Reminder: Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe Also Launched a Criminal Investigation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions…

As Andrew McCabe makes current media statements to confirm how he opened a counterintelligence investigation (July 31, 2016) against candidate Donald Trump, and a criminal investigation against President Donald Trump (May 10th, 2017), it is worth reminding ourselves that McCabe also launched a simultaneous criminal investigation against Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

It is also worth noting in both current and prior reporting that it was/is CBS announcing the revelations from Andrew McCabe and his Lawfare team:

FLASHBACK CBS Reports (March 2018) – […] The investigation was opened before special counsel Robert Mueller was appointed, Reid reports. A Justice Department official says Sessions was not aware of this investigation until he found out about it from reports.

ABC News first reported that McCabe had been in charge of the investigation into Sessions. Sessions’ testimony raised alarm bells, but this is the first time it has been reported that there was actually a criminal probe of Sessions’ actions. (read more)

In hindsight it would appear the criminal probe against AG Jeff Sessions was intended to create a firewall that would isolate the Attorney General and keep prying eyes away from the ‘soft coup’ efforts of the seditious small group.

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249 Responses to Reminder: Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe Also Launched a Criminal Investigation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions…

  1. Republicanvet91 says:

    “Open the case we have been waiting on”.

    I guess this means they had no case whatsoever, and had just planned to open SOMETHING when the time was right.


  2. Douglas Eugene White says:

    Well if he investigated Sessions and found nothing he really did not tell the truth again,


  3. Hopper Creek says:

    Sessions was couragous enough to destroy the KKK in Alabama , but aided and abetted a coup against the sitting President he compaigned with…
    I think theirs a VG chance Sessions was in on the ” insurance policy ” from the time PDT was the R nominee..


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