President Donald Trump Surprise Speech To Troops in Iraq (Full Speech Video)…

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump deliver remarks to U.S. military during a surprise visit to Al Asad Air Base in Iraq.

During his remarks President Trump outlines his determination to remove U.S. military from Syria and to hold regional allies accountable to retain stability and security.

Additionally President Trump directly addresses the notion that any withdrawal from the region means a reconstituted terror threat that might strike the U.S: “if that was to happen, they would suffer consequences like never before.”  “That’s not a threat, that’s going to be a fact.” … “If anything were to happen at all.”

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144 Responses to President Donald Trump Surprise Speech To Troops in Iraq (Full Speech Video)…

  1. sundance says:

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    • Hoosier_Friend? says:

      Best POTUS EVER!


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      • Michael Todaro says:

        America’s savior, POTUS Donald John Trump, and his magnificent family, are as PURE AS THE DRIVEN SNOW, He has been in the public eye, UNDER A MICROSCOPE, for a full HALF CENTURY, more than 50 YEARS. The IRS has exhaustively audited him every single year for decades. His mishap in corrupt Atlantic City was micro-examined by bankruptcy court and passed muster. NO RACISM ! NO FRAUD ! NO COLLUSION ! 100 PURE ! The Trumps do not smoke, drink or drug (or twerk). They are tall, handsome, beautiful, patriotic, and highly educated (no Obama affirmative action) . Hideous ugly Mueller is a self loathing dirty cop . MAGA/KAG !

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    • big bad mike says:

      In the photo with Sarah – the soldier looks like Elvis.

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    • Bluto Ruffian says:

      In the 80s I worked for one of the iconic sportscar manufacturers in Italy. I was the North American Technical Guru that trained hundreds of gifted mechanics to work on these cars… While visiting the home of one of the factory’s best reps in Modena, we walked through the courtyard of the villa where he lived. I noticed that the inside walls at ground level were heavily pockmarked. My fellow said that it was from the German firing squads…
      He thanked me for the USA coming to WIN that war even at a heavy cost.
      I ran my hands over the pocks on one of the walls. One pock that I touched was about 24 to 28 inches above the ground…

      Go there to WIN. Don’t come home till you do.

      VSGPDJT did that with our (USA) determination and might. He KNOWS how to WIN but, feels the pockmarks in the wall and gets sand in his eyes as well.

      Merry Christmas everyone! Welcome home WINNERS!

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      • topavalley says:

        Thank you for sharing your experience. Sand in my eyes as well.

        President Trump and Melania are in it with us, hearts, minds and souls!
        Whatever it takes. We have a true leader. We are in it to win.

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      • Reality says:

        “Go there to WIN” …. the corollary is “Or don’t go there at all”.
        The US isn’t prepared to do what’s necessary to win outside major wars , WW2, too many dead civilians. That’s the reality.


    • VSparrow says:

      What a fabulous photo. Sarah is beaming with happiness and whatever other positive thoughts were flowing through her very intelligent mind at the time. What a great, tough and talented lady.

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    • Voltaire says:

      Something occurred to me:
      What if the main reason for going was to gauge the support of the troops for their commanding officer? Wasn’t much applause for the first name mentioned…
      Troops know who the good generals are.


  2. Jimmy Jack says:

    My SO, a Marine, was stationed at this base, Al Asad, in Iraq during the war. While I appreciate any base the Trumps would visit I can’t help but feel particularly touched by this as I directed prayers there daily for a long, long time.

    I’m incredibly thankful Melania went with him. She’s fearless and an incredible support to her husband and our troops. Truly I love them both.

    FWIW, on this base is a structure where people were held and tortured and killed. There was still blood stains on the walls and floor when our troops got there in 2003. We can’t ever underestimate the level of violence we are dealing with when we face opposition in the ME.

    God bless the Trumps, God bless America & Semper Fi.

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  3. Reality says:

    But, but, but…..I was told by CNN et al that PDJT was sitting alone in the White House, desperate for company, losing control……
    Another ambush where the media get effortlessly kicked to bits. Leftard Hatred leads to slow learning.

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  4. I’ve always felt that Melania lends an incredible and genuine love of our nation and its people whenever she is present. And, she does it naturally and gracefully, whether she speaks or not as well. The only way that works is by being real.

    I don’t recall another First Lady with such presence, ever.

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  5. Sayit2016 says:

    It is obvious to anyone with a brain that President Trump is 1000% genuinely supportive of our amazing troops around the globe… He has raised their salary and is bringing them home..

    This is support that our troops can actually SEE and FEEL, it is not just words with President Trump like it has been with so many other Presidents.

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  6. TwoLaine says:

    The crowd was big!
    How big?
    YUGE! 🙂

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  7. Mary N says:

    May God Bless Donald Trump and May God Bless America 🙏🏻

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  8. markone1blog says:

    Odd, before getting supplies for my fix-it project, it seems Newsweek & USA Today claimed Trump was the first president in 15 years not to visit the troops. I’ll bet they’ve taken down those articles.

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    • Sedanka says:

      No, they’re claiming that he went to Iraq because they shamed him into it.

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      • purpleibby says:

        The media has done us a favor by making it obvious more than ever they are nothing more than opposition to the man we elected to lead us(and by extension, we the people). In that, American people realize that no matter what he does they will not give him credit for it or twist into something ugly. Keep pushing hard Mr. President, we are with you!

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      • crewdog 52 says:

        Yeah right, MSM! The trip took about six weeks to plan; long before these clowns had time to come up with their latest hit piece on POTUS. Nice try, jerks, but no cigar!

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      • Like it was “spur-of-the-moment”. Yep, that’s the ticket.

        PDJT is loved by the whole world so no worries, no danger. /Serious sarcasm here folks.

        That trip was planned at least weeks if not a month in advance.

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      • Jan says:

        And they’ve resurrected the story about Pres. Trump not having bone spurs during the Vietnam war. I don’t know too many Americans who really wanted to go to the Vietnam War unless you were in the military schools/ROTC. That’s why they had a draft. My first husband was eliminated from the draft because he was nearsighted. So sick of the D**N hypocrisy of everyone, especially the DS-MSM.

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        • Bluto Ruffian says:

          My number was never picked. I would have gone IF it came up but, it didn’t. I guess I won the lottery (as it was at the time)… However, my oldest brother decided to enlist in the Marines and was stationed in Chu Lai.
          He came back as a different man from what I had known him before… He told stories of exploding children that ran to his troop carrier for handouts… Glad that he made it home unscathed. He had to “eliminate” some of the threats that endangered him and his fellow troops back in those days… Can’t imagine the daily stress he endured… I’m so glad my number wasn’t picked!!!

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    • InAz says:

      All the commie libtard blogs also put down President Trump for not going to the Middle East to visit troops, and drooled all over the Commie Kenyan for visiting troops and of course the commies vomited all sorts of other garbage about the Kenyan.

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  9. Publius2016 says:

    great speech! its about America First! not nation building but Peace!

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    • wondering999 says:

      Nations are built by the citizens who live in those nations. You can’t build a nation for somebody else. The whole concept was wrongheaded to begin with. And we need to rebuild our nation, one nation, under God, with liberty and JUSTICE for all

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  10. Michael Todaro says:

    Magnificent Melania is a real immigrant (not an alien invader), a real American (not an invasive species of leech). More Melanias please. MAGA/KAG !

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    • suejeanne1 says:

      God bless you, Mr. President and Magnificent First Lady – you two are goodness personified – the real article!

      I am so proud.

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    • Deplorable_Vespucciland says:

      Our enemies in FakeNews purposely act as though “immigrants” and “illegal aliens” are the same thing and continuously try to confuse the public with such propaganda.

      Bravo President Trump!
      M A G A

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      • Attorney at Law says:

        It’s a slap in the face to all those that came to the country via proper procedures and waited not only with time, but had to go through the extensive screening process, security clearance checks, health exams, $$$$, amongst many other things while being vetted and carefully checked out, so to speak.

        I can tell you firsthand there is nothing more frustrating or infuriating than the media blatantly lying. Making up stories suggesting those that come illegally, are in need of help, or perhaps are kind, decent people, who will help the USA and be beneficial to the economy.

        What’s the point of everyone else going through the excruciating process, while others are walking in via the backdoor. Legal immigrants aren’t living off the taxpayer, while those that waltz in illegally, are. Those that are legal follow the laws, those that are illegal, don’t. It’s basic facts, so it’s mind numbing that anyone would believe what mainstream media feeds them. I have personal experience, and it hits more than one nerve with myself and family.

        Pardon the rant,


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        • Michael Todaro says:

          You are so right Attorney at Law. I’ve waited in line at the attorney service windows in federal buildings too many hours representing (mostly pro bono) legal immigrants who are frustrated but honest. I have tutored legal immigrants so as to pass English & Civics citizenship tests (pro bono). The REWARD is attending the swearing in ceremonies for good people. I am completely against the OPEN BORDERS/ALIEN INVASION. . DEPORT! DEPORT! DEPORT! I would celebrate deporting all 30 million illegal aliens. Later they can properly apply with priority based on individual circumstances. MAGA/KAG!

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        • spoogels says:

          Take South Africans who are imminent danger of being genocided.
          They are Christians with solid values and they are suffering.

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    • “More Melanias please. MAGA/KAG!”

      Well, that would certainly help MAGA and KAG, and… if there are to be more Melanias, sign me up! 😀

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  11. Louisiana Tea Rose says:

    Watching the Five. I don’t want to hear it, so spare me the railing….I like the Five. Besides, can’t have any similar discussions because am surrounded by snowflakes in a corporate culture of extreme PC and must maintain the sterile environment as well as best healing atmosphere. Sad we medical people can no longer share in morose black humor….ahhh, I miss the good-ole-House-of-God days…..WHOA, wait a minute….I got lost there…

    I see a Melania Trump who really is coming into her own, and a President who is learning how to savor the REAL benefits that are immediate and current in his term: the admiration and gratitude that are exchanged when the man meets with our Military members and their families! You cannot NOT notice what happens when these two show up and start passing around some love and sincere affection in a very personal way; it is poignant and clearly evident that Trump instinctively feels the weight of the awesome responsibility he carries, as well as deference he owes them.

    None of the fake tokenism staged by those who despise everything about the Military except their usefulness at a photo op. Wow, just realized how consistent liberals are amongst they hold in complete contempt that only takes a vaca at the voting booth.

    Bonus. A twofer.

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  12. Johnny Bravo says:

    I’ve got sand in my eye😉

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  13. Katie says:

    Whenever I see Melania smiling and practically glowing and everyone loving her when they see her, I try to imagine Michelle in that same situation and can only see her scowling with that face of hers and muttering “All of this over a stupid flag?” God Bless President Trump and First Lady Melania!

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    • I’m not sure that there is anything that makes a person grotesquely ugly more than being filled with hate.

      This should be self-explanatory.

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      • clive hoskin says:

        That is why ALL DemocRATS are ugly.

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        • Michael Todaro says:

          clive hoskin (correctly) says “…ALL DemocRATs are ugly.”. This is not an exaggeration at all, not in the least. Check out this partial list; Maxine Waters,Michelle Obama, Letitia James, Michael Moore, Whoopi Goldberg, Stacey Abrams, Joy Reid, April Ryan, Barbra Streisand, Cheryl Sarkisian (Cher), Calvin Broadus Jr. (Snoop Dog), Rob Reiner, Brenda Snipes, John Lewis, Al Green, Elijah Cummings, Crooked Hillary, Da Nang Dick Blumenthal, Diane Feinstein, Andrew Gillum …SOMEBODY STOP ME ! This is only a partial list of horribly ugly Democrats, not just ugly…but train stopping ugly ! Throw in their self loathing, alcoholic, drug/med addiction and we have a disaster. MAGA/KAG !


        • trialbytruth says:

          Hmm new.term Dem ugly, Dugly


    • Michael Todaro says:

      Lisping, waddling, hideous Manchelle is in pain because her “package” is cramped down too tight. No need to conceal the Obama family jewels…her/his/it’s “secret” has been common knowledge for a long time. How did we wind up with a 1/2 white/1/2 black man and a 1/2 man/1/2 woman in the WH ? MAGA/KAG !

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  14. Firefly says:

    Both PTrump and Melania are obviously more comfortable meeting with the American citizen than Hillary, and both Obama’s. Hillary in particular hates meeting with voters and acts awkward when amongst regular people. Historically America always seems to be fortunate to get the right president at the right time when we really needed most.

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  15. xcontra says:

    I thought it was night, early evening of 12/26, when he visited the troops in Iraq. It was a 3-hour visit. Why include that photo of Air Force 1 in sunlight? It is an old photo; cf.,

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  16. kea says:

    That’s MY (Our) President!!!!!! MAGA

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  17. kea says:

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  18. belle819 says:

    This is a great speech by President Trump. I have missed seeing him speak Listened to it twice, time passes quickly, right pass the 19 minute mark I especially love, you could hear a pin drop.

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  19. 4EDouglas says:

    The MSM says that the Military wants to “do something about Trump.”
    Yep they do like applaud, standing O, whooping and hollering the support the give the President and First Lady.. Mattis was a great disappointment..

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  20. ristvan says:

    This surprise visit was genious at several levels.
    MSM complains on Xmas PDJT has not yet visited war zones. Unbeknowst to them, he does.

    Not dangerous. Ok. AF1 takes off under a false call sign and the cover of darkness with NObody leaking in advance.

    Troop speech and sequaleae recorded by Sarah Sanders for present AND future use.

    More winnamins, please.

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  21. Mia C says:

    I was able to painlessly get some work done by having this speech on in the background. I love this president so much. Melania was really gracious. These two put up with so much crap on our behalf.
    –What’s all this crap about how Trump is supposed to spend Christmas in Iraq? Obama and his wife took separate planes on month long, tax payer paid for, trips to Hawaii. This president never vacations and yet the entire time he’s working for free.
    –God bless the Trumps, God bless America, and Merry Christmas to you all.

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  22. “During his remarks President Trump outlines his determination to remove U.S. military from Syria and to hold regional allies accountable to retain stability and security.”

    Oh my! Max Boot, Ralph Peters, Adam Kinzinger, Evan McMullin and James Mattis may all stoke out when they hear this. John McCain would stoke out too, but where he’s at now I don’t thing that’s allowed.

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  23. Sir Trump is drawing and quartering The Holy Book of COIN written by Petraeus and Mattis.


  24. Paul Joseph Watson


    Trump in Iraq: “It’s time to get our young people out. And I’ve been signing plenty of letters and I don’t like sending those letters home to parents saying that your young man or your young woman has been killed.”

    “I don’t like doing it. We’ve been doing it long enough.”

    This is called shoving it right back in Mattis’s face.

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    • annieoakley says:

      My father was old enough to get to participate in WWII, Korea, Vietnam and the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred while he was in Vietnam. I was 10 when he got the orders. I was eleven when my baby sister was born about 5 days before he left. I am sick and beyond tired of being policeman for the world.

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  25. Not only did POTUS and FLOTUS show care and affection for our troops, it was clear their motives were genuine–not for media approbation.
    I read that POTUS has had several trips to military bases abroad cancelled at the last minute due to security concerns. But of course he has not offered excuses as his predecessor, the worm BHO would have. Maybe the WH has finally gotten control of the leaks so this trip could occur as planned.

    What a great POTUS and FLOTUS

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  26. Paula Daly says:

    We lived thru Reagan… President Trump is the best President ever!!! He gets it all! He’s real and Pro American!!!! We love you President Trump!

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    • 1. The United States should not commit its forces to military action overseas
      unless the cause is vital to our national interest.
      2. If the decision is made to commit our forces to combat abroad, it must be done
      with the clear intent and support needed to win. It should not be a halfway or tentative commitment, and there must be clearly defined and REALISTIC objectives.
      3. Before we commit our troops to combat, there must be reasonable assurance that the cause we are fighting for and the actions we take will have the support of the American people and Congress.
      4. Even after all these other tests are met, our troops should be committed to combat abroad only as a last resort, when no other choice is available.

      Ronald Reagan

      Donald Trump and Ronald Reagan were cut from the same cloth.

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  27. starfcker says:

    Yes, I’m glad he went. But his operational security was pretty bad. They didn’t cover for him at the White House. They should have stationed a guard at the door outside the Oval Office like they do when he’s there. And they should have sent out some tweets, so everyone would think he was home. And the aircraft spotters are all over the internet, and picked him up with photos over England in real time after refueling. Whoever is doing his security needs to tighten up a lot.

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  28. Shut-Down SCENARIO:

    • D-rats say “NO WALL”
    • President Trump asks how they’ll keep out TERRORISTS: Crickets
    • POTUS calls up the ENTIRE NATIONAL GUARD to patrol the Border
    • D-rats wail “you’re abusing the Guard”
    • POTUS announces CLOSURE of ALL BASES in Germany to rotate with the National Guard
    • D-rats scream “you’re abandoning our Allies”
    • POTUS repeats his Border Security Deal
    • D-rats cry “we can’t afford it”
    • POTUS shuts down all Border Crossings and Imports from Mexico


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    • Black Irish Rose says:

      National Guard is under the authority of the 50 governors, with each governor activating only the units from his/her own state. Anyone know if that authority transfers to the POTUS if a national emergency is declared?


      • Option: President Trump deploys them to Iraq, Afghanistan and every other hot spot, enabling him to pull
        our Regular Military forces back to man the border.

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      • Jackbeowulf says:

        Air Guard or National Guard can be asked for by President to GOV and deployed under DoD command, i think payment is from DoD or half cost depending on type of deployment. If a Gov. refuses, then POTUS can declare a Federal deployment and they become HIS.
        He can deploy where and when based on timeline or declared emergency, with all funds from DoD. Most POTUS try for asking first.


  29. MaineCoon says:

    What struck me about POTUS speech is he detailed the Syria & ME game plan to his warriors. Can you imaging what it must have felt like for them to be so highly respected that the President of the United States of America, their Commander In Chief, flew on Christmas with the First Lady Melania into a war zone to personally inform them of the upcoming events of the region. He doesn’t just leave it to their COs to convey or for them to read stuff in the fake news. He gives them the news directly, personally, one-on-one.

    This must have impacted them greatly to fell so respected and honored by him. They will always remember this moment.

    May God protect our warriors and keep President & Mrs. Trump safe and all traveling with them.

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  30. spoogels says:

    Trump’s Syria Withdrawal hinges on Turkey:

    I think this scenario very likely occurred Trump is no fool.

    Donald Trump may well have delivered the same warning to Erdoğan even more directly during their pivotal conversation on December 14.
    After all, Trump had called precisely to deliver that warning. Erdoğan’s “Why don’t you remove your troops?” was a clever counter. But unless Trump is witless as well as vile, he would not have needed Bolton to tell him to answer with something like: “OK. We’ll pull our troops out. But you must agree to leave the Kurds alone. And you must know that, if you renege, our planes from the carriers, in the Gulf, and maybe even from Incirlik, will make you wish you had kept your word.” If that was the deal, keeping it quiet would have been part of it.

    Maybe Trump even promised to deliver Fetullah Gulen…


  31. MfM says:

    Trump looks like he’s wearing some heavy duty protection. That leather jacket doesn’t his it as well as his suit jacket.

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  32. straightstreet says:

    Has a first lady ever gone with a POTUS to a war zone before?


  33. Dora says:

    He’s in Germany now!

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  34. Pyrthroes says:

    Not one-eighth through his tenure, we do believe that Pres. Trump already counts as a major historical figure. In Congress, do-nothing Rat obstructionists will fade, while McConnell and Ryan types sink back into DC’s shrinking Okefenokee North and a revamped judiciary respects its charter rather than acting as s super-legislature.

    “All Texas needs is good people and water”– indeed, that’s all Hell needs. Gen X born 1968 diminishes from 2026, Millennials born 1990 already face Gen Y from 2012. With luck, reality will re-assert itself in face of such as MzBill, DiFi, Fauxcahontas, Pelosi and Maxine Wigmore, Coco Loco, who have nothing but smoking cesspits to offer anyone.


  35. He is one of US

    Says it all!

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  36. EvDM says:

    I just saw a CNN article titled “Troops Bringing Trump Hats to Sign May Violate Military Rule.” This is #1 story in Google News… It never ceases to amaze me how the movie CNN sees or portrays is so drastically different to the movie on my screen through my eyes. I have to believe there are even Democrats who see articles like this as insanity.

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  37. teeheeman says:

    Man is this REFRESHING. Our troops need a CLEAR message of PURPOSE/MISSION and UNWAVERING SUPPORT for that mission from the commander-in-chief. Our troops talk among themselves all the time about the support (or lack thereof) back home. They know President Trump HAS THEIR BACK, and our troops will take that commitment into the field as the clear mission is executed. As for the non-stop negative media, this kind of support gives the troops the confidence to quietly say “screw them”…….

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  38. Now in Germany

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  40. This is really nice!

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  41. cyn3wulf says:

    So, first I see that NBC and Yahoo news are saying Trump is the first president who hasn’t “visited the troops at a military base or hospital” for Christmas. Then I see here and at Breitbart that Trump did in fact make a visit. Then I see the little update on the Yahoo article that, yeah, Trump made a surprise visit. Finally, there is nothing to complain about. No, wait. I see that the Left is making fun of Melania wearing Timberlands. Can’t make it up.


  42. The Situation Room


    President Trump spent three hours on the ground with the first lady visiting troops in Iraq. The message he delivered to troops abroad was that the US is not going to continue to be the policeman of the world under his watch, CNN’s @abbydphillip reports.
    4:09 PM – Dec 26, 2018

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  43. Truthfilter says:

    Melania Trump is the prettiest, classiest First Lady we’ve ever had. A good and gentle soul.

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  44. teeheeman says:

    Indeed – a svelte and skilled wide receiver vs. a large and angry nose tackle.


  45. Trump Train says:

    Love how Trump is genuinely comfortable around the common man.


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