President Trump Interview From the Southern Border…

Speaking from the southern U.S. border in Texas, Rio Grande sector, President Trump discusses the border security challenges with Fox host Sean Hannity.

President Trump outlines how the border wall issue is simply a matter of “common sense.” Recent polling would indicate the majority of Americans agree with President Trump:

79% of Americans agree there is a crisis at the border.


(link to Morning Consult Here)


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285 Responses to President Trump Interview From the Southern Border…

  1. Pale rider says:

    The wall is a done deal!! This is what the whole shutdown is about IMO.
    Trump knows what Nancy will say before Nancy says it. Trump knows what schumer will say before schumer says it. Trump knows the vote, he stated that, but still says “we will build the wall”, It’s the invaders that they are trying to edge in under this shutdown.
    I understand what Trump wants, it will bump the economy but in the long run it will destroy who we are and most likely open us up to socialism.

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    • red_desi69 says:

      I hope not. This would be such a bad idea. Most of the H1-B guys are not really trained well and can’t compete with the US technical workforce. They are cheaper, but their work quality is really low. Also, it opens up to chain migration, since mot H1-B guys here will either have anchor babies (lot of them) and will bring extended family over, who will drain the public social system (SS benefits mostly).

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      • LafnH20 says:

        Perhaps I have missed both your points…

        Stopping INVADERS from coming into the Country Illegally…

        Leads to…

        Learn to pronounce
        a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.
        synonyms: leftism, Fabianism, syndicalism, consumer socialism, utopian socialism, welfarism; More

        Being a H1-B Visa holder…(Guys)
        You are Predisposed to…

        Chain migration???🤔🤔🤔

        And.. And.. Anchor babies…

        And..And.. Draining Social Security.


        To Be SURE!!

        Have I got the Gist of it?


      • John Smith says:

        H1Bs already have a path to become US citizens but in the meantime they are abused by the companies. This needs to be changed so that if they are needed they can’t be held hostage. There has already been a huge crackdown on H1B abuse. I don’t see a problem with this. Plus the number of H1Bs is very small.


        • red_desi69 says:

          I disagree. The H1B is a contract for a year or two. After which it gets renewed. But only once I believe . The H1B folks need to go back to their country. But what happens is that lot of the Consulting Companies in US promise them to get the Green Card, if they work for lower wages, etc. They get the lawyers, who have to prove that the Company can’t find a suitable US candidate. If they can prove it, then H1B can apply for a green card. The Consulting Companies and the Lawyers use loop holes to get these guys a Green Card.

          With regards to Anchor babies, These H1B guys bring their wives as dependent, while on H1B. These wives goal is to produce babies. Who are then given Citizenship due to Anchor Baby status. Or they get their wives to come on an H!B visa also.

          These H1B guys once they get the Green Card, bring over their aged family members (mom, dad), who then apply for SS benefits, without paying a dime into the system.

          This happens all the time. I am in Twin Cities and have seen this happen first hand.

          The problem is that lot of the H1B guys are really not that good. They go to Fly By Night shops to learn some IT stuff and apply for H1B. I have seen instances of several H1B guys working on a project and cover for the ones that don’t know anything.

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    • yy4u says:

      Pale rider is right. We are on he slippery slope.

      Phase I: Entry level jobs for Americans have been replaced by a) welfare for Americans and b) Immigrants who’ll do the work for less. 1% makes MORE money, Entry level job Americans are weaned off working and onto dependency. Immigrants get a better life than they had in their former country. Win-win for the 1% and the immigrants. Net loss for Americans wanting to enter the work force as say a gardener who one day might own a lawn business. With 11-30 million illegals already here and lobbying for citizenship, we slowly are developing into a Central/South American kind of society with VERY RICH, not so rich and poor.

      Phase II: Working Class: Shipping jobs to countries like Mexico, China, Indonesia where cost of living is cheap so a modest factory job is a “well paying” job. (See Ross Perot’s GIANT SUCKING SOUND video). Net loss for American working class, net gain for 1% who make MORE profit AND don’t have to worry about personal safety (since Third World Countries are not safe no matter how much money you have).

      Phase II: The Educated: (The one we’re in now). Bring in H1B1 visa workers (Indian, Asian) who will work in IT for A LOT less than American IT workers. This reduces the labor costs for the Globalist Corporatists. American IT workers either have to accept lessor wages or find another profession (good luck with that). With English as a second language becoming more and more a necessity, American teachers who can’t speak fluent Spanish will be gradually phased by teachers who speak Spanish as a first language and English as a second language. Over Christmas I tried to order some popcorn to give as gifts. I called (name of company) 5 times trying to get an operator who didn’t speak Spanglish. Couldn’t get one so called customer service. The customer service operator spoke Spanglish. I asked if I could speak to someone who spoke English as a first language, being considerate and saying I was elderly (I am) and a little hard of hearing (I am) so couldn’t understand heavily accented English. I was told NO ONE in customer service fitted that criterion. I ended up using another company. It’s popcorn was not as good.

      Phase IV: Medicine: As has happened in Western Europe, doctors will be Indian, Pakistani, Chinese who will work for less, not have private practices and thus increase the profit for Globalist Corporatiists who run “Health Care” (think National Health Service) while lowering the general cost for health care because right now living in America and working for half what an American doctor will work for is still a lot better than working in Asia, Pakistan or China. Wait times will increase as “employees” work 9-5 instead of the long work weeks doctors put in now. Still it will be free, so patients will say “thank you, doctor” after having waited six months for their MRI. Note: The 1% will NOT be taken care of by non American doctors. There will STILL BE sharp, smart American doctors. They just won’t be taking care of the plebians.

      Phase V: Socialism/Communism/Corpratism where everyone will be equal except for the special people who run the government and/or corporations.

      Too long,, but this is how I see it. Since it is happening so gradually, by the time it is the new American way, those of us who remember how America was will be gone, our kids will have some vague memory of it equality meaning equality of opportunity not equality of outcome, their children will accept Globalism as how it is, was and always has been.

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      • mugzey302 says:

        You are absolutely right. Unfortunately the corporate slave drivers have bought off the Congress and bureaucrats who are supposed to protect American citizens.

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      • LafnH20 says:

        Thank you, yy4u, for that well thought out reply.

        After reading it several times it occurred to me that what you say we will have (slippery slope)
        We already have.

        How does a pathway to citizenship change things…
        besides putting them into the “Citizen Category” and exposing them to the negative issues you cited.

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  2. mindrivel says:

    I am afraid these steel slats do not prevent climbing. It is possible to hang step ladders over the top. Also, children and small individuals may be passed right through the gaps. It looks like another attempt to create a weak, ineffectual barrier. Corrupt people within border patrol appear to be pushing for such solutions.

    We need a REAL barrier, not another one like the ones we already have.


    • yy4u says:

      My smart phone knows where I am at all times. Don’t tell me sensors can’t be put into the barrier that will register with a) a Loud Squawk and b) notification of authorities IF an attempt to broach is recorded. This would bring helicopters, border patrol, etc.,

      The problem is not preventing people from getting in, the problem is our Congress (both Dems and Repubs) who want the cheap labor so have passed laws that if you set foot in the USA, you cannot be thrown out.

      My suggestion would be to catch and release (no choice right now) but release in those districts and states whose representatives vote to keep the border porous.

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      • mindrivel says:

        good luck getting democrats to change immigration laws. They refused to do that (and wall) even as a compromise on DACA. All we’ll have is the wall and it needs to count. Is the shutdown only for the wall or for the immigration “reform” as well ?

        I suspect that immigration reform means different things for different entities. So even less agreement likely than the wall.


    • Dee Paul Deje says:

      All we need drones to patrol, and then activate these:

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    • NC Patriot says:

      Openings too narrow to pass through even an infant.


  3. hard masada says:

    CNN denies this but really who are you going to believe CNN or local news outlets?


    • mugzey302 says:

      As we all know, the mockingbird media only report what they are told to report. But this may be an opportunity to wake up those who only listen to that mockingbird media.


  4. Phil Free says:

    We -will- get our Wall. Trump will end up winning – for all of us. How? Why? We all generally know, but — Sundance directly referenced the magical ingredient, the secret spice to Trump’s success.

    It’s something that’s been missing from political discourse for a long time. It’s something that politicians in general steer far away from. It’s something that President Trump recognizes has been missing, and he is here to re-introduce everyone to this wild concept, novelty that it is.

    And what -is- this long-forgotten, secret ingredient?

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  5. waltherppk says:

    The attempted coup in the US being perpetrated by corporate media Psy-Ops Propaganda is going to cease forthwith, or the subversive agents of the fake news propaganda ministries masquerading as “journalists” are going to be identified as domestic enemies by MILITARY EXPERTS at EXTREME PREJUDICE “problem solutions” regarding conclusively identified DOMESTIC ENEMIES , and who will put those ENEMIES of the People out of business the old fashioned way by filling up dumpsters with what is left of them after they have become problems solved.

    So…let’s play subversive domestic enemy propaganda games in America, where you fake news Einsteins can play the role of the subversive domestic enemies, and I and others having similar talents will play the role of the oath keeping patriot who shuts your lying supercillious domestic enemy mouths for you.

    Psy-Ops is such a lot of dirty fun, but Black Ops is a real hoot to beat all and so much more rewarding. Nothing gets an oath keeper off quite like liquidating lowlife domestic enemies. It is a total rush, almost better than taboo sex. An asset might even provide sample freebies as a public service before accepting long term contractor work filling up dumpsters with slow learners who are identified enemies of the people, enemies of the constitution, and enemies of the republic that oath keepers are sworn as their RIGHTEOUS DUTY on their HONOR to protect. Players of the devils games are going to BURN even if the numbers of them makes it become a really big fire.

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    • mugzey302 says:

      Wow! Identifying their handlers would be the first order of business. The art of bribery and blackmail is HUGE in that sewer/swamp.

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      • waltherppk says:

        My family were in North America as pilgrims and frontier men and women before the official charter for the Penn colony. So I am part of a continuum of practical people who recognize the stink of a lying and thieving treacherous tyrannical aristocrat and how to cure that stink with the time tested and proven air freshener that solves that problem effectively.

        The reason Trump haters are so bold in opposing him is because they haven’t been made terrified of doing that treasonous subversive and corrupt evil garbage they have been doing. They need to be thoroughly convinced of their error, reformed, assimilated, or else they should be ostracized, or eliminated.

        Sporting so hard for a fight for all the wrong things, a fight is exactly what is needed to square things in a way that is so decisive, the defeated will be terrified about any prospect of resuming their subversive activities because of the consequences they KNOW by good evidence it is an unsurvivable error to be a domestic enemy. And if a person behaves as a domestic enemy then they should be forced back into the counter-culture underground and out of mainstream “polite” society people’s faces with their degenerate and subversive spiel that has become so serious a liability. Subversives and illegal aliens should never either one be run amock in a land inhabited by patriots that is THE patriots’ rightful heritage and is a land that does NOT belong to the parasites and lowlife who are unwelcome subversives trying to destroy the republic to steal from the heirs of the American Revolution all the liberty that is their God given rightful inheritance and sacred honor and duty to defend.

        A good turf war will square things with subversive imbeciles.

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        • mugzey302 says:

          Absolutely true. Americans have been neutered, brainwashed, made into slugs by social media and subliminal programming. With our military spread out all over the world, do you think there are enough patriots to take America back from the globalists?


        • churchmouse says:

          Wow, what personal testimony.

          I’d much rather read about your family’s history in bits and pieces as and when you can comment. That would be far more interesting than even the great graphics you post.

          Thank you very much.

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          • waltherppk says:

            My family were early “terra-formers” who arrived in early 1600’s in what is later the Penn Colony and cut a lot of trees and built sawmills and gristmills as they cleared a wide swath of the old growth forests Southward to the Gulf coast, building mills along the way at the natural slopes of streams that provided terrain suitable for building dams and making mill ponds for water wheel powered mills they built as they went. They were anabaptist (amish / mennonite) Dutch Scot Irish. Some I am told married with Native American Cherokee, probably because of the shortage of women. Some of the family are Dawes registry listed by family name but I never looked into claiming tribal blood even though it is there in some small fractional diluted amount where I am 7 or 8 generations distant from those ancestors.
            Some of the old tin type photographs show what look a whole lot like Indians, but who are definitely not on the reservation.

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  6. Texian says:

    The lying Fake News MSM.. Running to their worn out subjects for oppositional exploitation – Catholics, Birds and Butterflies..

    The Border Wall is not going to “destroy” the La Lomita Church.. In a video (that appears to have been taken down), the Pastor points “over there by the levee” is where the wall will be.. The actual church is not in the right-of-way..

    The “National Butterfly Center” is complaining the “butterflies and birds” will be destroyed.. Has she seen the proposed “fence”..? It has open slats, and it’s not that high.. Birds and butterflies can fly over – or through the slat openings.. And I bet ICE and The Border Patrol will promise not to detain any birds or butterflies..


  7. Phil Free says:

    Donald Trump Jr. re-tweeted this — 😂😂😂

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    • Mncpo(ret) says:

      That vid was really funny! The comments on it have to be 80%-90% bots. “Jr. is going to jail”. Basically, the majority are “Orange Man Bad”. Pathetic that our opponents think we’re stupid enough to be influenced by bot comments.

      We are so lucky here, being a small community, with our fabulous Ad Rem, that we actually speak to one another. They oppos go for sheeple not thinking people.

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  8. Inthedark says:

    I was listening to Juan Willams this morning 🤯and again citing experts say it won’t work, manufacturered crisis, etc. And it dawned on me that while Trump has met and been working with Border Patrol, ICE, etc, the Dems just spout off. It’s time to call them on it. How many of them have been to the Border or spoken with Border Patrol? Every discussion I have with a liberal they always tell me to prove it. Maybe we should be asking our representatives the question…….prove it! I want them to have their experts debate Border Patrol. It’s time to call them out!

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  9. George Hicks says:

    NOW is the time to contact your rep and let them know you want the wall built. We need to pressure the house NOW to represent the wishes of the people who elected them. House Dems are starting to feel the pressure being put on them by their constituents to build the wall. This may be your ONLY chance…take 2 minutes to send them an Email and let them know your wishes. PLEASE!
    To find your Rep by zip code:


  10. Rynn69 says:

    Add 20% to Americans who know there is a border crisis. Polls always skew left. Always. There is no way an equal number of independents believe there is and is not a crisis. No way.

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