EPIC – President Trump Tweets Carpe Donktum SOU Mashup….

CTH shared this hilarious video on February 6th; today President Trump shared it with the world.  Epic and hilarious:

The look on Mitt Romney’s face is, well, priceless…. Too Funny:


Credit: Carpe Donktum Twitter
Carpe Donktum Facebook
Carpe Donktum YouTube

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239 Responses to EPIC – President Trump Tweets Carpe Donktum SOU Mashup….

  1. Sunshine says:

    Twitter CENSORED it from his account. It’s no longer there.


      watch twatter stock crumble

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      • oldtimer505 says:

        I hope and pray you are correct. The progressive left has been censoring freedom loving people way to long. It is high time the deplorables in fly over country get behind the dully elected President and start pushing back at the progressive left. If we love our Representative Republic we need to stand up and be counted now and into the future.
        God bless all, Oldtimer505

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  2. MfM says:

    Trump re -tweeted with different music and pinned it.

    I guess the guys who did the original music hate Trump and they got it banned.


  3. dawndoe says:

    I can’t stop watching this video! I think Romney’s reaction is my favorite.


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