Embarrassed by Optics – Democrat House Leader Steny Hoyer Cancels (not really) 11-Day Recess…

Amid the ongoing partial government shutdown; and with the unwillingness of Democrats to negotiate on border security funding; and coming on the heels of a massive Puerto Rico junket funded by K-Street lobbyists; it may have been a bridge-too-far for Democrats to start another eleven day vacation on Thursday…..  So they cancelled it, sort of.

House Leader Steny Hoyer technically cancelled (in writing only) the recess (to keep the talking points out of the hands of the opposition), while factually telling membership to go ahead and take the vacation but be prepared to return if needed.


Everything you need to know about political Democrats is in that interview. •Kate Bourdain never interrupts the talking points. •Hoyer focuses on the optics of politics and maximum political value, not actual policy. •Hoyer frames the narrative without pushback.

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94 Responses to Embarrassed by Optics – Democrat House Leader Steny Hoyer Cancels (not really) 11-Day Recess…

  1. HBD says:

    Hardly expect anything more from the left (msm) or the Democrats. One and the same

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    • Carrie2 says:

      HBD, and the oldies think they own their own party so I see a future real fight. The oldies think they can bambooza Trump with their dictating garbage. Pelosi all on her own is denying positions to those who opposed her winning again as Speaker. Yep, they even eat their own children!

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  2. CarolynH says:

    Playing right into Trumps trap.

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    • ladypenquin says:

      I hope so. Want to see them ending up looking not only like the fools they are, but the crooked rats ruining the country.

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      • sat0422 says:

        Think about this: One woman, 3rd in line for the Presidency, has the entire country hogtied with her stubborn resistance to what the majority of the people want.
        Then, she plans a trip to a country where we are at war (or so it has been reported) to usurp the Commander in Chief of the Military.
        Do the words coup, sedition, treason, traitor, dictator not flash into one’s brain as we watch this evil woman go about her business, and I mean her business of taking out a sitting president.
        Just think about how this appears to the Chinese, North Korea, and even Japan. Not only have they created a partial shutdown of US government, they have interfered with foreign policy that is important to all of us. She is one ignorant and dishonest witch.

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        • ladypenquin says:

          I’ve nothing to add to your comprehensive description of Pelosi, other than the line of succession to the presidency should be changed. Unfortunately, it would take a Constitutional Amendment, and we’ll never get that with the country having moved so far Left.


  3. Grandma Covfefe says:

    Is Steny backpedaling as fast as he can, heading towards the cliff? Ooops.
    These Dems are too funny to watch, blabbering about ugly-nothings.

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  4. lelanddiaz says:

    I don’t know how these news anchors can sit there day after day lie and promote others lies. They know it is crap. It must wear you down. They are going to have some endurance built for their eternal destinations.

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  5. Psycho Monkee says:

    Mutt & Jeff Show.

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  6. WeThePeople2016 says:

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  7. “Optics” and appearances are always what matter to the Dems. Reality and truth are foreign concepts to them. Their priority is always how things LOOK–especially because below the superficial layer there is no there there for them. (I guess there may be exceptions, please let me know of any :))

    This is why there is a lack of authenticity among the Dems.

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  8. Latina says:

    Dan Bongino

    Verified account

    3h3 hours ago
    The Secret Service’s security plan for the SOTU will not change due to the partial shutdown. Pelosi knows this and yet she decided to fabricate a story in order to hurt Trump. Pathetic.

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  9. This from DHS!

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  10. DJT2020 says:

    msm is just preaching to the choir. You can stack up all the cable news outlets including fox and they do not reach Rush Limbaugh’s numbers.

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  11. Akindole says:

    My suggestion is for VSGPOTUS to tell the Dhimms to continue copulating with themselves, and hold a mega rally instead at a strategic location deep in the heart of Marxist territory to broadcast the state of the union…He can then call them out while the base goes wild.

    Optics ya’ll…optics.

    No more of this non-clapping nonsense on TeeVee.

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  12. beaujest says:

    Steny still fighting the asthma that kept him out of the Vietnam draft !

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    • Carrie2 says:

      beaujest, and one of my brothers with severe asthma signed up and wound up in the Korean “conflict”, was wounded and flew rapidly for replacing FOUR parts of the heart area with pig valves (which are 100% safety and better than any stent) and he lived and thrived until death at 75. Flimsy excuses for cowards for sure. Would he tried to enter and was declared unfit for whatever reason, fine. Obviously, he never even tried hard to fight for the country he is now degrading.

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  13. webgirlpdx says:

    Criminy. How many vacations do they get?

    So do I have this straight? Lazy lawmakers who are getting paid, have another vacation already. LEO, SS, BP, Our Soldiers aren’t getting paid but are working for us?

    Can’t make this sh$t up. Really.

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    • Jan says:

      It’s kind of hard to negotiate if people don’t stick around to negotiate. Another 3 days or so, and some of our less than sterling government employees who are not in the Homeland Security Department, Secret Service, Coast Guards, etc., and are really non-essential can be terminated.

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  14. Ellie says:

    This is such hilarious theater!
    It’s a great time to be alive.
    God Bless POTUS.
    These people are STUPID.

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  15. Publius2016 says:

    only strategy is UNIPARTY…cant see it happen so soon after 2018 Election…45 is most popular Republican in history!

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  16. Janice says:

    Death by a thousand cuts! More popcorn!

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  17. Steven Edwards says:

    Article II, sec. 3 provides that “in Case of Disagreement between them [the houses of Congress], with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he [the President] may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper.”…

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    • Carrie2 says:

      Steven, do not forget these are petty regulations that don’t phase our hired non-working 2 in 1 party in Congress. Time to release them from their severe job and hours and salary and close down the Congress and start over but not in DC.


  18. G3 says:

    Why does Lindsey want to open the Government for three weeks? The Dems aren’t present.


  19. starfcker says:

    Not a single word about the wall from either Kate or Steny.

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    • Ellie says:

      Maybe they think if they don’t talk about the wall, Americans will forget about it.

      These people truly are stupid. Either that, or we’ve got a bunch of sociopaths representing us.
      Either way, they should be very, very nervous. America is watching them closely.

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  20. Steven Edwards says:

    It’s fine, he can just dissolve Congress…

    Article II, sec. 3 provides that “in Case of Disagreement between them [the houses of Congress], with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he [the President] may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper.”

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    • Steven Edwards says:

      Sorry for the double post, I didn’t see the first one posted


    • Carrie2 says:

      Steven, and now is a great time during the shutdown to do it. Then lock the doors and keep the keys until further needed. They are lousy overpaid, sanctimonious employees and time to show them we the people are the government. Even Hamilton way back then said the people are the power and our employees paid to represent us and not get rich by not doing for us but for others. Their time in PR was to make sure they keep firm democrats just as evil as they. Meanwhile, why do we not revoke PR people as citizens as they don’t want to really work, speak English, and we send billions every year to them. Even FL doesn’t want them!


    • lemmus1 says:

      No, he cannot unless he convened them in the first place. You are deliberately quoting one phrase out of context.


  21. Me says:

    What is this “Pelosi cites security fears..” and wants to change the State of the Union address date. Maybe she could get some of her disciples to guard her cage.

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    • Ellie says:

      This cracks me up!

      Imagine she is worried about “security”

      Isn’t that the whole reason Americans support a wall?

      Really, our representatives are insane.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        Ellie, she also didn’t like real Americans invading her property but called on the police to remove them. But she thought the MS 13 were good guys. Wait until they murder her or any of her family in San Francisco.


        • webgirlpdx says:

          Nah…Pelosi has such a black soul that she would cannonize any family member as collateral damage and that they died still believing the cause for illegals to enter freely….blah blah blah.


  22. chojun says:

    The government shutdown is horrifyingly bad for Democrats. But if they were to agree to border security, their constituents will be livid.

    Hey Democrats – you wanted the Bull – now you get the horns!

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  23. GB Bari says:

    President Trump helps these duplicitous bastards to expose their hypocrisy and disingenuousness.

    Watching Stainy Hoyer and reading Perfidious Peloosi’s letter makes it hilariously obvious that PDJT doesn’t need to put forth much effort – they stupidly do it for him.

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  24. G3 says:

    Media pencils-in the same vacation schedule — take two weeks off and come back rested.

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  25. frank field says:

    I’m a sinner. I’m forgiven. I therefore cannot endorse being so creatively wicked as this man.

    I hope his/their nackedness continues to be exposed.

    GOD! Please keep blessing us!

    How embarrassing that this man can be a public “servant”.


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  26. webgirlpdx says:

    Question to all: When was the last time Nancy has been seen in public or around the Capital speaking? I don’t think I’ve seen her since that 30 minute meeting where the President got up and left (pictures above?). If anyone has any idea, thanks…


  27. DeWalt says:

    Steny would have to hold up a dollar and tell her to speak.

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  28. MIKE says:

    Sigh…. once again i feel obligated to apologize to the fine commenters here at the Treehouse for yet another swamp turd flushed from my state. He’s from PG county that’s one third of the state triumvirate of votes that matter

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  29. Joe says:

    So she’s concerned about the security of the State of the Union and all the big wigs there, but NOT about the border/security of the citizens of the US?

    Does she see how odd that looks? Would someone ask her about that?

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  30. jeans2nd says:

    This was CN & N? Why not use the clip from FOX News, with Brett Baeir on Special Report? The description is identical, Baeir was no different than the CN & N chick, other than Baeir putting Hoyer as the lead at primetime..

    Fox has gone full Democrat. Chris Coons is on Martha Whatsits now.
    Why bother posting CN & N clips when we get it all from Fox?
    We have all we need of Democrat talking points from Fox.
    phooey on all of ’em

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    • PVCDroid says:

      It’s pathetic and we need a non globalist owned News network so disparately. I’m beginning to think they will succeed in turning this country into a Marxist State, slowly but surely brainwashing the public from shaving, to news, to social media to TV and movies and their favorite, our schools..


  31. KnowSERENoFear says:

    It’s just SD often says (paraphrasing): in order to be liberal, one has to pretend to not know a lot of things.

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  32. Brian Baker says:

    Noticed that CNN has a government shutdown clock running on the screen.
    If they didn’t no one would probably even realize there was a shutdown going on.

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  33. agentcommonsense says:

    President Trump has just blown up the deep state with this shutdown..

    The SES (Senior executive service ) locations only in the states Hillary won because SES rig it for her. Long story about the SES but they are the Deep State and they are shutdown . Impossible to fire any of them but after 30 days furlough they can be fired and most are furloughed..

    These traitors cannot communicate without being in their secured office space this is why the uniparty is freaking out they don’t know what to do without instructions

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