President Trump Holds First Cabinet Meeting of 2019 – Full Media Presser…

U.S. President Donald Trump holds the first cabinet meeting of 2019 and allows the media to engage for a lengthy question and answer session:

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128 Responses to President Trump Holds First Cabinet Meeting of 2019 – Full Media Presser…

  1. DT2020 says:

    The whole meeting was covered by the press. It was awesome.

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    • This was President Trump’s most epic and wide-ranging performance to date.

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      • “This” referred to the Q&A with the press at the end of the meeting.

        Unfortunately, Sundance’s link above covered the Cabinet Meeting alone, and only the first 35 minutes, truncated in the middle during AAG Whitaker’s remarks.

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        • michaelh says:

          Transparency with the Cabinet is powerful. Great way to reset and take back control of the narrative.

          I know, the media won’t let go of the ball. That’s not the point. They can talk all they want. POTUS gets back to WINNING.

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        • Fools Gold says:

          That’s all I saw as well…


        • Stillwater says:

          Here is a longer version.

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          • kea says:

            Thank you.

            That’s my (ok ok our) president!!!! 🙂

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          • Voltaire says:

            Thank you for the full video.
            The middle of the presser, when Trump delved into his thinking on M. East strategy, was the most interesting for its forthright nature.
            And therein lies the REAL reason Trump is the REAL deal. Most politician’s are magician’s, carnival barkers acting like your friend while hiding their secret machinations behind a rogue’s smile.
            You know they are lying, but trust they won’t hurt you too much as they convince you too part with a measure of your earnings , a small price to pay for the entertainment. The lengths they go through to put on The Show convince you that its much to much trouble for a common person to engage in, so you are comfortable letting them take the lead…. Oh my God, who is THIS Vulgarian revealing all our secrets and doing the work, that we apportioned ourselves years, in the span of Days???
            He must be stopped, or it might be noticed, us riding comfortably on the backs of the common man….!

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  2. Tiffthis says:

    Time to see what happens. I think PDJT is gonna get what the American people want.

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  3. unfolder says:

    My spirits were bolstered by my president today.

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  4. Stab, the unstoppable hero says:

    I’m looking forward to many more cabinet meeting like this in the coming months. I am certain this is just one of the ways President Trump will use the media to get his message out. He will be able to not only address topical issues but attack obstructionists (of ALL stripes) as well.

    I saw this live on Newsmax. I don’t believe FOX carried it.

    The media could quite possibly refuse to cover these meetings in the future unless the President really serves up the red meat… which is a specialty of his.

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  5. Bullseye says:

    How many with shivs at the ready…….?

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  6. The video above is not complete; he one at cspan is over an hour long.

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  7. JonS says:

    Is Whittaker that much of a suck up?


  8. Jane Smith says:

    So, to sum the meeting up…basically, we need a Wall.

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  9. SpotTheSpook says:

    “Sanctions are coming” ROFL
    Who does that? POTUS!

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    • Publius2016 says:

      when tariffs come in, guess who gets to fund HIS PRIORITIES? how long has the money been coming?? 45 doesnt prepare for rain??? A Master Builder????

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  10. amwick says:

    VSGPotus sounded like he was speaking to me. TO ME! Amazing, he doesn’t give speeches, he talks like a regular person, a really smart person, but you get the idea. I am really getting to detest the congress critters, well, 99% of them. QUISLINGS, that is what they are. SMH.

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    • yucki says:

      Not ONE of them is on our side.
      Not a single one!

      We’re grateful for crumbs.
      “Oh, Lindsey’s so much better now!”
      “Oh, Rand Paul’s principled, not a prissy little narcissist!”


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      • lemmus1 says:

        …we’ll see …I like both Rand Paul and Mike Lee …don’t agree on everything but so what, we agree on most …and I’m holding judgment on Graham to see what he does as Senate Judiciary Committee Chair …I’m hoping he kicks it into overdrive and we start seeing appointments going to the floor for votes …we’ll soon see if McStain’s ghost is still about


      • amwick says:

        I go back and forth with Lindsey.. and he is my Senator.. Sadly, I think you are right. *sighs


  11. Caius Lowell says:

    Remember those long, unscripted, plain spoken, and honest Q&A sessions from the previous “president”? Yeah, me neither…

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  12. Publius2016 says:

    the reality is there is only one 45! incredible…dont believe Fake News…USMCA has to be approved as is or 45 rules…DACA must be struck down or 45 rules…SALT 2.0 must be approved or 45 rules…Healthcare bill must be approved or 45 rules…Middle East and Korean Penisula Peace or 45 rules…True Genius! just watch 45 twitter, conferences, and meetings and take long walks and picnics…everything else is GAS LIGHTING…if you have to watch something, go to Supreme Court for RBG vigils…

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  13. Psycho Monkee says:

    Always appreciate when President Trump lets the cameras roll in these traditional closed door meetings. The table occupants are on record. Accountability rules. Runs it like a business.

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  14. Reality says:

    If personal bribes to Senators and Congressmen were illegal under any guise, the Chamber of Commerce couldn’t control Senators and C’men. No other country in the Anglosphere allows such corruption, the USA doesn’t seem to see any problem.

    And as an extra set of steak knives, the legal system can be fixed overnight by having the other parties Court costs automatically paid by you if you sue and lose. Works everywhere else.

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    • G. Combs says:

      Our Supreme Court, and thus every other court has been CORRUPT since FDR threatened the Nine Old Men that he would stack the Court if they did not OBEY HIM!


    • yucki says:

      No other country in the Anglosphere allows such corruption

      The “Anglosphere”? Ha!
      • Not-so-Great Britain is selling out the people’s Brexit. The Shadow Govt is full-blown, Jew-hating commie. Sadiq Khan’s London is a paradigm of good governance?

      • Canada is going full red-green. An elitist fop, a puppet of the NWO, is hurling our dear neighbor into the Cuba he so deeply admires. Sharia blasphemy laws to soothe the murderers and rapists they can’t import fast enough. They’ll sink without China.

      • Australia wouldn’t be saturated with Chinese spooks if somebody there wasn’t greased.

      • New Zealand? Certainly some Kiwis are lapping up Chinese lolly to lock-in a safe capitalist harbor. The middle-class can’t afford homes in Auckland anymore, so somebody’s tinkering with the laws.
      We are IT.
      We can do better, but no place else comes close.


  15. woohoowee says:

    PT45 loves Americans 🙂 He was the only one who cared enough about us to stay in the Swamp for Christmas!

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  16. Publius2016 says:

    history people! study it and learn! Our Founders were geniuses and made our Constitution “idiot proof” at critical points…Impeachment is the highest bar with House as prosecution and Senate as Jury and with VP as Judge…in other words, Presidential pardon by VP sets the impeached President up for REELECTION…Ford lost in 1976 not because he ran but because Nixon didnt!!

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  17. snarkybeach says:

    NPR is saying that the Dems are preparing two bills for the President’s desk, One that will have everything but the kitchen sink (but no wall funding) and another that will have the same but no funding for Homeland Security (no wall or ICE.) Of course NPR didn’t point out the ICE is under Homeland, just lots of heartstring plucking, poor govt. workers not getting their checks because the Chaos President is having a tantrum….


  18. lfhbrave says:

    Acting AG was impressive. .


  19. Appalled says:

    The Ninth Circuit is an integral part of the problem. Maybe it is time to break it up.

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    • cthulhu says:

      The Ninth Circuit handles Federal appeals for every state that touches the Pacific Ocean (AK, WA, OR, CA, HI), every state that touches a state that touches the Pacific Ocean (ID, NV, AZ), some Pacific territories (Guam, Northern Mariana Islands — but not Philippines), and — for some reason known only to God — Montana. When it was formed in 1891, the total population of the districts was about two million — or about 3.3% of the national population; by 2009, the total population in these districts was well over 61 million — or about 19.7% of the national population.

      Considering that there are 13 U. S. Courts of Appeals, one that handles nearly 1/5 of the population would be somewhat bloated and ripe for being split.


  20. FofBW says:

    I had a thought than many some of you legal types out there would know.

    Can PT issue an Executive Order barring any congressman from taking lobbyist money (bribes) for any reason?

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  21. Jimmney says:

    Anyone else see the poster of Trump on the table. Picture of him with Sanctions Coming… Was in the table at very end when Whitaker was talking.

    We should be charging Mexico for all their peoples stay here.


  22. Reality says:

    Is it possible to shut down more of government permanently, not just for this minor event?
    More the better.

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    • montanamel says:

      Depends on “where/how/who” set-up or chartered that very individual slice/agency or Dept…. The “origin” becomes the basis for pulling the plug… or – you just “omit” any funding in one budget cycle – IF that act wasn’t preempted by/during the origin. Presto, everyone in that specific slice doesn’t get a pay check no more, no more!

      Of course, a few well placed/tossed Molotov Cocktail’s could accomplish the same result…presto: no “person” to collect any paychecks, no more, no more..Check-6


  23. ristvan says:

    And so 2019 begins, on an excellent note.
    Grok this math from a previous thread comment. PDJT said he wanted 500 miles of ‘wall’ before the 2020 election. Now the actual very effective 30 foot high ‘wence’ (solid steel slats on ~6 inch spacing topped with several feet of solid steel plate making it unclimable) set in a 6 foot deep concrete footing costs (2018 actual for the several miles built) ~$3.3 million per mile. So ~500 miles costs ~$1.7 billion. So his rumored (via Mulvaney) ‘compromise’ at $2.5 billion would build ~750 miles of ‘wence’. Now note carefully his words at this Cabinet meeting presser.

    PDJT has got this. Classic Sun Tzu Art of War stuff. Pelosi and Schumer are in a VERY unenviable position. They think he is far when near. They think he is weak when strong.
    No wall, no DACA of any sort, with SCOTUS ruling by June. Graham already sketched out the inevitable deal shape.

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    • mopar2016 says:

      And I still wish that DACA was done away with on day one.

      Yeah I know……. leverage, but I still want DACA ended.
      Really tired of illegal aliens being more important than Americans.
      They spend more than a hundred BILLION of our tax dollars every year on illegal aliens.
      That money should be spent on America and Americans!


      • ristvan says:

        Mopar, a gentle disagreement. Dreamers are kids brought here illegally by their illegal alien parents. They had no say, and so did no conscious wrong. Most remember no other country. A path to eventual citizenship for them (nose clean, productive, not for chain migration parents ever) makes humanitarian sense. And it is a HUGE PDJT trading card.
        For those that intentionally came here illegally, no mercy. Includes wetbacks and bisa overstays. For those children that unintentionally got here illegally thanks to their illegal parents, mercy.

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  24. Kia1 says:

    How can anyone watch this or participate in this meeting and believe anything Howard Dean says about our VSG!!!! 2019 is going to be good. What other President has ever given the press this much access? Hang on tight for the ride, going to be fun!!!!

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  25. Monadnock says:

    Like I said on a previous thread: I am nowhere near ready to throw in the towel.

    This man fights.

    We must fight with him.

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  26. America First says:

    Emphatically trust and respect President Trump, so I don’t usually engage in the “he oughtta do” thus and such, but here’s what I would like to see at the State of the Union address:

    1. Oaths. Presidential Oath. What it says, what it means, how he is trying to abide by it and keep us safe and enforce the laws. How certain parties have been trying to prevent the fulfillment of the oath, and how they have in so doing harmed Americans.
    Congressional Oath. What it says, what it means, what it would look like if the Congress critters actually lived up to it.

    2. Politics. President Trump has been saying for decades – it’s on video lots of places – he would only do this if it were needed and nobody else would do it. He has lived his life as an outsized mostly successful businessman who really wasn’t interested in politics but for how it affected the country and the business world negatively. In that time he has been a registered Democrat, Republican, Independent.
    President Trump is in place to SERVE THE COUNTRY, not to best the other party. He is not “playing politics.” He is working to keep Americans safe from enemies foreign AND domestic.

    President Trump needs to challenge all of Congress to put aside politics and petty grievances in order to accomplish goals which help to ensure that America has a future as a Constitutional Republic. 240+ years as the country into which people choose to sneak is pretty good evidence that we don’t want to change to be like the countries from which they had to do the sneaking.

    3. Audits. This Administration has set to right away auditing that which has avoided audits, sometimes forever. Findings, and changes implemented by this Administration as a result.

    4. The “trouble at the border.” Read last evening that BP arrested 197,871 in the last two months. That is not “trouble at the border,” that is a Full Scale Invasion. FULL. SCALE. INVASION. Americans want and deserve border security which stops the invasion, not just keeps count of it (drones).

    Americans want and deserve Representatives who represent THEM, not non-Americans.

    It is not racist/“nativist”/misogynist/sexist/bigoted/any other ist or ism to protect the American border; it is merely his job.

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  27. kea says:

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  28. big bad mike says:

    I was sorry when this presser was cut off at the 36 minute mark when Whittaker was speaking.
    Anyone who watches this and thinks he will cave on the Wall is delusional. Sorry Ann Coulter.

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  29. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    This was the most dominant performance by Trump and his team that I can recall of his presidency. Complete control over all elements, including having the press easily at bay and with a Trump “Sanctions Are Coming” poster on the table at the end of the meeting.

    Perfection. Team Trump is just getting started. Much more fun to come.

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  30. Solomonpal says:

    Emotion meter today is pointing to “ buckle up “


  31. kea says:

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  32. kea says:


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  33. G. Combs says:

    I hate to say it but it might be time to remind Tom Donahue of the Chamber of Chambers DIRECTLY just WHO he is flipping the finger at…

    The American Consumer. — NATIONALIST PATRIOTS

    WHO does the EU and China and all those Transnational Businesses RELY ON to make all those TRILLIONS of dollars?

    The muslims filling up the EU?
    The peasants in China?
    The starving people of Venezula?
    The Farmers in Mexico the Transnationals drove off their land??
    The Middle Easterners they bombed?
    The primitive Tribes in Africa?



    Just remember that it was Loretta Lynch [who said] We Need More Blood On The Streets

    Does Tom really want to WATCH US turning US Cities that EARN MONEY into?
    Because the Communists sure and heck do! AND we might just decide to help them!

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    • G. Combs says:

      I am hoping businessmen are not as BatSchiff crazy as the ANTIFA commie crowd and do NOT want to see their profit margin go up in smoke.

      Is the above situation possible?
      Unfortunately I think yes. There are some very very angry people around and some of them, who I have met, are dangerous and scare the crap out of me and that was just from a rather brief one time intro. (No they are not criminals but they are very much NOT wussies and are highly trained AND still training on their own.)


    • Reality says:

      Oh indeed, the US consumer is the Don’s most powerful useable weapon, beats nukes by a mile.
      The Don has the guts to use it.
      Xi understands that then the Chinese economy implodes.
      When 100 million Chinese middle class car driving bright light livers are forced back to the village to plant rice….Xi understands that the revolutionary unrest (sic) can topple the Communist elite. (Not really Commie elite more like Russian oligarchs these days).


  34. Linus in W.PA. says:

    Both Nielson and Whittaker need to learn how to give a pre-composed talk from an outline, thus avoiding the ‘Idiot-who-is-reading-text-verbatim-when-they-should-be-speaking-like-a-natural- human’ syndrome.

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  35. StanH says:

    President Trump, a man in charge. There is no fear in this man, amazing. He needs our support completely. That was simply awesome.

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  36. duchess01 says:


    Presidential Proclamation on National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month, 2019
    Issued on: December 31, 2018

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  37. JG3 says:

    Mitt, we heard what you had to say in 2016 and we still chose/voted for President Trump!

    We don’t care what you have to say! Now, go away!!

    You continue making us sorry we voted for you!

    President Trump keeps making us proud we voted for Him!

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  38. dave morgan says:

    Agree for the most part, except for the consumer point…There has to be producers to serve the consumers…We have much more consuming than is fit and proper..

    Tonight I am happy with the notions shown from the very most all of above comments after the Cabinet Meeting today…Happy and more importantly=proud…I have been disappointed by many, who seem so hard headed at times…What in the world could they be thinking?..We need producers who can design and build at a fair cost to trade for services or cash…With the jobs produced this year by white and colored folk alike, we should all be proud..

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  39. Pyrthroes says:

    Suggest reviewing the BBC’s recent 6-hour, even-handed documentary on the Spanish Civil War, 1936 – ’39, when Comintern-backed Republicans (sic) grappled with Franco’s crypto-fascist Nationalists. Needless to say, these categories never adequately expressed Spain’s brittle Church/State and caste-class divides amid Depression Era poverty, setting Basque Country and Catalan separatists against Madrid’s umbrella House of Bourbon (Castile and Aragon) with whole spectra of violently anti-clerical anarcho-syndicalists between.

    If global markets’ debt-driven “asset bubble” pops within the next two years, while Pach-Rats’ treacherous Uniparty continues to put K Street’s trillion-dollar mulct ahead of 55% of 2020’s legitimate 121-million “Main Street” voters, Rats’ Copperhead Congress will meet a Lincoln-esque Chief Executive head-on while DC’s dithering Judiciary wrings baffled hands (all legal-schmegal bets are off).

    Beyond a certain point, Yeats’ “Second Coming” (1919) has it right. What might transform the worsening Kulturkampf to mean-street confrontations is, first, Rats’ attempted breakup of the American Union; second, their extraordinarily divisive, literally psychopathic obsession with ethnic/gender/racial and bizarre-o “sexual orientation”; third, their Enarque Economy’s self-evident drive to crush middle- and working-class wellbeing as a demagogic something-for-nothing redistribution of productive earners’ assets to an explicitly criminal (“guilty-as-charged”), dependent Underclass beholden to pen-ultimately corrupt, power-hungry machine politicians at all costs.


  40. hippielouie says:

    anyone mention the poster on the table?
    why was it there? i believe anons on qresearch made this meme/poster….
    interesting! is Pres T sending a msg? what msg? to whom?


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