Summary of Negotiated Budget Appropriations W/ Limits on Border Security and No Funding for Border Agents or ICE Agents (full pdf)….

The actual budget appropriations bill is seven compartments consisting of more than 5,000 pages. However, here is the 29 page summary outlining the key elements as negotiated by congress.

WARNING: This is a bad deal, but it reflects the UniParty reality within congress.  Take a deep breath; don’t lash out.  Remember, there are very few MAGA minded representatives. This was negotiated by two wings of the same corporate bird and both want open borders.


  • Provides $1.375 billion, or $4.325 billion less than the $5.7 billion the Trump administration requested, for a very limited 55 miles of physical barrier that can only be placed along the southern border in *only* the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.
  • Contains language allowing only fencing designs in use as of 2017.
  • No funding for new border patrol agents above the current on board levels.
  • Does not fund the Administration’s request for joint detention facilities.
  • No funding for additional enforcement and removal field personnel.

(Via Ryan James Girdusky) Border wall bill is out, here are some highlights:

Here are the areas Trump cannot build any wall

The bill gives $1.375 billion for constructing a “wall”/pedestrian fencing

$725 million for technology

They can only be used to make steel bollard design… no concrete wall, no prototypes. Same thing as what Bush and Obama built… just a little bit taller

The bill secures more than $3.1 billion in foreign health services, more than twice for the wall.

Sec. of DHS cannot increase border crossing fees

Border “Wall” construction is only allowed in the Rio Grande Valley Sector

Other highlights:

$415 million for humanitarian aide

$77 million for opioid equipment

1,200 new Customs and Border Patrol Agents (retain current levels)

The bill expands Catch and Release by reducing the number of border beds from 49,060 to 40,520.

No funding for additional enforcement and removal field personnel. – that means no more ICE agents to deport people already in the country.

Expands the Alternatives to Detention program from 82,000 to 100,000… so instead of housing family units at the border- they get moved into the interior where they almost always stay in the country permanently.

Provides $40 million for additional ICE staffing dedicated to overall ATD (Alternatives to Detention) case management, particularly for asylum seekers… so no new ICE agents, but money to ICE to help illegal aliens settle in a non-detention center in the country.

The bill gives over $1 billion for the Smithsonian.

$3.4 billion in refugee assistance – $74 million more than last year.

$4.4 billion in international disaster assistance – $100 million more than last year.

Does not eliminate any foundations that Trump wanted to get rid of including: The Asia Foundation, the U.S. African Development Foundation, the Inter-American Foundation, and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency.

Israel, Ukraine, and Jordan receive $5.3 billion for border security fencing.

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1,152 Responses to Summary of Negotiated Budget Appropriations W/ Limits on Border Security and No Funding for Border Agents or ICE Agents (full pdf)….

  1. sjp says:

    Fox Biz: WH: Prez will sign this bill……

    Not good, “I will never sign a bill like this again” Donald Trump after last awful bill

    I’ll wait to fully judge this, but right now this compares with “no new taxes” as far as I’m concerned. If what we are reading is true and no tricks he can do to negate some of this then Trump just got his ass handed to him and he will look incredibly weak and lose tons of credibility in my book.

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  2. WSB says:

    This CR is only good until September?

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  3. IF POTUS signs this and then move to declare and emergency he will immediately be tied up in court and nothing of substance will be built.

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  4. franuche says:

    Trump need to tell congress to shove it.

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  5. franuche says:

    Trump need to tell congress to shove it.

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  6. franuche says:

    Trump need to tell congress to shove it.

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  7. Coast says:

    If you haven’t already, contact the White House and tell the President not to sign that crappy bill.


  8. Dat says:

    Veto is useless, the senate has more than enough votes. Waste of time.


    • mimbler says:

      IMO it is very useful.
      If PDJT signs this, it is his law, and the dems will do a replay of the read-my-lips campaign for the 2020 election.

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    • BurmaShave2 says:

      I disagree. If the veto is overridden, Let those who overrode it defend their doing so in next year’s primaries and election, after the mess at the border gets worse. In any case Trump will be true to his promise and principles, and the distinction between him and the uniParty will be clear.

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    • dayallaxeded says:

      Make the bastiches own it! PDJT needs to get himself and every other MAGAlite out in front of this thing blasting to the citizenry, especially African Americans and citizen Hispanics in urban centers, how terrible this open border BS is for them and all of the USA.


    • inspectorudy says:

      A veto may be useless but it would make the Congress override Trump’s veto and give his supporters hope that he isn’t turning into a swamp critter. He has nothing to gain by signing this POS!


  9. Sherri Young says:

    Time to start in on your state-level legislators. The Texas legislature is in recess until next week, but the staffs are at work. Some of the legislators are still in the capitol. I called and spoke with someone in my state senator’s office and also spoke with people in two other senator’s offices. They all listened very politely, let me go into detail, and explained how crucial it is for the people in Wash DC to vote against the bill. I also referred them to this article here on TCH. Staffers at all three offices told me that they absolutely would deliver the message to their senators today so that they might contact Senators Cruz and Cornyn.

    Hammer those phones and explain to the influential people what is going on so that they can use that influence right now.

    For my fellow Texans:
    Texas House —
    Texas Senate —

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    • Sherri Young says:

      BTW, the persons with whom I spoke in the Texas state senators’ offices seemed to have been of the opinion that Trump would go with an emergency declaration. That must be the consensus among the conservatives in Austin. It is time to correct that assumption.

      Call, call, call!

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    • Sherri, Cruz will acknowledge that you called but Cornyn is so self-righteous and egotistic that only his own opinion matters. No matter what I email him he always comes back with why his own opinion is the only way he will look at things. Cornyn has his head so far up mcconnels ass that if mcconnel made a shap turn Cornyn’s neck would break.

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      • swissik says:

        Cornyn sounds as though he should be in California. Our reps at the state and federal levels are useless, with the exception of Nunes who at least keeps on trying.

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  10. MAGADJT says:

    How can he accomplish the wall via emergency declaration if the bill he signs into law says that all the prior acts authorizing various border security activities are negated?

    Anyone seen any legit information anywhere which addresses this question?

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    • Coast says:

      I think the answer to that might be relative to just the funding contained within that Bill. I’m not sure those constraints still hold using different funds from prior authorizations.


    • mimbler says:

      Even if it let him build some wall, it will be a net loss with the flood of migrants coming with children that this bill says can’t be deported. Talk about huge caravans!

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  11. Zaza says:

    So according to the latest MSM blurbery the POTUS is going to sign the crap bill from congress and ALSO declare an emergency state for additional work on the border. I really wish he would get in the mindset of just vetoing the crap from these career political criminals, not sure who is advising him to sign this nonsense or why, but he really doesn’t need to do it.

    Hopefully the MSM is just blowing smoke and he tells them he will use their border bill for the guest toilet that the Dems use when they visit the WH, (I hear it’s out of paper again).


  12. amwick says:

    Husband just said it was signed! Anyone?


  13. Sandra-VA says:

    This is disgusting! I cannot believe I am watching these people vote against the interests of the American People.

    Sad day. 😦


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    • lolli says:

      I do not blame PT for this bill. He is the best President I have seen in my life. (I was around for Reagan.)
      Right now, I am very disappointed he signed. It does not provide any relief from the invasion.
      I have a feeling this was all settled years ago and PT is just trying to manage it as well as he can.

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    • mimbler says:

      Why shouldn’t they vote for it when PDJT said he would sign it?

      I don’t understand his actions on this in the slightest. IMO, he owns this bill now, and it will certainly be played that way during the elections.


  14. Crusain says:

    This crapfest bill is a border invasion funding bill cynically containing a Potemkin village wall.

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    • FUBAR says:

      Hell to the No! Do no sign this Mr. President. The devil is in the details…declare the emergency…its time to put the deep state on notice that Gods deplorables will not be mocked. We have been deceived and no longer are entertained by your bread and circuses to those in Congress. I spit x1000 at this. When you give Israel Jordan and whom ever else’s 5.3 billion for border walls and Iran 1.8 billion…and us the amount your giving. Damn you all..


  15. Coast says:

    If true, then apparently Trump is afraid of looking “weak” with Congress doing an override. Very sad…

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  16. John_in_IN says:

    Sounds like this should be the ‘Child Trafficers Protection Bill’

    Lots of bad but swallowable stuff in $ bill. But Sec.224 is a poison pill: Gives deportation immunity to any sponsor—or POTENTIAL sponsor—of an “unaccompanied” alien child. Creates incentive for illegals already here to order up kids from Central America (or anywhere). Outrageous

    — Mark Krikorian (@MarkSKrikorian) February 14, 2019

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  17. burnett044 says:

    fyi the vote…..


  18. Crusain says:

    Wow…sign a bill that promotes the emergency that you are forced to declare.

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  19. WIVoter says:

    You know when a border wall will be built? When the democrats have enough illegals to vote them into office in perpetuity and they won’t want too many illegals who could possibly overthrow THEM! Then they will build a wall to keep us in and have a controllable kept group of voters to allow them to run this country. It will be HELL on earth.
    Bye, Bye Trump. No need to vote anymore. Let God be true and all men be liars. I don’t mind anyone who sticks with President Trump to the bitter end but I’ve been betrayed too many times and I’ll wait on God to finish judging this country by allowing this invasion as judgment because of abortion.

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  20. Joemama says:

    “Israel, Ukraine, and Jordan receive $5.3 billion for border security fencing.”

    Did I read that correctly?

    The elected government are traitors to the US. This is a slap in the face of all constituencies in the US.

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    • Justin Green says:

      Yes, and that brings the TOTAL of border money sent to Jordan over the past two years to at least $8 BILLION. This wasn’t the first time. I think it was the first or second CR that Congress passed after Trump took office that contained $2.6 billion for Jordanian border security.

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  21. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    Hmmmmm. This explains the urge I’ve had all day to say “thanks” to the UniParty republicans. Those bastions of patriotism, truth, justice and the American way. Where would we be without these treacherous basterds. Weasels all of them.


  22. Justin Green says:

    Democrats didn’t challenge Obama when he declared a national emergency so he could sell arms to ISIS in Libya. Go figure.

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  23. CountryClassVulgarian says:

    I just wish the President would not sign it. It was bad enough when it was just less than he asked for for the wall. Now it’s much, much, worse. They have completely tied his hands.

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  24. Chris Schmidt says:

    Foreign health services. Is that actually used for caravan funding and bribes in Mexico that is funnelled through NGO’s?


  25. Scott says:

    As someone here on CTH recently wrote, sign the bill. Then tomorrow morning, begin raiding businesses hiring illegal immigrants, starting with Kentucky. Hit them hard, especially McConnell’s biggest supporters.

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  26. Article V says:

    Where can I go to see if my Rep & Sen betrayed me? Or are they hiding who voted? When is enough enough from these traitors?


  27. CharterOakie says:

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if Trump — despite Sarah Sanders’ tweet or anything allegedly told to McConnell — decides to pocket-veto the bill? After getting all the ‘Rats AND the weak-kneed RINOs on record as having voted for it?

    POTUS wanted to push the issue BEFORE the midterms, and RINO congressional leadership begged him to wait until after the election, promising they would get it done then.

    Turnaround is fair play. Hang them all out to dry in full view of their enraged constituents.

    Shut down the government until they send him a bill stripped of all the Rats’ poison pills.
    And RIF all the non-essential Fed Govt employees at the same time.


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  28. Blue Wildflower says:

    How does President Trump put up with all this nonsense? Then the next day he has to get up and put up with it again. He is trying to save this country against congress that is getting rich from the people that want to destroy this country. How does he do it?


  29. Get it done says:

    This is sick. Border patrol and Trump are handcuffed to the point that our country cant be defended. Thanks democrats and republicans, you both are little pieces of monkey shit.

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  30. I do not understand how President Trump can possibly sign a Bill that is unconstitutional. There is no way he can abdicate the powers vested in his position by the Constitution. How can a local mayor overrule his authority on border security? In my opinion he should refuse to sign it in an Oval Office telecast stating such. In addition he will pursue Sedition and Treason charges against all those who sign.

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  31. merrly says:

    well,he said he was “adding” to the bill, so…and it will fund through September 2019 so then it will be this same sh*t all over again. It never will end, no matter what. Let him just take the money from elsewhere. Lets just be done with it for now.


  32. JAMES MINCEY says:

    I am so sick of hoping that our President could get things done on the border. I can’t believe Pelosi has gotten the better of him. This bill restricts where the wall can be built, and they are giving Israel, Jordan, and Ukraine 5.3 billion in wall funding and can’t even defend our borders. We are becoming a socialist country!


  33. visage13 says:

    Sundance, if it is a bad bill why sign??


  34. Terri says:

    The illegal aliens are now being called “economic migrants”. This is downright disgusting.


  35. triper68 says:

    Why not do as Obammy did and when signing and state he will not enforce these provisions and enumerate them.


  36. FUBAR says:

    Hell to the No! Do no sign this Mr. President. The devil is in the details…declare the emergency…its time to put the deep state on notice that Gods deplorables will not be mocked. We have been deceived and no longer are entertained by your bread and circuses to those in Congress. I spit x1000 at this. When you give Israel Jordan and whom ever else’s 5.3 billion for border walls and Iran 1.8 billion…and us the amount your giving. Damn you all..


  37. Katherine McCoun says:

    I have felt nauseous about this bill today. Seems a win for the Uniparty.

    National Emergency – Pelosi says if it happens the next dem can use it for gun control. Well, thanks Nancy, you just gave the every GOP POTUS candidate their them against a Dem candidate from now until forever!

    Big difference between gun control as a national emergency and fix the border – fixing the border is a specific Constitutional task to keep us safe from other countries and enemies while taking guns from US citizens is against the Constitution.


  38. Sandy says:

    Well one thing he can do is give all federal land on the border back to the states, especially Republican states.
    He could also do other things with it making it more difficult to traverse.


  39. Sandy says:

    Time to notify the federal gov about no taxation without representation?


  40. Sandy says:

    Obama gave iran 135 billion proving presidents can rob the treasury blind.
    He gave 200 million to Palestinians on his last day in office.
    Trump can build the wall if he wants to do as long as the military agrees.
    If he doesn’t, it will be because he doesn’t want to, or because the nwo is already in complete control.
    This is all bullshite politics, and we should all be sick of it by now.
    Hunger games is their goal.


  41. Pokey says:

    Let the politicians play the politics the way they will because we can’t stop them.
    No more listening to their gibberish. I have listened to this nonsense for almost 60 years. All I have learned is that nothing they ever say makes any sense to us because they live in a different reality from us. It is tiresome.
    All we can do is talk about how we are going to fix the mess after they have finished making it. For starters, we need term limits at all levels of Gubbermint in order to remove opportunities for lucrative careers in politics.


  42. wolfrom1 says:

    Keep the government open and build the wall. Win, win!


  43. AKM says:

    Calm down Treepers. Trump said the other day he has plan A, B and others.
    Plan A: accept this bill. a) Gets small amount of money; b) this destroys Dem argument walls are “amoral”; c) exposes their hypocrisy re amounts provided for other issues such as walls elsewhere.
    Plan B: declares emergency. Dems immediately challenge it in court. a) provides him excellent political capital: Dems willing to go to court to avoid protecting American citizens; b) may provide further funds, but after litigation.
    Plan C: uses other monies and processes which do not require an emergency to be declared. Mulvaney appointed to provide this. a) allows construction to continue after $1.35 B used up, thereby meeting campaign promise. b) uses this to negate some of the bs in the appropriations bill; c) also excellent political capital in that he argues how he had to manouevre (British English spelling) to get this done.


  44. Tparty says:

    Sorry if this has been asked/answered but … who will claim ‘ standing ‘ for this Constitutional SCOTUS boader/border battle? The first hurdle will be who can show a case or controversy in the 5th circuit Court.


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