Jim Jordan Questions AAG Matt Whitaker on Rosenstein Scope Memo to Robert Mueller….

Congressman Jim Jordan questions AAG Matt Whitaker on the August 2017 scope memo (shown below) that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein delivered to Robert Mueller.

Representative Jordan asks if there are specific people named within the hidden (redacted) scope memo. Initially AAG Whitaker says “yes”, and then appears to back away from that answer.  The exchange is below:


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376 Responses to Jim Jordan Questions AAG Matt Whitaker on Rosenstein Scope Memo to Robert Mueller….

  1. Oldskool says:

    If the Swamp thought for one minute that Barr is going to go in and clean anything up, there is no way he would be approved as AG. The only hope I hold out for him is what he said during his confirmation hearing about generally that at his age he didn’t care anymore about being politically correct. It’s possible he could be our modern day Elliot Ness, we’ll see.

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    • Army Mom says:

      I hope you’re right about William Barr but after reading this I’m very disappointed in his appointment. He has a long history of squashing America’s rights. The state of our country breaks my heart and I pray everyday for God to stop the lawlessness that has taken over. America today is not the country of my youth..

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    • MrG says:

      Nope, no Elliot Ness. It will biz as usual at the DOJ. Perhaps a different shade of lipstick on the DS pig. But that’s it.

      The thoroughly corrupt, (and that includes the vaunted “field agents”, you know the ones who pulled off the raid on Roger Stone?) morally bankrupt, criminal enterprise that is our “justice system” will continue operating with impunity

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    • BitterC says:

      Barr has a chance to enter the history books if he does what is required.
      Perhaps we wants to atone for his past? More than 20 yrs have passed & he might actually have some regrets.
      OTOH, it appears being a swamp creature is a family affair. He might not want to mess up his kids’ livelihoods?

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    • Keith D. Rodebush says:

      Elliot Ness is the birther of the corrupt American Justice system. Once convinced that someone is guilty, anything to get them is justified. This attitude has permeated law enforcement ever since.


    • I hate to say it, but all of these DOJ appointments are the responsibility of the President. He seems to be getting some really bad advice.

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  2. Chewbarkah says:

    Help me out here. WHAT POSSIBLE JUSTIFICATION is there for keeping Rosenstein’s SC authorizations secret from the American people TWO YEARS IN? Are we to believe that R. named important crimes and persons that Mueller hasn’t investigated or even contacted yet? Preposterous. Suggestion for Whitaker: Release the unredacted documents and turn off the lights on your way out the door.

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      This will be their argument:

      The DOJ does not release investigative directions publicly to protect the targets should the investigation prove the accusations baseless.

      Unless of course you’re 84 Inches of Awesome!!…… James B Comey

      then you shit all over your target right before you exonerate her, hoping to split the baby down the middle.

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    • clairebee says:

      Jim Jordan was really hot about that one, as he suspects that information is critical. But I don’t think it’s about whom you think, Chewbarkah. JOrdan stated emphatically that we investigate crimes, not people, so I suspect the names listed (if that is what they are) are Trump and his family, etc…

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  3. TPW says:

    Don’t hold your breath….but for the record I am in too


  4. Alex50 says:

    Whitaker is Sessions junior.

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  5. spoogels says:

    WATCH: Room ERUPTS When Acting AG Whitaker Tells Democrat Chair His ‘Five Minutes Is Up’

    Like a BOSS!

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  6. spoogels says:

    Sheila Jackson Lee Triggered After Whitaker Trolls Judiciary Committee, “Mr. Attorney General, Your Humor is Not Acceptable” (VIDEO)


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  7. Doppler says:

    Interesting article exploring the Rod Rosenstein – DC AUSA Steve Wasserman (DWS’s brother) role in terminating federal criminal proceedings related to Brenda Snipes destruction of ballots from the 2016 primary where DWS eked out a narrow victory.

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    • clairebee says:

      yes, interesting. She is a rat to the nth degree, and ever since that video of her threatening the Capital Police Chief about he “darn well better” give her back her computer (that Awan had dumped) or he will suffer consequences I am on the alert for her shenanigans.

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  8. rmramerica says:

    The face of Matt Whitaker in the exchange with Jim Jordan is the face of a man caught with his hand in the cookie jar. His long arm is elbow deep and he doesn’t want to disclose with any statement the mess the DOJ and FBI created or is involved in. Jordan brought it to everyone’s attention. Well done! Snifter clink to the congressman.

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  9. TomA says:

    The DOJ/FBI is never going to come clean about the covert coup being executed against a sitting US president, and no one in DOJ/FBI is ever going to be charged or prosecuted for committing numerous Class I felony criminal acts by persons in a position of trust. The reason for this is quite simple really. Should any high ranking member of either DOJ or FBI be convicted of perjury or sedition, they will taint every other prosecution occurring during their watch and open the door for thousands of criminal convictions to be overturned due to institutional malfeasance. The entire edifice of DOJ/FBI would then be focused on remedial actions associated with those cases.

    DC will not heal itself. Barr is going to do exactly what Sessions was working on before he was fired. He will coverup the entire criminal enterprise that is DOJ/FBI and whitewash everything with some blustering outrage and faux rule changes that purport to prevent a future recurrence. It will all be a sham and the end result will be an explosion of public cynicism.

    We need a yellow vest movement to descend on DC and demand an end to the double standard that allows DC elites to bypass the same laws that are imposed upon everyone else. Nothing short of that will make a difference.

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  10. covfefe999 says:

    To those of you who are upset with Whitaker, it helps to keep these two things in mind:

    1) The Republicans did not demand that Whitaker appear at this hearing, the Democrats did.

    2) Whitaker has a limited purpose and he is fulfilling it. He was intended to be a temporary replacement for Sessions.

    You need to have reasonable expectations. Now, after Barr is confirmed, we can expect that he’ll make some progress and we can be upset if he doesn’t. But Whitaker is just temporary, a place holder. Sessions had to go, and Rosenstein had to be put back into his DAG spot.

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    • I agree. Whitaker was effective against the roaches Sheila Jackson Lee and Jerry Nadler.
      Perhaps did not expect Jordan’s questions–gotta love Congressman Jordan who is like my two terriers–persistent and determined in protecting his countrymen!


    • lemmus1 says:

      Sick of hearing faux outrage because of Whittaker actually doing his job before an extremely hostile committee. Was he perfect? No. Did he draw a weapon and begin shooting the Dems, starting with Nadler? No.

      He did his job, professionally, and without the stupid sneers and obvious contempt that Rosie exhibited. He gave no ground and repeatedly exposed the Dems for the snakes they are. Neither did he provide anyone any grounds or headlines for further delaying Barr’s confirmation. Did he expose any redacted info? No. And Jordan knew he wasn’t going to but got his licks in on Rosie despite that. Any revelation of redacted info would have caused a firestorm and given the Dems/RINOs another excuse to delay Barr.

      Whittaker will remain among Barr’s top cadre going forward. Rosie will be allowed to ‘retire’ gracefully after a short grace period. Barr will spend the next few months gaining control of the DoJ/FBI. Unless the SC issues a report and closes, the DoJ is going to be externally quiet while Barr does his homework.

      It will be late summer before we know who Barr is – unless the SC shuts down before. Let it be. Trump made his pick. We are all in on Trump. Put the Eeyores out to pasture.

      I’m more and more convinced that some here won’t be happy unless mass executions begin tomorrow. Simply isn’t going to happen. We are America, not Nazi Germany. There will be convictions enough before Trump is done with the Deep State. Let it be.

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    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Whitaker is Pretty Woman
      He’s Working Girl
      He’s Charlie Bucket who got to see the Chocolate Factory.

      Imagine this
      A guy who criticized Mueller publicly got to be Mueller’s BOSS and peek up his skirt.
      He got read into Rosenstein and Mueller’s investigation
      He got read into Micheal Horowitz’s investigation.
      He got read into John Huber’s investigation.

      And in 5 days or so,,,,,,,,he will be a CIVILIAN again.

      I want to take this opportunity to personally thank Matt Whitaker in some small way by offering to pick him up from the office on his final day and take him out for All You Eat Steak N Beers at Sizzler followed by a slumber party at my house.

      I want to hear all about Cinderella Whitaker’s three month stint at The Castle and maybe help him find new employment.

      I’ve been combing the Want Ads and found a couple leads:

      Serious NEWS organization is looking to fill vacancy formerly held by Matt Whitaker for counter-point commentator position about the Mueller probe. Interested applicants must be ALOT like Matt Whitaker.
      Contact B.Stelter@menshairclub.com for details.

      Important Institution looking for young go-getter with “Staff Chiefing” experience.
      Interested applicants can contact Kellyanne at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

      Inspirational and inexhaustible blogger looking for copy-boy/cat whisperer.
      Contact Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse.


  11. Robert Smith says:

    Ex-NYTimes editor, Jill Abrahmson – plagiarized in her book?

    No big deal! It’s tough when you have to write your own original content.

    Will go on to hawk book at the Newseum – journalism’s onanistic monument to itself, that will soon close.



    • Yes and the plagiarism is quite stark–I read two passages last night and they were almost word for word. Abrahmson caught slack-jawed by the evidence, apparently.

      BWAHAHA another sting on lying corrupt media.


    • paper doll says:

      Write it? She didn’t even read it. lol!


      • MelH says:

        A book I wrote that was, in the contract, supposed to be my autobiography of a certain segment of my life. The editor assigned to me didn’t like my version of that segment and told me how SHE thought it should read. Since I had already spent the Advance money, and needed the other half I would get when the manuscript was turned in, I fictionalized my life to suit the Editor. She added bits and pieces to suit how SHE thought the readers would react. Abrahmson may have had the same editor. When you sign a contract in Advance of writing the book, you get paid half the agreed upon price immediately. The rest is paid upon submission of the manuscript. I needed the money and let the Editor do with it what she wanted. Abrahmson might have done the same thing.

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        • paper doll says:

          I think it fairly common practice that such books as Abrahmson’s are ghost written, indeed it’s expected….which may be why she’s getting away with it. She didn’t steal others work…an underling did .


      • Robert Smith says:

        Makes sense if it is a Deep State payoff to her for services rendered. Pre-written, just sign on the dotted line.

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  12. GSparrow says:

    Jim Jordan’s questions were the best during the entire Dem inquisition. Hearing the answers (if ever) will likely be shocking. Where were many of the other GOP members? Whitaker was pummeled by 5 or 6 Dems in a row at one point while the GOP seats were mostly empty.

    Whitaker seems like a decent fellow and I hoped he would manage to rise out of the legal snake pit at the DOJ but it appears he was not able to do so alone. I suspect he tried, but the pressure from the anti Trump majority was too much for him and they swallowed him up whole and then expelled him as a retrained “part of the old guard’s team.” The Stone raid and the continued one side only indictments against Trump associates certainly indicates that is the situation.

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  13. Alan Brandenburg says:

    I watched the circus for about an hour after lunch. I have never witnessed the kind of behavior that the Democratic Socialists exhibited. One bitch would ask the AG a question about something Trump supposedly said and then ask the AG if Trump said it in he presence. When he tried to explain that conversations between he and the President were confidential, she immediately said “I’ll take that as a yes.

    If “guilty until proven innocent” is now the new standard of our politicians, then this is not the country that I have known and loved for 70 years.

    I thought for a moment that I had tuned into a Russian television and the Federal Assembly and the State Duma were doing the hearing. The Gestapo like behavior of the Democratic Socialists is reprehensible.

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  14. Lefty says:

    A lot of over reactions about Whitaker. He isn’t swamp, and he certainly isn’t part of the coup.
    He stood up to the Dems and didn’t give them any of the soundbites they were all after. His “I’m not here to be your puppet” response was perfect. He didn’t implicate the President in any way and strongly held to any conversations he has had with the President or WH was priveleged. I suspect he isn’t the designated hammer. He was a placeholder to keep RR from further overseeing the SC. We need to be more worried about Barr and what he will and won’t do as the confirmed AG going forward.

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  15. Patriot Lady says:

    Because the Treehouse continually adds new followers, let me again remind us of the real Jim Jordan This is my letter from last year….

    July 11, 2018 Jim Jordan’s dirty little secret
    No – it’s not the recent accusation of immoral behavior when he was a college wrestling coach to which I refer. This dirty secret more recent, and politically speaking, far more dangerous to us than allegations of him concealing sexual assault of college wrestlers when a OSU college coach. Jordan’s immoral actions occurred in 2013, 2015 and 2017. Please let me explain.
    This week I received an email from Tea Party Patriots defending Jim Jordan. TPP asked us to rally around Jordan and support him against these charges.
    Before going any further however, let’s briefly review of how the US Congress works– in particular, the role of the Speaker of the House. One of the duties of The Speaker is to set the House legislative agenda. The Speaker determines which legislation reaches the House floor for a vote. In other words, The Speaker of the House controls all legislation passing through Congress. Remember that.
    Now back to Jim Jordan….
    As you know, in October 2015, Speaker of the House, John Boehner, resigned in disgrace. Boehner lost the Speakership, not because he was voted out by House GOP members, but because of pressure put on Congress (fire John Boehner!) by frustrated constituents and Tea Party groups across the nation—Republicans and conservative Americans angry with their representatives that they were not doing what they were elected for- upholding conservatism. In reality, Boehner’s deceit and his anti-conservatism dates as far back as 2008: https://thinkprogress.org/boehners-home-state-tea-party-slams-his-secret-plot-to-kill-the-congressional-ethics-office-63b175272af2/
    Before 2015 however, steps to remove Boehner were beginning to take shape.
    In January 2013, several House members– not Jim Jordan– but Louie Gohmert, Justin Amash, Tim Huelskamp, and Thomas Massie, led an insurrection to oust Boehner. Shockingly, neither Jim Jordan nor Michele Bachmann, both who had campaigned as Tea Party candidates, would join the effort– even after Tea Party groups from Cincinnati to Toledo, Dayton to Akron –and conservatives all over Ohio begged them to do so. Over a period of 2 weeks, literally hundreds of phone calls were made and emails were sent to Congress. I know- I was a part of it! Even RedState blogger and radio host, Erick Erickson was involved. In January 2013, John Boehner would have been replaced by a conservative Speaker, but for the lack of 2 Republican votes- shamefully 2 Ohio Republicans– Jim Jordan and Brad Wenstrup. Jordan and Wenstrup stabbed conservatives in the back, supported Boehner, and he was re-elected. To this day I still scratch my head and ask– Why did Jordan support Boehner?! He knew Boehner’s horrendous record: making back-room deals with Pelosi, stonewalling the Benghazi investigation, refusing to de-fund Planned Parenthood, and even threatening to redistrict Jordan over his opposition to the 2011 budget deal. How can this be the same Jim Jordan who fought so adamantly for conservatism in 2011?!
    In January 2015, with the anti-Boehner movement gaining momentum, those same 4 congressmen- Gohmert, Amash, Huelskamp, Massie- plus 21 others, led an even greater effort to oust Boehner. Both Jim Jordan and Michelle Bachmann however, sucker punched conservatives again, and supported Boehner for Speaker!
    So in September 2015, after our RINO congressmen refused twice to do it, a citizen revolt finally forced Speaker Boehner to resign. With Boehner gone, Jim Jordan was granted a third opportunity to redeem himself when a brave conservative, Daniel Webster, volunteered as candidate for Speaker. Jordan could have joined the effort, but he didn’t. He instead supported Boehner’s liberal clone, Paul Ryan. And in January 2017, Jordan threw conservatives under the bus for the fourth time, supporting the anti-Trump liberal, Paul Ryan! There is no doubt in my mind- Jim Jordan is not only a member of the DC Swamp, he’s fertilizing it! Jim Jordan’s support for Speaker Paul Ryan paved the way for this:
    And this:

    Bottom line– if all legislation introduced in Congress is controlled by the Speaker, and Jim Jordan has a history of supporting dishonorable liberal Speakers, how can Jim Jordan truthfully call himself a conservative? What credibility does he have if he tells us he voted against a bad bill, when he supported the liberal who controls all legislation to be voted on?!! So the next time your GOP Congressman brags about his ‘conservative’ voting record, just remember this– it means squat! The only vote that mattered was his vote for Speaker of the House.
    Personally, Jim Jordan’s guilt or innocence of ignoring sexual abuse against college wrestlers concerns me not. His actions in Congress for the past 5 years are a far greater example of his character– a liar, coward, and should not be re-elected. Which evokes this question: Why are Tea Party Patriots still supporting him?!!


    • Fringe Dweller says:

      “Why are Tea Party Patriots still supporting him?!!”

      Answer: Short attention spans. It’s the problem most Americans have concerning politics, and it’s probably the most important reason we are where we are today.


  16. KeithInTampa says:


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  17. Jerry Miller says:

    Why was Whittaker appointed? The Dems were outraged and obstinate after the fact, but that little charade soon disappeared.

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  18. gymcy81 says:

    “…the DOJ investigates crimes, not individuals…”

    On page 3 of the attachment,
    a specific name IS identified – not blacked out – in the memo from DOJ Rosenstein to the Special Counsel….

    The rest of story is sssslowly unfolding…

    Jim Jordan and Matt Whittaker – Thank you for shining some light on the story.


    • gymcy81 says:

      In this articles, Attachment C, pg. 3 of 4,
      there is a written name, spelled out, visible, readable that is a real person (and not blacked out).

      Remember what was stated in the hearing?
      “…the DOJ investigates crimes, not individuals…”

      Who wrote the memo of Attachment C?

      … connect a few dots …

      Could it be that some other treepers may be barking up the wrong tree? (for untold reason?)

      I do not know


  19. Pew-Anon says:

    I’ll take that as a yes.


  20. Obviously the memo contains names, we can see from the small section unredacted. It’s names attached to specific allegations. The question is why 2.5 months later. And we a week after the Manafort Raid. And why it was issued at all. And how was Mueller given a counterintelligence investigation against the regulations. Our side never asks the right questions…


    • gymcy81 says:

      Congressman Jordan was asking…
      (and teamed up with the Interim DOJ director to shine some light.. for others to take a look). : )

      Thank you committee Chair Nadler for creating the public opportunity… ; )

      And thank you Matt Whittaker for accepting the invite, even though you are in the position, temporarily. (at the current time).

      Go ahead, and watch the Q&A again…

      Seeking the truths….


  21. Mr. Acting Attorney General, your five minutes have expired!!


  22. Realist says:

    The swamp is wide and the swamp is deep and everybody is in it.


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