Former Top U.S. Attorney Advocates Using DOJ to Remove a President Based on Policy Differences…

If you wait long enough, the Lawfare actors brazenly expose their intents.  Cue the example today as former SDNY U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara showcases the ideology behind the DOJ and FBI weaponizing their offices based on political policy differences.

It has been outlined that President Trump would prefer to withdraw the U.S. from NATO. Trump’s view stems from NATO allies (Germany) engaging with NATO adversaries (Russia) with strategic energy policy (gas pipeline) to benefit Russia; while simultaneously demanding the U.S. taxpayer fund the defense of Germany (and EU) from Russia.

In response to reports that President Trump may withdraw from NATO, a strategic U.S. policy shift, Preet Bharara demands “impeachment and conviction”:

This clear example evidences the mentality within the DOJ and FBI that is becoming more openly obvious.  The institutions of the DOJ were/are weaponized, against candidate and president Trump, based on political differences and viewpoints.

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310 Responses to Former Top U.S. Attorney Advocates Using DOJ to Remove a President Based on Policy Differences…

  1. Justin says:

    Preet should be hung for treason, along with the rest of the Constitution-violating treasonous felons.

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  2. starfcker says:

    It’s like they thought they were permanent. Those pesky elections had ostensibly been neutered. They thought.

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  3. Yeah, but President Trump is in league with those who want to take my m’ms away from me so I will have to start dating nerds!!! So I will continue to vote for the party that supports idiots like Preet B foevuh!!! Theoden: “How did we come to this?”

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  4. louche9 says:

    Wasn’t he the one in charge at SDNY who refused to release the contents of Weiner’s laptop?

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  5. Steve in MT says:

    Where was he when Obama told Medvedev “Tell Vladimir after the election I will have more flexibility”?

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  6. Steven Edwards says:

    Article II, sec. 3 provides that “in Case of Disagreement between them [the houses of Congress], with Respect to the Time of Adjournment, he [the President] may adjourn them to such Time as he shall think proper…

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  7. Peoria Jones says:

    There must be a way to put the fear of God in these side actors, who take it upon themselves to interfere in the American political process and justice. Preet didn’t keep it professional – he’s jumped into MY personal space now, and he deserves the public notoriety that goes with the power.

    Does anyone know Preet’s home address? I’d gladly write him a letter.

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  8. CNN_sucks says:

    What an arrogant criminal!nNATO is not a sacred cow.

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  9. joeknuckles says:

    Everybody wake up!

    It’s not about policy. That’s just their fig leaf.

    They are afraid they will be prosecuted for their crimes.

    Stop playing along.

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  10. concerned3 says:

    SDNY U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara must be running for President, too.


  11. AccountabilityPlease says:

    The former U.S. Attorney for the SDNY advocating for the removal of a duly elected President by any means necessary because he disagrees with the President’s foreign policy? Sounds like sedition to me.

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  12. Skeeball says:

    Preet Ba-hardy-har-hara is still butt sore over being fired. Too funny.

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  13. concerned3 says:

    Well until now, I had thought that the Democratic party had turn into the party of Socialist. Correct that, they are the party of NUTS. To many drugs from across the Mexican border, I guess?

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  14. Tl Howard says:

    I take it that Bhara’s ridiculous position, that POTUS can be impeached for policy, illustrates he’s as afraid of being exposed as Comey, Clapper, and Brennan.

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  15. Troublemaker10 says:

    Tucker Carlson just played a video clip of a Democrat in Congress taking it even further. She said that Trump rethinking NATO membership was grounds for either “impeachment” or “Article 25”.

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  16. Max Tadpol says:

    I love when Sundance posts tweets so I can troll these a$$wipes.

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  17. paulraven1 says:

    Replying to @PreetBharara
    You’re a hack and a loser who was fired. This “impeachment” mania is based on nothing but a depraved form of resentment and fear of what Mr. Trump is exposing.

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  18. Zorro says:

    Something is different this week. Smells like Demosocialist fear. Do these miscreants believe their own shtick? That can’t be this ignorant.

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  19. Donna in Oregon says:

    I listened to Barr today and realized that this is exactly what they are going to do.

    They have a list with Trump supporters named on it. The Swamp has the ballots of who voted. Of course they do.

    Maybe some Patriots weren’t paying attention when the Tea Party discs to the DOJ/IRS were never explained….but the meaning is obvious. Must be the same mindset the Jews had on their way to the trains. This isn’t George Soros first rodeo….he helped the NAZI’s the first Holocaust.

    General Flynn was the canary in the coal mine, he is our future. That is why Nancy and Chuck are so sure of themselves..

    Don’t think it can happen to you? Facial recognition at airports now. There is no where for Trump supporters to hide. Of course they read Sundance. Of course they do. They read everything and listen to everything. Don’t even need to go to the FISA court to spy on us. The Swamp does whatever it wants.

    Wake up. Next thing you know the jack boots and brown shirts will be at your door. We are their enemy and they will destroy us.

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  20. Doppler says:

    I don’t read this as advocating use of DOJ to remove a President from office. The constitution provides the only original constitutional process for removal, is impeachment by the House, and trial and convictions by a two third vote of the Senate. “Impeach, convict and remove” is what he suggests, a constitutional, congressional process, not a DOJ process. The grounds stated are for treason and other high crimes and misdemeanors, a term of art describing the many ways corrupt office holders can abuse their power. Can withdrawal from NATO be such a violation? Only if done for some corrupt purpose. But impeachment is an inherently political, not legal process, decided by politicians, not judges or juries, and there is no appeal, except through subsequent elections.


    • lemmus1 says:

      Yes. But. Once impeached by the House, the Senate must convict by 2/3 majority.
      The trial of a sitting President in the Senate is presided over by the Chief Justice.
      We have no precedent -as yet – where a Chief Justice has ruled that there is insufficient evidence to convict of ‘high crimes or misdemeanors’ – but the power to do so is inherent in his office.
      The act of Impeachment by the House is equivalent only to an indictment which any criminal judge in the US may decide is insufficient on its own merits and dismiss without trial. Would Roberts do so? Unlikely. But if the House forwards a purely political impeachment without any credible evidence of a crime, he theoretically could. And imnsho, should.


  21. I am starting to think that the left are the revolutionaries and Trump and his supporters are the counter revolutionaries. I mean the left has won the war…they control the legislative, the judicial, and a lot of the executive branch of the government (excluding the CEO…Trump). So, we are in the counter position. Up until now, I was seeing Trump as a revolutionary (and his supporters)…it’s like the revolution took place over the last 8 years. I don’t know, i go back and forth on it, but the left has overthrown our constitution…isn’t that a revolution?

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    • Tuduri says:

      We Trump supporters are ‘deplorables’ and ‘contras’! All this meant in a positive way.

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    • Donna in Oregon says:

      No they haven’t won, it’s a psychological battle. Psych-Ops 101.

      The comment you made is exactly what they want to hear. Give up, it’s too hard. Give in. You can’t win.

      Like WWII, some just gave up right away. The French……which is funny because now the French Yellow Vests rise up and protest in the streets. .

      Trump supporters have Antifa and CNN/MSNBC Talking Heads to keep us in line. The Swamp doesn’t have to do anything but plant little seeds of doubt and then listen for the surrender.

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      • I said nothing about giving up. I was just thinking out loud about who is the revolutionary and who is the counter revolutionary. Being a counter revolutionary at some point becomes the revolutionary…those who have become the establishment as revolutionaries eventually become those who have a revolution against them.

        I’m not sure where you heard the word surrender in what i said; had nothing to do with that. It’s good to understand and know your enemies and have a grasp of history.

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    • sDee says:

      It is sedition. They have subverted the Constitution through legal precedent and judicial activism. We, the people, put up no resistance – even worse we elected them – over and over again.

      Trump has given us a slim chance to unwind it. If we fail, we can chose to live as economic slaves or, remove them, physically. That would be a revolution to restore constitutional rule of law.

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  22. redline says:

    Sht like this is why he won.

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  23. Lovearepublican says:

    All of this crazy talk is about trying to excuse their criminal behavior. We broke the law because WE HAD TOO! WE THOUGHT HE WAS A SPY! So you cant prosecute us…we were doing our DUTY. RIIIIGGGHHHT.


  24. Neo says:

    This is the official “life imitates art” of the 1964 movie, “7 Days In May”


  25. Molly says:

    Seems as if Preet Bharara doesn’t quite get the Constitution. Wanting in or out of NATO is not an impeachable offense. These people are dreadful beyond belief. The degree of arrogance is matched only by the degree of ignorance.

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    • lemmus1 says:

      It’s actually quite scary to have a prominent former US District Attorney who clearly can’t read or comprehend the constitution he swore to defend.

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      • Your Tour Guide says:

        Preet got tons of favorable press. To the point that yours
        truly was even sucked into the “crusading good guy” BS.

        Maybe it’s time to do some rewinding about old articles
        about Preet. Find some familiar authors that seem to pop
        up whenever the swamp, Obama, or Hillary need to be
        defended. We’ve seen his M.O. since back in the days of
        Sally Yates. Yates actions, and Preet being around when
        all the dirty work is getting done has outed him. No longer
        a good guy to anyone paying attention.

        Some of the better researchers might do some digging on
        those who created the image of “crusading good guy” Preet.
        See what else they’ve been up to. Everytime Preet did
        something ruthless and underhanded, it was treated in the
        MSM as just and necessary. Look into who created Preet,
        the fictional good guy. Preet’s getting exposed to many.
        Isn’t it time the ones that treated bad as good get some
        exposure also? It won’t take 4 hops to tie Benjamin Witte’s
        bunch into the narrative.

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  26. thesavvyinvester says:

    Is anyone here tired of the Fake News and Deep State being Drama Queens / Diva’s 24/7/365 ? Seriously another Impeachable offense? Can’t they not see this is the art of the deal to get NATO ( especially those that are freeloading ) to belly up to the bar and pay their fair share? And as Sundance said to get Germany’s head straight? Heck I still haven’t read Art of the Deal ( On the to-do list ) and even I this is a leverage move and Preet Bharara can’t. Tell me would ya want him as your attorney after what I just laid out here, that he doesn’t know a negotiating tacit when he sees one?


  27. Disgusted says:

    I sure wish he wanted us to pull out of the UN.


  28. Disgusted says:

    I sure wish he wanted us to pull out of the UN.

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  29. dianeax says:

    Icing on that POS’s cake.

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  30. jus wundrin says:

    Any wonder why this was one of Trumps first firings? And what did schumah do when Trump fired him? WHINE! Theres another co coup filthy senator conspirator.

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  31. Jimsung says:

    Preet’s problem:

    John Podesta was Obama’s campaign manager in 2008 (and 2012).

    Some of Podesta’s emails were released by Wikileaks.

    These emails showed that Podesta emailed the CEO of Citibank for recommendations (approval) of Obama’s cabinet personnel during the timeframe of Wall Street bailouts. Citibank was a major recipient of these bailouts.

    Shumer is a Senator from NY(C). One of his major goals is to protect Wall Street. Preet was one of his lawyers. Preet was appointed US Attorney of SDNY to protect Wall Street when he should have been prosecuting them. (Does that sound a lot like the same scenario as Mueller providing protection for the (CIA)/DoJ/FBI?)

    Preet basically committed the maximum amount of sedition he could (similar to what Yates did) by forcing Trump to fire him (even though Trump asking for the States Attorney’s request for resignations wasn’t unusual).

    Preet is exposed in Deep State corruption and obstruction of justice in the same way that hundreds of others are. (God knows what’s on Hillary’s 650K emails…).

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  32. pigletrios says:

    So what exactly is this guy doing now? Picking $%^# with the chickens? Yeah, I thought so.


  33. Arthur says:

    NATO was formed with one and one goal only : defend against Soviet Union & the Warsaw pact.
    Soviet Union doesn’t exist anymore. All Warsaw pact countries are actually now part of NATO !
    So what exactly is NATO’s reason to exist ?

    Even during the Cold War, it was well known that had the soviets pushed against Western Europe, there was absolutely no way to stop them, short of nukes. There’s a reason the French have nukes.

    Today NATO pretends to “protect” the Baltic countries for instance. If Russia determined it was imperative to take those countries, there would be, again, no way whatsoever to stop them.
    It’s estimated they’d roll over them in 72 hrs at the most. Same with Ukraine.

    Is there anybody in their right minds who’d fight Russia for Lithuania or Estonia ?
    A conventional war would be lost miserably. Russia would fight on their doorsteps, could throw in unlimited resources. They’ve got very advanced military tech too. No way to win that.
    Would the demented neocons & libtards use nukes and end us all for Estonia ???

    So again, what the heck is the point of NATO, but to suck US resources to the benefit of Germany and the like ? If need is, there can be bilateral treaties, no need to defend Montenegro.

    The very existence of NATO pushes Russia to arm themselves and, worst of all, pushes them towards China.

    Trump would be 100% right to end this charade.

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  34. dallasdan says:

    “This clear example evidences the mentality within the DOJ and FBI that is becoming more openly obvious. The institutions of the DOJ were/are weaponized, against candidate and president Trump, based on political differences and viewpoints.”

    These are crystal clear statements of fact and, IMO, reflect SD’s and our increasingly intolerable frustration induced by the ongoing impunity with which the deep state acts to subvert, politically injure, and ultimately remove the President from office.

    Never in the history of our nation has sedition and lawlessness been so broadly and deeply practiced by the political class. Equally disturbing is the absence on the horizon of any acceptable solution.

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  35. Judiciary says:

    On what grounds does this joke of an attorney think the President could be impeached for saying he’d like to leave NATO? Obviously, the President would consult his attorneys to begin such a process. I’m guessing Mr. Liberal activist Bharara thinks the President would ignore law and just withdraw on his own. All that’s required, from what I understand, is he give Congress six months notice. In 2002 George Bush pulled the US out of the ABM treaty with Russia. I don’t recall any calls for impeachment. Jimmy Carter pulled out of a treaty as well. He was taken to court but the issue was never ruled on.


  36. Nunya Bidness says:

    Preet needs to resign. He has lost the ability to think rationally. His ideology clouds his judgment.


  37. vrajavala says:

    It’s almost getting to the point where we need to have a “natural born citizen” requirement for all government officials, not just POTUSA
    And exclude dual-citizens from public office


  38. vrajavala says:

    It’s almost getting to the point where we need to have a “natural born citizen” requirement for all government officials, not just POTUSA
    And exclude dual-citizens from public office

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  39. Folks, Remember this name—>DOJ National Security Division head [JOHN P. CARLIN] and his role in the 2016 FISA warrant & how CORRUPT DOJ DAG Sally Yates REFUSED to allow DOJ IG Mike Horowitz to investigate the DOJ NSD. Carlin resigned from the CORRUPT DOJ Oct. 15, 2016 EXACTLY 1 Day after he filed the Govt.’s 2016 Section 702 recertification of the FISA ACT aka. SPYING on U.S. Citizens via Foreign Contacts.—>[Carlin had previously served as chief of staff to then-FBI Director Robert S. Mueller.]
    On March 11, 2017, Preet Bharara was fired after he refused to follow Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s request for all remaining 46 U.S. Attorneys appointed during Barack Obama’s presidency to resign.—>Bharara worked on the DIRTY Mueller Team.
    ~BOTH Carlin & Bharara frequently contribute to the LAWFARE Blog.~


  40. I’m not real sure why this even merits an article on my favorite think-site. Who among us doesn’t know that Stalinist psychos want to use the criminal code against us?

    FBI anybody?
    DOJ much?
    #Totalitarian Leftists


  41. John-Y128 says:

    While I understand PDJT thoughts about our precious allies in NATO taking advantage of the USA since the end of WWII, he sure invites these establishment attacks by not have coherent policy explanations before his surprise tweets, he be lucky to finish up his first term and if he somehow wins a second term, he get a ‘JFK’ special from a deep-state patsy type like LHO, he just pushes every issue to the cliff and many regular citizens are scared of heights, the deep-state wants control back fast, witness the AG Barr nominee hearing yesterday, he’s ready for a ‘Warren Report’ from his friend ‘Bob’, he get confirmed quickly.


  42. Thanks for the proof, Sundance. It’s priceless.


  43. doohmax says:

    It appears to me that me are just one more Progressive/Socialist President away from the Soviet Union circa 1965.


  44. doohmax says:

    Since when do political differences allow the bureaucracy to take legal action against a citizen or against a sitting President for that matter. The State determines which laws are enforced and selects the citizen to be prosecuted in dictatorships, right. Isn’t this what Bharara is suggesting?


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