Liawatha Still Trying to Explain Why She Listed Herself as American Indian…

Senator Elizabeth Warren answered questions today after evidence surfaced showing she listed herself as an American Indian on a Texas Bar registration form.

Despite several minutes of answering/not answering questions, she’s still no better off than the moments before she approached the cameras. All goofy. She’s toast.


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393 Responses to Liawatha Still Trying to Explain Why She Listed Herself as American Indian…

  1. Honest Abbey says:

    She keeps mentioning her family and her brothers as a reason for why she perpetrated this fraud…. maybe her entire family should be investigated to see if they, too, are guilty of identity theft.

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    • maiingankwe says:

      Honest Abbey,
      I completely agree. It’s all I could think about while she kept repeating it over and over. It was as if she was giving loud hints for them to do so. Unfortunately, unless their puppet masters tell them to do so, we won’t be reading it in their newspapers or watching it on their news programs.

      At first, I was going to say she couldn’t be that bloody daft if she didn’t want anyone doing a bit of research, but then I remembered who she was.

      Lately, all I see these questions put to politicians are all planned out and answered ahead of time. They know exactly what they’re going to be asked and how to answer them. What bothers me about this one is the women Elders of the Cherokee Tribe went to her office in Boston asking her to sit down with them. They had specifically wanted her to go through the Rolls with them that they had brought to try and figure out exactly where she stood. They wanted to hear the stories she was told so they could help her figure out her family history. They did this respectfully. They were there I believe for three days and were continuously refused. If she had any inclination or had even listened to the stories told to her growing up, she would’ve been far more respectful of her Elders, especially these ladies who controlled the Rolls.

      After days of frustration, they reached out to news channels and newspapers. The only to report on it was the Boston Globe I believe. This was a few years ago.

      If she had been curious and wanted to know more about her family and her connection to the Cherokee Tribe, she would’ve made it a point to sit and talk with them. Those Elders were there to help her and connect with her and she was more than rude. It left me a bitter taste in my mouth, I cannot imagine how they had felt, but I can guess.

      Her behavior also told me she knew it was a bunch of hooey, and the moment she sat down with her Elders, they would’ve figured out her scam, especially if she tried to tell any of her bs stories she claims she was told growing up. Those Elders would have seen the stories full of holes, and she was afraid they’d go public with the truth. This is all my opinion and how I see it.

      In addition, I don’t believe the tribal leader speaks for the majority of the tribe. I wouldn’t doubt if he had been paid off, blackmailed or shown how it would have been in his best interest to say what he did when she had apologized in her call to him.

      I know a lot of Natives were not happy whatsoever when she claimed she was 1/124 or whatever it was from a dna test, especially when it was what Puerto Rican or some such. It certainly wasn’t North American. If she had been telling the truth and had actually sat down with these Elders, she would’ve known those tests hold absolutely no water when it comes to proving one’s ancestry and ties to any American tribe. Imagine all of the people running to different tribes demanding they were a member simply from one of those saliva tests? I’m sure they swamped for awhile wasting their time when they had real Natives trying to find their family’s names in the Rolls. Yeah, my feathers are still ruffled when I hear her go on about all of her lies, which is how I see it, lies.
      Okay, all done with my rant, and here I was just going to agree with you Abbey, and hope there is an honest journalist out there and to do some serious digging.
      Be well,


    • Democrats, once caught in their VOLUMINOUS lies, simply CANNOT bring themselves to ADMIT they lied, apologize, and ask for forgiveness, no matter HOW bad it gets for them, they LIE MORE and make it worse. They are that narcissistic, childish, and STUPID.

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      • CTHfan says:

        The fraud committed by Warren is claiming minority status in order to get preferential treatment for employment or certification to practice law. THAT is what she should be apologizing for.

        Those lame reporters did not challenge her on that point, i.e., whether or not her INTENT was to claim minority status to gain said preferential treatment, or if she is aware of receiving it. Surely there must be a criminal penalty for lying on official government forms. On the flip side, why aren’t these government agencies/bar associations, etc., verifying such claims?

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        • This is the crux of the issue- it’s not merely a politically expedient lie such as being named after Sir Edmund Hillary six years after you were born, or landing under sniper fire in Bosnia. It is a material misrepresentation to obtain something of value- fraud.


      • Sigh2016 says:

        Yet they demand just that (and almost blood) from anyone non-democrat. And still aren’t satisfied—forever and ever.


    • Orville R. Bacher says:

      Oh, what a tangled web we weave……


    • Patsy says:

      Bingo! Check ALL of her applications.


    • Meadowbrook says:

      She is an ambitious woman who managed to get away with this lie for most of her life….
      My father always said
      if you lie, you cheat and steal
      if you cheat , you lie and steal
      if you steal, you lie and cheat…

      Sorry Liz, that’s it in a nutshell for me…


    • farrier105 says:

      She was gaming Affirmative Action like in the C Thomas Howell movie, “Soul Man.” Maybe that was what Northam was really doing while the guy next to him was trying to dress up as a garden gnome.


  2. jessetmims says:

    I no longer use “Native American” as a term to exclude other Americans when referring to today’s descendants of ancient tribes from what is now the nation known as America and the USA.

    ALL Americans who are/were born to US citizens on US soil are native Americans, AKA, natural born citizens!

    All those who are proud to be modern day members of one of those ancient tribes can proudly call themselves Tribal Americans (#TribalAmerican) if they wish to distinguish themselves from other native Americans; and, that will allow them to do so without diminishing their heritage or mine.

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  3. Duck N. Cover says:

    Actually since they were house flippers I think her whole family should be investigated for tax fraud.

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    • ILOT says:

      I suspect more on that will come out as well. Fact is Warren is toast for 2020. The power brokers are thinning the herd in an effort to stay ahead of damage control. They are already feasting on themselves and more candidates will be much worse than we saw with the GOP in 2016. Gabbard is on the hit list as will be Booker. Watch the “Mean Girls” sorority that was dressed in white at the SOTU…the cat fighting has already begun. Dems are nothing more than a bunch of activists absent a moral compass representing and speaking for the most extreme left voices in our society – that all want their due…..the dem implosion will continue thank God. As this evolves and the exposure continues, watch the hispanic and black vote trend toward PDJT.

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  4. Blaze says:

    I remember two yrs out high school I applied for a City of Seattle firefighter job. I passed both a physical and written test with flying colors.

    Rumor was if you get called in for test where they stick you on a round table and slam you with questions you re pretty much hired.

    When I entered the room with the round table test they was around 6-7 people sitting there. The place had a weird feeling and everyone was staring at me giving an “extra loo” at my physical appearance and not saying a word, very unnerving.

    Finally when I sat down the very first question they asked me was if I was Indian or native america. I said no I’m just white.

    Dumb me has written in “native american” in the application form.

    Keep in mind in 1978 affirmative action was in full swing.

    Completed the round table interview and never heard from them again.


  5. platoriusnepos says:

    Warren was hired by Harvard to replace Professor Bell, Obama’s mentor on the CRT, Critical Race Theory; Bell was deemed too liberal for Harvard. The fake Indian clearly used her created status as a Native American to meet the qualifications as a minority for Harvard to meet their staffing quota. While at Harvard as a law professor she practiced law in MA without a law license. When she ran against Scott Brown for the Senate the democrats rigged the election as they often do against a strong Republican candidate by putting the legalization of pot on the ballot to bring out the moon bat vote in the election.

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  6. This whole story doesn’t go anywhere because the people of Massachusetts reelected her knowing she was a liar. Why did they do that? Because the democrat party is fashioned to appeal to the grifters and barracks lawyers of the world who cheat their way through life. The democrat base cheats the same way Warren cheated, so they say more power to her and vote for her! These same people often vote twice in national elections – once in Massachusetts, and another time in New Hampshire.

    How I see it. The democrats created a fake social promotion system that is not based on merit. She gamed the system because although she is a woman, other women who are minorities have one more check favoring them JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE MINORITIES. The only thing wrong Warren does is that I am sure she will defend affirmative action so that the discrimination she herself escaped will be visited on others. She is a white who fought anti-white discrimination in an underhanded manner. The system is no longer just anti-white at this point – with the immigration of Indians from the subcontinent and East Asians, the system is now anti-merit!

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  7. SharkDiver says:

    CNN is making sure that any Dem running for President, and NOT named Kamala, is going to be destroyed.

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    • treehouseron says:

      Yup. They think she can beat him…. she cracks under any kind of pressure though. I have no concerns about her. She’ll likely be the nominee, though.


    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      I can’t take credit for this: It’s going to be Warren/Harris (the Squaw Skank Redemption).


    • Zorro says:

      Unless they can find a black women lesbian that’s transitioning.


      • Zippy says:

        No, a blind Black/Hispanic mix lesbian who’s transitioning and in a wheelchair.

        As Jordan Peterson has pointed out, the identity politics morons will eat each other alive and might eventually realize something conservatives realized a few hundred years ago – the ultimate minority is the INDIVIDUAL.

        Nah, on second thought they’re obviously too stupid to have epiphanies based upon critical reasoning.


  8. Gee, my still living 96-year old dad was born in Montana and had as a toddler Indian babysitters. His family got along great with Native Americans in their area. They all did. I have a pair of beaded, elk hide baby moccasins made and given to him by the squaws. My ancestors had great interaction with Indians. But no one ever claimed to be one.

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  9. MrG says:

    Grey Beaver cannot spin her way out of this one. No POTUS for you.

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  10. treehouseron says:

    Another Kill shot from President Trump. He doesn’t come up with all of them, but he sure as hell knows where the soft spot is.

    How many politicians has he completely destroyed, by knowing JUUUUUSSSST what button to press?

    My favorite is his pre-buttal absolute destruction of Oprah. The next day she told everybody she could find that she isn’t running.

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  11. jebg46 says:

    Every time she brings up her family stories and her siblings, I get the suspicion that her whole family misappropriated the Native American label to their personal gain.

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  12. Pyrthroes says:

    Drums along the Mohawk! If this thing identified as an Australian aboriginal, her “walkabout” would make more sense.


  13. Bulldog84 says:

    Look at her credentials. She would not have made it teaching law in the Ivy League if she hadn’t fudged her background. That’s why she did it. All the while you see her in the interview repeating herself about the non-issue of tribal rolls, her brain is ticking, thinking what else is out there for her competitors to find showing that she was the beneficiary of affirmative action by schools who desperately wanted to show how “diverse” they were.

    The fact is that if Hillary is running she and her enablers will scorch the earth rigging the game against Warren just like they did Bernie. It’s Hillary who will decide what happens to Warren, not Warren herself.

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  14. f.fernandez says:

    In the still shot of the attached video, look at the aide’s eyes over Warren’s left shoulder. Vacant state, wondering if she can get off the Titanic before it goes under.

    Another Trump attacker eviscerated.

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  15. covfefe999 says:

    Propaganda media seems to be after Warren, which is fine with me but I think we might be able to read something into it. Here’s my theory: Warren is not the Dems’ chosen one. They want her to go away now. Someone else is the chose one. My bet is on Biden.


  16. Tparty says:

    Here is a tidbit of Mueller family heritage … oh my! I will repost on daily open thread

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  17. Esperanza says:

    To me the problem is, she surely really believed her family oral history. But. She did not then follow through and become a part of Indian culture. From what I know about them (and I seem to know more than her), they don’t care so much about blood as culture and social cohesion. Had she really been part of it they would have stood by her. I suspect they would stand by someone like Rachel Donezal, who really contributed to the culture and social cohesion. Every step she takes she shows her ALIENATION from Native American life. In fact as a pure white bread 🍞 lady, she’s pretty alienated from my culture lol


  18. Zorro says:

    SquatsWithSocialists own liberal ideology of the unequal treatment of affirmative action is doing her in.


  19. muskrat says:

    These people are a joke. How could anyone actually admit to being a democrat? She was on tv this morning apologizing for the Indian claim. She was so pathetic I almost felt sorry for her. I said ALMOST. Demorats, especially the three amigos`in Virgina, are better better than any comedy Hr ever produced.


  20. Old Dawg says:

    Cut to the chase: Warren is a liar. She KNEW that listing herself as Native American would move her to the top of the stack due to Affirmative Action policies; she also knew that there was a very low chance of anyone questioning her claim; at the time, she was looking for a JOB; she had not yet decided that she should rule the country and therefore had not considered that this may become a liability; and lastly, Warren is a CON artist of the first order, therefore, there are many more cons out there waiting to be exposed. All that is needed is some digging.


  21. Haveaspine says:

    Liar. Did her brothers also claim they were American Indians?


  22. Finbar O'Shaunnessey says:

    At this point, I would opt for a back-faced photo-op as a diversionary tactic.


  23. Steve Kelly says:

    Democrats, what a bunch of vegetables!


  24. Sassy says:

    The woman is totally annoying and I disagree with her on every issue. That said, this is how the liberals have set things up. “Race” and “identity” are self-defined, they tell us. With regard to descending from indigenous peoples of this hemisphere, the Cherokee are a great example of “self-identification” versus actual descent. Many tribal members have no “blood quantum,” while others whose Cherokee ancestors did not go to the reservations, may have 100% “Indian blood” and yet not be tribal members, which is why Warren apologized for not belonging, so to speak. Former slaves were adopted into the tribe and so their descendants may belong and yet be 100% black. If Warren truly has a fraction of the “correct” blood and if her family had gone to and stayed on the reservation, then she would be considered a member of the tribe, no matter that she’s overwhelmingly of “white” ancestry. If your family isn’t on the government rolls, then you’re not considered to belong, which is ironic when you think about it. The government defined for them who “belonged” to the tribe. John Ross, chief of the tribe during the Trail of Tears, was only 1/8 Cherokee. What percentage are his descendants today? When liberals decided that someone can self-identify, then those are the rules. Obama and Kamala Harris, although at least if not more than half white, “self-identify” as, ironically, African-American when technically speaking neither is. African-Americans exclude from their ranks blacks who don’t descend from blacks who were here for generations, and especially they would exclude blacks born to “foreign” blacks, such as Obama and Harris. All that said, it’s amusing to watch this play out. Hoist on their own petard.


  25. starfcker says:

    She’s at her best in situations like this. No convoluted spinning, just straightforward facing the controversy of the day. Born leadership. The dems would be stupid to pick ANYBODY else.


  26. rayvandune says:

    The look on the face of the woman behind her says it all. The Great White Father has spoken with the strength of an eagle, and she is crushed like a poisonous serpent in his claws!


  27. samgator says:

    here’s another. “Dances with Focus Groups”


  28. TwoLaine says:

    Fully documented? Yeah, I heard that one before. ILLary uses it. The Kenyan uses it.

    If it was fully documented, when did you turn over this TX Bar card?


  29. TwoLaine says:

    I said she was toast a long time ago, but campaigning instead of doing her job is probably a lot more fun for the moment.

    Let’s hope her funds dry up soon, and she can fade off into the sunset with her feathered friends.


  30. Michael Osmon says:

    So if white privilege really exists, why did Warren want to be indian?


  31. HJR27 says:

    Why wouldn’t any reasonable mind NOT question why anyone but a Native American would designate that as heritage on a public document.


  32. Kureelpa says:

    Only one thing to be taken away from that nonsense – Warren’s whole family are a whole bunch of lying sacks of sheet.
    Every family has some folklore, or skeletons in the closet, but most people recognize it for what it is & don’t repeat it.
    A cousin told a reporter that she was Aboriginal, but she isn’t & my father & his family never told us that our Grandfather was a dwarf & he passed before I was born – but he was.

    Warren used the lies to get ahead – plain & simple.


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