President Trump White House Announcement – 4:00pm EST Livestream…

President Donald Trump will be making a widely anticipated announcement on the government shutdown and border crisis from the White House today.  The speech will likely outline a proposal to end the partial government shutdown.

The president is anticipated to outline a proposal for $5.7 billion for physical border security in exchange for “The Bridge Act” which would extend protections for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and legislation to extend the legal status of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders.  Anticipated start time 4:00pm EST.

UPDATE: Video Added

WH LivestreamRSBN LivestreamFox News LivestreamGlobal News Livestream


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1,724 Responses to President Trump White House Announcement – 4:00pm EST Livestream…

  1. concerned3 says:

    White House states Democrats now blocking Coast Guard Pay

    Big League Politics Reports: President Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney and Vice President Mike Pence reportedly said Saturday that Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi are blocking a bill to provide pay for the Coast Guard. Lack of pay for the Coast Guard — which does not exist under the Department of Defense, which is funded — is a Democrat talking point in their failed efforts to end the government shutdown. Pelosi is refusing to consider President Trump’s latest compromise offer, which would provide amnesty for DACA recipients in exchange for a border Wall. The White House’s assertion rings true, if history is any indicator.

    Democrats likely blocking a bill to block Coast Guard pay as stated by the White House, is actually very alarming as to what the Democrat establishment benefits from. There’s two very important things that the Coast Guard is known for doing, the Coast Guard takes down major drug trafficking operations and illegal immigration, now you know why the Democrats are likely behind an effort to block US Coast Guard Pay.

    ​Democrats are making the immigration/border crisis very dangerous with the obstruction of the wall and strict immigration rules and policies, and the US Coast Guard basically conducts operations that are similar to operations along the border along the US coast. With Democrats blocking strict immigration rules, the wall, and now blocking pay of the US Coast Guard, basically Democrats are allowing the crisis to take place not only at the border but along our coast as well.

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    • California Joe says:

      SOLUTION: President Trump can transfer the Coast Guard to the DOD in the event of an emergency.

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      • lemmus1 says:

        0601. Relationship and Operation as Service in the Navy.
        1. Upon the declaration of war or when the
        President directs, the Coast Guard shall operate
        as a service in the Navy, and shall be subject to
        the orders of the Secretary of the Navy. While so
        operating as a service in the Navy, and to the
        extent practicable, Coast Guard operations shall
        be integrated and uniform with Navy
        2, Whenever the Coast Guard operates as a
        service in the Navy:
        a. applicable appropriations of the Coast
        Guard to cover expenses shall be available for
        transfer to the Department of the Navy and
        supplemented, as required, from applicable
        appropriations of the Department of the Navy;

        Doesn’t have to be an emergency and Navy funds may be used to pay them.
        Totally up to POTUS.

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    • notunderwhelmed says:

      Democrat politicians no longer represent the people of this republic. Sal Alinsky right back at them … They are religious, sexist , and racial biggots who prostitute themselves for multinational corporations and want to keep working Americans in chains. #walkaway — my former party is still the party of the KKK. Seriously, they are destroying our country for hardworking citizens and embracing violence, propaganda, and lawlessness as they wine and dine behind their safe walls. Treasonous hypocrites.

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  2. treehouseron says:

    So many pearl clutchers, think they know better than the President because they heard Ann Coulter tweet something or heard Sean Hannity say it on his radio show. Meanwhile the President is the most powerful man in the world, and the leader of the free world. But let’s armchair quarterback his negotiating skills.

    Nauseating. He’s THOUSANDS of times proven his fidelity and all of the cowards get weak kneed as soon as he starts something huge. Support the damn President.


    • G. Combs says:

      👍 Support the damn President 👍

      I do not know if they are just Lo-Info or actual CR Trolls, but I find it maddening.

      ART of The DEAL
      Be WILLING to WALK AWAY!!!!

      President Trump described the problem to the American people and then made his ‘best’ offer.

      He ALREADY KNEW the DemonRats would stomp off. After all they had refused to come to the table and then he intentionality pi$$ed off Nancy the Pig just before making his ‘best’ offer.

      I really, really wish people could think logically and connect a couple of dots.

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      • ezpz2 says:

        And I really wish that people would stop telling others how or what to think or post. It’s comments like this and the one above that chase away many good and interesting posters. That’s been my observation.

        Speaking for myself, it’s very off putting to see self appointed thread scolds shouting down commenters, both preemptively and after the fact, whose valid views don’t always align with yours. I doubt that I’m the only one, though, who does not appreciate being told by other commenters what is or is not acceptable. We’are part of a group made up of thinking individuals, not a group think cult.

        This is not conducive to civil discourse, which is one of many things I have appreciated about this site.


        • swissik says:

          You are not the only one believe me, I am one too. It is irritating, to say the least, that a different opinion from the majority on this site is considered trolling or the other expression which I sometimes see, concern trolls. We can be Trump supporters but we don’t have to be blind Trump supporters who see all he says and does as the gospel. Cheers.

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    • swissik says:

      FYI – I don’t have pearls to clutch, nor do I listen to Coulter or Hannity. My sources of information are many and I DO have a brain plus many years of life experience.

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  3. teaforall says:


    I think you need to do a article on DACA . Most people understand that President Trump was going to start winding down on DACA and gave Congress 6 months to start Immigration reform. Speaker Ryan did no such thing. Then the appeals started in the 9th circuit ( Not surprise) Now we are at the steps of Supreme Court on DACA.

    President Trump kept his promises all along , unfortunately he was met with much resistance

    Sundance you have the insight , knowledge and facts to eloquently write a GREAT article on Immigration and DACA
    President Trump is the Master on negotiations. Pelosi just fell on her own sword. The backlash will have the Dems fighting among themselves. This will end with President Trump winning. . Sit back and enjoy the show………


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    • Y’all Know What Time It Is says:

      Liberal media claim Trump ended DACA. 26 states were filing a suit that would likely have overturned Obama’s EXECUTive Order that he even claimed was illegal. Rather than have the courts decide the issue, Trump gave Congress 6 months to resolve the matter. After all Congress is supposed to make the laws; but instead they let the deadline pass.
      The media downplays the fact that Trump returned the matter to the people (their Congressional representatives anyway) bc it doesnt fit their narrative that Trump thinks he is an autocratic ruler.


  4. cantcforest says:

    How many more flashes of stupidity by the Dimms and MSM are needed before President Trump declares an emergency and builds the wall? Is the problem that the MSM won’t show any of the videos of drugs confiscated, citizens raped and killed by illegal aliens, monies paid to illegal aliens, gang members, illegal Democrat voters…so low info continues to dominate?
    This isn’t up to the quality of most of the posts on CTH, but I really needed to say it.
    Thanks, SD


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