A Resistance Perspective – The State of Our Union….

The look on Mitt Romney’s face is, well, priceless….  Too Funny:


Credit: Carpe Donktum Twitter
Carpe Donktum Facebook
Carpe Donktum YouTube

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274 Responses to A Resistance Perspective – The State of Our Union….

  1. Sherri Young says:

    After the video finished playing, this was one of the suggested videos that showed up.

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  2. lettruthspeak says:

    Those cult members, all dressed in white, should have been hitching a ride on the Hale Bopp Comet with the clueless wonders that offed themselves hoping to reach Nirvana. They just protrayed themselves as being out for themselves, totally not for the American citizen. It’s all about the demorat party, and their insane, stupid, ignorant political BS. Those women are a joke.

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  3. I marvel at the creative genius of people who make memes, put video to music like the above clip, or who make the Intellectual Froglegs presentations, etc. Well done!

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  4. Jimmy Jack says:

    Kristen Gillibrand has ZERO gravitas. She always looks like the frazzled woman at Target who has to make Birds Eye ready skillet meals for her disinterested family.

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  5. Jimmy Jack says:

    Am I the only one who is repulsed by Ihan Omar and her anti Semite anti American bestie? They’re even worse than the Boriqua Power Rangerettes.

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    • warrprin1 says:

      No, Jimmy Jack. You’re in good company. Sharia Queens elected to US Congress. Do they support FGM? Honor killings? Homophobic?

      Sharia is absolutely incompatible with US Law and its baseline requirement of innocent until proven guilty.

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    • Hunter says:

      I correctly identify her as “Incest Omar”, not Ilhan….funny thing is most folks pick up on it during conversations and they grin at the truth…

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  6. pjpatriot says:

    Romney looks like he’s about to cry.

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  7. William Schneider says:

    These faces are living examples of the old adage that ‘the truth hurts’. As Trump joyfully proclaims the truth regarding our nation now and into the future with Trump these folks suffer. God bless them for they are like lost sheep. Thank God for the miracle of Trump’s 2016 triumph.

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  8. mdcarey says:

    Ahh yes, the women in white—straight jackets… Cant Understand Normal Thinking…

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  9. Arrest Soros says:

    Reading Romney’s mind, I heard “I could’ve had class, I could’ve been a contender, I could have been somebody”
    On the Water Front

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  10. quintrillion says:

    The devil has already claimed those people’s souls. They have dead eyes. Their actions are those of demons that posses their body until death. They live wretched lives separated from the one true God. They think they have power but it’s all stubble and hay.
    Maybe they should repent before they die. Should someone warn them of eternity?

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    • lela says:

      Well said. We ought to still pray for them [ it’s hard] unless Jesus pulls at there heart sting they have no inclination to go and repent and ask for for forgiveness.

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  11. Ironclaw says:

    Last time I saw so many democrats wearing white in one place they were burning crosses and hanging nooses.

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  12. wodiej says:

    PT SOTU was exemplary. How can you sit there stone faced, and against everything this country stands for? To you liberals, go to hell.


  13. fuzzball010 says:

    It was a very quick cut, but my Congresswoman Ilhan Omar is in there with her face buried in her praying hands. Maybe she’s praying to her false god, Mohammed.


  14. Shamefaced I admit to watching the video 3 times. Not nearly as often as the Trump election night videos of Rachel Maddow & the Young Turk at al but certainly a new favorite.


  15. Rockitz says:

    It’s as if Mitt’s thinking to himselft: “He’s eatin’ my lunch.”


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