President Trump Recaps Border Visit: “When I Took The Oath of Office”…

Video recap from the White House:

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69 Responses to President Trump Recaps Border Visit: “When I Took The Oath of Office”…

  1. mj_inOC says:

    Well done!
    Mr. President, thank you, you make America proud!

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  2. bertdilbert says:

    Trump picks Park Place and the democrats pick Baltic Ave. again. Easy win.

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  3. JohnCarlson says:

    The only oath Shumer and Pelosi and gang will ever honor is the one to their own power and pocketbooks.

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  4. mike says:

    Write, call, email your congressman and senators. I told mine “Build the Wall!!! President Trump is right on this issue and the democrats are wrong! Build it NOW!!!!” Come on people, get involved, help our President to succeed.

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    • the5thranchhand says:

      Done. Called all three New Mexico representatives, and both senators. Even called congress woman Pelosi and left a message, basically saying what you just posted Mike. Called senator Schumer three times today. His phone is always ‘busy’. Either he is getting non-stop calls, (which is great), OR, Schumer is a coward, and has taken the phone off the hook! Your choice!

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      • the5thranchhand says:

        P.S. Dang forgot………….senator Udall, needs to go in 2020. Have already let the New Mexico republican party know they had better be looking, NOW, for a Trump, MAGA-KAG, candidate to run for that office.

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      • mike says:

        I’m in New Mexico myself. You should read the email I got from Tom Udall! He’s a real piece of globalist nonsense, totally concerned with muslims, central americans and everyone except the average American.

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    • Craig W. Gordon says:

      ^^^yes! Did and done! Its easy to email your Rep. and 2 Senators. Takes less than 5 minutes.

      Do it people. Just say, ‘Build the Wall’. Thats it.


  5. Right to reply says:

    Build it wide, build it tall, no surrender, build the wall!

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  6. Doug says:

    Most honest President ever.
    The man does what he says he’ll DESPITE the rabid vermin fighting against him.

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  7. LarryInMt says:

    “Our ancestors built this wall, using ancient stones from the bosom of Greece herself. And with a little Spartan help, your Persian scouts provided the mortar.” Almost Trumpian

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  8. wtd says:

    Of note, the contracts for all the new wall sections last year were executed by the Army Corps of Engineers (with transferred Homeland Security money).

    So they already have the mechanism, the subcontractors and the precedent.

    Buckle up.

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  9. frank field says:

    Wow. Beloved Trump casts a very long shadow. Beautiful steel backbone.

    I’m so thankful. I’m so grateful. I’m so proud we have this man for this time.


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  10. ILLEGALS STEAL BLACK JOBS (Black Tax Preparer)

    Watch the video & Share.
    This Patriot going VIRAL.

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  11. Sepp says:

    The science is settled.

    Walls work.

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  12. White Apple says:

    Most all Democrats are Liberals and, or work for our government. Those who work for the government who are not Liberals, have their own best interest in mind just as the Rino republicans. However, what is it a democrat Liberal who does not want a Wall, even though in his or her best interest?

    It is because Liberals by their very nature lack the capacity for; rationale, judgement and common sense. I see it as an affliction or maybe even a missing gene. One cannot be a Liberal without “emotions” overriding “facts”. To a Liberal, emotions are facts and serve as convenient hooks which to hang their emotions.

    For a Liberal, there is no logic necessary or even an acknowledgement logic even exists. It gets down to a capability and Libtards are void of being capable. ……unfortunately, Libtards predominate all segments of our Government and Media. The most damaging; the department of education (indorination) and the media (propaganda).

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      Today almost all Dems are marxists. They answer to a gobalist-marxist-islamist marching call. See why all Dems vote in lock-step. Their goal is tyranny which necessitates death to America, the greatest nation in the world. Most Americans know these traitors are not liberals. Most Americans support pragmatic, patriotic, magnificent American President Donald Trump.


  13. JoD says:

    Last week, someone suggested that we email President Trump to STAND STRONG.
    OK, so I got such a buzz from sending a short message of support, it’s an almost daily habit, now.
    It restores my soul to give him a pat on the back.
    Join me…

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  14. JohnCarlson says:

    CNN = Goebbels 2.0

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  15. pnj01 says:

    The 50 second message is very effective. Our choice is between the pro-American Policy POTUS lays out in the message and an anti-American policy laid out by the American Gothic Ghouls. The only Americans the Ghouls tolerate are Governmental workers who do the only important thing: contribute to the Democrat Party through their unions. Other than that, slimy Dem politicians like the Ghouls believe that Honduran invaders are “more American” than those of us born and bred in the USA. We need to stop them. Every day that goes by: POTUS canpoint out the reality that it is the Ghouls who are stopping the Government. All Chuck and Nancy need to do is appropriate the money POTUS can claim through his emergency powers. Naughty Nancy is looking more and more ridiculous.

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    • pyromancer76 says:

      American Gothic Ghouls — I love it. From Wikipedia: “It was not until Antoine Galland translated One Thousand and One Nights into French that the western idea of ghoul was introduced into European society. Galland depicted the ghoul as a monstrous creature that dwelled in cemeteries, feasting upon corpses.”

      Yes, Chuck and Nancy and their fellow Dem Ghouls from the evil netherworld, wish to enjoy a monstrous feast on American corpses. “Hee, hee, hee, leave the border open and we can have all the more bodies from murders, brutal rapes, child abuse, drug overdoses, human trafficking including baby parts, severe illnesses, maybe, they think, if we are lucky, even the plague. More, more, more they shout as each day more crimes and overdoses and destructiveness happens to our beloved country as the borders are not sealed. “Then Voter Fraud will be ever so much easier,” they think.

      Never fear. Our magnificent president is here to protect Americans. He will do whatever it takes. KAG.


  16. pnj01 says:

    Keep calling your senators and congresspeople EVEN IF THEY ARE DEMOCRATS. They need to hear from the People.

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  17. JohnCarlson says:

    Around $50 Billion is scheduled to be flushed down the sewer in Afghanistan … … just this year. Why not spend that money wisely, instead of insanely, and use it to build The Wall? $50 billion would build a Super Wall across the whole southern border. Isn’t it about time to finance a Department of Defense as an asset rather than a lunatic asylum.

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    • bakocarl says:

      As you may know, sometimes funds are allocated with tightly defined constraints on their use, sometimes with broader guidelines, and sometimes with very broad instructions. Funds may have a fixed expiration date, or may be able to be extended or, rarely, with no expiration. Funds may be able to be “repurposed” by the issuing authority, and sometimes not.

      The point is that $50B may not be sitting out there ready to be used for a border barrier. However, $50B is a very large chunk of money and certainly a bunch of it (or other funds) will certainly have enough flexibility to be legally used.

      Sarah Sanders said money was available from a number of sources. I don’t doubt it.

      Bottom line? Yeah, let’s go. Build the wall!

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  18. Elle says:

    bwahaha So did Trump punk Dems into thinking that they could get gov reopened with LIndsey and Collins, etc? And then did Trump further punk them into thinking that if that failed, he would declare a national emergency and end their pain?

    Man, Trump is good. Tip to Dems…he’s not going to declare an emergency anytime soon. Why would he? We’ll get to enjoy every stupid thing the Dems say and do as they stake their flag on top of the corpses of the drug deaths, crime, murders and human trafficked women and children that Dems say is not a crisis. The press is FORCED to cover why he’s refusing to open government.

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    • bakocarl says:

      That proposal was something that anyone paying attention would know would fail. “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today”. Or, more currently, it’s akin to “Palestinians” taking possession of land for promises to quit terrorizing Israeli settlements or shooting off rockets from Gaza.

      No need for PTrump to make deals. He’s got a fistful of “Trump” cards. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

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  19. ristvan says:

    PDJT is really pouring it on. Pelosi and Schumer look worse every day. It was always a stupid stance, and some Dem Reps are now saying they support a wall of some sort. Saying it to MSM. Looks like cracks are widening in the Dem House. Won’t end well for Pelosi and Schumer.

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  20. President Trump is a master at messaging with authenticity and grace. I have to watch every single visit, press conference, or round table for the fear of missing out.

    I wish every American watched these. All of them!

    Thank you for posting friend.

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    • Pelosi keeps the SCHUMER SHUTDOWN for a couple of months.

    • D.C. Businesses & Restaurants begin to SHUT DOWN (95% D-rats).

    • POTUS issues the National Emergency and begins Border-Wide Wall Construction.
    … POTUS won’t sign them restart the Government until SCOTUS has upheld this is LEGAL.

    • Pelosi submits Bills to Restart Government
    … without Wall Fund and without a Comprehensive Border Solution (CBS).

    • McConnell refuses to vote them without the Wall Funding & Border Reforms BECAUSE
    … President Trump will never sign bills without the CBS AND
    … POTUS will not restart the government without Congress-appropriated Wall Funding
    … Because he would NEVER undermine funding for Defense unless it was TEMPORARY.

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  22. thedoc00 says:

    The ultimate course and form of any compromise rests in the hands of the Supreme Court currently hearing the DACA Case. If President Trump prevails (50-50 given latest antics by Roberts), look for a rewind to the 2017 Deal offered by President Trump, 11 million amnesties for the Wall and Legislation of his 14 points. Personally, I could live that trade-off.


    • thedoc00 says:

      If the President prevails in the DACA case, that sets the tone for all the other following 9th and 4th district court cases to follow concerning immigration decisions.

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  23. InAz says:

    Treehouse, I need some guidance.

    I just started working with a 20 year old Apache male. I see him only two to three hours per week. So I want to make the best of the short time I have with him.
    This young man is the first in his family to go to college. His father died when he was a baby.

    Today he was telling me how the government shutdown is hurting his family, hurting every reservation in the country, because every reservation is so dependent on the federal government.

    How do I explain to him, from his perspective, that the shutdown is necessary for the good of the country in the long run. I do not want to come across as callous to the plight of his family and Tribe.

    Thank you in advance to everyone.

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    • What are the Apache Tribes dependent on?
      To my knowledge, everything that is essential is still being provided.
      Remember all those coal miners who lost their paychecks immediately when Hillary and Obama decided to go green and end our coal industry?

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    • Sharon says:

      “….because every reservation is so dependent on the federal government……the shutdown is necessary for the good of the country….”

      Those two realities are in stark opposition to one another so you probably can’t satisfactorily explain anything (considering his perspective).

      Perspectives based on deception are powerful. The left knows this. The left uses this.

      His firm conclusions, based on deception, will likely prevent any resolution. An addict does really not want to hear an explanation of why it’s a good thing that his dealer is in jail.


    • litenmaus says:

      The number of women that go missing on reservations is staggering… ask him exactly what price he’s willing to pay in order to protect the women in his tribe from slavery.


  24. Bubby says:

    FTA “The U.S. Army assumed control of the project, and the Corps of Engineers – augmented by thousands of civilian contractors – began construction through the northern wilderness. By any measuring stick, it was grueling, backbreaking work….In the end, the 1,500-mile highway, stretching from Dawson Creek in British Columbia to Fairbanks, Alaska, was completed in an astounding eight months.”

    The Alaska highway was built out of fear of an invasion. Today we actually are being invaded. If need be the U.S. Army can build the wall and my guess do it at an “astounding” rate! Godspeed our U.S. Army!

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  25. Publius2016 says:

    its true! 45 has presented Congress with everything we need…all these jokers have to do is vote…Otherwise, the partial shutdown continues and we continue to live in a more dangerous crime infested world…What a waste!


  26. Publius2016 says:

    declaring a National Emergency will not get USMCA approved and other puts a temporary bandaid! We need legislation to stop the benefits and incentives that reward lawlessness!


  27. Perot Conservative says:

    So now we get the Kushner Plan?

    Likely less than $5.7 Billion

    And now …

    Discriminatory H1B Visa Add Ons?

    I’ve negotiated much smaller deals, but its usually said whoever starts throwing deals out, and capitulating, loses. Some say whoever makes the first concession loses.

    My feeling is this whole negotiation started far too late, and too low ($5.7B). I would have started at $25-35 Billion, and then there would be room to calibrate down, trade horses, if needed. And not Amnesty horses.

    H1B Visa goodies? Why? Kushner again? Trying to buy the East Indian and Chinese H1B vote for 2020?

    Tech jobs were one of the last high paying jobs, but greedy Fakebook, Microsoft, Twitter and others want coders at 50% less… gullible, younger workers, HC costs lower, … basically Indentured Servants.

    Not happy.


  28. George Hicks says:

    NOW is the time to contact your rep and let them know you want the wall built. We need to pressure the house NOW to represent the wishes of the people who elected them. House Dems are starting to feel the pressure being put on them by their constituents to build the wall. This may be your ONLY chance…take 2 minutes to send them an Email and let them know your wishes. PLEASE!
    To find your Rep by zip code:


  29. Rynn69 says:

    Ortiz and Border Patrol are the only – only – experts on what is happening on the border. Period.


  30. Jane Smith says:

    I’m so tired.
    I tried to walk around the border wall that Nancy Pelosi has around her estate.
    But it’s to long and too high.
    I’m tired.
    Perhaps she can just keep the Government shut down for the rest of the year.
    I’m working on an exercise program.
    I think that I can be ready next year.


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