President Trump Delivers Border Security Remarks Departing White House for El Paso, Texas…

President Trump met with Homeland Security officials and national law enforcement earlier today prior to departing the White House for a speech in El Paso, Texas.

The president paused to discuss the issues surrounding the need for border security. Additionally, President Trump outlined the scale of criminal aliens being held in detention prior to deportation, and gave examples of some of the criminal actions as outlined by the DHS.

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112 Responses to President Trump Delivers Border Security Remarks Departing White House for El Paso, Texas…

  1. Bob Thomas says:

    Dallas Morning News trying their best to undermine President Trump’s visit to El Paso:

    “A tense El Paso braces for Trump with a message: We’re a diverse, safe city and have been for decades “

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    • Cache says:

      The DMN has been virulently anti-Trump since day one. This paper has me beat. The editors are all socialists. You’d think that entire city was composed of Gay, Trans, Hispanic, Black, and everything not straight white families. Hard not to feel resentful at the unrelenting coverage of SJW issues, not to mention South Dallas.

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      • thedoc00 says:

        That was not always the case. Things went from kind of center to far left when the Belo Family tried to sell out to Gannett and they have never looked back.

        The local TV stations are hyping the Beto event as well. Yet, they comically have their reporters broadcasting from the location of the President’s rally.

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  2. No limits as to how many criminal illegals can be detained at any one time.

    Remember ALL illegals are criminals!

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    • AnotherMDConservative says:

      I am so proud of our VSG PDJT! Mr. President, never back down from nor give in to our enemies from the outside or our enemies within!

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      • StandTall says:

        Well said! I feel same. I’m in Texas and so appreciate his sincere concern. He is a man of truth & courage and Texas loves him! Clueless Beto doesn’t know yet who or what he wants to be when he grows up. I guess his handlers will tell him.
        Prayers for our wonderful POTUS.. that he is well & safe and that he opens more eyes and ears tonight.. with God’s help. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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  3. Trump Train says:

    A10 Warthogs ASAP

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    • corimari2013 says:

      I had to learn about this plane. Thank you, Trump Train.

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    • RLTW says:

      A10 is a tank killer. Wrong CAS for this mission. AC 130 gunships aka “Hammer” should be patrolling our border. A few shots from the 105 with proximity fuse would wipe out most of the military aged males as these caravans approach our border. The 20mm Gatling guns and 40mm Bofors would finish off the rest. AH-6 little bird gunships aka “Killerbees” could be used for the smaller jobs with the mini guns and 2.75 rockets. Best two CAS platforms for anti-personnel work.

      These are JSOC CAS platforms. President Trump needs to pull JSOC out of Afghanistan and Iraq and put JSOC onto the border and deploy them within Central and South America. JSOC is the most efficient terrorist killing machine in the history of mankind. 4 months before the highly advertised “surges” by conventional troops in Afghanistan or Irag, JSOC was there and has already killed 90% of the enemy. It makes our incompetent, corrupt and treasonous Generals look like they know what they are doing.

      President Trump should be utilizing JSOC and CJSOTF to completely seal the border and to systematically track down and kill all of the cartels and aspiring socialist regimes within Central and South America. ISIS is literally on the other side of the planet. The true threat are these caravans, the cartels and the Socialists on both sides of the border.

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  4. wodiej says:

    California governor says they are dismissing military from their border. Good-they can have all of the illegals and we’ll take them out of the USA. They suck anyway. Stupid is not a patriotic value.

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  5. Coast says:

    Amazing how Congress continues to work against the American People.

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  6. Mark L. says:

    Common sense is so obvious yet so lacking with Democrats.

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  7. rustybritches says:

    I truly hope that when Calif gets its next big mess going on and call on the President to give them money that he just tells them Not just NO but Hell NO and go straight to there and stay there
    I pray that PTs Rally tonight goes well and if Beto causes him any real trouble hope the people will take him down a few pegs..

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    • Rileytrips says:

      We cannot fight hate with hate. We cannot banish the darkness with more darkness, only light will do. There are still many good, honorable Americans living in California – I don’t think our President will abandon them.

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      • G. Combs says:

        “…We cannot fight hate with hate…..”

        Yeah, but we do not have to PAY FOR IT.

        If they dug the hole let them dig themselves out of it. I for one am sick of the no consequences for bad actions mentality.

        Time for them to ‘run into the electric fence’ and get zapped good and hard! Maybe next time their decision making will be better.

        “Socialism is great until you run out of other people’s money….” so let’s make them run out of other people’s money ASAP!!!

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Who, Beta? Fugeddabout it. The kid’s a threat in his mind only. #lightweight#flavoroftheweek#AOCboyfriend


  8. duchess01 says:

    I cannot believe our representatives in Congress do not care about our safety – however – I know they do not run for office to represent us – the run for office to enrich themselves – ‘that other guy’ already let so many into our country – with a free ride to anywhere in the nation – for that alone – he should be made accountable – for everything he has done to undermine our military and our nation – well – there is only one punishment – for treason – and we all know what that is.

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  9. MfM says:

    Little brag, the Sheriff to Trump’s left is mine. Sheriff ‘Bunny’ Welsh. She a real Trump support who will not be running for re-election in our County next year. The Democrats are already out to get her for her support of Trump, who she voted for four times.

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  10. DJT2020 says:

    I love that he is punishing the Dems on this. Backed by SOTU and 52% Rasmussen pop. Trump Rally gonna be lit

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  11. Tiffthis says:

    Why is “Beto luck next time” holding a rally at a tiny high school gym? I bet he can’t eve fill it

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  12. Dekester says:

    Off topic but hopefully this is a little uplifting. Our younger son and a friend is visiting N.Y. from our home in Vancouver B.C. and just sent us a text, with pictures from Trump Tower.

    They had a delicious three course luncheon includingI believe a Trump burger, all in for $28.00. The service was fantastic and the mood was terrific.

    They bought a souvenir deck of playing cards, PDJT is the King, FLOTUS is Queen, P44 is a 2 ( cuz he is useless) Tom Brady a 10 and HRC the Joker.

    They are now looking for a location to watch the rally.

    Go bless PDJT

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  13. Johnny says:

    Anyone else having a problem with WordPress?

    Keep having to sign in every comment this evening

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  14. quintrillion says:

    8 years of bathhouse barry wasn’t enough. Now we are putting up with the radical commies idiotic display of ineptitude, This is an invasion into our country evident enough to warrant shutting the boarder until the wall is complete and deporting all the criminals in the “beds” so the DemonRats can have their empty beds. Personally, I am sick and tired of these treasonous Rats that are destroying our sovereignty, security and peace. A pox on both their houses & the Corrupt Corporate Media & Silicone Valley too

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  15. czarowniczy says:

    Media’s already reporting that Trump’s not welcome, according to ‘polls’, in communities along the border. Wonder how many folks who don’t have to ‘presiona uno para Espanol’?

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  16. Carson Napier says:

    If Pelosi and Schumer and their No Borders Gang aren’t being paid by the Drug Cartels, what would they be doing differently if they were?

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  17. LoreneTN says:

    So the committee has rejected the recommendations of the experts. Wish that surprised me, but it doesn’t. They are not interested in listening to any experts.

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  18. @ChicagoBri says:

    What is the intellectual argument for not building a wall or barrier?

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  19. Carson Napier says:

    If Pelosi, Schumer and their No Borders Gang aren’t being paid by the Drug Cartels, what would they be doing differently if they were?

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  20. Fools Gold says:

    What time does the speech start and who is carrying it live?


  21. montanamel says:

    I was thinking about all those “empty” containers/cans that have to be shipped back to China empty, ie: dead head weight… otherwise there’s not enough for all that next month’s Wally World shipments… AND,
    how we could just fit maybe 100 head of standing criminals out of those “beds” they are so worried about…and….how those cans could sure break free about 3 or 4 days out of port…
    BUT….then…. I got to thinking….WHY go to all that trouble….?
    Just load them in nice and tight, standing room only….
    Ship them off to China….
    Let Xi open his Easter Egg present when they arrive…. Panda can be a meat eater, can’t he?
    nice panda…enjoy your meatsickles… Dragon can just huff and puff for all we care! Check-6


  22. Phil aka Felipe says:

    We are in a WAR. Wish more people would realize it. Maybe they will. Hope so before it’s lost.

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  23. youme says:

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  24. andyocoregon says:

    It’s so true what that Sheriff (I think) standing directly behind President Trump’s right shoulder said. “What happens at the border doesn’t stay at the border”.
    Illegal aliens end up in all the U.S. states. And they cause problems everywhere they go. Crime follows them around like flies on poop.

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    • olderwiser21 says:

      Andy – so true – here in Utah, any time there is a fatal collision of some sort, you can bet it involves an illegal drunk/high alien, probably at least 90% of the time. Lots of good lives destroyed by people who shouldn’t be here in the first place. It’s very sad.

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    • ruralnc6 says:

      Thank you for recognizing the sheriff who handed President Trump the letter. He’s my sheriff, Sam Page, and is outstanding.


  25. Stringy theory says:

    When is the rally eastern standard time?


  26. Carson Napier says:

    Email –

    Bikers for Trump is riding to El Paso, Texas TONIGHT for President Donald Trump’s huge Rally for the Wall – and I’m stopping to get a hold of our strongest supporters to see if you’re still fired up to Build the Wall and keep our America First Agenda moving forward!

    Tonight we’ll be there to support the President, and then TOMORROW the Bikers and I will be at the border to bring meals to the courageous and hard-pressed officers of the Customs and Border Patrol who need that wall!

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  27. coltlending says:

    America need only look at Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Miami’s prison population and crime levels and clearance rates (solved crimes) to see what catch-and-release and sanctuary cities have been doing to America.

    Walls work.

    Just ask Rob Reiner, Nancy Pelosi and other Liberals who have fences or walls around their homes (or public beachfronts).

    First Liberals attempted to gaslight people that illegal aliens were a net benefit.

    Now after tens of thousands of the illegals that continued to be bad actors by stealing, assaulting by any number of means, kidnapping or killing Americans, the Liberals want the bad actors to be let loose upon America.

    Likewise, first, the Liberals gaslighted much of America in to believing a beating heart in the wok was not a person.

    Now the Liberals are trying to brainwash America that a beating heart outside the womb is not a person!

    This aggression cannot stand!

    American’s need to wake up.

    These people are killers.

    If they gain power they won’t think twice about taking out anyone who stands in their way.

    They prove that in everything they have been doing and with every anti-2A action they take.


    • Leane Kamari says:

      “If they gain power they won’t think twice about taking out anyone who stands in their way.”
      So true, that is how it started out in the 1930 in Germany with the Nazi (national socialist party) and bang you know what followed. Be alert!


  28. Fools Gold says:

    It’s live on c-span2! No interruptions!


  29. soozword says:

    Here is an action alert from FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) I just received on the HS Conference Committee deal:

    “Late last night, members of the Homeland Security conference committee announced an agreement in principle to stave off another government shutdown.

    And guess what? It sounds like a TERRIBLE deal.

    Negotiators agreed to fund $1.375 billion in new border barriers—well short of what President Trump requested. In exchange for this small amount of funding, Democrats will receive a 17 percent decrease in current detention space—a tactic undoubtedly designed to perpetuate wide scale catch and release. Further, negotiators are supposedly united in agreement to reverse asylum changes made by former Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

    This initial agreement must be stopped. Detention beds are absolutely crucial – reducing them incentivizes more illegal immigration and undercuts any border barrier funding.

    But the fight is not over! Negotiators are currently putting the agreement into actual text. Then, it must be passed by both the House and Senate before making its way to President Trump.

    Here is what I need you to do:

    CALL the four main members of the conference committee today and tell them:

    DO NOT decrease detention beds. A reduction in detention beds will result in the immediate release of illegal aliens – including those with criminal records – into American communities.

    DO NOT block implementation of Jeff Sessions-backed changes to the “credible fear” standard. The weaker standard has been the engine of the border crisis by causing a spike in frivolous asylum claims.

    The Trump administration has made legitimate progress in minimizing catch and release policies and addressing asylum loopholes that were bolstered by previous administrations. We cannot let Congress reverse that progress in exchange for 55 miles of border fencing.

    Here are the lawmakers you need to call:

    Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala.): (202) 224-5744

    Senator Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.): (202) 224-4242

    Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas): (202) 225-5071

    Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.): (202) 225-6506

    Call all FOUR of them. Then, make the same points on social media.

    We need you NOW – time is of the essence!


    RJ Hauman
    Government Relations Director”


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