Sunday Talks: Jim Jordan Part 1 – The Fraudulent Border Security Negotiations…

Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Schumer are pushing the border conflict/government shutdown deadline (Feb 15th) to align with pre-planned public congressional committee testimony that is intended to undermine the White House.

Once we accept that no actual negotiations are taking place; and once we accept that congress (Pelosi/Schumer) have already pre-planned the calendar of resistance narratives to undermine the office of the president; things start to make more sense. Cue Representative Jim Jordan for the first part of his interview today:

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82 Responses to Sunday Talks: Jim Jordan Part 1 – The Fraudulent Border Security Negotiations…

  1. Publius2016 says:

    SAD! good thing 45 is ahead of the game…SOTU will have a SURPRISE!

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    • law4lifeblog says:

      Isn’t this the 4th time in a month we have been told that THIS is the time PT will REALLY pull the trigger….then NOTHING? I’ll believe it when I see it…..and I’m a DIEHARD Trump supporter.

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    • The surprise might very well be that the wall is already being built to completion; the attempts at negotiation is simply a feint.

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    • and the Turtle has already said they will NOT support the President declaring a National Emergency to build the wall. Surprised? I am not.


    • It has ALWAYS been the plan (a contingency, unless the Dems would cave and actually build the wall.) for Trump to issue a “national emergency” and use the military. Why people cannot see that inevitability is incomprehensible.

      Yes, I know the Dems will try to STALL it, (not STOP it) through the courts. SO? In the mean time, Trump believing he was right, and having a legal opinion in hand from the WH council, stating the law and the President’s rights, Trump will IGNORE any lower court injunctions, until such time as SCOTUS can rule. (and begin construction, which could be immediately because of the national emergency, 14000 invaders on they way etc.)

      Why people think the SCOTUS CAN’T take it up quickly is also a popular misnomer. How do you think the Dems get things so quickly to the lower courts? They STATE AN EMERGENCY. The SAME thing will happen if this is enjoined. Roberts, because of “the sensitivity of the matter” (yes a dig at Comey), would be FORCED to take it up IMMEDIATELY.

      Then, we get THREE birds with one stone. One Ruthie being either dead, dying, or incapacitated would be EXPOSED. Two, SCOTUS would rule in favor of Trump, and AFFIRM his Constitutional and legal powers, and OBLIGATIONS to defend our border security by means HE deems fit. Three, the WALL is built in it’s ENTIRETY, not just 5.7 billion worth. # winning. We will all know soon, maybe even tomorrow. Tic toc.


  2. Archie says:

    Sorry lying Jordan. You had two years to do all of this but the Freedumb Caucus was too busy blocking the presidents domestic agenda. #batteredconservativesyndrome
    BTW, why is he pushing the risky National Emergency strategy? that will be tied up in the courts until 2020? The CRS says that Trump can build the wall with existing funds without such a declaration.

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    • Archie says:

      In the mean time the failed FL governor (that was partially responsible for the school shooting) Rick Scott is warning the president not to do the National Emergency declaration. UniParty all the way.

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      • Sentient says:

        I think Rick Scott makes more sense than does Lindsay Graham saying that the president should declare an emergency. Graham knows that building the wall under an emergency declaration (or any other presidential re-purposing of funds) will be tied up in the courts (just like the Muslim ban) for years. Notwithstanding what he says, Graham wants the wall about as much as McCain did. We’d all love an easy way to get the Wall. That’s why the emergency declaration sounds appealing, but the sad fact is that we’ll probably have to have another long shutdown in order to extract funding from an unwilling congress. An emergency declaration is a tar baby. (Can we say that?)

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        • law4lifeblog says:

          Sentient, the “Muslim ban” – which was NEVER a Muslim ban – was NOT “tied up in the courts for years”. This wall must be built….if it takes litigation, then so be it. The case will quickly move through the courts as has the travel ban and now DACA.

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          • THANK YOU!. People do not see, they just hear the Uniparty “narrative”. Any case on the National emergency can and WILL be expedited to the SCOTUS (just like them dems do to get it on the lower court docket in the first place) It is a declared EMERGENCY, a NOTIONAL EMERGENCY, so SCOTUS MUST take it up quickly.

            Why people fall for the MSM narratives is beyond me. ANY injunction is TEMPORARY, and a BIG looser for the dems. Trump WILL call their bluff, he HAS to. No more pussyfooting around, get er done!. It helps that he gave the Dems and uniparty three weeks to legislate this, and they did NOTHING. Kinda proves his point.

            Trump will provide statistics like deaths, robberies, crime, drugs, human trafficking, and also the COST of both INACTION and what it costs the taxpayer right NOW to warehouse these people. (Food stamps, healthcare, welfare, free housing, education costs and burdens, crime levels, their impact on the legal systems and law enforcement, and the taken up jobs that would go to ACTUAL citizens.)

            The only “harm” done is NOT to the illegals, but to us the citizenry. SCOTUS will have to see it that way or Roberts will be “revealed” as a uniparty traitor. but, that is for another time.


    • The Boss says:

      Paul Ryan was blocking MAGA in the House the past two years. So were the likes of Goodlatte and Gowdy. May they all burn in hell.

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      • Zaza says:

        I know everyone says Rooster is all crow and no cock but what did Gowdy vote against this time?

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      • Jederman says:

        Indeed they were. But here’s how I see it, they (McConnel, Ryan, Gowdy etc etc…) have every right to try and block PT. Being sneaky and duplicitous about it is the reason they should turn in hell.

        Someday, somehow there needs to be a living, constantly updated .gov document that provides a list of donations, how much and from whom every elected rep receives. If Mcconnell et al are working for the CoC or anybody but their voters it needs to be out in the open.

        Not sure there would be many surprises on the R side but I bet donations to the Ds would raise some eyebrows.

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      • Akindole says:

        Indeed. The Freedom Caucus has about 3 dozen people at this point. Previously, not good odds when up against the dipwad RINO/Uniparty. That very same dipwad RINO/Uniparty contributed to many of the losses in 2018.

        I refer everyone to the dipwad/RINO/Uniparty campaign manager that intentionally let VA go.


      • Chris Rezek says:

        is everybody forgetting we still need 60 votes in the senate unless Mc Connell changes the senate rule

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    • anniefannie says:

      Archie, did you totally miss Paul Ryan? Bills can be written but if the Speaker doesn’t agree, they don’t get to the floor. Lyin’ Ryan did everything in his power to take down our President. I’m glad he’s gone. Sad but we’re better off in the minority than being led by a Swamp Critter who lied constantly to the President all the while being in bed with Nancy. Can you imagine anything more disgusting?
      Had the Freedom Caucus been in charge, at least the President would have had a chance to get the wall during the first two years. At least the Saints only had a couple of refs going against them, PDJT has an army of swamp bottom feeders!

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      • robert williams says:

        “….while being in bed with Nancy. Can you imagine anything more disgusting?” YES. Being in bed with obama or Waters (which Treason-ist Ryan has been there and done that). Early in history if one burned our flag — they were executed. Why not now?


    • lela says:

      I’ve ask the same question? Typical Pharisees behavior.

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    • BitterC says:

      It confused me when Jordan spoke of the Emergency Order but then went on to rattle of US Code 10 Section 284 that says the military can build barriers in drug corridors.

      I am seriously wondering if no one has told POTUS about this law since Graham keeps talking about the EO, too. OR is PDJT going to surprise us all and the EO talk is some sort of head fake?


      • Lost says:

        They really just need an executive order providing a an understanding/definition of “drug corridor” encompassing areas adjoining known drug routes (because if you build a wall right where they go, they’ll just detour some tiles to hit an area without a wall). I think something like 50 miles on each side would be reasonable and defensible. That would probably go a long way towards building wall most places they want it, while complying with 10 USC S 284


      • J Bird says:

        Trump is progressing a multi-front response;
        funds from previous border budget that he kept on hand till decisions & plan finalized. Invoking US Code 10 Section 284 to counter trafficking routes
        3750 military personnel assistance at border


    • Krashman Von Stinkputin says:

      Yeah right.
      Jim Jordan is enemy of POTUS.

      Paul Ryan doomazz


    • Sayit2016 says:

      Yeah, that’s the ticket… take a swing at the guy that is fighting for us.. smh.


    • vladdy says:

      Hmmm..Interesting thoughts. Like what? Have always followed the Freedom Caucus closely (they’re the only ones in congress I consistently trust, BECAUSE of what I’ve seen since I’ve followed them), and I haven’t seen them come out against anything , foreign or domestic , that PDT has been for. I’ve seen them back him often…


  3. smiley2 says:

    what has happened to LAW AND ORDER in this country ??

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  4. burnett044 says:

    I do not
    think PT will announce a emergency at SOTU…because he has given them until the 15th..but no matter what he does the scum will never stop trying to peach 45…..

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  5. Peoria Jones says:

    “Enough fentanyl to kill 57-million Americans.” Hmmm. Sounds like an emergency to me.

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  6. Zorro says:

    Hopefully, the SOTU address will be well written and be on point. This will be the last major chance for the President to speak before an national audience of both parties that can make a difference before he leaves office.

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  7. Zaza says:

    Noooooo! Not mi Maria!

    Ask anyone in congress and they are gonna tell you congress has to approve whatever the President does outside of filling dinner guest lists for the Whitehouse.

    It’s full swamp season and the usual suspects will tell you they are ALL IN on the MAGA agenda and a real border barrier. I’m sure they’re telling us the truth…. THIS TIME.

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    • Amy2 says:

      Yes. Congress says they have to approve everything the president does, and the SC says they have to approve everything Congress does….lots of clucking.


  8. Too Real says:

    President Trump is not leaving office. The repubs better support the President.

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    • Zaza says:

      Now that the swamp rat repubs no longer have McCaint to step up for them and take the hit, we will see who comes through as a MAGA patriot and who goes down with the SS Uniparty. I expect no less than half the sitting repubs to turn out as traitors, they would rather lose their re-election bids and take cush jobs on K-street for the globalists that own them.

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  9. Zaza says:

    all day!

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  10. 335blues says:

    Maria Bartiromo is the only person at foxnews that is worth listening to.
    It is amazing that they still let her tell the truth, and function as a real
    newscaster. I appreciate Sundance posting her segments here,
    otherwise I would not have the opportunity to view them.

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  11. 4EDouglas says:

    Ok. If the President orders a national emergency-there is darn little the courts can do
    if he uses the military. Do not discount a Humanitarian Disaster declaration-as in flood hurricane, fire, etc.
    Eeyores here at like Pres.Trump hasn’t though this one out…
    or worse he is stupid..


  12. litlbit2 says:

    IMO, the exposed corrupt DNC should immediately do a one-eighty send a wall funding bill to the McConnell RNC swamp. That will turn their argument into a plus and finally expose the lying McConnell swamp.

    In regard to the DNC allowing illegal immigrants to vote! Are they installing voting machines in foreign territories to capture votes of the illegals turned back. If not why not?

    You can not fix stupid, replace it 2020 KAG President Trump one more time🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏


    • Boqua says:

      RNC Is not corrupt?


      • litlbit2 says:

        RNC very corrupt. IMO, As I said before, McCarthy brought the wall funding from the House to the McConnell Senate in the previous Congress. Everyone knew it would never pass due to the Senate 60 vote requirement. McCarthy gaming the system, thinking he looked good. Not!

        Now swamp McConnell said,”I will not bring a bill to the floor in the new Senate that President Trump won’t sign”

        Another clown move by McConnell hiding behind Nancy and Chuckie knowing they will not fund the wall.

        IMO, the DNC should force the hand of the swamp McConnell because he also will never fund the wall.

        Setting up the replacements of DNC and RNC representatives 2020 against the forgotten man.


  13. litlbit2 says:

    IMO, the exposed corrupt DNC should immediately do a one-eighty send a wall funding bill to the McConnell RNC swamp. That will turn their argument into a plus and finally expose the lying McConnell swamp.

    In regard to the DNC allowing illegal immigrants to vote! Are they installing voting machines in foreign territories to capture votes of the illegals turned back. If not why not?

    You can not fix stupid, replace it 2020 KAG President Trump one more time🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🙏


  14. Bogeyfree says:

    It is time for PT to call on Americans to come down and help him build the wall. Declare the emergency and make this an American cause to secure our country and save children from sex traffickers, families from destruction via Fentanyl and the invasion of our country by illegals.

    If he calls, millions of MAGA supporters will show upIMO. Give us the site’s so we spread out and with the military by our side, what are they going to do lock up 3 million American families who show up?

    Imagine the picture of an American getting cuffed on the border while in the background of the picture there is an illegal slipping by. At some point 62M Americans are going to say, enough is enough!

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    • WES says:

      Bogey: Actually digging and installing wall sections only requires about 6-8 people at the most! More people would actually slow everything down!

      Much better to have multiple small crews working separately spread out to speed up wall installation.


      • zorrorides says:

        WES, This is a job for the retired Boomer generation. I see us building The WALL! We can have shifts of one week onsite, two weeks off, staying in camps set up, policed and protected by the US Army. Set up the camps right on the border, where the new Army Road runs. Every time we return to work after our time off we’ll have new wilderness scenery for view. Getting a paycheck and constructing The WALL. Woo-Hoo !!


    • litlbit2 says:

      The Photo opt would be amazing. The left panicked over the “me too Wall Fund” thought they crushed it! They did not! Exposing how many folks want the wall. Making them look like idiots. Not real difficult🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏


  15. Dennis Leonard says:

    And mean while this happened,

    Kevin McAleenan
    ‏Verified account @CBP_McAleenan
    5h5 hours ago

    Last night, while on duty, United States Border Patrol Agent Donna Doss lost her life in Abilene, Texas. Agent Doss of Class 569 served for nearly 16 years. On behalf of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, my deepest condolences go out to her family and loved ones.

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    • GB Bari says:

      I searched but there are NO details on the actual circumstances of her death. It’s nbeing called an “accident” while she was assisting other LEO but that’s all thats being published.


  16. Zippy says:

    And this is referring to LEGAL immigration:

    “Other countries must be laughing their heads off at us. Our “family reunification” policies mean that being related to a recent immigrant from Pakistan trumps being a surgeon from Denmark. That’s how we got gems like the “Octomom,” the unemployed single mother on welfare who had fourteen children in the United States via in-vitro fertilization; Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who bombed the Boston Marathon, killing three and injuring hundreds, a few years after slitting the throats of three American Jews; and all those “homegrown” terrorists flying from Minnesota to fight with ISIS. Family reunification isn’t about admitting the spouses and minor children of immigrants we’re dying to get. We’re bringing in grandparents, second cousins, and brothers-in-law of Afghan pushcart operators—who then bring in their grandparents, second cousins, and brothers-in-law until we have entire tribes of people, illiterate in their own language, never mind ours, collecting welfare in America. We wouldn’t want our immigrants to be illiterate, unskilled, AND lonesome.” – Ann Coulter, ¡Adios, America!: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole

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  17. Pale rider says:

    We gots some major problems going on in this country. On the Jim J interview did anybody notice occasional cortex poster on the podium? Looks like a Castro reprint with her on it.


  18. iPack says:

    Pathetic B.S.! Clinton and Bush were in favor of giving money for border security only because they knew full well it wasn’t going to be implemented. Just like the GOPe was trying to repeal Obamacare with Obama in office 10,000 times in a row, but the moment Donald Trump was elected they suddenly were having second thoughts…

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  19. Perot Conservative says:

    I believe Jim Jordan is partly right, and partly confused.

    1. Yes, I believe we’ve heard numerous Congress people and lawyers say he can build fencing, roads, and barriers to stop drug smuggling! No emergency declaration needed. I believe that’s US Code 10 Section 284.

    2. Current barrier construction: I believe what is being built now is from prior funding, including the recent $1.6B or $2.6 B. Gov’t takes time.

    3. Yes, I believe President Trump can access the Homeland Security money Jordan referenced, AND up to $10 B in unspent Defense Department funds!

    President Trump may have hinted at this when he said “emergencies or other measures” – something like that.

    President Trump has also said we’ve acquired a lot of land the past 2 years. I believe there are TEN SECTIONS OF BARRIER OR REDONE BARRIER planned right now for 100-120 miles.


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    • noswamp says:

      I will always give Jim Jordan a pass, he has proven himself to be a Patriot. I will never give L. Graham the shape shifter, a chance.


  20. Disgusted says:

    Jim Jordan is a favorite of mine, and even so, where was all this talk about “appropriating funds a few short years ago when he was there, when Zero sent billions in cash to our enemy, IRAN? Nobody including Mr. Jordan asked any questions at all! No dem, even no rep! Hmmm?

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  21. Christine says:

    Judge Jeanine interviewed a Republican Congressman on her show yesterday. He said the bipartisan committee created to resolve the Wall issue, have met only once so far (on Wednesday) and won’t be meeting again until next Wednesday.

    Jeanine was appalled, and said she’d find out everyone on the committee, and dig into it further.

    Sundance is right. There are no actual negotiations taking place.

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  22. noswamp says:

    Kabuki theater at its best. The ole Potomac two-step. Except for the fact that POTUS does not dance.


  23. What I heard from the interview was an emphasis on the semantics of wall vs. fence. The pocket of $$ that HAS been appropriated (by law) can be spent on border security but perhaps only a fence–not a wall. If I’m right, this may be why POTUS has been saying in tweets that he is ok with whatever they call it as long as the border is protected.


  24. jupitercomm says:

    FAIR WARNING: It’s a losing mindset & losing strategy at this late point in the game to continue focusing disproportionately on how “the GOP has betrayed you” & giving NO CREDIT OR SUPPORT to the handful of Republicans in Congress who stick their necks out for Trump, whether they stick their neck out just a little or a lot

    Jim Jordan, Mark MEadows,s Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz, & like or not, sometimes Lindsay Graham (the moments he ‘rebukes’ Trump on anything always strike me as predictable & weak compared to his statements in support) – like it or not, you gotta take whatever you can get

    Congressmen are not usually noted for their courage or daring. JFK’s Profiles in Courage is a short book for a reason. In the US Congress, courage is the exception

    They’re all you got at this point in terms of back up. Trump cannot govern alone & if you think he has it rough, try reading George Washington’s letters where he expresses his true feelings about his Officers & Soldiers


    • jupitercomm says:

      PS: My post was deliberately a bit provocative, so to by way of explanation:

      (a) This comes from a personality trait of mine that tends to provoke ppo in general, in good & bad ways Simply, what I expect from human beings in most situations is nothing or the worst. I don’t begin expecting much esp in tense situations. So I tend to be happy w/ any goodness & “take it” b/c for majority of human beings it’s too damn hard to be good, so their good moments are rare

      9b) I expect my remarks about Lindsey Graham would be most provocative so I’ll say this: I know what to expect from him now, so he doesn’t worry me.

      Paul Ryan was a constant worry b/c he truly is a deceptive human being, there’s nothing warm about him, ice water in his veins. For different reasons McConnell is a constant worry: he’s a rather weak male personality whose success in life has come from a toxic combination of shameless opportunism, cynical calculations, & brutal honesty w/ himself about his own lack of charisma or courage


  25. Richard Orberson says:

    Is apparent that we don’t have a government we have a daily soap opera following the same format in Washington. They lie so poorly, they don’t even stop to think if what they say is believable.


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