President Trump Cancels Speaker Pelosi Overseas Trip…

President Trump stops military aircraft availability for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just minutes ahead of a previously scheduled foreign trip.  Read below:

I would expect the Democrats will use a DNC billionaire donors’ private fleet.

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1,393 Responses to President Trump Cancels Speaker Pelosi Overseas Trip…

  1. iPack says:

    A Speaker of the United States House of Representatives who just like Speaker Pelosi openly displays all kinds of anti-American tendencies both through her direct actions and appointments of radical, openly anti-American Representatives to various House (Oversight) Committees should not be allowed to visit the troops at all.

    As a commander-in-chief, President Trump should not hesitate to use his powers and restrict her access to our troops.

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  2. Nancy can Take a Boat Then Bus To finally arrive,
    She is Disgusting a OLD power hungry career politics, That allshe is,
    Mean Time she could care less about country OR American’s,But she care about illegals
    Not funding The wall and open Borders,

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    • John W says:

      These cockroaches should be forced to remain in their offices until the shutdown is over. And I certainly hope these bastards are collecting any compensation during the shutdown they created.


  3. And all those hapless soldiers conscripted as audience for that ship of fools….


  4. Reillyi says:

    I hope this means that Nancy and Schiff have to fly commercial to get back to California!

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  5. thedoc00 says:

    Once Nancy and the Democratettes are allowed to go on their World Tour, give them a Tactical C-130, in Jump Configuration, as their only choice. This would potentially be worse than water boarding. Although, I would feel sorry for crew.

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  6. Leane Kamari says:

    Trump will tell them the same for the Davos meeting if the matter is not cleared to his satisfaction by then.


  7. Leane Kamari says:

    She and her entourage are not going to Davos either if the shutdown continues


  8. Mike diamond says:

    Nancy???is she involved in international drug deals? Is she going over seas to by poppy fields???does she work for the cartels???Why is Nancy for open borders!?????


  9. Michael says:

    I remember her flying to Syria to talk to Assad the last time she was Speaker of the House. I guess Hillary’s schedule was full. I didn’t celebrate Trump’s victory half as much as Hillary’s defeat.


  10. Elizabeth M Dewenter says:

    Could Steny Hoyer stage a coup and de-thrown Madam Nancy?


  11. wodiej says:

    Friends and family that were going along must be disappointed. This was nothing more than a vacation on the taxpayers dime. No more of that.

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  12. Rynn69 says:

    No one feels the least bit sorry for this government parasites who have sponged off the American taxpayer their entire lives.

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  13. Does anyone think that there is an alterior motive to this Brussels stop? Do we know where she flew on Friday?
    With her security clearance, Pelosi is free to engage in receiving intel from foreign governments. I can see her and Schifty attempting to find some leverage now that the deep state is being neutralized.
    I believe that the EU and others are still fearful of Trump pulling from NATO and are willing to conspire with Trump opponents to keep their protection in tact.


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