Here is perhaps the most frequent question we receive.  Encapsulated:

….”OK, so we understand the problem, but what is the solution”?..

It’s a very valid question.  However, it is also a question that is based on an incorrect assumption.  Unfortunately, too few people ‘do‘ understand the scale of the problem(s). Until a significant number of more people understand the core issue(s), any discussion of a solution is essentially futile.

In the example of the corrupt DOJ and FBI (a common point of reference for the question) the baseline for any solution lies in first accepting the elements of the problem.


The institutions of the DOJ and FBI are corrupted; not just a few people within it, but rather the entire apparatus has been weaponized, over time, by participating political members who have politicized every function within the institution.

Every level of the Department of Justice (Main Justice); every national administrative office inside the FBI; and every state office of the U.S. Attorney and field office of the FBI; is being run through the prism of politics.   Every outcome is clear evidence therein.

That’s the starting point.

Until the majority of voting citizens agree on that central tenet, any action taken in response to the symptoms of the corruption are not going to succeed. Any solution has to come from a position external to the organization or the cycle will simply continue.

Putting a former U.S. DOJ official in charge of the DOJ, regardless of former term or professional/honorable intent, only maintains the status quo. The career mechanisms inside the organization will expel any action adverse to their interests, and the rules are set to aide their retention.

[Pictured: AG Nominee William P Barr]

The rules, policies and administrative guidance within corrupt system has been structured to be self-preserving. Putting a former DOJ official in charge of the DOJ; and/or putting an FBI official in charge of the FBI, ends up with exactly the same outcome.

When an institution is failing top-to-bottom successful change is only viable when it is forced from a position external to the current corrupt enterprise.  That approach must come to all divisions and branches of the system simultaneously, in order to affect change.  In essence, the corrupt system has to be overwhelmed; shocked into a reset status.

The behavior of former FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe are symptomatic examples within the FBI.   They didn’t gain their political skills to weaponize the agency overnight.  Those skills were taught to them as they advanced within the system.  The weaponization process was pre-existing.

Currently, that corrupt skill teaching system still exists.  There are more Comey and McCabes’ waiting to take office…. [See current Director Chris Wray, and current Deputy David Bowditch as examples.]… Don’t forget, FBI Agent Peter Strzok was heralded and rewarded along this career path. Therefore cutting off the head doesn’t fix the problem when the replacement head comes from within the same corrupt body.

Relying on a career IG, comfortable within the institution, also seems rather naive.  The example of IG Horowitz saying he could find no evidence of inherent bias actuated within the decision-making of the FBI is an example in simple, albeit brutal, acceptance.

The need to look externally for officials to change the inherent nature and disposition of the organization is why CTH previously suggested the Judicial Branch (federal judges) should be considered as a likely candidate pool to correct the U.S Department of Justice.

One possible solution would be to fire every U.S. Attorney and every Asst. U.S. Attorney, in every office across the entire country, and simultaneously replace them with former or current federal judges.

Then, and only then, can the investigative unit of the DOJ, the FBI, be addressed in a similar manner.  The head, and deputy, of every single FBI field office needs to be fired simultaneously across the entire country.  The replacement pool could be expanded to include any regional LEO (sheriff, chief); and/or from within the U.S. Marshals service.

That would currently be considered a rather radical approach.  And therein lies the problem.  Until we reach a point where such a solution is not considered radical; until people grasp the level of corruption within the system; any corrective action taken is merely our co-dependent enabling of a continual cycle.

There might be other, even better, solutions possible.  However, until we see widespread acceptance of the politicization of the institutions, it’s unlikely we will see a discussion happen that might eventually find the solution.

Right now, the vast majority are still in denial…

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  1. tyshab says:

    Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore, put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground and after you have done everything, to stand.” Ephesians 6:11-13

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    • BroMole says:

      Great sentiment: how does that translate into real action?

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      • tyshab says:

        Seek and share the truth. Stay in and deepen your faith. Know why you believe what you believe. Always do what is right, seeking God’s guidance in all things. Teach those around you, even non believers, with your actions.
        Then having done what you can stand strong knowing He will use all things for the good.
        It is all we can really do.

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        • BroMole says:

          It is absolutely NOT all we can do, and as long as we sit around waiting for God to do something, we should expect it all to collapse. I am happy you expect a great new world later, but this one needs our help.

          I respect your faith, but it reminds me of a story my father told in a sermon once…. extreme short version; an old lady is sitting in her house as it burns down. Multiple people stop by to offer help or tell her to get up and run out, but she keeps saying she has faith god will take care of everything. When she dies, she asks god what his plan was. He says “I sent several people to help you. Why didn’t you act?!”

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          • Cindy says:

            Hah! You kids have me laughing as both are correct. Personally, I like Matt 10:16 – Behold I send you as sheep in the midst of wolves. Be ye therefore be wise as serpents and simple as doves.
            Long ago, when I played video games…it was all about cracking the programmer, not the window dressing and a fantasy win. Our IC community has settled for the later. Albeit understandable as boredom sets in.
            Sundance is right..fresh blood is needed but be careful what you ask for these days.
            One cannot discern properly if one doesn’t know thyself, nor know thy enemy!


          • theprecinctproject says:


            Have you become a ball player?

            Hint: The Establishment RNC members hope and pray conservatives never get off their soap boxes and spend time and make the effort to enter the real ball game of politics.


        • Bluto says:

          God helps those who help themselves. He is not a magic genie who pops up and saves the day just because people believe in him. I believe in God but I also believe he allows bad things to happen. Ask the Jews who lived through the Holocaust.

          You have nice platitudes but they do not translate to action in the real world when sitting around is not the solution.

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          • tyshab says:

            I never said sit around– I said ‘do what is right seeking God’s guidance in all things’ If he leads you to fight or teach or stand or any of a million other actions, then that is what you should do.

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  2. Bulldog84 says:

    Using a former judge doesn’t guarantee positive change. Clinton used Louis Freeh. Need more be said?

    In any event, most federal judges aren’t going to give up a lifetime appointment in order to take a position that they could lose in 2020, if not before.

    I was thinking DOJ needs someone like a General Patton.

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    • Randolph Scott says:

      I think the DOJ needs about 1000 do or die Patriots to forcibly take over the DOJ and burn it to the ground and to eliminate anyone that tries to get in the way.

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    • dd_sc says:

      I’ve been thinking what’s needed is somebody like Snowden to leak these documents that Jim Jordan et al have been demanding as well as the report that Dan Coats released in redacted form.

      Someone on the inside has to step up and take the hit to show that Snowden was right and that the intel community have become a weaponized surveillance state – most notably against Trump.

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      • Judith says:

        The UNiparty has a habit of killing the messenger. Even President Trump has stated that Snowden would be punished if he was ever returned to the USA.

        And Hellary’s illegal server, pay-to-play State Department and 30,000 deleted emails are completely ignored as they villainize those, like Julian Assange, who dared bring them to light.

        IMO Hellary’s warning was prescient. This treachery and deceit is downright treasonous and those responsible should all hang by nooses.

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        • clive hoskin says:

          Does that mean,stock up on piano wire?


        • Louis Genevie says:

          Even if what you say were the only transgressions against our freedoms, they are sufficient justification for taking down the entire US government. Sadly, they are only the beginning of what we have learned about the corruption in the entire ‘intelligence’ apparatus over the last three years.


    • Bluto says:

      …or Eliot Ness and the Untouchables.


  3. Judges are just corrupt politicians- all of them. They are either elected or appointed. No other way do they get into office. They are not part of the solution. They are a big part of the PROBLEM.

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    • LookUp says:

      If the real problem is not enough people knowing what is actually going on, then the simplest route would be to yank all the air time licenses of the MSM and have in place REAL news agencies and journalists at the ready to broadcast. Even the Colonists lit lights in churches, rang bells and rode horseback to get the message to the people. And they did this under the thumb of British soldiers everywhere in the streets.

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      • TPW says:

        You are right Media is our biggest enemy……PT has to get the evidence out to the people. There really is no justifiable reason to keep the American people in the dark or to let these criminals continue on with their plans to take down our country that so many fought and died for. To not do anything is spitting on the graves of all our fallen patriots.It would be SHAMEFUL.

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      I rarely disagree with sundance, but in this case, I tend to agree with you. Judges cannot be trusted as they arise from, and are part of the swamp. The mess in the IC will have to be cleaned up with force and people who have had no connection in any way whatsoever with the current government.

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      • Louis- the reason I say this is because I’ve worked in the legal system for over 30 years. Judges don’t get to where they are because of their knowledge of the law or “jurisprudence.”

        They are ALL either elected in a totally rigged system (cross party endorsements) or appointed by other sleazy politicians. They are the LAST people you can count on to drain the Swamp. Agree with you- we need people with zero connection to current government.

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  4. TKA says:

    I think they’re trying to say “Enjoy the show”.

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  5. The problem is, everyone thinks they are competent in accepting “business as usual” (for example, treating the Democrats as a still-legitimate political party — much like treating Islam as a legitimate religion these days), as well as their own preferred dogmas (e.g., Islam, or “climate change”, or “social justice” and “transformation”), which are either false or they apply them falsely, where they should not. War, and destruction of the state/empire, is the historical conclusion of such society-wide blindness.

    “Isms over reason.”

    The solution, short of war, is to prosecute the lawless and bring the system back into working order. Right now, the system is entirely broken, although the politicians absolutely refuse to see it.

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      Oh, I think the politicians recognize that the system is broken. They protect it and do nothing to correct it because they benefit from the corruption and illegality.

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  6. Moultrie Flag says:

    There is no more perfect illustration of Sundance’s first assertion in this article than simply reading the commenter’s posts.

    Sure there are thousands that are “aware” that come here every so often, but just being a Treeper isn’t enough. Within the Treeper ranks, Sundance’s assertion is clear.

    Too few know. Sure, you can be as aware as corporate Fox allows you to be (stifling their own employees) but there are still waaaay too many still wearing a Republican jersey and demonizing the Dems. All the while bemoaning that Rs “don’t know how to win” or above the fray.

    The Republican party, or the illusion of it, is the conservative’s political enemy. If you think Comey, Clinton, et al CREATED the swamp you aren’t looking at history. Are they bad actors? For certain.

    They didn’t create the Swamp, they are products of and beneficiaries of the swamp system that molded them.

    There is a lot of non-common sense being posted that shows that even the ones “in the know” don’t fully grasp the breadth and depth of the swamp It is a continuous learning curve, and we are all scattered along the continuum as to how much has been absorbed. Firing all of the DOJ? All top FBI brass? Sure that would help, but it isn’t realistic. Trump would be forcefully removed from office by noon and 25’d before lunch, with Mitch holding the lead torch.

    Then there are those that sit back and criticize Trump. While he is the most dynamic and most successful President, IMO, in the history of our country (no small feat, and he has 6 more years if he survives), he is one man. All of the criticism over the mistake Sessions was, or the false hope of Huber, etc, etc. Now Barr. Trump is forced to pick those with connections and influence THAT CAN BE CONFIRMED. He will use each to the extent that is politically PALPABLE.

    This has been an interesting ride, but after knowing and waiting on “The Happening” or “The Big Ugly” since 2015 on, The IG report showed us the future. A summary printed on one page for the headlines, and the ugly truth a few pages later, never to be disseminated to us, the dirty masses. Then take General Flynn with no recommended jail time, and suddenly he is facing it. Then Wolfe gets caught leaking, and he has a recommended jail time, but received 2 months. That is all you need to know in order to stop getting caught up in the tick tock BS.

    So back to Sundance. He is right, not enough people know. I think he is referring to “us”. I may be wrong. If you focus on the Dems, you simply cannot see the bigger enemy.

    And as a result, there is no one “solution”.

    But there could be multiple, smaller ones.. The Swamp is too big for a single man, no matter how great, to cure alone.

    I wish we had a forum to discuss specific topics that didn’t fade once a new article is posted. We have tools very few are talking about. Tractor’s surrounding Carter’s whitehouse. Semi’s all headed to Obama’s Whitehouse. Convention of States.

    But yet, even my freshman rep ran on term limits. One old man asked him if he knew how to do it within the government framework.

    He doesn’t.

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    • Darklich123 says:

      Well, let’s kill them all then. Might makes right. I see so many parallels to 1933 Germany nowadays.

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    • Exactly this. Trump busted through the gates and no one has followed him through the breach. The Deep State and its vast feeder systems have been put into place over generations. Expecting one man to play whack-a-mole and somehow beat them with no backup is ridiculous. The midterms showed that no one has been doing the on the ground tough work of organizing.

      I believe that there are many on this site capable of creating the organizations and planning necessary. I second the idea of creating forums where people can organize. Ultimately what is needed are real life organizations that can accept money. There would also need to be competent spokespeople. A march on DOJ or FBI in DC would generate lots of attention if it was conservatives marching. Then optics matter, there would need to be good signs, good chants, message control, and a good spokesperson with clear talking points.

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      • clive hoskin says:

        A march on the FBI or DOJ?That would be suicide.Remember,they are well armed and I doubt that they would even think twice at shooting anyone who posed a threat to their patch of turf.


      • Kevin Cowlishaw says:

        And, plenty of bouncers for the inevitable attack by antifa(rt) so they get their sore a$$’s well kicked.


      • Louis Genevie says:

        I made a suggestion many months before the midterms that each of us identifies one reliable person who was not going to vote, get them registered and get them to the polls on election day. I did. I ask my fellow CTH dwellers, did you? If each of us had done so, the House would still be held by Republicans. Sometimes a simple solution is the best solution. We either do this or be willing to shed blood to defend our freedoms.


    • antiqueiron says:

      I agree with most of that, however firing all the DoJ is the minimum he should do. What Turtle man does means nothing. He can be arrested as well, as can Pelosi & anyone else that wants to get in the way. THIS, is the level of action we need to be thinking about. Not, “who can we get confirmed.” Basically, Trump needs to just take over.

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    • TPW says:

      One thing is certain……We all know when the people are kept in the dark and the ones in the know do nothing……corruption will flourish and the criminals will win …..The final result ….the United States of America, land of the free ….will come to an end. Sadly many are in denial.

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    • Rowdyone says:

      The only external mechanism that has the potential for exposing the illegitimacy of the FBI/DOJ would be an independent Presidential Commission investigating corruption within those two organizations. Granted, they would not have prosecution powers but the goal would be to expose FBI/DOJ corruption. Step one would be to declassify the FISA documents. Step two would be to use the exposed corruption of the documents to justify the creation of a Presidential Commission on Corruption of the FBI/DOJ. Using Joe DeGenova and Victoria Tensing as sources and members of the Commission select former Federal Prosecutors whom they believe would place the law over Party loyalty. PDJT needs to get ahead of the Dems and do this now before they start ginning up Impeachment and the media disregards the Commission as illegitimate.


      • Louis Genevie says:

        I made a suggestion many months before the midterms that each of us identifies one reliable person who was not going to vote, get them registered and get them to the polls on election day. I did. I ask my fellow CTH dwellers, did you? If each of us had done so, the House would still be held by Republicans. Sometimes a simple solution is the best solution. We either do this or be willing to shed blood to defend our freedoms.


  7. Caius Lowell says:

    One thing this has taught me is this: modern propaganda is *VERY* effective

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    • farrier105 says:

      MSM propaganda is effective because the people do not want to leave their position of normalcy. The same with some other psyops such as Steve Pieczenik’s claim to have led a counter-coup of active/former intel and military guys against Hilliary and Company to put Trump in the White House. This counter-coup story made it impossible to galvanize any kind of EARLY opposition to Trump-Russia-Wikileaks in January 2017 as the position of Infowars, with its huge following, was the NWO was defeated by Pieczenik. This “fixed” Infowars in a passive position that lasted most of 2017, entrenching Mueller and paving the way for the “Russian Bot” Democrat operation which is aimed at the First Amendment rights of their opponents. This could have ended much differently, and still could, but Trump has to decide to damn the Obstruction talk. Even if he goes down with the Democrats in charge of the House, he can take a lot of them down at the same time, which could ruin their timetable, which appears dangerously close to completion.


      • Uncompliant says:

        excellent. this is the purpose and effect of the qCult. patriots and allies are “frozen” into passivity waiting for the plan or deflected onto unimportant “research” tasks


      • J-Mac says:


        Trump won. Trump destroyed the Deep State and now is in charge of the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA etc.

        Trump appoints the leaders of all these organisations. Trump wouldn’t appoint someone who won’t carry out his agenda.


        • Nathan Hale says:

          I must live in a parrell universe or the sarcasm went right over my head.


        • farrier105 says:

          Trump wouldn’t appoint someone who won’t carry out his agenda.

          Russiagate goes on with the still-classified FISA documents.

          No wall.

          1600 migrants shipped to El Paso as Border Patrol holding facilities now overwhelmed.

          Democrats won House.

          Had to fire Mattis and Kelly as they were secretly working against him despite fact he hired them.

          Sessions. Tillerson.

          Wray has all of the text messages of Strzok and Page that Mueller deleted from their phones. He holds on to them as classified.

          There were, and are, people in the government, some of whom Trump hired, blocking resolution of Trump-Russia, and blocking border security.

          I only needed one example since your premise was a universal one (“wouldn’t appoint someone who won’t carry out his agenda.”), therefore one contrary example refutes it according to the rules of logic.

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  8. ltravisjr says:

    When it’s time for supper I ask my five year old whether he wants the broccoli or the brussel sprouts with supper. That way he thinks he has the power, when really really I do.

    That is how our elections are run.

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  9. No_BlahBlah says:

    I don’t know logistically how to do it but COMPLETELY DISMANTLE the FBI and expand the scope for the U.S. Marshals system.

    Billy Clinton fired EVERY U.S. Attorney – 93; when he came into office.
    Why NOT?
    It would be a start anyway.

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    • dd_sc says:

      I believe up until then that was the norm – incoming president and AG name select their own team, President Clinton was the last president to actually do it.

      As I recall, when GW Bush and AG Ashcroft were gearing up to bring in their own team Congressional Democrats began to squeal – newly minted NY Senator Chuck Schumer (who came over form the House) was rather vocal. Bush and Ashcroft caved so a bunch of Clinton lawyers remained to work their way up the food chain. That’s the way I remember it, details probably need some verification.

      Democrats did the same with Trump and Sessions.

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    • J-Mac says:

      Trump fired all the US Attorneys except for Huber & Rosenstein didn’t he? He had special jobs for those two.


  10. DeWalt says:

    Nothing changes until the system the swamp created turns on the swamp creatures. Eventually the beast becomes so powerful it begins to see itself as a godking where it makes and breaks anyone it wants.
    This is already happening. The DOJ already cut out Congressional oversight. The DOJ and the Intelligence community is already attacking a Duly elected president. The system is already attacking innocent American citizens. It’s just a matter of time before goes after those who think they are Allies of the beast and would never be targets.
    This beast has become a Government unto itself. Totally rejecting the authority of its creator. It’s past time for a peaceful solution. Until this sinks in, nothing changes.

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    • antiqueiron says:

      I agree. That is why the normal channels are closed to us. All this talk about SC’s and the new AG etc. is nonsense. We cannot “lawyer” our way out of this. I also keep seeing “Trump is not a dictator.” Well, he better get a lot closer to that mindset because that is what it will take to win this thing. Following the rules while your enemy runs wild is a prescription for defeat. As has been laid bare for us all to see, there simply are no rules anymore. Except maybe one. Just win baby. Remember, the victors write the histories.

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  11. franuche says:

    If arriving at something resembling a general consensus is the answer, it’s already over.

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    • Moultrie Flag says:

      No argument there. Half this site thinks Republicans are on their team. Or think they are on the R’s team.

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      • Judith says:

        For me, keeping Republicans “on my team”
        so to speak, is only because POTUS has been working with them, in as far as they promote this “illusion” of a two-party system. POTUS got two conservative Supreme Court justices confirmed and he got the tax reform bill passed.

        Other substantive issues, like DACA and Obamacare, will die in the Supreme Court.

        The fair trade reset, the end of NAFTA, the end of Paris Accord and TPP, and our refusal to comply with UN open borders initiatives are YUGE factors in cutting those “puppet strings” to our greedy Congress critters.

        As long as these swamp RINOS wish to keep up the pretense of a two-party system, we can use that to control some important outcomes. So I’ll go along with the ruse until such time as it becomes clear that Republicans are no longer playing the game.
        Then all bets are off.

        The midterm election steal of the House majority is pushing me into “all bets are off” territory. If the UNiparty starts any funny business in 2019 to take out a sitting president, then there will be hell to pay.

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  12. dustahl says:

    Great article, the FBI, DOJ and other agencies have been taken over , just like the Colleges, the educational system by socialist, globalist.. We are in a civil war, no doubt, and the deck has been stacked, winning will not be easy.

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  13. George 1 says:

    Yes. Trump should have fired every traitor in the small group and all of the U.S. Attorneys as well completely clean house in the entire intel community. That should have happened 2 minutes after walking through the WH door. Instead he let them hang around to stab him in the back. He also could have done himself a huge favor by not hiring additional swamp people as well.

    I would love to know who he was actually taking advice from concerning his personnel choices. I hope that person or persons are gone. So the mess was created and now we have to hope that the low IQ citizenry (IQ has been dropping 4 to 7 points a generation in the U.S. since the 1950s) get to a point that they demand the communists are thrown out.

    Quote from Wyatt Earp: ” Then you are set for disappointment”

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  14. Joan Calhoun says:

    President Trump has the bully pulpit. Why doesn’t he do a fireside chat once a week outlining all the corruption in the agencies. He should be educating the American citizenry. Twitter is not enough.

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    • Louis Genevie says:

      Joan, your thoughts mirror my own. He has to use television to inform the people of what is happening to our country. Tweets are ineffective as they address only his base of support. He has to enlarge and educate his audience.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Fire everybody DoJ/FBI above a certain level, rebuild.

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  16. Nathan Hale says:

    I don’t see any possible real “solution” coming from personnel changes within any or all the branches of the Department of Justice because the DOJ is not the source but just another symptom.

    The solution requires a complete overhaul of Congress. It’s pure fantasy to think Congress can heal itself. The only possible path forward, and in my personal opinion it’s probably to late barring a catastrophic event, is a Constitional Convention called by the States.

    Such Convention should start by imposing term limits on Congress, establishing a method for impeaching Supreme Court Justices by the States, requiring Congress to balance the budget, getting the government out of administering all welfare programs by giving tax payers an option to fund independent welfare agencies with personal contributions which are counted 100% as a tax write-off. And, finally imposing a sunset clause on every law passed requiring a formal 2/3 majority vote for the law to remain in effect after 10 years.

    Just wishful thinking on my part, it’s incurrable…..

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    • DeWalt says:

      A lot of the problems started with Congress delegating its authority to unelected bureaucrats.

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    • @green_idgypsy says:

      Why do I remember reading that a Convention of States is risky? Just as the Swamp runs everything they will also steal the Convention….1st and 2nd Amendments will be “Rewritten” first and then it’s over. I’m not convinced.


      • Nathan Hale says:

        What I recall, is “risky” is once a convention is called, for any reason, by 2/3 of the states, the states are empowered to change any admendment and create any new admendments they wish without restriction AND the federal government is powerless to interfere.


    • Uncompliant says:

      Nope — Libtards would take control of it and abolish free speech and 2A.

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      • Nathan Hale says:

        Re: Constitional Convention
        You might be correct, but we are going down the drain now. So….not much to lose and it does require 2/3 of the states to ratify any constitional changes.

        And IMO the current situation, a corrupt federal government is just what the founding fathers had in mind when they gave the Constitional Convention power to the states.


  17. DeWalt says:

    Even hiring LEO outside the FEDGOV you get no guarantees. Who does the chosing? First, stop pick from Senior Executive Services. Even that you may end up with a Scott Isreal. The Marshall Services would be the most expeditious starting point. At this point every choice will be a Kavanaugh circus.

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  18. mharper42 says:

    Every Republican judge in Harris Country (Houston), Texas, lost to a Dim in the 2018 election. Now *that* could be a source of judges that could be available for appointment to DOJ positions that need shock treatment. Judges with stable jobs would not be interested.

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  19. Mark says:

    Sadly, it’s all true. The corruption is just too deep and ingrained. It’s a taught culture that’s now a political weapon in our gov’t systems, including those non-law enforcement branches. IRS is a great example.

    It would take firing a great many people to get the corruption out. I definitely agree. One change that might help is to limit federal workers years of service. Put the limit at 4. Quit using the federal gov’t as a retirement job so that people don’t get complacent and follow management blindly.

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  20. Bob Parker says:

    Tremendous analysis as always Sundance!!

    So with Trump’s latest AG appointment (Barr) likely a do-nothing, Trump either has or will shortly find himself left to his own devices to launch (if he has not yet done so), his counter-attack against all of these corrupt clowns.

    Pres Trump has shown tremendous fortitude & ability in grappling with the swamp up to this point. However, it seems like his most effective weapon, the declassification of all texts, docs, FISA warrants, etc. must be played & played out SOON or else those weapons may not be sufficient for the tsunami of evil that the Dems have waiting in the wings following the 1/3/19 Dems’ taking over the House.

    I for 1 will start feeling a whole lot better when/if we see 1 or more additional Special Councils appointed to go after Hitlary, and yes, even MUELLER!! For how in God’s name can Mueller’s team get away with such blatant “destruction of evidence” as they did with the elimination of the 19k additional Page/Strozk text messages?

    And best wishes to Dr. Jerome Corsi with his upcoming lawsuit against Mueller & essentially the swamp!!

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  21. Katherine McCoun says:

    so, there is not “solution” that involves something the average person, most citizens can actually Do? We just have to wait, hope and pray…??

    I guess we keep active on social media & comment sections to spread correct info, support and promote factual news sources, keep contacting our elected leaders on the issues and keep supporting/promoting/volunteering for and voting for MAGA GOP and hope they take action in DC.

    But don’t get our hopes up because these actions probably won’t yield what needs to be done? Is this correct?

    While I have posted repeatedly against the passivity inducing Wait for Others Theories of Q, etc., this seems just as passive inducing but from a point of discouragement v. fantasy/waiting for others.

    Maybe I missed the point. I don’t doubt you, Sundance, are right but this doesn’t seem to answer the question, what can we do? Maybe its over my head

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    • Judith says:

      In some ways, social media has held us back. It does provide a forum, albeit a very diminished one, for Conservatives to get the word out, but how much good does that really do?

      I often wonder whether sites like this one are specifically designed as pressure valves, where we are “permitted” let off steam to PREVENT the inevitable explosion. Kind of like FOX news: Very limited and very “controlled” opposition.

      I believe we at CTH have only postponed the inevitable blast. This globalism nonsense is not going away of its own accord, and it all comes down to either the USA -or- the New World Order. Can’t have it both ways.

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      • Kevin Cowlishaw says:

        Reminds me of radio before TV. Listener calling in to make their bitch about something and then leaving satisfied. Nothing changed, they just got it off their chest. For change to happen, it will need to be drastic swift and merciless. The alternative doesn’t bear thinking about.


    • sunnydaze says:

      Average person can help in one way by subtly suggesting to braindeads in their midst that Justice has gone awry in this country.

      There are ways to make even the most seriously inculcated begin to ponder the possibility of such ingrained corruption.

      Let’s face it, there are so many examples of corruption to choose from, that there really is something for everyone here, if you slow down and are crafty about the examples you throw out there.

      Yelling about *your* pet peeve may not do it. But there IS something for all sides when it comes to corruption of Justice/Criminals at the Top.

      It’s a start, anyway!

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    • Uncompliant says:

      You said: “I guess we keep active on social media & comment sections to spread correct info, support and promote factual news sources, keep contacting our elected leaders on the issues and keep supporting/promoting/volunteering for and voting for MAGA GOP and hope they take action in DC.”

      Essentially, yes. Sundance’s point is that not enough people are awake enough. So, among the good active choices is “keep waking people up.” Join the meme war !! Redpill those who you can !! And vote and help Trumpite candidates.

      That is what we have now.

      Remember, this article is not meant to be depressing or a reason for lost hope. We must see clearly — see the forces arrayed against us — to formulate tactics and strategies.

      Remember: Trump is Prez, Hillary is not; NAFTA is dead; taxes are cut; economy is good. Smile.


  22. sDee says:

    This depth and breadth of corruption exists in all of the federal agencies I have encountered fighting federal/globalist agendas in local politics. Especially EPA , FEMA, Housing, Education

    The tentacles of this “global-to-local” cabal reach deep into local government boards, committes, staff, legal council and local CoC’s.

    “Local” corporate media is 100% in sync and protects all.

    Exposure is the cure but the media and state sunshine laws are also corrupted.

    I still fight on and encourage everyone to start turning over rocks in your city/county governments. I can assure you that things will slither out.

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  23. “When an institution is failing top-to-bottom successful change is only viable when it is forced from a position external to the current corrupt enterprise. That approach must come to all divisions and branches of the system simultaneously, in order to affect change. In essence, the corrupt system has to be overwhelmed; shocked into a reset status.”

    The agent of change must be exogenous and extra-institutional i.e. the People with assistance from defecting sympathetic military elements (or else a foreign power using its financial or military leverage to force capitulation). The above paragraph essentially describes revolution, right? Especially if all divisions and branches are to be assailed simultaneously.

    I’m growing deeply suspicious of the Internet which I suspect is little more than an energy sink. No doubt the Tavistock Institute et al have already studied this exhaustively, but the real purpose of the internet is not to rally authentic change. If you notice the true metric of success seems to be about amassing views and establishing Youtube channels –great big dollops of pissed-off viewership i.e. everybody still sitting down rather than standing up.

    What’s to be said of the moral tenor of a nation that manages to convert stories of unspeakable systemic abuse of its very own children into yet more viewing fare? Okay, so it’s in documentary form with all the requisite virtue-signalling. So what.

    Is there truly a tipping point that will tip this nation into something other than another hard-hitting and eye-opening expose ? So far in America the Internet chair is kicking the sh*t out of the yellow vest.

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    • sDee says:

      DeSouza’s book Death Of A Nation draws some similarities to what we see today. Lincoln stood up against the Democrats’ plantation model and the SCOTUS decision to legalize slavery (Dred Scott)

      We now see the SCOTUS Setting precedent for illegal immigration and many other tools of the New Plantation model. Illegals are the new slaves with the rest of the New Plantation slaves trading their votes for the benevolence of the plantation owners.

      The divide in America is growing deeper eac day.

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  24. sDee says:

    Clinton fired ALL DOJ attorneys. New hires built the foundation we see today.

    Trump could follow precedent.

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  25. Squirrel Doc says:

    As much as I love the CTH, and the many great comments shared, it all amounts to intellectual masturbation in the absence of any concrete action.

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    • sDee says:

      Perhaps you speak for yourself? Certainly not for me.

      We first must accept that the entire federal government, election process, media, both parties, and most local government is corrupt beyond self-reform.

      Facing a single coordinated Party and a wholly corrupt government. Then, what choices?

      We have a leader. We can follow his lead. We can decide to act on our own without a leader. We can decide that our leader lied to us in his intent to stand against the tyranny of global governance and find a new one.

      Choices narrow quickly

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      • Squirrel Doc says:

        sDee – I do not speak for anyone but myself. My comment addressed the necessity of direct action. I have tremendous respect for our VSGPDJT and will follow his lead. Choices do indeed narrow quickly. MAGA

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      • Trump has acted against the interests of the Global tyranny. He’s the right man at the right time. But it’s clear the swamp is too powerful for just one man. There will never be another president like Trump, who has the resources to fight the personal harassment the establishment has launched on him. Trump is one of kind, if he does not succeed we will be stuck with establishment types from here on out. We need to back him, and make sure he’s sharply focused on reforming the DOJ.

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  26. antiqueiron says:

    Thank you Sundance. I keep posting that the normal channels are closed to us. Not by our choice, but by our enemy’s own machinations. It appears you may have come to a similar conclusion. We cannot lawyer, or leverage or 3d chess our way out of this. It will take whatever force our President can bring to bear. More here are seeing that now. I hope President Trump sees that he cannot protect us from civil disorder & governmental crisis much longer. He is a very good man to try, but that ship has sailed. This is the first time that I know of that Trump has not been able to bring adversaries at least a little closer to his side. The deep state won’t let that happen. As you say there are trillions at stake.

    Time is now short, we cannot wait for more of the country to wake up. That may never even happen if we did. We meet at the old mill, at midnight we ride. Our country’s enemies must now be crushed by force. Else the country is gone and there is no fate worse than that. May God protect you, all those here, and President Trump.

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  27. dustahl says:

    If Trump can spread light on the fact, really my opinion, that the deep state, agencies are a national security threat, because Globalist is an organization outside the U.S. and inside.
    What you have is people and organizations trying over throw the U.S. in favor of Globalism, Then, you have a wedge to isolate the deep state.

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  28. jameswlee2014 says:

    The government and its organs have no independent existence. They exist only because the population agrees they exist. But, you cannot cut off a pound of government or put paint on the FBI. Here is reality. Those causing the trouble are just a bunch of guys. They have names. Who are these guys. We can’t get rid of them unless we know who they are. Who are they? Look, have no doubt that they can find you… well?

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  29. Flash says:

    That article describes a slow motion coup d’etat, sometimes also called the Long March Through the Institutions. CTH doesn’t expressly state it, but does clearly point to the shocking reality that the coup is extremely close to irreversable completion.

    The only feasible response to an advanced coup is a countercoup that is stronger & more sweeping in scope. But, as CTH points out, most victims of the coup have no clue what is going on.

    Only the Military has the necessary strength & strategic insight to overwhelm the traitors. But even the military has been substantialky infiltrated.

    The future looks very bleak.


  30. CameronH says:

    A major problem that you also have is that most of these people would not believe that their actions are corrupt. They would probably understand that they are breaking the law in some way but, because they are doing it for righteous reasons, it is acceptable. Progressivism and cultural Marxism is their religion and the laws of the land must come second to protecting the expansion and implementation of the tenets of their religion.

    This is why they continuously change the laws to better suit their aims even though they go against the constitution. This is why media and social media companies continuously change the definitions of things like “hate “speech to censor more and more of their opponents. Just expressing Christians beliefs about marriage now gets you banned from Facebook.

    This will not end without a revolution unfortunately.

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  31. CameronH says:

    Further to my last comment. The other big program that the Democrats will be running is the extension of their methods to rig the next election to more states. There were a few successful test runs at the mid terms and they will use this knowledge to expand this across the country. Voting to right the ship is looking less and less like a viable option.

    This is a trend that is world wide and the inability of citizens in western democracies to effect the change they want through elections and voting is becoming more and more apparent. Any attempt to even discuss the march of progessive/post modernist/ cultural Marxist policies which are being implemented gets labelled as some type of phobia or negative ism and is increasingly being banned under discrimination and hate speech laws.

    This is what is driving the Yellow Vests protests in France and their calls for citizens initiated referendums. These may work but, as we have seen from the Brexit betrayal, success is not guaranteed.

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  32. TPW says:

    I am sorry … but presenting a solution that is not doable serves no purpose and only fuels defeatist attitudes. Glad PT didn’t take Obama’s advice and look for a magic wand before he implemented policies to bring back manufacturing jobs. To effect immediate change until those that need to be replaced are tossed out the door……Bring out the evidence and start the process ….. indictments and prosecutions. The law has been broken and there is a mountain of evidence. Find an AG that will do his job.

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  33. ParteaGirl says:

    We don’t need more than a half of the People to be informed- just an awake and committed third. That’s how the American Revolution was won. One third of the People wanted to remain loyal to the crown, one third was ambivalent or uniformed, and one third was willing to fight for Freedom. Freedom won then, and it can again.

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  34. Overthehorizon says:

    Here’s a new concept – No longer accept the things you “cannot” change. It is now time to change the things you cannot accept…

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  35. kayjayjim says:

    Ok so how do we get the word out? This is a tight question as if we all knew elections would be simple…


  36. kayjayjim says:

    ‘tough’ question not tight…sorry.


  37. Uncompliant says:

    From another website —

    Maybe we are like the Spanish just prior to and during Napoleon’s invasion.

    As described: The Spanish “…. simply failed to recognize the full horror of the situation.” The Army General “…. found an unaccountable apathy. Even after the reports of Espinosa and Gamonal [battles lost] had come to hand, the people and the authorities alike seemed to be living in a sort of fools’ paradise, disbelieving the gloomy news that arrived, or at least refusing to recognize that the war was now at their own doors.”

    Was this from want of patriotism or of courage? Some agreed, but as noted, others argued that the Spanish “… simply failed to recognize the full horror of the situation.”


  38. Uncompliant says:

    Thought it might be fun/useful/interesting to catalog the “solutions” — this is page one of the comments —

    SD says — replace the US attorneys en mass

    Others offer:

    use lawyers from the military

    secure our elections first (various specifics here including some type of federal Voter ID card, etc.)

    juries consistently refusing to convict

    we need a change agent in charge

    get our President re-elected

    pray & trust in Trump and the Lord

    extradite George Soros for crimes against Humanity

    we can only hope that our President really has a plan

    move Head Justice and Head FBI out of D.C., NO Ivy League grads, replace with locals, use judges for the top guy in each office

    it’s up to Trump to do it

    recognize that we reached that septic condition.

    accept the fact that there is no difference between Republican and Democrat political parties

    let the system collapse under the weight of its own corruption

    fight the good fight

    set up rival intel bureaucracies

    come up with – and implement – a functioning, workable, real world response to what is done to people like Sec. Zinke, Gov. Palin, and yes, Steve Wynn

    kill all the lawyers — the Amer. Bar. Assoc. is the problem

    “build the wall” … if that is not solved we are no more than a few years and a few senate votes away from irrelevance

    fire rosenstien and everyone, then instruct the DOJ to press charges immediately against all that were involved; if DOJ refuses then fire them too; if that doesn’t work, bring in the Military and arrest them all

    remember that “There are trillions of dollars at stake.”

    fire the entire DOJ and appoint only tough outside the beltway type as an AG — variations on this theme like: just start firing people until you are down to the bones

    cut the whole thing off — disband the FBI and clean out Justice — destroy them [FBI/DOJ], root and branch — disband the FBI and DOJ as they are unconstitutional and unlawful

    destroy that NSA “Utah Data Center” from low Earth orbit

    an all-out war on corruption using every power vested in the President

    all meetings and govt docs open to the public; FISA courts dismantled; prosecutions for crimes done

    urge others to pray for God’s will to be done

    we need a hatchet man and junk yard dogs throughout the system to destroy this embedded corruption


    • Uncompliant says:

      Page Two of the Comments:

      there is no way for us to solve the problem. Jesus Christ will need to return

      “Ain’t many things a man cannot fix
      With seven hundred dollars
      And a thirty-ought-six.” [in short, we need $$ and guns]

      “many are saying just burn it down. You know what…I’m OK with that now”

      we need to hold him [DJT] accountable until he does something

      think “outside of the box” when looking for ways to take the “war” to the players

      wait until more people are “woke” to the deep state/fed gov corruption [which, now that I think on it, is the answer Sundance gave; we can’t do anything right now because not enough people see the problem]

      reject the evil and unhealthy culture, promote Christianity, do not compromise your values, realize that that “rugged individualism and self-reliance” isn’t going to cut it this time, join with and support like-minded people working towards the same goals you are, know when to be a leader and when to be a follower, remember that charity and love are both acts of will

      stand by Trump if he fights and hope he chooses to fight

      military tribunals are the only solution

      direct action in the streets, and this will not just require “yellow vests” but tar, feathers, and a bunch of rope — cars/trucks/semis clog the artery system of DC — time for people to take to the streets and take back their country

      start with one indictment and build from there

      more sunlight which will cause the rank and file of the FBI/DOJ to ‘see’ things differently thereby shifting the bureaucracy from self-preservation mode to reform mode

      dissolve SES and term limits for Congress; move CIA over to DoD; fold FBI into Homeland Security; isolate DOJ and State; hire Peter Thiel

      Sidney Powell says: All wrongdoers need to be publicly outed
      Very strict rules need to be put in place and enforced
      bring in a lot more outsiders–
      create a conviction integrity review unit
      term limits (15 years) for DOJ and FBI personnel
      no political contributions should be allowed
      US attorneys must wait 4 year to run for public office
      willful Brady violations equal immediate termination
      prosecutorial immunity should be abolished upon showing of intentional violation

      seek a writ of mandamus to address the Obama admin.’s illegal acts through the FISC court

      fire everyone in the US gov. over a certain rank and bump employees up the ladder based on new standards

      tell everyone to get the hell out of the way of the runaway train that is the Deep State corruption; warn everyone to prepare

      read and listen to books/videos/tapes of Father Caughlin

      operate and remove the gigantic, cancerous tumor

      multiple special counsels


      • Uncompliant says:

        Page Three:

        seek God’s guidance in all things and if He leads you to fight or teach or stand or any of a million other actions, then that is what you should do

        yank all the air time licenses of the MSM and have in place REAL news agencies and journalists at the ready to broadcast

        tractor’s surrounding Carter’s whitehouse; semi’s all headed to Obama’s Whitehouse; convention of States

        somebody should write up an indictment of the DOJ, from “We the people”, all great revolutions began with a document

        creating forums where people can organize, are real life organizations that can accept money, march on DOJ or FBI in DC generating lots of attention since it is conservatives marching and optics matter, so there would need to be good signs, good chants, message control, and a good spokesperson with clear talking points [and a plan to prevent the MSM from redefining it as a Nazi rally — my edit]

        Trump needs to just take over

        something something the illusion of choice

        Trump better get a lot closer to the dictator mindset because that is what it will take to win this thing; just win baby; remember, the victors write the histories

        fireside chats once a week outlining all the corruption in the agencies; Trump should be educating the American citizenry; twitter is not enough

        a complete overhaul of Congress via a Constitutional Convention called by the States

        declassification of all texts, docs, FISA warrants, etc. and more special counsels

        I guess we keep active on social media & comment sections to spread correct info

        turn over rocks to the sunlight to see the things that slither out

        stand up, get off your a**, the internet is an energy sink [my translation]

        our country’s enemies must now be crushed by force

        take names


        find an AG that will do his job

        expose it all


  39. Martha H says:

    Only a totally open (no doubt) revelation/scandal, Watergate type, something that will open everybody’s eyes and will force the MSM to cover it, but that will imply few sacrificing everything and take a big bullet for the country, those kind of patriots are hard to find. Other than that I really do not see a way to drain the swamp. DJT had done what he can with all the opposition from left and right, we let him down in the midtems, next two years are going to be hell, we need a miracle.


  40. John P. Shark says:

    I’m tired of all the talk…we do need action. We need to arrest someone, anyone, who is suspected of such obvious corruption. Round up a dozen, I don’t care. Put the ball in their court.

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  41. Gregory Jenkins says:

    WoW Finally – TY SD – you said it well but limited it to two alphabet agencies – I have been screaming it on here for days and people now think I am simply crazy……..!

    Now, beyond the DOJ – FBI the corruption is in all branches of Government and at every level, Federal, State and Local –

    How do I know you ask? – I have experienced it first hand = Military Experience (Federal) – Law Enforcement Experience (Federal) – Fathers Law Enforcement experience (State) / (Local) “personally witnessed the corruption” and personal experience State and Local government. The above statement is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God!

    The most corrupt of all have been the Lawyers (Prosecution & Defense) and the Judges at every level which I had to deal with throughout my career and life experience. Then trickles down as the result of the Lawyers and Judges to Law Enforcement Officers – Military officers, then down and on to others common professionals. I can’t say “ALL” some people here get upset with me, so I will say that 99.99999999999% that I had interaction with in one way or another at one point of time or another was not 100% honest and in many cases were not even 50% honest. They simply worked to make things happen the way they wanted them to happen, period.

    NOTE: This made me physically ill and played a huge roll in my refusal to return to the career field after being severely disabled during my service – also as the result of corruption at the highest levels IMO! The experience continues to disrupt my life “thoughts / actions” on a daily basis and has had severe impact on my immediate and extended family. I have paid a severe toll in my life as the result, and it continues to this day and will again tomorrow and for the rest of my life if I am unable to find or contribute to a solution to the matter.

    Back to the point – Government – it is rotten to the core – it has been and is destroyed beyond repair. It simply continues to decay right in front of our eyes by the second. To properly handle the situation we will have to not only arrest and prosecute those currently participating in the acts, but go back generations and deal with all of them in a legitimate judicial manner. What many would consider to be an impossible task. – to those people I say this —- “They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.” (Mark Twain)

    During the presidential campaign (2016) I spent much time early on (2015) in communication with the TRUMP campaign at multiple levels, providing insight with regard to personal security, political and judicial corruption, as well as law enforcement with much success IMO!

    I also felt and now have confirmed IMO that the only possibility of complete success with the TRUMP agenda was if some way some how martial law was imposed immediately – all – Political figures in D.C. be arrested and sent back to their home states and replaced by temporary members until which time new (Legitimate) elections could be held for replacements to be sent to fill the void. There would still be a risk of corrupt individuals being sent, but the fact all existing had been arrested and were awaiting trial back home would have sent a very clear message to those seeking to further corrupt the Government of the U.S.A.!

    The biggest problem IMO in our Government is Lawyers and Judges = (98% of politicians in D.C. today) (BAR card holders) and most of our state elected officials. I have had many a discussion with regard to this matter lately.

    Read the “ORIGINAL” 13th Amendment of The Constitution of The United States of America. Here is part of it –

    “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honour, or shall without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any emperor, king, prince, or foreign power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.”

    “If the evidence is correct and no logical errors have been made, a 13th Amendment restricting lawyers from serving in government was ratified in 1819 and removed from the US Constitution during the tumult of the Civil War. Since the Amendment was never lawfully repealed, it is still the Law today. The implications are enormous.”

    Here is the solution right in front of our eyes – “The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers” is a line from William Shakespeare’s Henry VI, Part 2, Act IV, Scene 2. NOTE TO LAWYERS HERE – I know I know – “The argument of this remark as in fact being favorable to lawyers is a marvel of sophistry, twisting of the meaning of words in unfamiliar source, disregard of the evident intent of the original author and ad hominem attack.” Whoever first came up with this interpretation surely must have been a lawyer.

    Honestly IMO at this point – the only way we are going to fix the situation in this country today is to unite all “good people” – Dems – Reps – Independents – non political – and all of Christian Faith – IN OTHER WORDS – ALL EVERY DAY HARD WORKING GOOD WHOLESOME PEOPLES to help them to understand that the country has been destroyed and it is going to take us all to tear it completely down and rebuild it from scratch. Also, to make lying in an official capacity an offense punishable by death as well as the other 10 commandments. I know I know many believe that is way to harsh! There is nothing I love more than my God and my country in the whole universe. I am willing to make the stand and make the sacrifice as my forefathers did for the betterment of this Great Nation.

    I am willing to give up anything and everything I currently own, could possibly own in the future as well as my own life, to protect and defend the constitution of the United States of America. I am willing to take the lead (many people say often we need a leader) legally knowing that the powers that be will try and destroy/kill me. I just wish that many, many others were willing to do the same sacrifice sooner rather than later. And to all I say – That’s the only way to go, believe in God and believe in you and you are almost home free! They can take our lives but they can never take our freedom! (Braveheart)

    If any of you (I am quite sure the majority of you) have said this and continue to sit back and do nothing, I have only one thing to say to you – may God have mercy on your soul!

    “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”


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    • thLuckyOne says:

      @Gregory, I’m an old man with nothing to lose. This great nation, its constitution and it’s beautiful people are all I have. Sadly, just as I have nothing to lose, I also have not much to offer. However, I do see that there are THOUSANDS of patriots who are fed-up and who might be called to aid our President of behalf of defeating DS. May I suggest some sort of carefully focused fund-raiser? Something that won’t interfere with contributions to Sundance. And, some secure comms? Like maybe Proton email to begin? Then later, maybe some Skype calls via VPN? Always looking for the next meeting place. Start slow. Start small. Baby steps – yet remembering the urgency of making an impact and always reaching out to the working people. And remember, the enemy monitors this website closely. I’ll get an email if you reply to me here. We could go from there. Go where?

      This is for all the marbles.

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      • Gregory Jenkins says:

        @thLuckyOne You Sir. are the exact reason I served, am willing to serve and will always protect and defend this GREAT NATION and its people! When you said this it touched my heart deeply “I’m an old man with nothing to lose. This great nation, its constitution and it’s beautiful people are all I have. Sadly, just as I have nothing to lose, I also have not much to offer” You can call me if you would like (please do) 7278318092. All we can do is discuss legal procedure in which we can unite the people of this country to support our POTUS and the laws of this land! SALUTE PATRIOT!


      • Gregory Jenkins says:

        Did you just want my phone number or did you want to speak with me? I gave you my number and have heard nothing!

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  42. Sledge says:

    That sounds exactly like a bigly copout to me.
    Everything being political and calling for some kind of critical mass is excusitis pretending a reason. The President is in charge of justice or he’s just useless in this area, so say so!
    Reality leading to solutions requires living in reality. Apparently, we have a president not really into justice as the greater good to be accomplished domestically. That’s how this reads, so if we want the president or a president into and willing to exercise his authority restoring, liberty and justice for all what do we do and where do we look? Option b. Is vigilantees which will arrive on its own in various forms. We are a confederation of free states and free people’s, act like it!


  43. christian thomas says:

    This looks like Gödel’s Theorem: very bright Sundance!

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  44. TomA says:

    Future historians will record that we passed the tipping point as a nation and culture at least two decades ago, and cancerous rot has now reached Stage 4. The easy solutions are no longer on the menu and we are not going to talk our way out of the mess we are in. Real change and remedy will not grow out of anything that originates in DC. It will once again fall to the people of Mainstreet USA to right the ship and steer a new course toward restoration of Constitutional Principles and the Rule of Law. It cannot occur any other way.


  45. iPack says:

    You cannot deny the similarity:

    The Congress finds and declares that the ____ Party of the United States, although purportedly a political party, is in fact an instrumentality of a conspiracy to overthrow the Government of the United States. It constitutes an authoritarian dictatorship within a republic, demanding for itself the rights and privileges accorded to political parties, but denying to all others the liberties guaranteed by the Constitution….

    ….Unlike members of political parties, members of the ____ Party are recruited for indoctrination with respect to its objectives and methods, and are organized, instructed, and disciplined to carry into action slavishly the assignments given them by their hierarchical chieftains…

    …The peril inherent in its operation arises not from its numbers, but from its failure to acknowledge any limitation as to the nature of its activities, and its dedication to the proposition that the present constitutional Government of the United States ultimately must be brought to ruin by any available means, including resort to force and violence. Holding that doctrine, its role as the agency of a hostile ______ power renders its existence a clear present and continuing danger to the security of the United States. It is the means whereby individuals are seduced into the service of the world _____ movement, trained to do its bidding, and directed and controlled in the conspiratorial performance of their revolutionary services. Therefore, the _____ Party should be outlawed.

    Can you guess which party? And by the way, this is quoted directly from USC.


  46. Paul Strauss says:

    Wait around and hope the country “gets it”? Nay! Nay, I say to thee!

    I rarely disagree with my CTH friends, but I strongly disagree here. The President Of The United States is the chief LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER in the land. We have an institutional corruption problem within the Executive which is under his purview.

    This problem is not a political one which requires a majority to be persuaded to “see it” before dealing with it. The President isn’t required to persuade anyone before cleaning up corruption. And cleaning it up isn’t a political option– it’s a Constitutional duty. And time is of the essence. If he doesn’t clean up his own house, the rats are going to clear him out.

    Therefore, President Trump should undertake the approach of cleaning house FIRST, and explaining it later. Do what he was elected to do- shake up Washington.


    • Nathan Hale says:

      This only works if 1) you have never ever done anything in your life that you would very much like to remain private so you can continue being effective in your current role, or 2) you plan to either resign shortly after taking action or plan not to seek another term as President.

      I believe you could fill a phone booth with those who meet the first criteria with room to spare.


  47. J-Mac says:

    Pretty sure Trump knows all this 100%.

    2 Years ago Mr. Trump campaigned on ‘Draining the Swamp’ and we are watching his plan to ‘Drain the Swamp’ play out in real time.

    He’s already got rid of Sessions, Brand, McCabe & Comey hasn’t he?


  48. theprecinctproject says:

    The Republican Party has about 400k “Voting member” precinct committeeman slots. About 200k are vacant.

    Are you in one of the 200k filled slots?

    Google Schultz ColdWarrior neighborhood precinct committeeman strategy

    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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