Border Wall Construction Continues…

With massive amounts of misinformation surrounding the southern border and the need for a border security wall, the following video has been produced. Pushing back against intentional media disinformation is something critical to supporting President Trump. Feel free to share this video with family or friends on various social media platforms:

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74 Responses to Border Wall Construction Continues…

  1. Landslide says:

    Skip the liberal bias in the first few paragraphs and then get lots of facts (w/pictures) regarding the entire southern border. Most comprehensive article I’ve found.

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    • frances says:

      That is really informative, thank you.


      • Bullseye says:

        MSM and Dems keep saying what 90% of illegals come in thru airplane and over stay visas. That’s just what is reported. I worked in the restaurant business for 25 years and worked with many illegals. NONE came via airplane. All paid coyotes and crossed the border and hiked miles thru dessert or rough country for a day or two. The wall is the answer

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        • Burnt Toast says:

          Those who come in thru airplane and over stay visas are not “undocumented immigrants”. They are very well documented and “out of status”. I don’t think the US takes full account of visitors on visas when they leave. Whatever.
          Until I see some credible source when I hear this I assume it is pure unadultered BS.

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          • Bullseye says:

            If you donated to the Gofund
            me Build the wall you must go to the gofundme site and opt in to have funds put towards building the wall

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          • Jan says:

            I heard one person say, I believe on Tucker Carlson, that possibly visa overstays constitute about 40% of illegals. That to me says that the border/ports of entry are still a much bigger part of the immediate problem. At least you have the start of a paper trail on visa overstays. Those who don’t get caught at the border (which we think on a good day is only about 50% who don’t get caught), we have NO paperwork on. And those you catch, you probably don’t have paperwork on. So you’re right, BT. Get the border secure and then we can work our way on overstays and all the others while we go after the criminals here illegally. The DS-MSM are digging themselves into a crater and dragging the dirt in on top of them as they go.

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        • rashomon says:

          The Uni-Party lies. The hospitality, construction and poultry/meat processing industries provide full time, year-around jobs for illegals. And yes, they typically waltz over the border as few have the money to afford an airplane ticket plus the paperwork necessary to get around customs at airports. Drugs may still come in at Mena-style airports, but the quantity of illegals entering the U.S. aren’t taking planes.

          Those who come by airplane or overstay visas are typically students or “vacationers” who never go home, but have money and contacts to help them here.

          BTW, my cat could get over most of the fences lining the border. PDJT’s design team using pointed steel spikes knows what they are doing — visual transparency and difficult to use tools to climb.

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          • Bullseye says:

            The visa over stays aren’t from Mex, central and south America. Mostly India, Africa, Chinese, middle east..etc. Those are the facts they don;t give about the visa over stays

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            • rashomon says:

              Yes, two women from Senegal came to my local university on scholarship, found work at the corner grocery and “disappeared” into the bowels of the city once they graduated. Same tactics used by huge Chinese and Indian stent populations who find part time jobs in tech while completing graduate studies. The PTB from those two countries throw up their hands; “It’s America’s problem, not ours! You gave them the visas; you find them.”

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              • 4gypsybreeze says:

                I hear the number of 27 to 40 percent of illegals come here on overstay visas. That is “their” figure.

                Use their math:

                100% – 27% = 73%
                100% – 40% = 60%

                Therefore 60% to 73% stroll across the border?

                I have been fighting for this wall for over a decade. Their arguments are stupid. It is like a crazy dumb fairy came through and dusted them!

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                • rashomon says:

                  Notice how variable these percentages are because our government HAS NO IDEA who’s coming in and who’s going out!!

                  My father-in-law got sick traveling by car out of Mexico at the very end of his 6-month visa. He had to be hospitalized in Guadalajara, resulting in his overstaying. The Federales were at his bedside in two days looking to fine and deport him.

                  What are they doing with all that data storage in Utah?

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        • Sloth1963 says:

          The problem is we don’t know how many are here so any claim regarding percentages and how they got here are, at best, educated guesses and at worst pure propaganda.

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    • GB Bari says:

      Also, for those who donated to war verteran Brian Kofage’s GoFundMe account he created to fund the border wall, the funds are being refunded because the $1B goal was not met nor can the government legally accept the funds “any time soon.”
      Here are the details:

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    • woodstuff says:

      Thank you Landslide. This is the best I have seen, none better. Though Business Insider is kinda lefty, it does show the facts pretty well. The aerial views and maps helped me to make sense of the need for walls and what is happening.

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    • WES says:

      Landslide: Yes the best overview of border situation I have seen.

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    • Franklin says:

      Here is another article. This USA article has videos of the entire southern border.

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    • Bullseye says:

      From Brain at the GOFundme website:
      WE ARE BUILDING THE WALL! You can still donate right now on this Gofundme!! The media is falsely reporting all money is being refunded and it’s over. They are WRONG. WE ARE BUILDING THE WALL and you can STILL donate or opt in if you donated before January 11th TO SUPPORT the plan.



  2. alligatriot says:

    Thank you, Sundance. Sent to relatives and friends.
    Countering fake news with facts whenever possible!

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    • AlinWonderland says:

      I don’t understand why they can’t put that razor wire on top of those inadequately short walls. Or on all of them for that matter. Anyone know?

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      • Perot Conservative says:


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      • Conservativeinny says:

        No, but I wish they would too. Lots of razor wire everywhere. Hang it like garland

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      • 4gypsybreeze says:

        Perhaps they will put it on the new fences being built. I do know from first hand experience here on the border, and retired from Prison 10 miles from the AZ border about Razor/concertina wire.

        We have winds a majority of the time. High winds. Same in New Mexico. High wind warnings a LOT. And we have tumbleweeds. Most people don’t know just how BIG those tumbleweeds can get!

        We also have Dust Devils. BIG Dust Devils. All year. And between those high winds and dust devils …the razor wire becomes a big mess. Everything sticks to it. Plastic bags, paper…and anything else that dust devil picks up and throws at the wire….it stays there.

        A special crew with special safety gear and tools have to take all that stuff out. And you have to be careful because you could always yank that stuff out, and the wire could come loose and down on the person.

        Yeah, I would also like to see the razor wire up there…maybe they are figuring out how to deal with the mess that comes with it here in this area. Guess we just have to wait and see. Hope that helps!

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      • Jim Williams says:

        I think it will inevitably have to be added to the top, but there would be an outcry from Liberals if it was done at this point. After people prove they can climb this fence then we can install the razor wire.


  3. Elric VIII says:

    The first line of defense is in the mind: deterrence. The primary line of defense is a physical barrier, with appropriate localized discouragements such as lights, alarms, etc. Behind that must be a method of detecting attempted or actual penetrations of the barrier,as well as above and below it, and a rapid response capability to deal with it.

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    • The Boss says:

      Tunnels can be detected.
      Here’s a look at how the Israelis deal with tunnels.

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    • 4gypsybreeze says:

      They are going to build the tunnels. They always have. Most, if not all, of the tunnels they have built are next to border towns. That way they have a cover for people coming and going.

      The wide open spaces in the middle of nowhere but close to an accessible road is where a lot of the “traffic” happens. Would be hard for them to build a tunnel in the open areas with no cover.

      It is really crazy their argument about the wall…can you imagine the illegals/cartels getting all the equipment out in the middle of nowhere so they can dig a tunnel? The visual is hilarious once you think about it!


  4. JX says:

    It’s good to see video of construction. Thanks!


  5. jmuniz1 says:

    Thank you Sundance


  6. Sepp says:

    The science is settled.

    Walls work.

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    • mr.piddles says:

      These “walls” you speak of.. is that some sort of secret extraterrestrial technology?

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      • Sepp says:

        Hadrian’s Wall worked

        The Great Wall of China worked

        The Berlin Wall worked

        Walls of houses – if built correctly – work


        • mr.piddles says:

          POTUS: “We need a physical wall to stem the crisis at the border.”
          Pelosi: “There’s an app for that!!”
          Schumer: “What she said.”


        • 4gypsybreeze says:

          We can even go “modern” on this!

          In Africa there is a new border wall/fence between Somalia and Kenya that has been put up to keep out al-shabaab.

          Turkey has a new border wall.

          Jordan is building a border wall…We just gave them 500M taxpayer money to help with the wall..

          Do internet search.

          But….no…wait….gulp.. they can’t do that….because….because…Border walls are immoral and racist. Yeah…tell that to Africa and ME countries. Yeah….. good way to end a conversation with a crazy liberal. Just tell them that when they bring up the immoral and racist comments..


  7. Burnt Toast says:

    A legal fix to the ‘supply side’ for many illegal border crossings is getting Congress to make it a criminal felony offense to enter and/or remain in the US without going through an official port of entry. First offense a minimum one year prison. Second offense four years. Third offense eight years. Forth offense is sixteen years… etc. Second offense is automatic lifetime bar on entering the US. Parole from any prison sentence is deportation under condition they do not return. Lack of documentation is proof of offense (similar to ‘driving w/o a license’).

    Environmental groups should like because no walls would be needed in the lesser traveled national park areas and like to keep people out of the wild anyway.

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  8. 335blues says:

    Trump should go to the construction for photo
    ops with lots of video posted online that can be forwarded.

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  9. free73735 says:

    Thank you Sundance! I had no idea so much work had already been done.

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  10. Sentient says:

    Border Wall was added under Obama. Pelosi said Wall is immoral. Pelosi hates Obama.

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  11. Dex says:

    Libs and media aren’t the only ones who lie about this. Would someone who tweets make sure Ann Coulter sees this?

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  12. Sayit2016 says:

    Sorry not sorry- this cracks me up…..

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  13. notunderwhelmed says:

    God bless DJT , border patrol, ICE– and all true American civil servants who are busting their asses to keep this country safe. As a former democrat, I actually am patriotic, believe in the Constitution , and the fact that the demo-crap party is now bad shit immoral, anti American, and crazy. These socialist NWO Soros funded conspirators are treasonous and belong behind bars. How are Feinstein and Pelosi now worth over hundred million dollars as they live behind their walled fortresses? We need true investigative reporters who aren’t also compromised to out this shit. P.S. 💕🇺🇸💕 God bless Tom Fitton!

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  14. WES says:

    When I worked in New Mexico in the late 1970s my favorite local carton showed two farmers leaning on a fence while a low flying Cessna stuffed full of pot flew overhead. One farmer said to the other farmer “There goes another ton of enchantment!”

    In case you don’t know New Mexico’s license plate reads “Land of Enchantment “!

    The border was a problem even 40 years ago!

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  15. Stillwater says:

    Here is a collection of videos (previously posted on CTH w/ a one addition) covering some of the progress being made on the border wall.

    Trump’s budget director unveils photos of what the border wall may look like – 5/2/17

    “Mick Mulvaney, the director of Office of Management and Budget, unveiled photos of a reinforced steel walls that are replacing current cyclone fencing along the Southern border, adding that the photos represent the wall that the Department of Homeland Security wants.”
    (Full presentation –

    Drone footage of new border wall, Santa Teresa New Mexico – 7/19/18

    See video below for more background info on this drone footage.

    New Border wall construction zone Santa Teresa, New Mexico 2018 – 10/18/18

    Jump to 2:34 minute mark for an explanation of(or background details behind) the wall construction which the drone footage shows.

    New border wall greets migrant caravan in San Ysidro – 11/15/18

    New Border Wall To Go Up Near El Paso – 4/11/18

    How a border wall with Mexico brings security to a small Texas community – 1/12/19 – Los Indios, TX

    “Star-Ledger columnist Paul Mulshine explores the border wall in the Texas town of Los Indios. Mulshine met with the mayor who supports President Trump and believes the wall has brought safety and security to families in his community.”

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    • TwoLaine says:

      You know, this is what I call Hope & Change!

      It is amazing how much truth suppression there is coming from the SWAMP Rats and their compliant media.


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  16. Franklin says:

    This is a list of projects most are replacement of existing outdated barriers.

    “In November, the government announced a $324 million contract for 32 miles of “primary pedestrian replacement wall” in Arizona.

    A 20-mile border wall replacement project in Santa Teresa, N.M., was announced in April 2018. The cost is reported to be $73.3 million.

    A 6-mile “levee wall system” is set for construction in Texas’s Rio Grande Valley beginning in February 2019. It will cost $145 million.

    A 14-mile “border wall construction project” along the border in San Diego was announced in June 2018. The project actually will replace an “eight-to-10 foot high scrap metal wall with an 18-to-30 foot bollard-style wall topped off with an anti-climbing plate.” The cost will be $147 million.”

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  17. I love the double layer fences. They look beautiful imho than concrete wall that Ann Coulter want
    Those with just 1 layer could be reinforced with layers if razor wires to make it more secure


  18. #MAGA
    US Mexico Border: 2k mi
    Trump campaign: 1k mi of wall/fence
    Built: 350 mi of pedestian barrier, 300 mi of vehicle barrier
    2018 Progress: 40 mi of wall (2 mi at Calexico, 20 mi at San Teressa NM, 14 mi at San Diego, 4 mi at El Paso)
    Target: 610 mi to go, 99 mi funded


  19. Skip The lib’s Build The wall and completely Don’t matter what,


  20. wyntre says:

    “Pushing back against intentional media disinformation is something critical to supporting President Trump.”


    And that would include SHARING every piece of GOOD NEWS about POTUS we can find!

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  21. pnj01 says:

    Democrat Morality: Walls are immoral but mothers killing their own babies are moral.

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  22. cyn3wulf says:

    Has anyone sent this to Ann Coulter yet?


  23. rustybritches says:

    I have been following the border wall for months now, and more than once when Ann Coulter has been shooting off all her nasty names at the President I tried to write and tell her that she was wrong about nothing being built at the border however that never stopped her from shooting off her mouth and she again is just another loud mouth who never gets out of their bubble to go see they just stand around and condem those who are working hard to build this border wall..
    She wants everyone to jump when she talks and that includes the President but she forgot the President only walks to his own tune and that’s That


  24. TwoLaine says:

    The Wall: A 2,000-mile border journey
    Published on Sep 20, 2017

    Journalists from the USA TODAY NETWORK flew and drove the entire length of the U.S.-Mexico border in search for answers. This is what they found.



  25. Attila says:

    A big and beautiful wall. May it stretch from San Diego to El Paso!


  26. Pete says:

    I wonder how those wealthy entertainment people would feel living without a wall around their homes… you would think they would understand more than most of us but then it isn’t about the wall but their hatred of the President.


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