Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Discusses Upcoming Summit With President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un…

Last night President Trump announced he will be meeting with North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un in Vietnam on February 27th and 28th.  [Note: remember the deadline for China trade deal is March 2nd]   Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears on Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo to fill in some details:


In the segment below Secretary Pompeo discusses China:


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48 Responses to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Discusses Upcoming Summit With President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un…

  1. Remington says:

    I can only hope PDJT does what he committed to do; that is if he wants to be successful. Make damn sure he takes Da Nang dick with him, since he knows the ropes.

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  2. The Boss says:

    Well rested after a great SOTU, i woke up to the Pompeo interview this morning. Starting off the day winning! How could I ever be tired?

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  3. Kenji says:

    Be SAFE in VietNam, Mr. President! The place wasn’t too safe for 50k Americans

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  4. everywhereguyy says:

    Waiting for a new article about VA Atty Genl blackface admission…

    VA state govt line of succession —

    1 gov (D) — blackface
    2 lt gov (D) — sexual assault
    3 att genl (D) — blackface
    4 republican head of legislature

    Gee, I guess nobody can resign now.

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  5. notfaded1 says:

    Some of the only good news left on television. I like Maria.

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  6. What a great National asset Mike Pompeo is. I never realized what a capable individual could accomplish in that position. It’s been a long talent dry spell for SOS.

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  7. L. E. Joiner says:

    I’m puzzled by the scheduling of another summit with Kim so soon. Is it connected to the China trade deadline? Will South Korea’s President be there as well? If so, I wonder whether there are some well-hidden developments that will be revealed at the summit—maybe even a working agreement for Korean unification? /LEJ


    • Fools Gold says:

      You know it is. Can’t have one without the other IMHO.

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    • CountryDoc says:

      I’m sure everything is connected. The leverage of crippling tariffs on the table with China, makes it very risky for China to interfere with little Korea, whom China is using to disguise its Dragon. They want to bring their Panda to negotiations with the U.S. and manipulate Kim to be their bad boy with nukes. Kim has to decide: Can the U.S. protect me from China and the visible and invisible representatives infiltrating my country, and give us the hope that my people want; or do I remain a slave for China, who also hasn’t been treating us well and continue to experience (along with China) the crippling sanctions of the U.S. and its allies.

      China has to show good faith to end the coming crippling tarrifs and they are already hurting. They cannot negotiate honestly and effectively for that, if Kim cowers under the fear of China and doesn’t denuclearize and open the country to sunlight.

      I smell winnamins coming.

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  8. Chip Doctor says:

    Kenji, I worry about POTUS every time he goes overseas. There are too many people worldwide that want to take him out. I also worry about him going to El Paso. Another thing to pray about. Be safe, PDJT. We need you.

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  9. davidb says:

    I would guess its almost time to lift sanctions and resume/begin trade……………..Here comes Micky D’s!!!

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  10. no-nonsence-nancy says:

    He’s doing a great job and is diligently working to carry out PDT’s agenda in keeping US safe and working toward peace for the whole world. Love that man!

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  11. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    Hypothetically, down the road we can look forward to this…

    President Trump and Secretary Pompeo strike a deal with Kim & his Chinese benefactors to rid the Korean peninsula of nuclear weapons. The treaty includes realistic verification language.

    However, in order to guarantee a successful conclusion to this agreement PDT has to remove the US (combat ready) troops deployed in South Korea.

    From the recent reactions to PDJT & SoS Pompeo discussing (1) Reducing our NATO involvement and (2) Reducing our participation in Mid-East wars, how many here at CTH think President Trump will be hammered (for ending a nuclear stand-off) by the media, the House & 99% of the REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED Senate?

    After McConnell’s despicable behavior earlier this week, maybe some of us American citizens can learn a thing or two from ANTIFA about introducing ourselves to Mitch in a DC or Kentucky restaurant and raising our voices a little.


    • CountryDoc says:

      Where are there collections of patriots to share ideas, that would be effective? Unlike Antifa, we want to respect law, preserve our government, respect those in uniform representing our constitution which keeps us free. Enemies are:
      1. Those who control the legislature
      2. Those who control the DOJ
      3. Those who control the FBI/CIA, and Military
      4. Those who control our banks
      5. Those leeches/Pigs feeding at the trough where the wealth of the working class is being diverted

      The people have the power on paper but are not aware and organized
      The people have the power through the 2nd amendment, but it is questionable about when and how to use it. The enemy has been like a python snake, suffocating us, but masquerading as a comforter.

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    • GB Bari says:

      I disagree with removing our troops from South Korea just yet.

      I would think that would be a negotiating item that would be contingent upon NoKo having completed its denuclearizarion and an opening of the border between the two Koreas.

      Once it is clear that NoKo no longer presents a military threat to SoKo, only then it might be time to pull US troops from SoKo as long as SoKo is OK with that.

      A lot of IF’s……..

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  12. Sparty says:

    Vietnam as site is a big time move in my mind. What better new manufacturing partner for Kim to work with, launch his fledgling economy apart from China, than the ChiCom-hating hungry for success country that is Vietnam. I see Vietnam healing old wounds by embracing Trump and his

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    • lemmus1 says:

      Don’t get sucked in by Hanoi’s overtures.
      Vietnam remains very much a hardline communist dictatorship that sees both China and the US as enemies. It fought the Chinese PLA to a draw in the late 70s over northern border disputes, a war that led China to totally revamp their military. That border remains heavily militarized. Any rapprochement by Hanoi would likely involve us more directly in their current dispute with China over the Paracel Islands in the South China Sea.

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  13. G. Combs says:

    In the article, President Trump’s Strategic Statement Toward Beijing and Pyongyang

    I wrote:

    Remember what President Trump’s FIRST meeting with President Xi was like.

    He served the bombing of Syria with Desert!

    Fast forward to this week.
    The Senate majority leader calls a vote where the Senate DEMANDS President Trump stays in Afcrapistan.

    Remember what Sundance pointed out to us a couple of years ago:

    Who wags Afghanistan’s tail? — Pakistan

    Who wags Pakistan’s tail? — China

    Like North Korea, Afghanistan is really another Chinese proxy.

    So yes, Sundance is correct. This whole scenario is a subtle threat. President Trump is saying, I, President Trump am standing between YOU and the War Mongers. Now let’s talk.

    This could put a different light on the McTurtle vote…

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    • TreeClimber says:

      Which makes me question: who is holding Tom Donohue’s strings? And doesn’t China lobby DC et. al. for millions? So is President Trump actually helping China slap the dog that bit their hand?


    • CHINA DEAL 1.0:
      How China can “QUALIFY” for a future no-Tariffs Trade Deal by EARNING GOODWILL.
      • DENUCLEARIZE North Korea, partnering with the USA and Japan
      • DEFANG the Taliban in Afghanistan Peace Deal, partnering with the USA and Pakistan
      • DEWEAPONIZE Iran, partnering with the USA and GCC

      CHINA DEAL 2.0:
      How China can “QUALIFY” for a future no-Tariffs Trade Deal by EARNING TRUST.
      • DESIST from IP Theft, Cyber Espionage and Corporate-Infiltration with ZERO Cases
      • FUND ESCROW for IP-Theft Reparations and Cyber-Hacking Remediation/Damages
      • END Global Infrastructure-Entanglement Loan-Scams through Renegotiations.

      RUSSIA DEAL 1.0:
      How Russia can “QUALIFY” for a future no-Sanctions Trade Deal by EARNING TRUST.
      • DEESCALATE Venezuela for new Elections, partnering with the USA and OAS.
      • DECONFLICT Syria through Peace Deal, partnering with the USA, GCC and Turkey.
      • DELOUSE Lebanon from Hezbollah, partnering with USA and Israel.
      • PACIFY Palestine through Peace Deal, partnering with the USA, Israel and GCC.

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      • lemmus1 says:

        The trade deal with China is only the first step for Trump.

        China’s status as a ‘developing’ nation within the WTO guidelines affords it many economic advantages that the current bilateral trade talks do not address. He just appointed a very anti-WTO banker to take over the top WTO position. A person who has openly and repeatedly challenged China’s WTO status.

        Watch what happens to that nomination in the Senate. Trump has just begun to rearrange the world economic order.

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        • Wondering why not save the China Trade Deal to LAST:
          • The ONLY thing that will compel China to literally reverse its Malevolent Trajectory … under a Totalitarian Communist Dictator … is UNRELENTING Economic Decline due to Loss of Exports.
          • China must REVERSE IP Theft (both Governmental and Cultural), Industrial Monopolization, Market and Currency Manipulation, Cyber Espionage, Corporate Infiltration, Resource Exfiltration from Developing Nations, Debt-Trap Takeover of Poor Nations’ Infrastructure, Telecom Entanglement of Developed Nations, Militarization of South China Sea, and its Strategy for Global Hegemony.
          • It will take many Negotiation Cycles to get China to reverse
          • It will take a year or two for China to make required changes to even ENABLE enforcement.
          • Any removal of current/pending Tariffs would ELIMINATE the leverage needed to drive any changes, not to mention any sense of urgency.
          • Unless every Trade Deal “Raises the Bar” for successive Trade Deals, there will be no sense of urgency to “go first”; if the Bar is Raised, they’ll RACE to close early.

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          • Completed:
            • It will take many Negotiation Cycles to get China to even COMMIT to these reversals, much less AGREE on how FAST to implement and how to enforce them with CONSEQUENCES.

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            • lemmus1 says:

              We here focus on the bilateral relations with China as if they were THE most important thing going on in the Chinese world view. They are important, yes. But not more important than the very survival of modern China as we know it.

              China faces existential threats within and without. It is a recently created empire built out of a forced union of fiefdoms ruled by warlords only 7 decades ago. The warlords still effectively exist under the guise of the CCP. It is this very threat that Xi has recently moved against to reinstate the Maoist dictatorship that had largely been dismantled over the past 30 years. In our own worldview, the very idea of the DoD successfully overthowing POTUS is literally a non-entity. In China, it is a reality – and the PLA is only one threat among many internal ones. Xi has consolidated his internal power. He can and will do what is necessary to effect change. He must.

              Externally, we again assume we are the only real threat to China both economically and militarily. That is a false assumption. China is surrounded by external threats that most Americans don’t even realize exist. It is virtually bereft of internal resources to feed its population, its factories, and its military.

              India poses no threat to us so we dismiss it. But if we had fought almost continuous border skirmishes and even battalion size battles with India over the past 60 years, battles that turned into stalemates with hundreds of miles of contested borders, we’d look at India’s largely cohesive 1.5 billion population differently – especially at its rapid nuclearization, technical modernization, and rising economic power. Vietnam has at least two PLA tested divisions on its southern border and vast new energy resources on tap, Russia on the Yalu with oil, an Air Force, and a modern mechanized army, Nuclearized Muslim jihadist nations on its western borders, and the SK/Japan/US on its eastern borders. All pose viable threats militarily and economically.

              The last thing China wants right now is war with us, especially nuclear. Their centralized control over their vast populace and territory would dissolve overnight. But they can’t afford to ignore us while they deal with the other threats. We may not be able to win a land war with China but the rest of Asia could with our support.

              The last thing Trump wants is a war with China – or a China broken into warring entities with nukes, ICBMs, and jihadists at loose. It would be economic and military suicide by both – but if China were to see such as the only way for the CCP/Xi to retain control by uniting the masses against a common enemy, it might. So Trump isn’t going to do anything that would threaten China existentially – thus the step-by-step approach that addresses our primary trade issues while allowing Xi to keep China in his grasp, weaker but still whole.

              No, it won’t be overnight – but if Trump is successful, his successor(s) will see it through. I remain both realistic and somewhat optimistic. So far, so good. Two years in with six to go.


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  14. Melski says:

    Mike Pompeo will be our next president after Trump in 2024.


  15. Blaze says:

    The next two yrs will certainly be interesting how this plays out with NK. Time is running out and I’m sure that is exactly the game NK is playing.


    • lemmus1 says:

      NK is playing a game against itself. It simply cannot feed its people, there is too little arable land and collectivization was disastrous. So it went nuclear, effectively demanding the rest of the world feed it or else.

      But Kim III went to school in Switzerland and knows the world will win eventually. His problem is the rest of his ruling class didn’t go to the same school. They believe their own fairy tale. And they will kill Kim III to keep it alive if necessary.

      The real ‘game’ is Kim (with Trump’s support) against his own regime. For Trump to ‘win’ both Kim and his ruling class must have a way out short of self-immolation. That is the ‘deal’ Pompeo and Trump are negotiating. All else is fluff. Imnsho.

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  16. cripto says:

    The National Interest just posted 76 different ideas about how the Vietnam summit may work out, from experts on NK, some of whom worked on previous negotiations or sanctions. You may agree or disagree with the estimations, but it is a good primer of a variety of perspectives, US, SK, China, Japan, European. Also perspectives from various areas of expertise such as arms control, diplomatic, government, Human Rights, economics and so on. An interesting read if you have time. But at the end of the day, they are speculative,yet informed opinions.’s-second-summit-we-asked-76-experts-predict-results-43787

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  17. cripto says:

    My comments on the intended or unintended consequences of Congressional actions vis-a-vis the President. If you think as an American, you generally will not see the Foreign reading of what is going on. That is because you are so domestically focussed, justifiably so. Those of us who live in other cultures read things differently. We get the the other side, and how they read US politics. Very different perspective, and one of the strengths of this administration. Lots of talent there.

    cripto says:
    February 5, 2019 at 8:14 pm
    It is odd how these senate resolutions or ‘virtue signaling work’. It reminds me of the resolution to stop the President from removing the USAF from South Korea (because SK wasn’t agreeing to pay more for the maintenance of US troops there) without congressional input, that passed recently.

    Neville Chamberlain Moon was resisting a renegotiation of the agreement. My take is that after the resolution passed, Moon Inc. realized the President was seriously contemplating that move (after all if the Senate took it seriously that the President would withdraw) and low and behold, a new forces in agreement was signed and Moon is paying up.

    Perhaps this resolution, or more specifically McMitch’s amendment, will light a fire under the Afghan gov and the Taliban to reach an accommodation. They too will take this resolution as a serious indicator the President will pull the plug. Unlike Americans, they know who holds the power to withdraw troops or beef them up: the Commander in Chief, not the hand wavers in congress.


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