AG Nominee William Barr Testimony to Judiciary Committee…

President Trump’s AG nominee William Barr testifies to the Senate Judiciary Committee about his legal views and perspectives.  Overall post-testimonial punditry converges on the outlook Mr. Barr will be easily confirmed with broad bipartisan support.

Rather than agree or disagree with various opinions CTH is providing a full video of the Barr hearing below with a recap video as presented by Global News:


My own personal view is that William Barr will likely reset the DOJ ‘status quo‘ to the institutional construct that existed prior to the Obama DOJ (Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch) era. That is to say: Barr will attempt to remove obvious weaponization and overt political motives behind every action taken by the U.S. Justice Department.

However, it also appears the most purposeful goal for Mr. Barr, in direct alignment with his close personal friend Robert Mueller, will be the preservation of the DOJ institution as a historic apparatus. That “preserve-the-institutionat all costs means Barr will necessarily have to bury any/all systemic corruption to achieve a larger institutional goal.

I Do not anticipate Barr will deliver any sunlight to expose how badly corrupted the DOJ has become. Instead he’ll likely apply bondo to cover the rot and apply a fresh coat of paint.

Here is the full nomination hearing. As a point of advice, I would recommend paying close attention to the segments of questions from Senators who we already know were participating in the 2015/2016/2017 operation against Donald Trump (ex. Dianne Feinstein, Dick Durbin, Sheldon Whitehouse).


“Bondo Barr”

“Bondo Barr recommendation”

“Bondo Barr assurances”

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264 Responses to AG Nominee William Barr Testimony to Judiciary Committee…

  1. I thought PDJT would have learnt by now that appointing these swamp creatures to head up the DOJ and FBI does absolutely nothing to fulfil his promise of draining the swamp. Its time for him to start appointing folk from way outside the “box”

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    • John-Y128 says:

      People ‘way outside the box’ don’t want any part of the DC establishment, they know they end up like Trump, everyone would work against them, discredit their ideas in the MSM, not to mention PDJT’s ability to find and ID non-swamp creatures, it wasn’t’ too many years ago that Trump and his whole family were $upporting democrat liberals, I’d bet Ivanka and Chelsea aren’t BFF’s hanging out together anymore.

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    • Jederman says:

      You are not alone in thinking that.

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    • Since DOJ is compromised ~ well heck, might as well say corrupt, Wm. Barr will fit right in. He’s endorsed gun control policies and openly answered his gun control stance w/gun grabber Feinstein ~ note his ‘views’ on gun control.* The LEFT must be jumping for joy. I’m losing faith in anything changing ~ ever.

      *Wm Barr: “I think we need to push along the ERPOs so that we have these ‘Red Flag’ laws to supplement the use of background checks … this is the single most important thing I think we can do in the gun control area…”

      Nodding in agreement, and clearly pleased with his response, Feinstein replied, “Well thank you, I’d like to work with you in that regard.”


  2. Sayit2016 says:

    Not good if true…….

    BREAKING: Attorney General nominee William Barr, who is "close friends" w Robert Mueller, testified today he has no interest in "aggressively" looking into the Uranium One scandal involving Hillary Clinton, Clinton Foundation& Russia. (Mueller was briefed on U1 deal as FBI chief)— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) January 16, 2019

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  3. Tiffthis says:

    “Bondo Barr will calm… the Deep State usurpers…about being exposed, and Trump will benefit from lessened opposition..”
    And after that, since Barr seems to be a stickler for what the constitution plainly says is within presidential powers, he will let PDJT declassifying and release whatever documents he sees fit.

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  4. k4jjj says:

    It’s becoming more clear a draining of the Swamp will require the complete cleansing of Washington DC. DC is completely toxic like Chernobyl after the reactor meltdown. There is nothing clean or safe in that rotted place. As with the enemy caves and tunnels on Iwo Jima, we may have to use flamethrowers, block by block. The enemy is dug in, tenacious and not inclined to surrender.

    A massive reduction-in-force of the parasites working there will be a fine start so a prolonged federal shutdown is a critical battlefield objective to destroy the enemy’s resources and will to fight.

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  5. Sayit2016 says:

    Apparently ROKO wants to join the ” GET WOKE ” GO BROKE ” action…

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  6. Perot Conservative says:

    Crooked FISA process, crooked DOJ officials, 100 +/- FBI agents leaking / taking bribes, unsure how he can restore the institution if several limbs are rotten.

    Say Barr retires in a few years and Trump either retires, or the GOP loses, and the illegal behavior will return like day follows night.

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  7. Donzo says:

    What happens if POTUS declassifies? Straight arrow Barr would have to act. Did Trump make a deal not to declassify as part of the job offer and is he planning to reneg on that deal once the nominee is confirmed?


  8. farrier105 says:

    One thing that needs to be noticed in the Barr hearings–The Democrats acted like adults. Barr is close to the people who really run things. He’s closer than his pal, Mueller, who is basically an errand boy for the Powers that BE (PTB). No one messes with Barr, like no one says the name “Steve Pieczenik” in vain very much. Barr and Pieczenik are not in the inner circle of power, but close enough that really messing with them can cause beaucoup trouble for anyone doing it.

    Barr is being crowned as AG to take this “thing” where the Establishment intends it to go. In other words, there is always a “Plan” with these people, and now we will soon find out what “The Plan” is, and where the Establishment wants it to take us, which is the way these things usually work out.

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    • Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

      farrier105, your summation is correct I believe.

      I think the PTB that you describe has decided that it’s time to have everyone cool their jets a bit before too many of us serfs get woke. Time to stand down from the Mexican standoff for the time being.

      Perhaps the PTB will allow President Trump to work unfettered for the rest of his term.

      Our side will have to forgo revenge for injustices incurred while the power hungry leftists will have to grind their teeth in frustration while their dreams of impeaching & removing President Trump fade away.

      Be pretty sweet if Jerome Corsi can still get his millions tho.


  9. shirley49 says:

    Guess this means that all the scum are going to get away with every crime they committed. I would have put Judge Jeanine or Mark Levin in that position.

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  10. JAS says:

    We “owned” the White House, Congress and Senate for a whole TWO YEARS. How did that turn out? That tells me everything I need to know about DC – and specifically Republicans.

    In those two years the dimms were unmasked and are now blatantly and overtly out in the open – they don’t care to hide their socialist plans anymore. And how many Republicans were also unmasked? Do they care? – no.

    Next time socialists own the whole DC enchilada it will be lights out for the country as we know it. They will abolish our Republic by turning congress into a majority rule (51%) fiasco and abolish the States electoral college. Then the coastal socialist elite can rule forever.

    By the way, at this time there is no place more elite and “socialist coastal” than DC….

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    • notunderwhelmed says:

      JAS– Uniparty. We “owned” nothing for two years. Democrats are blatant. Rinos are deceptive. All are self-serving and don’t give a rat’s ass about the Constitution , rule of law, or the American people.

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    • Linda K. says:

      California is lost and the idiots here don’t blame the elected officials.


  11. NIKOLA BABIC says:

    Wow…why, why, why? This AG is either complicit in 911, dumb as a rock ( would not be the first time Trump has selected such an official `Hi Rex`), or a complete coward, unwilling to risk his own welfare for the sake of the nations. Most likely it is the latter.

    Between 2001 and 2016 I prayed so many times for an upright leader. I knew when Trump launched his campaign that this was a wise ruler, despite not appearing to be ‘Godly on the surface’ ( for, IT IS ONLY God that knows the hearts of men) Please may a person of faith read this, and pray for the commander in chief to have the courage to nominate an upright man to the position of AG.


  12. magagirl says:

    What is the president thinking?

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  13. jeans2nd says:

    Barr was asked during the hearing what he, Barr, would do if bad behavior, rule-breaking, misfeasance, etc., was found during Barr’s tenure.

    Barr replied that he, Barr, would utilized internal disciplinary measures, according to established rules and procedures.
    Looks likely we will never know.

    Which validates Sundance’s Bondo Barr 100%. imo

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  14. SurfinUSA says:

    The Department of Justice is an upstanding and non-partisan institution that drapes the Statute of Justice with blindfolds. There is nothing to see here…

    DS finalizes coverup. The Swamp breathes a sigh of relief.

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  15. Right to reply says:

    I’m seriously beginning to think that Trump doesn’t want a second term. May be he’s had enough of disgusting DC? He could un-redact on his way out, write a damn good book, and retire in peace. Anyone replacing him will always show just how good Trump was.


  16. NC Nana says:

    This is the list of our last few US AG’s or acting AG’s:

    Janet Reno (Start of Enron scandal)

    Eric Holder (Acting AG, Deputy to Janet Reno 4 years)

    John Ashcroft (Arthur Andersen scandal)

    Alberto Gonzales

    Paul Clement (Acting AG)

    Peter Keisler (Acting AG)

    Michael Mukasey (Allowed 2008/2009 Ted Stevens witch hunt during election. This was critical time of setting up Obamacare vote counters in the Senate)

    Mark Filip (Acting AG 14 days)

    Eric Holder (Was candidate Obama’s legal adviser 2007-2008 before becoming AG in 2009)

    Loretta Lynch (Tarmac mtg with Clinton then allowed James Comey to block prosecution of Hillary Clinton)

    Sally Yates (General Flynn accuser, stopped audits of FBI misuse of NSA data, Deputy to Holder and Lynch)

    Dana Boente

    Jeff Sessions (Allowed RR to set up SC Mueller)

    Matthew Whitaker


    Yep, William Barr will be in-charge of holding DOJ together with defective bailing wire and duct tape. We watched the “public side” of what the deal made with US Senators looks like. Only time will tell what the “private side” agreement looks like. Right now the ‘small group’ is running silent, running deep.

    When Barr said he had “a very high opinion of Rod Rosenstein and his service to the Department”. It was a message. No one is going to be prosecuted even when you suggest “wearing a wire” to get the POTUS or any other nefarious plan.

    Someone said Barr is a “rule of law” guy. I think his Rod Rosenstein statement shows something else. Barr is coming across as a cover up and pretend everything and everybody is on the up and up. After all, we all went to the same law schools. We all understand the same way to apply loop holes.

    If he is indeed a rule of law guy, it appears there are 2 sets of rules. One for DOJ attorneys. Another for the rest of the country. As far as party, this looks like a pretty even handed application. Both Democrats and Republicans. Call them uniparty. Call them swamp creatures. Same/same

    There is no “Federal justice” in America. It is done. There is no plan to bring it back. The only plan is to cover up the wrong doing and reward the wrong doers – – just look at past individual reward system to see future reward system.

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    • Jederman says:

      We all want to believe he is a rule of law guy, but in our heart of hearts KNOW he’s a bondo guy.

      Of the people, by the people, for the people sounded nice but we failed to defend it. The justice system is two tiered.


  17. Elle says:

    Yep. I think Sundance is right. I beginning to suspect that the deal has been struck to rid the country of the full-blown commie-Islamo faction that stepped in and stepped on the toes of the status quo. The Bushes, the Clintons and the NY Schumer guys will make a deal not to murder and suicide all witnesses and agree to retire in exile from DC, allowing the fish tank to be cleaned out general rule of law to be restored. Their minions, like Page, Ohrs, McCabe, etc. will do their time for them and we won’t get to take away their millions or hear about all the children in the basement.

    I don’t know, maybe that’s okay with me. It is certainly better than where we were in Nov 2016.
    Trump is one guy against a very evil machine. With God all things are possible, but maybe justice will not be served in this life.


    • Elle says:

      I had been kinda hoping for this:

      Not looking as likely these days.


    • Linda K. says:

      You have to be realistic and then hope for the best. After all, the Berlin Wall came down against all expectations. Trump is a lucky man and determined. Barr may be non threatening enough to the cabal to trap them into surrender.


      • Elle says:

        I hope so. I also was hoping that perhaps the real show is going on somewhere else, maybe military intelligence, maybe some other place that we don’t know where and Trump doesn’t really care what these people do to entertain themselves. Hope springs eternal.


  18. EggsX says:

    Its naive to think they will go back to their pre-Obama level of corruption. Even so, the uniparty is correct that a new face will keep the peasants at bay.


  19. Brian Baker says:

    There is no way they can just sweep all of the DOJ/FBI corruption under the rug. Too many people know. There must be some accountability to set a precedent that it doesn’t happen again. Perhaps Mueller was a firewall to mitigate damage so it wouldn’t tear the country apart, but some of these corrupt officials need to face the music or else the beloved “institutions” that Barr and Mueller hold dear will lose all confidence and support of the American people who know better.


    • Donzo says:

      Your forgetting that half the country thinks Trump is a Russian spy or something.


      • Brian Baker says:

        True, half the country are gaslighted morons and the other half see through the propagandized BS. Which side would the DOJ/FBI be wise to have as a supporter and foolish to have as an enemy?


    • Elle says:

      “Perhaps Mueller was a firewall to mitigate damage so it wouldn’t tear the country apart. ”
      Possibly so. Yes there will need to be an accounting.

      Maybe this will be somewhat like when Guiliani cleaned up NYC. The mobs still operated, but were forced deeper into the underworld instead of shamelessly operating in plain sight. .On the surface, there were laws that had to be obeyed. The mobs that got “out of control” were taken down.

      We will never get rid of the underworld – drugs, prostitution, racketeering…etc. etc It’s like prohibition….make it illegal and it spurs a thriving and black market. Make it legal and it has its own set of problems. Damned if you do/damned if you don’t.

      I’m just blathering I guess. I had hoped we’d see arrests and trials, but it seems unlikely now, at lleast for the principal players. The minions are screwed


      • farrier105 says:

        Some of the leftists are being taught on Twitter that claiming Trump is a Russian spy inside the White House would not be good for their side if it turned out to be true. Let’s take a look at this situation by assuming (only hypothetically before people blow up) that Trump is found to have been a blackmailed Russian asset.

        Any Counterintelligence investigation could not stop at just Trump. It would include ALL of his “known associates,” which include far more Democrats than Republicans as Trump was a Democrat for most of his life. Trump was also a big fundraiser for Democrats, including Schumer and Hillary Clinton. Of the two “known associates” of Trump, Clinton is the one who is most involved in Trump the Politician, as is her husband, Bill Clinton. Anyone in the US who could have helped Trump get nominated by the GOP, and elected in the general election, is a logical suspect for executing Russian plans to put Trump in the White House. Let’s see who gets the heat put on them.

        Hillary Clinton–She’s a logical suspect for three reasons. The first is she was Involved in the Uranium 1 deal and received over $100 million from those involved in the transaction a short time thereafter. The second is the shoddy way she handled Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) as Secretary of State. The third is the most germane as the first two establish a pattern of behavior that is cavalier about national security. HILLARY HELPED TRUMP GET NOMINATED. This was done through her “Pied Piper Candidate Strategy,” that called for her chosen “Pied Piper” to get large amounts of media coverage to “elevate” the Pied Piper above all others. That “Pied Piper” was her distant cousin, DONALD TRUMP.

        Pay attention to Jim Acosta at about the 0:40 mark on the video where he taunts the hecklers by reminding them about all the free publicity CNN gave Trump during the “PRIMARIES.” Acosta can’t help himself. If Trump is a Russian asset, CNN helped put him in office with all that admitted free publicity. So did other media outlets. They all need to answer for what caused them to pay all of that attention to Trump and none to 16 other candidates. Were they elevating him per “Pied Piper,” and was “Pied Piper” strictly Hillary, or was it PUTIN?

        Bill Clinton–Long time golfing buddy of Trump, a known associate of Trump, Bill Clinton first suggested that lifetime Democrat Trump get involved in GOP politics. Maybe to be the “Pied Piper” in 2016, but that makes Bill a logical suspect of helping Trump get nominated and elected, and maybe for Putin, since not all of this can be done by a few Facebook Ads placed by a few Russian companies.

        The MAINSTREAM NEWS MEDIA would have to be investigated for their role in giving Trump 5 billion dollars in free media during the nomination and the general election, far exceeding free media given to any of his rivals, including HILLARY. Was this done for PUTIN? This is a legitimate question if Trump turns out to be a Russian asset.

        All close known associates of Trump including Chuck Schumer and other New York Democrats would have some explaining to do about their close association with a Russian asset.

        Dmitri Alperovitch, CROWDSTRIKE Director of Technology would have explaining to do if it turns out Trump had anything to do with the hack of the DNC. You see, Dmitri just had all of his people sit and watch for 36 days as the “Russians” looted the DNC network. Crowdstrike claimed they identified the hackers as Russians on May 6, 2016, but did nothing to stop the hack until June 11-June 12, 2016, when they took the network offline for a weekend and switched out some computers and reimaged others under the guise of an upgrade. There is no reason that could not have been done in MAY, right after May 6, 2016 rather than wait until June 11, 2016. The emails were stolen on May 25, 2016. Alperovitch was born in Russia, therefore he would be a LOGICAL SUSPECT for helping to steal the emails that “damaged our democracy.”

        We could go on a lot further, but this is where any investigation would need to go. It would not be pretty.


        • warrprin1 says:

          Farrier! The introductory section of your catalogue reminds us of the steps taken by the Clintons to encourage Donald Trump to throw his hat into the ring for the Nomination. From the start, the Clintons intended to rig the election by introducing their version of a fake candidate into the GOP Nomination process. Why has this become the least publicized story since 2015? I read about this a couple of times in a couple of different sources, back in 2016, but then it disappeared. No wonder.

          Throughout the 2016 campaign, DJT proclaimed that “things” were rigged. Was he referring, at least in part, to the overtures made to him by the Clintons, to welcome him into the GOP competition? DJT defied the Clintons by refusing to throw the election to Herself. He shook up the Clintons and the entire Dem Machine with his genuine patriotism, his work ethic, and his finely honed instincts.

          We’ll see how this DOJ business rolls out under the leadership of a new AG. If it turns out that AG Barr’s goal is to bury the filth and move on, then the people’s side of the deal must comprise the demands that DOJ harassment of POTUS DJT comes to a screeching halt, and the entirety of the DOJ / FBI enterprise is cleaned out, restructured, and rebuilt, from bottom to top. If this is the case, then it is possible that we will not have lost everything: that we, our children, and our grandchildren will live to see our Constitutional Republic survive. As a matter of fact, although the walking dead will have won some significant battles, they will have lost the war.


        • Elle says:

          Any Counterintelligence investigation could not stop at just Trump. It would include ALL of his “known associates,”

          haha, now that IS a twist.


  20. Trump Train says:

    The level of Failure by Trump on this cannot be overstated. I don’t get it, the man is not stupid. The only reason I can think is perhaps he is wants to smooth things out a little bit at these corrupt, treasonous agencies and continue to grow the economy among the many other good things he is doing for us and then release the hounds of hell in his second term which I currently have the probability at 5%.

    Why? The deep state criminals have been exposed and operate without fear of consequence as a direct frontal attack to us, there has been no action taken to deal with the massive election fraud and vote harvesting from the mid term trial run.

    You cannot run and win based upon your accomplishments when the system is rigged against you……….look at CA 10 Congressional seats were stolen. Not one word from the republicans. Not one punch thrown………

    I find it un believable that Trump could not get on Senator to vote against keeping the Senate in session so he could appoint a MAGA AG and others………..


  21. Fools Gold says:

    Putting bondo over rust is not a fix, just a tactic for the used resale R’s. That said, Barr will also have to replace the worn out tires and do the media marketing in order to complete the transaction just in time for 2020 resale campaign. However, there is one wild card in the deck and it’ll be interesting to see if it gets played or not as part of the transition.


  22. brenrod says:

    Barr said it will take more than good cause to limit a special counsel…. it must also be in the “interest of the nation” and we know that the interest of the nation always coincides with the interests of those who cover up the crimes against the nation. Good cause should be enough to remove any special counsel.
    Unless Barr investigates the origins of the SC appointment and the illegal doj, fbi, cia sedition against Trump he should be considered just one more full fledged member of the deep state criminals.
    Occams razor regarding all these deep state criminals continues to appear to best approach towards their motivation. It appears impossible that anyone can rise to such heights without being corrupt and/or blackmailed.
    There appears to be no outrage or action regarding the massive crimes of our fbi, doj, cia… so there should be no expectation of justice from within the ranks of our political and judicial system.


  23. brenrod says:

    its not just that Barr and the previous cohorts were/are protecting the institutions of the doj, fbi and cia….. they are participants who through acts of commission and omission(e.g. Sessions) intentionally facilitate and enable the cover ups…… they are only allowed to rise up to their positions if they are team players… whether willingly or through blackmail. I doubt that anyone in the doj fbi or cia at and near the top are not corrupted.
    Mostly they participate in the crimes through acts of omission similar to Sessions standing down just like in a typical political false flag assassination those guarding the target are ordered to stand down or simply disappear from the scene of the crime to enable it to take place.


  24. mugzey302 says:

    How do all the investigations in the House impact? Will they also be a smokescreen excuse “can’t ask questions that will impede an ongoing investigation” nonsense? So we’ll have ANOTHER 2 years of witch hunt? At the taxpayer expense they are hounding a duly-elected President just because they don’t like him ~ it SHOULD BE illegal.


  25. mark says:

    Just a contrary thought about Barr. He would have to say all that he said yesterday to pass confirmation. Joe DeGenova would have to say the same things. I know, I know, Joe DeGenova couldn’t be AG but if he had the opportunity he would have to say the same things.

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  26. Luminary says:

    Good post. I was thinking the same, that Barr wasn’t brought in to make wholesale changes or shake things up, however he will prevent agents like Mueller and perhaps other rogue prosecutors (SDNY) from reaching too far above their ability when it comes to trying to second-guess the President. I watched some of the hearing and there were some slight indications that he felt empowered to fire US Attorneys at his discretion, which is what should happen in the case of SDNY and their BS (individual 1).

    in any event, he is a caretaker and a reset. after two years, if he doesn’t perform or there are other issues, Trump can just swap him out and get a reformer in there, which is desperately what that institution needs.


    • PDJT may only have two years to get an AG that will work. His re-election is not guaranteed, although wished for.


    • mark says:

      Thanks Luminary. I was thinking also about all of the FBI agents and IC community leaders who left as soon as they could because of Muellers 5 years and up to DC headquarters rule and the FBI taking over other agencies. Barr must know a whole bunch of station chefs who left really disgruntled and highly pissed. Sundance posted yesterday about this and I’ve got to believe over the years Barr has had conversations with IC people who told him the truth.


  27. Rose says:

    Bondo won’t protect the structure if it’s hit with lawsuits claiming corruption of the entire system at the FBI and DOJ. They can make it look purdy but they can’t keep the structure solid if it’s full of corruption.


  28. Barr is part of the coverup, and the giveaway is how sure he is of himself, and his take on his invincible powers as AG. He has been Reassured (a kind of canonization). He sounds power-mad, and not in a good way. He has outright said he won’t investigate or go near Mueller or Rosenstein, who he loves and admires (yah, shoor, you bet you by golly)… or any other coup plotter against Trump, it goes without saying.

    He is a walking, talking Cold War shibboleth**. He is going to play daddy to the clueless deplorables who know not what they do when they get uppity or unruly. A holy man, you see.

    **(“shibboleth”, definition 2a: a word or saying characteristically used by the adherents of a party, sect or belief, and usually regarded as empty of real meaning)


  29. June Dougherty Sliter says:

    I’m beginning to understand why President Trump appointed Barr for AG..
    On illegal immigration, he gave a balanced statement about the need for proper legal immigration while wanting to make sure people don’t “flout our legal system” through legal loopholes and insecure borders.

    “As a nation, we have the most liberal and expansive immigration laws in the world. Legal immigration has historically been a huge benefit to this country. However, as we open our front door and try to admit people in an orderly way, we cannot allow others to flout our legal system by crashing in through the back doors,” he said.

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  30. Alleycats says:

    I keep going back in my mind to an article Sundance wrote awhile back, (looked for the link but couldn’t find it) spelling out the hash reality of the situation re the whole Spygate coup and Mueller witch hunt; namely President Trump simply doesn’t see it as a first-line MAGA priority. Whether or not the exceedingly entrenched deep state is revealed to the world is of no consequence to his immediate MAGA agenda. I can’t recall the title, but at any rate:

    President Trump is busy rebuilding the economy with a combination of lower energy costs, fewer regulations, and realigning the capital markets to work with small to med businesses. He’s making groundbreaking trade deals, creating jobs, and generally unleashing innovation throughout the economy. Achieving record growth across several quantifiable metrics.

    His “killers” are single-handedly wresting control of the largest economy in the world, away from the globalists and cultural marxists and giving it back to We The Taxpayers through strategic geopolitical partnerships, and correctly assigning ownership of problems and using leverage to counteract bad faith attempts.

    Because Economic Security is National Security.

    I have put the whole mess into the pot of Cold Anger and let it sit with the lid on. There will come a time when the Crime Syndicate get its due, in this life or after. In the meantime, I am behind whatever moves President Trumps makes. Even if I don’t understand why. His agenda is my agenda and I trust him.

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  31. Alleycats says:

    Er, harsh reality…


  32. D says:

    POTUS with another stellar choice for AG. Sike!


  33. fanbeav says:

    So if all of the corruption is going to be swept under the rug by Barr, why is President Trump still allowing the democrats to proceed with their own witch hunt about Russia collusion? Does he really have leverage?


    • D says:

      Trump never had “leverage”. That was just a sundance theory. Trump probably doesnt know much more about the situtaion than we know. Its not like the DOJ and FBI is going to brief him truthfully. Their goal is to outlast Trump. If anything Mueller probably levwraged Trump into picking Barr by saying ” pick Barr and ill wrap this up in a couple months”. This was all played perfectly by the Deep state, and now they get to hand it all over to Barr, a guy they know won’t start digging into things. Pretty pathetic stuff.


      • warrprin1 says:

        D’s theory, above, makes a lot of sense. That would be “a deal”.


        • D says:

          Its either that or POTUS has no clue Barr and Mueller are “Close friends”. Which i doubt. No declassification and appoint Barr and an end to the probe was probably the deal. Which i think us and POTUS got the crap end for some reason


  34. D says:

    Trump can go scorched earth for a wall but he wont go scorched earth on the deep state and illegal spying apparatus they have. Im not impressed.


  35. Hebo Sabe says:

    Trump puts people in place for a reason.

    This is the first month of year two and he’s cleaning out the SES and non essential (read Democrat obstructionists) and other useless bits so that they can look for new jobs in the burgeoning marketplace.

    Thanks for the detail and structure and giving a personal opinion at the end, without filling the substance with emotively charged constructs.

    Well done! Not many can adapt that quickly.



  36. The most disappointing Trump nomination made even more disappointing by how late it arrives in his term.


  37. jappy says:

    I heard somewhere that Barr supports murdering Americans that don’t submit to Snipers


  38. Tagcoh says:

    For a dissenting view, please see the Frank Gaffney interview of Joe DiGenova discussing the William Barr nomination for Attorney General from the Secure Freedom Radio podcast dated Dec 14, 2018.

    Mr DiGenova considers him the “perfect” choice for this position. The DiGenova segment is the second interview of the podcast, with Barr discussion starting around minute 19:00.

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