country get on the right path. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking.


  18. Fools Gold says:

    The Southern Hemisphere can’t be allowed to go communist. So glad Trump came along when he did. He gets it too! Long lived Liberty for the people Southern Hemisphere! MAGA!

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    • Reading about this, especially when most are finally acknowledging that there was no collusion, is a day when I can rejoice at how much that is GOOD has happened for our country–in only a bit more than 2 years.

      While the last several years have been tumultuous, it is exhilarating to see just how much of a reset has already occurred. Still a lot more to do, yes, but who else would have turned this big ship on state so much so quickly–despite the incessant drone from the Left. Can only imagine what might have occurred without the Leftist obstruction, but still thankful for what has already happened!


  19. Richard Orberson says:

    MBGA Make Brazil great again


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