CHECKMATE – Saudi Crown Prince MbS Sends Replacement Troops To Defend Kurds in Syria…


Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the DC Decepticons are concerned about the Kurdish groups in Syria as the President Trump withdraws U.S. forces.  The concern stems from a possibility of Turkey taking hostile action toward our Kurdish allies.  However, a new report from the region highlights Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman is sending his forces to replace the U.S. troops.

SAUDI ARABIA – Saudi Arabia and the UAE have sent military forces to areas controlled by the Kurdish YPG group in north-east Syria, Turkey’s Yenisafak newspaper reported.

The paper said the forces will be stationed with US-led coalition troops and will support its tasks with huge military enforcements as well as heavy and light weapons.

Quoting the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the newspaper reported that a convoy of troops belonging to an Arab Gulf state recently arrived in the contact area between the Kurdish PKK/YPG and Daesh in the Deir Ez-Zor countryside.
This comes at a time when Ankara is preparing to launch an expanded military operation with the Free Syrian Army against the Kurdish PKK group in the northeast of Syria. (read more)

Now let’s consider the brilliance of this move.
First, remember Turkish President Recep Erdogan was the antagonist in the Kashoggi matter and Erdogan orchestrated the blame toward Saudi Crown Prince MbS.   There is no better motivated mid-east ally to protect the Kurds against any military action by Turkey other than MbS.   No doubt MbS and UAE will send their best forces.
Secondly, what military equipment will MbS and the UAE be shipping along with their  military troops?  Those would be military purchases directly from the U.S.
Third, who stood up against international pressure and refused to condemn MbS over the Kashoggi matter?  That would be a strategic U.S. President Trump.  MbS owes a favor; see how that works?
Fourth, what leverage does U.S President Trump have toward Turkey in order to further facilitate no hostile action?  That would be the economic leverage of current sanctions against Iran; and the option of controlling/punishing any economic engagement therein.
So to summarize:  President Trump withdraws U.S. troops from Syria, and leverages his relationship with MbS to step up to replace them, thereby eliminating any concern that Turkey might take hostile action toward our Kurdish allies in Northern Syria.
Our troops come home; and a stable transition is ensured by a regional ally.
How do you like them apples !


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565 Responses to CHECKMATE – Saudi Crown Prince MbS Sends Replacement Troops To Defend Kurds in Syria…

  1. chiavarm says:

    Nice apples

    • nimrodman says:

      Recall that weeks to a month ago when their was an unrelenting whirlwind of criticism “but Kashoggi ! Kashoggi !” …
      … President Trump stood straight and hard in that whirlwind and repeatedly said, very calmly:
      “Yes, but the U.S. has many other very important interests in our relationship with Saudi Arabia” – or words to that effect – and held to that line without fail.
      Now we see a few more of what those U.S. interests are.
      Smarter than the average bear …

      • klsparrow says:

        We have people in the republican party that want to cut all ties with Saudi Arabia they are sending troops to defend the Kurds since we will be pulling out. Maybe Graham Marco, Banks want us to stay there . How about this I will agree with that when I see these people put on a 60lb pack and pick up a M4 and lead the charge. It is easy to say lets keep them there when your ass in not on the line. Yet lets throw MbS under the bus for some Islamist radical so-called journalist.

      • AModerateMan says:

        He’s always many steps ahead of the media and allies, god bless our president!

      • And much higher quality pic-a-nic baskets!

      • stablesort says:

        I wonder if Lindsey Graham will put all the pieces together?

      • Sunshine says:

        Is it possible General Mattis was kept out of the loop and now he’s biting his fingers for resigning?
        There are two strong guys in Trump’s administration: Pompeo and Kushner. They know what’s happening. They are the inner circle, notwithstanding Pence.

        • Jake says:

          Not bloody likely! Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see. Mattis is too good a man to cut and run. He’ll pop up somewhere you least expect him…

          • OSP says:

            I hope there’s more here than meets the eye re. Mattis. I cannot deny being quite disappointed to learn he was leaving.

    • G. Combs says:

      Any bets the whole Khashoggi ‘death’ scenario was because the Globalist were tipped off that President Trump planned to with draw troops and replace them with Saudi Troops???
      President Trump signalled he thought General Mattis was a democrat in OCTOBER (13?)…
      The assassination occurred on October 2, 2018 at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul, Turkey….
      (And no I do not think General Mattis was the one but the White House still leaks like a sieve.)

      • Charlie says:

        Belief K’s death was CIA trying to put a wedge in SA relationship with POTUS. Everyone in the swamp is collateral damage, K was the latest.
        Hey “Comey”, EVERYONE is collateral damage : )

      • Sunshine says:

        NO. President Trump shares his strategy with very few people. As I wrote elsewhere, Pompeo and Kushner. Mattis was clueless.
        I think President Trump keeps all his cards close to his chest. And when he deploys one card, he sees who is loyal to him, who understands his strategy, and who doesn’t or isn’t.
        It’s called The Art of the Deal.

  2. jackphatz says:

    You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

    • Carthoris says:

      Maybe we could also get MBS to do something about the FBI.

    • Bullseye says:

      Why would Mattis approve of a plan like this , bringing out troops home? He must have a interest in some other motive…just say’n

      • Judith says:

        Mattis immediately handed in his resignation upon this announcement, because he agrees with the neocons who do NOT approve of US troop withdrawal from Syria.

      • War is the business of generals. Peace is not. I wonder where Mattis will be getting a paycheck after “retirement”.

      • Burnt Toast says:

        Like a hammer and nail, generals see the solution to geopolitical problems being military.
        Mattis may have been a good choice for reforming the military but may have been found wanting outside his sphere (stereotype of generals having war lust may not be unfounded).

      • Firefly says:

        I think PTrump was using the uniparty/globalist generals as a front. Mattis said he would not resign – would only leave if fired. Mattis didn’t realize PTrump would be so effective working around him. That’s when a Mattis’ Hubris was so big he finally decided to resign. I have a little better insigh why PTrump sourounded himself with the people he picked. Well see more as this all unfolds. We’ll be looking back at all this as some of the most fascinating times in America’s history- right now we’re living it.

        • Don’t jump to conclusions, creep up to them with halting steps.

        • ?Gunny66 says:

          All of you know nothing about Gen Mattis’ involvements in this.
          All you are doing is creating scenaro’s out of thin air to slander Gen Mattis on pure speculation and rumor mongering.
          Do you really, actually think the President planned every detail of this operation involving the change over / replacement of military forces and he did not seek Gen Mattis’ advice?
          What…… you think Gen Mattis just sat in a corner like some child and said: “ I am not playing”
          I am sick and tired of this all day, every thread of Blame / critisize Gen Mattis from people who know nothing about Gen Mattis.
          Gen Mattis is a stellar Marine who defeated ISIS and has the intestinal fortitude to say what ever he feels like saying,
          That is his right, like it or not…..he is not some kiss ass…….he has never did-respected the President, but he has disagreed with him.
          So what……….we have hundreds of people here on these threads disagreeing with the President every day…….but not only on this thread, but every thread, the abject hatred expressed for Gen Mattis is stunning.
          Especially from people who know nothing about him.
          He…..we all……when over there….( three tours for me ) met some wonderful muslim people…..kind and peaceful…..and the Kurds…..I stated on another thread….
          I have seen Kurdish women fighters with an RPG on their backs, a baby in one arm and a rifle in the other.
          I have seen Gen Mattis with tears in his eyes over the dead bodies of our fellow Marines.
          But now all I hear is: He”s a Democrat, he believes in Global warming, he could have been more respectful in his resignation letter…….
          So what…….he is not a kiss ass….So what……
          Good job Gen Mattis
          Semper Fi

          • ladypenquin says:

            Gunny, you’ve made me rethink some of the discussion revolving around Gen Mattis, though I don’t agree with some of his beliefs. Militarily, he is a Marine through and through, and we haven’t seen anything to detract from that fact.
            Another point to make – Gen Mattis isn’t leaving until the end of Feb. if things were that sticky with the President, he’d be gone within 24 hr.

            • Rudy says:

              And people have a right -more so- to criticize Mattis, to have and express their own opinions, even when it disagrees with yours. Personally I’m not particularly impressed with him and also think the letter was arrogant and disrespectful. Just sayin’, and that’s MY opinion. I don’t have an urge to run him out of the country on a rail for disagreeing with DJT, on the other hand…
              Also, for the record, ‘kind and gentle moslems’ is an oxymoron.
              Islam is the purest evil the world has ever known, and should be destroyed root and branch.

              • Carthoris says:

                “Also, for the record, ‘kind and gentle moslems’ is an oxymoron. Islam is the purest evil the world has ever known, and should be destroyed root and branch.”
                Absolutely correct. Any non-Muslim sympathetic to Islam is either depraved or demented.

              • ladypenquin says:

                I agree, didn’t care for his resignation letter and it did ping POTUS. I’ll assume that he did the job the President wanted and now it is time for him to move on. At this point, POTUS doesn’t need people slow-walking his agenda.

          • Brian Backes says:

            Gen. Mattis defeated ISIS? Kinda, sorta, yes.
            The main thrust that defeated ISIS was TRUMP’s decision and forceful order to stop (our CIA, etc.) from funding and supplyig ISIS. Also Trump’s considerable actions to stop Saudis from doing the same. And from other Gulf states from doing the same.
            Please recall Trump’s efforts after his inaugeration 2 years ago. Recall how dozens (hundreds) of Saudi princes and powerfl/wealthy bad actors were rounded up by MdS, tortured, seperated from their money, demoted, killed etc! That was MbS’s work, triggeredby and supported by Trump.
            Trump organized these efforts, Mattis just implemented them (and well).
            Trump isthe good man, big man here. Mattis is a bit player by comparison. With respect, please get a sense of scale about this.

          • Dr. David Bardo says:

            Gunny: ?

          • Carthoris says:

            President Trump and James Mattis are so almost opposite in their thinking on foreign policy and troop deployments, nothing could now be clearer, that one can not like and respect both men without having a case of cognitive dissonance. that would make even Freud’s knees knock.

          • 4gypsybreeze says:

            Gunny well said! I share your frustration!
            In my view Gen Mattis is first and foremost a Patriot who has served honorably. I have seen nothing to change my mind. I will stand fast in my support of him.
            To hear others trash him…well I just roll my eyes. Yeah, it gets to me sometimes. Then, I remember what my father always said….Consider the source.
            I would put money on it that the most vocal of those slinging mud against General Mattis have never been in the trenches. The worst they have probably experienced is a paper cut while shuffling papers in their safe little offices.
            Until/unless someone has been there when the S**t has hit the fan and seen how their “commanders” act first hand…they will continue to be clueless and ignorant. I have seen my higher ups fall apart during even a small crisis, then I have seen some of them really surprise me in a good way. Thank you for your input which even more solidifies my admiration for General Mattis.
            Hilarious in a sad way. Seems many think that military life revolves around whether someone is a Democrat or Republican. Can you imagine that? People think that when a new officer or new guy in the unit comes aboard to fight and their worth is determined by what party they voted for? Who cares? I worked along side people for years and didn’t even know if they were married, had children but I could tell you if I could depend on them or not. Off the chart ==have not got a clue people out there!
            Thank you for speaking up. And thank you for your input. Those Kurdish women have my admiration and seem to be more fearless than the mudslingers with their nasty comments about the General. Their talk is cheap. When General Mattis came on board they were all ra-Rah….and when something they can perceive as wrong on the political front they cut and run in their support. Pathetic.
            I hope that General Mattis enjoys his retirement! He deserves it!

            • Carthoris says:

              Good Lord! Mattis tried to make the evil Morsi and Muslim Brotherhood supporter Anne Patterson his Asst. Sec Def. !!! That alone, if there were nothing else, condemnes him before God.

          • Carthoris says:

            “Gen Mattis is a stellar Marine who defeated ISIS”
            He defeated ISIS? Wow ! Sounds like Mattis is your George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln all combined. When do you plan on replacing all of them with Mattis in the Black Hills of South Dakota ?
            And to think, people laughed at Chris Matthews when he got the tingle leg over Obama.

          • Firefly says:

            Here’s an interesting article. I tend to agree with its conclusions.
            “If Trump wins, he will join the ranks of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, Kelly and Mattis will be remembered as the Benedict Arnold’s of the 21st Century and America will survive. If he loses, well, to quote Ann Coulter: “Adios, America!””

          • Ziiggii says:

            O Rah Gunny!
            Maddog’s watch is over… passing the baton to the next for fire watch detail.

        • GB Bari says:

          “,i>I have a little better insigh why PTrump sourounded himself with the people he picked.”
          PDJT said more than once that he never liked to surround himself completely with “yes” men; people who thought the exact same as he. Instead he preferred to include people of varying or even opposing philosophies or perspectives. Perhaps PDJT wanted to appoint certain staff because of their particular expertise which he (PDJT) felt was needed at that point in time.
          According to what I have read from several different sources, PDJT relishes debate when deciding policy or a course of action if the dabate includes rational and well-supported points in the discourse. As a businessman, one must assume he is less interested in “politics” being justifcation for actions but rather he wants actual outcome, cost, viability, and effectiveness to be among the major factors that are considered.

          • G. Combs says:

            GB Bari,
            Very good point. I have certainly sat in on many such meetings.
            Also President Trump in 2017 had an ongoing war to handle and a sadly depleted military to fight it with. General Mad Dog Mattis was a very good pick as a WAR TIME General for fighting that war and getting the military back up to snuff. Now that job is done and President Trump needs a different set of job skills. President Trump thanks General Mattis for his service and wishes him a joy filled retirement.

      • Mo says:

        I think Mattis was more upset with the troops coming out of Afghanistan really.

        • It appears that General Mattis has done his job and has done it to the satisfaction of the President. Times are rapidly changing and its not always going to be business as usual. The government is no different than the military. A change in posting is often an expected and many times pre-planned occurrence. Let PDJT run the government and let the good General move on to his next posting in peace. He deserves it.

        • Carthoris says:

          17 plus years and it still wan’t enough of that Operation Enduring Insanity for him to catch some sense. Even President Trump couldn’t give him an IQ.

  3. Carthoris says:

    One Trump is worth a million Mattises.

  4. Carthoris says:

    President Trump has had to be his own Secretary of Defense. Mattis should transfer all his salary from the last two years to President Trump who could then donate it to Wounded Warriors.

  5. ParteaGirl says:

    Thus the “vacuum” the neocons have been screaming about is filled.

    • Mark L. says:

      The neocons have be side stepped.

    • Carthoris says:

      But not the vacuum between their ears. That can never be even partially filled.

    • Sayit2016 says:

      HA! there was no vacuum they just didn’t know about it so in their minds in reality there was a 48-hour vacuum.
      This is just too funny for words!

      • WSB says:

        While all of us have been standing around, tapping our foot waiting for this.

        • Sayit2016 says:

          I love that President Trump just keep flipping these idiot libs on their backs !
          For the last 48 hours, liberals have been braying non-stop like only jack asses can, that by bringing our troops back from Syria President Trump is ” RECKLESS !!!!, CHAOTIC!!!!, DANGEROUS !!! Does not know what he is doing !!!!! Does not listen to anyone !!!!! , See Russian Collusion he is HELPING Putin !!!! The Kurds are now defenseless and are now goign to be slaughtered !!!!! !!!!! ( had they actually studied how battle hardened and trained the Kurds are they would not make such a stupid comment, Do they forget the Kurds beat Russia, once we gave the right weapons ( look down shoot down bazookas ) to shoot down Putin’s gunships ?
          Tomorrow they will be screaming about something else and President Trump will flip them on that backs again.
          At some point this exercise becomes abusive….. HAHAHAHAHAHA!

  6. mikeyboo says:

    I love it when a plan comes together.

    • Leane Kamari says:

      Remember the great greeting MbS and Putin had, nearly laughing their heads of?
      They already knew what was going to happen and it is good.

  7. treehouseron says:

    He’s brilliant. I dunno if he comes up with all this himself or just has great people offering up suggestions.
    The move yesterday with Mexico stopping all the asylum seekers was brilliant too. Nobody will even want asylum if they have to wait in a Mexican Gulag for 3 years to get it. Saves us the trouble, saves Mexico the trouble, Mexico gets 10 billion, we get rid of the problem for just 10 billion, etc.

    • Carthoris says:

      “He’s brilliant. I dunno if he comes up with all this himself or just has great people offering up suggestions.”
      Weel, we know Mattis didn’t suggest it. Barron might have, but not Mattis.

    • Clay Writer says:

      His team has been working hard the last two years on bringing a Saudi coalition together. Trump has been saying they need to defend their own land. Now it begins. I think he will end the Afghanistan war too. That would be a stunning move.

      • Dutchman says:

        In the deal with SA, and Israel,…in the deal with mexico,..I think he used Jared.

        • Clay Writer says:

          Jared has a lot of haters after him but he seems to have some keen negotiating skills. During the crime bill signing the whole room was giving him praise. I think they will get something done with Israel too. If that happens…look out.

        • MaineCoon says:

          Jaren in Israel, all of ME, Mexico, today’s fasco voting….just what’s coming to mind. I’m sure there’s more.

      • Doc says:

        I remember him talking about bringing the Indian into Afghanistan a while back.. wouldn’t that be delicious? Think of the fit it would give Pakistan to be surrounded

    • Personally, I believe the idea is Trump’s and the execution is developed by subordinates. He is a creative thinker which appears as chaos to linear thinkers and the swamp dwellers. POTUS is truly a great man and a genius.

      • Dutchman says:

        Oh, I fully agree. But, how many advisors does he have, that he KNOWS will communicate EXACTLY what he wants them to communicate, WITHOUT any agenfa of their own and,…..
        That the person on the other end of the conversation can have ABSOLUTE confidence the advisor speaks directly for POTUS?
        Handy ,….tool to have available. Probably ALL Presidents have had unofficial emmisaries, with an ‘at large’ portfolio.

        • Mo says:

          This group is all-in : Ross, Pompeo, Lighthizer, Miller, Kushner, Mulvaney, Navarro, Ivanka, Parscale, Sanders
          -any other “advisor” including Pence, Mnuchin, Kudlow, Conway, etc. is there till the heat gets to high, or their usefulness expires, and are replaced.

      • Clay Writer says:

        that’s the beauty of it. He listens to a lot of ideas. The establishment has never seen that so they call it chaos. He weighs the options from a lot of angles and makes a good decision based on good input. Leadership!

        • Judith says:

          Their definition of “chaos” is anyone who strays off their DimmieRats Globalist plantation. We can’t have freedom of thought, no siree Bob!

        • GB Bari says:

          Which is the polar opposite of Obozo’s LACK of leadership wherein he demanded that everyone around him think like him and be in lockstep agreement with his ideology and objectives.
          That is as weak as one can get, yet it *did* result in tremendous infiltration of every primary federal agency with Obozo-bots, many of whom are still in place.

  8. Uncle Max says:

    haha…. AND , we’ve had TWO days of the Democrats and our MSM moaning about the Kurds and anarchy and vacuums…. and here all of that blather is addressed…. by MbS ( Gulf Council). ME solving their own issues. Win, Win, and Win. Iran is still boxed in… plus, the newly formed Gulf Council states have larger control over their own backyard to settle issues… while we GTFO.
    I betcha we’re working a parallel deal with the Paki’s to get out of A-Stan. Maybe even China and Russia involved too. Geopolitical realignment for the M.E., with Iran holding bumkiss because we’re handing control to the Gulf Council. We have all the oil we need now. The Persian Gulf doesn’t have the power it had even 18 months ago.

    • Uncle Max says:

      am I wrong? Dunno… but sounds good to me!

      • Clay Writer says:

        I think you’re right on the money uncle Max.

      • First para is a LOCK.
        Second is a STRETCH.

        • Dutchman says:

          Dunno, BKR;
          He already had this deal set up with mbs even though we’re just learning of it now. Seems logical he would similarly find some regional force to replace us, even if we don’t know about it, now.
          Occurs to me this is what big armament sale to SA was all about. They already have pilots trained, so buying from US logical, also means they are relying on us for replacement parts, etc.
          Now THATS an ally!

          • Agree: First para is a LOCK.
            The “enemies will do what we ask” in Afghanistan … not so much.

            • Clay Writer says:

              True, Afghanistan is a rat’s nest, nobody can be trusted. Can’t turn your back on anyone there, that’s why we’ve had so much friendly fire losses. But we do need to find an exit plan, which it sounds like they are working on.

            • GB Bari says:

              I find it difficult to believe that VSGPDJT is planning to simply abandon A-stan with only the completely unreliable Pakistanis as it’s “law & order keeper.” Neither nation is remotely reliable for the West to trust.
              Uncle Max may be speculating but I think he’s more correct than not in thinking that the President is cooking up something that will *effectively* replace US presence there at least for the foreseeable future. A-stan is too dangerous for POTUS to simply turn and walk away.

          • says:

            Yeah guys….Seem to recall Sundance stating just a few days ago that he suspected PT …assigned….The Afghanistan debacle to the Pakistani crew.

    • cmcallm says:

      Nailed it! Oil, relationships, helping your neighbors and returning a favor! Did I (you) mention oil? That”s right, you did! BIG TIME!

    • I had one of those anarchy vacuums a while ago. At first it was good, but then it just kept spinning ’round and ’round, so I switched back to an upright.

    • sickconservative says:

      Our President doesn’t do anything without a plan in place.

  9. James Carpenter says:

    No matter the issue, no matter the action taken, our disloyal opposition reflexively tries its best to cudgel President Trump with it.
    Their one-size-fits-all modus operandi is the stuff of truculent, myopic children in the throes of tantrum. Meanwhile, DJT looks after reality-based American interests and plays realpolitik.
    To win.
    On our behalf.

  10. 4sure says:

    This is how President Trump rolls. Unlike the CoC globalist paid for POTUS PC fakes in the GOPe, who would have gone to the UN and put on a big show re. getting supposed allied support in Syria, POTUS Trump just does it. Because he had the stones to have it set up long ago with his leadership and respect from other world leaders who matter.

  11. Clay Writer says:

    I didn’t see that coming but it is brilliant. It allows the Saudi’s to keep a closer eye on advancing forces of Iran and Turkey. Plus they need battle training. ISIS is still viable in Africa but I don’t think they can revive in Syria because Iran, Saudi, and Russian forces will stop them. The real problem is Turkey and after them Iran.

    • Track Thomas Wictor: He’s nailed this scenario for the past 12-18 months … in detail.

    • G. Combs says:

      “I didn’t see that coming…”
      I did, I thought it was obvious given the Council President Trump had set-up earlier and I said as much yesterday on the Mattis thread.
      Of Course Sundance had already patiently taken us through all the changing politics of the region over the last two years.

      • WSB says:

        Yep G., a few of us were schooled on this one by SD, and it could not be more perfect.
        I cannot wait to see Linda befuddled by the fact that there is no ‘vacuum’.

  12. nuthinmuffin says:

    where’s little marco?

    • olderwiser21 says:

      Rubio is trying to figure out how he can stay relevant, unfortunately. Maroon.

      • Bullseye says:

        Does seem like Li’l Marco is always looking for a wedge issue with PTrump. Maybe looking toward 2020 run

        • Clay Writer says:

          He won’t run in 2020 cause he doesn’t want to get squashed, but he’s staying at arms distance in case they take Trump down. He wants to be first in line for the big donor money. He was their choice when Jeb crashed and burned as the Trump train was passing by.

        • WSB says:

          More like a wedgie issue.

      • tav144 says:

        Some Twitter genius, I think it was @almostjingo , put two and two together with Rubio’s recent camera shot of Mattis’ letter that Rubio took and posted on Twitter and suggested he was the other source sharing the fake dossier with Buzzfeed.
        Wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

    • beachbum31 says:

      working on a it wont work speech, no doubt

  13. Huh… it’s almost like there is and has always been a plan or something.
    😀 Yeah… 😀

    • Clay Writer says:

      they’ve been working on this for a while. The lovers of constant war don’t like the changes but it’s better to get our troops out of that death trap. Send in the cruise and tomahawk missiles if they act up again. that house to house stuff is a nightmare. Let the Saudi’s learn to do it now.

      • Trust me, the Saudis already KNOW how.
        They’ve pioneered devastating Micro Teams for the past couple of years.
        Our military is beginning to take Micro Team lessons!
        Mattis has been VERY slow to draw from and apply their best practice innovations.

        • Clay Writer says:

          That’s news to me. Interested to hear what you know. Was my understanding the Saudi’s were scrambling to catch up to speed and skill of Iran and Turkey’s military. They know a big showdown is coming and it’s been my understanding that they aren’t ready but need US equipment and training to get there. What’s the Micro Teams?

          • Read the whole post: Terrific jump-start to understanding what our press will NEVER cover, much less understand.

            • Clay Writer says:

              Black Knight, with all due respect to you, Thomas, and many others who believe this…I’m gonna call this bogus.
              I’m sure this will be taken the wrong way by some and I wont get too deep into a discussion about it after this post but here goes.
              First: Israeli ingenuity is off the charts brilliant. I don’t question what they are developing in secret.
              Second: The Arab fighting skills are woeful at best in comparison to U.S. and other highly trained fighting forces. Have you seen them handle a rifle? Most of them are barely able to hold it properly, let alone shoot straight. Have you watched their tactics in movement. They look like boys and girls scrambling on the playground. And that’s an insult to boys and girls.
              Third: Many of the Arab fighters do have advanced weaponry. The Middle East is the training grounds for most of the advanced weaponry. The best weapons come from US, Israel, Russia, China, Britain, France, for the most part. They hesitate to give their best to Arabs in the field though.
              Fourth: When Russia puts their best in the field, they continue to get smoked by US and Israeli skills and weaponry. I’m sure you’re aware of the small battalion of US soldiers that wiped out 200 to 300 attacking Russian forces. It’s only our stupid rules of engagement that get us killed because of stupid politicians.
              Fifth: If the Arabs were such great tacticians and war fighters, why is the IED their most effective weapon? They hide explosives in the streets and then go hide in their tents and try to film their cowardly acts.
              Sixth: Victor finishes his post by saying we can thank the Israelis and the Arabs for the end of war. As if their skills and advancements are so great that the rest of the world will submit to their higher fighting skills.
              Wait, you mean the guys who drive around in stolen Nissan trucks and hold their rifles over their heads when they shoot. Those guys are the new one-man fighting machines?
              I don’t think so.
              Seventh: War won’t end until Jesus comes down and puts an end to this insanity. War is coming to the Middle East and the world. The worst is still years away but it’s coming, and the Arabs will be in the middle of it. Their Nissan trucks won’t help them. Nor will their god.
              Again, I’m sure I didn’t make any friends, but I don’t mean any disrespect to your views or opinions. I just disagree. the evidence in the field of battle doesn’t match the high view of Arab fighting skills.

              • So all “Arabs” fight alike.
                Next you’ll be chanting all “Blacks” look alike.

                • Clay Writer says:

                  Wow! I guess you were offended. I respected your view but you respond by assuming I’m racist. If that’s how you want to live have fun but it’s a bad path to walk on. I’ve never walked that path, and never will. I don’t care what color anyone is. We are all the same, broken sinners in need of a Savior. Look past the color and see the man, woman, the child. And offer a hand to help…
                  Who goes to African orphanages and cries with and comforts children who are scarred by the wars? Seeing missing limbs, eyes, and covered in worms, who teaches them and loves them? I have, because Jesus said go.
                  I don’t see color, I see people who need Jesus.
                  I’m done with commenting on this site. Hatred is brewing everywhere. there’s only one answer. Jesus.

        • ?Gunny66 says:

          How do you know Gen Mattis has been slow to draw from and applying their best practice innovations?
          Do you have a link?
          We are beginning to take Micro team lessons from the Saudi’s?
          Have you ever heard of SEAL teams?…….
          Do you think a country made up of 90% desert creates the best Micro Teams?
          Today, most all of you have shown complete disrespect……disrespect to a stellar General of Marines………and actually to the Marines themselves for the remarks made about a General we all love and admire.

          • Have you been following Wictor’s posts the past few years? (Straight Q, no innuendo.)

          • Carthoris says:

            “Today, most all of you have shown complete disrespect……disrespect to a stellar General of Marines………and actually to the Marines themselves for the remarks made about a General we all love and admire.”
            Do you not realize how much you sound like Barack “the future must not belong to those who insult the prophet of islam” Obama ?
            The future must not belong to those who insult the Idols of Gunny66.

  14. Piggy says:

    5th: Muslims fighting muslim wars

  15. Mr. Grabby says:

    President Trump said all during the presidential campaign that our Middle Eastern allies needed to step up and help control the situation in the Middle East. It appears that effort is beginning to take shape.
    The icing on the cake would be to send 20,000 European NATO troops to Syria to protect the Kurds, and flush out Isis Fighters.
    The USA has done enough of the heavy lifting.

  16. treehouseron says:

    Another reason this is so smart is the Saudis are just LOOKING to spend money right now. They want to be world class, they want to be a world power? Fine, handle this Syria situation.

    • Clay Writer says:

      They can get lots of target practice now. That’s a brutal arena and now there’s another country in the mix. Better if we stand back and let them have at it for a while.

    • Kris Langley says:

      No ROE, either. “We got ourselves a fighter who is worshiping a corrupt form of the faith, Abul!”
      “Oh. Bad day for him. Let’s go full Saudi-style punishment on him”

      • Clay Writer says:

        Funny; Turkish government was hilarious for making a big stink about killing a journalist. Like they don’t do that on a regular basis. It was a show for the western media who ate it up.

  17. Publius2016 says:

    fits the Trump Doctrine of Regional Ownership plus strengthens our position as honest broker for Middle East Peace Plan! all the major players have to get along to stabilize Syria…if it works, Palestinian and Israeli issue will be solved too!

    • Dutchman says:

      Occurs to me you could day POTUS has “Doctrine of forcing Ownership” in domestic areas, as well.
      There has been a hypocrasy in Congress, from the Uniparty SAYING they were for strong borders, to get elected, but not PASSING the legislation, and using the FILLIBUSTER rule as an excuse.
      POTUS is FORCING the leadership of both houses, bothe faces of the Uniparty, to OWN that hypocrisy.

  18. Nessie509 says:

    President Trump understands that Middle East Wars are ALWAYS Sunni versus Shiite.
    Outstanding strategic thinking!

  19. 335blues says:

    Well, there goes the James Mattis pick
    as dopey Biden’s running mate in 2020.
    His fall back position is dopey Mitt Romney.

  20. Beenthere says:

    Thanks for posting this very important article for all to see. Saw it yesterday from Sandra-VA.So much important news we here in USA miss.

  21. SoCal Patriot says:

    You’d think at some point his detractors would recognize that he isn’t stupid or non-strategic….like they are.

  22. petszmom says:

    I go back to the night we won and we waited a little for him to come out on stage as president trump. Will never forget ‘complicated business,folks; complicated business’. He has this.

  23. olderwiser21 says:

    It is absolutely Brilliant! Thank you SD for laying it all out there for us to peruse. Great apples!

  24. Rudy says:

    I love our President.
    Trump the Fox. And Lion.

  25. Carthoris says:

    “President Trump’s brilliant decision to leave Syria reset the national security clock. Mattis was always ‘entrenched management’ determined to fight change and extend the Bush-Obama policies that President Trump promised to end. Mattis’s exit means the President can finally break with the past and build a new national security team in DOD and the WH staffed with new people whose loyalty and judgment the president can trust.”
    – Now retired Col. Douglas Macgregor, author of ” Breaking the Phalanx”

  26. MakeAmericaGreat says:

    In the span of less than a week, Trump went from apparent defense to full-force, butt-kicking offense. He’s just crushing his foes now, from all sides. Just as they thought they had him surrounded.
    This was a masterstroke.
    True genius at work. This is what talent, guts and smarts looks like when combined. Love it!

    • michaelh says:

      The great part is that the MSM is totally clueless as usual. So is most of the “conservative” alternative media press!

      • MakeAmericaGreat says:

        They are, Michael! They are. And he’s running circles around them once again.
        Our POTUS!

      • says:

        Just this morning I happened to see a video of our Sarah interviewing on Fox and Friends. Brian was making an A$$_:;+? of himself talking about what a bad decision leaving Syria was….Russia, blah….I’m betting he feels like a complete fool tonight. In fact, i.e. think I’ll forward this to him. See if he acknowledges this development.

    • When you are surrounded you duck and get out of the way leaving a circular firing squad.
      Most of what I have been reading the last month or so about Syria has the GCC doing more and more and the US doing less and less. I expected US withdrawal and GCC ramp up. It was all about the timing.
      Next stop Afghanistan.

      • MakeAmericaGreat says:

        Great point, Art. He just got out of the way and let them all keep shooting. Winning. And the timing was amazing.

  27. beachbum31 says:

    How was that counter punch Mad dog??

  28. Whitehouse Clown says:

    Snowflakes melting.
    We are winning.
    Troops coming home.
    Dems get boned.

  29. Elric VIII says:

    The Saudi and UAE troops are top notch. Erdogan has to be rethinking any proposed operation against the Kurds. And the Iranians have probably just crapped themselves. The Arabs will give them what for without a second thought.

    • smartyjones1 says:

      It’s quite the blocking move on the chess board. Would imagine our guys, 2,000 strong will be welcoming them heartily and offering all the support they can.
      This is one powerful execution announcing a whole new paradigm to Syria and the region. If the Saudis are going to lead and be a responsible player abandoning the dark terrorist past, this is a YUGE win on many levels.
      Turkey does not have the robust swiftness and tactical openness these forces will bring. Expect there will be a test at some point but if it happens, I believe Turkey will get a bloody nose.

    • G. Combs says:

      So much for Erdogan’s new Ottoman Empire.

    • Clay Writer says:

      Black rider said something similar. I thought the Saudi’s were a step or two behind the Turks and Iranians. Even Egyptian army has more battle experience. What did I miss? Where and when have they been battle-tested? The Yemen war is mostly fought with proxies isn’t it? Very curious to hear what you know.

    • says:

      ‘ Be fun to watch estrogen from the ottoman empire sweating and shaking. AND different ROE….I can hardly wait.

    • Brian Backes says:

      News to me. Saudi and UAE troops may be well armed and supplied, they’re NOT as motivated or battle experienced as Turks or Iranians. Not even close.
      Maybe the Saudis will send proxy forces.

  30. Ken says:

    There was an article earlier today on American Thinker by mark Hewitt that identified the strategy immediately. Worth the read.

  31. All Too Much says:

    Sundance, you called it. Trump Doctrine in effect.

  32. wholland50 says:

    This goes along with Thomas Wictor’s article last night. He posits, however, that Mattis’ disagreement with the President is only part of a misinformation campaign.

    • When you’re on your way out, you might as well make yourself useful.

    • G. Combs says:

      “…Mattis’ disagreement with the President is only part of a misinformation campaign.”
      That would sure make Gunny happy and it is certainly a possibility.

      • davidb says:

        I think that Trump and Mattis have different Ideas how to MAGA, but are both Patriots. Mattis did his job and is now retiring again. Politically they are different, but both are nothing like the pieces of Shit we have in the senate and CONgress….greedy power hungry self serving ba$Turds.

  33. Jane Smith says:

    Good…Muslims stepping up to the plate to help other Muslims and block the radicals. Nice.

  34. teaforall says:

    This is a very strategic move . Power on President Trump

  35. Sharpshorts says:

    Pretty much them same apples that PDT outlined to all of our NATO “allies” early into his Presidency.
    Not a direct quote but it’s my view of what POTUS told them all:
    “It is YOUR responsibility to protect YOUR country, not our responsibility….We Will support you but only if you step up and own that responsibility.”
    The Saudis got the message…they are stepping up.
    R U listening Packe-stan?…France, Germany, Great Britain…Bueller?

  36. PERFECT! My only concern was, will the United States be able to maintain our interests without boots on the ground. The answer, clearly, is “yes”.
    HURRAH FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP! Now, on to Afghanistan!

  37. fishon2016 says:

    President Trump owning it like a boss I love this Man.

    • G. Combs says:

      And the Eeyores and trolls STILL can not understand WHY we stand resolutely behind Our Lion even when we are a bit uncertain.

  38. tdaly14 says:

    Israel didn’t have a problem with us leaving Syria, only the Neocons. The Saudi’s have been helping Israel too.

    • This bodes well for Israel.
      They’d be idiots to take out Netanyahu as the USA departs the Mideast..

      • GB Bari says:

        Remember also, USA may be “departing” but we can be back there very quickly if need be. I don’t believe the USA will be entirely “gone” from the region, just less numbers and a less visible but more strategic presence.
        This could also be a stealthy Trump PR effort to sucker out subversive elements who are waiting to come out of the shadows and expose their presence when they believe the USA has vacated…..

  39. Blind no longer says:

    This makes me wanna do a HAPPY dance!!! How bout it Miss Lindsey…you ready to for a little Saudi tango??? Now it all makes sense..Turkey trying to frame the Prince. If you wait long enough it all reveals itself!

  40. Publius2016 says:

    MBS bad…MBS evil…MBS friend? gas cheaper?? ally in Syria??? uh oh…gonna need another FAKE MURDER!

  41. Firefly says:

    PTrump is both a leader and team player. PTrump is such a confident leader he has no problem letting our allies like Saudi Arabia to take on a lead role or whatever role is neeed to be successful. It’s so interesting and amazing to whatch him lead- I learn so much from his strategic and tactical maneuvering. He takes a totally fresh view and analysis of everything he does.

    • President Trump’s the kind of leader that real leaders do handsprings to team with!

      • Firefly says:

        I see why Mattis resigned. PTrump used Mattis as a front bc of Mattis’ Hubris and refusal to be a team player. Mattis said he’d never resign- he thought his job was to save America from Trump. PTrump showed how poor a leader Mattis really is – humiliating Mattis by totally circumventing him.

      • G. Combs says:

        BOY ain’t that the TRUTH in SPADES!
        I have been hanging here in the Tree house breathlessly waiting to read the next chapter. Who would of thunk politics could be so interesting? (Thanks Sundance)

        • G. Combs says:

          reply to BlackKnightRides
          I should know by now to use a sentence as a mark to indicate who I am replying to.

        • From a standing start, President Trump’s first two years reveal the 2nd Coming of Sun Tzu.

          • G. Combs says:

            Can you imagine what President Trump could have done if he had had a little cooperation from the Republicans instead of knifes in the back?

            • Judith says:

              If Republicans were at all “cooperative,” America would still be great and POTUS would have an easy life. Their decades of UNiparty malfeasance was the reason we so desperately needed Donald J Trump to step in and straighten them out!

    • Judith says:

      POTUS truly is a nation builder. He forms strategic alliances through mutually beneficial trade deals, and then he takes a hands-off approach, allowing each sovereign nation the freedom to govern themselves.
      USA used to be the bully in the schoolyard. Not any more! The EU stands as a cautionary tale, a failed globalist experiment whose time has come and gone already.

  42. Normally Quiet Observer says:

    I would wonder ( how long ago the Saud family KNEW we were going to “announce” our departure from Syria? Maybe way back when the $425B arms sales to S.A. were in the news everyday during the Adnon Kashoggi mess? Apparently, from some sources, the Saudi forces are ‘well on the way’ to being ‘in theatre’ … in one day? Not a chance in hell. The Saudi Forces operate on the “US Military Model” (well known fact), and other than a “Rapid Deployment Force” there is no logical way they could be that close to engaging in Syria, without MUCH prior knowledge. The Saudis would have HAD to give ‘mobilize orders’ at least a week, or two, ago, with prior planning, long before that, for the move! Brill move by PDJT!

  43. Dee Paul Deje says:

    “We’re going to win so much. You’re going to get tired of winning. you’re going to say, ‘Please Mr. President, I have a headache. Please, don’t win so much. This is getting terrible.’ ”

  44. Anne Simon says:

    Wow. I feel like I am watching masters play 3-D chess and I can only see the top board.

  45. thedoc00 says:

    The Kurds are no necessarily the only reason the Saudis stepped into the line of fire. Don’t be surprised if the Jordanians are also part of the solution. The US strong points actually covered the part of Syrian Border closest to Saudi Arabia and Jordan. This gives both nations a buffer. Iran currently has to cross Iraqi territory or the Persian Gulf to attack the Gulf States.
    Also, both nations are interested in solving issues with Israel.
    Saudi Arabia wants to on with their economic development vs continuing to fight.
    The Syrians and PLO had been trying to dethrone the Royal Family of Jordon since 1970.
    If Jordan and Saudi Arabia can move forward, they can provide assistance to Egypt.

  46. Wow! Brilliant and awesome! Now let’s shut down Congress and let the other people keep working and getting their paychecks!

  47. Mark says:

    You don’t think Turkey will wipe out the Saudi troops on their border? In a week at most? Have you seen the Saudi troop performance in Yemen? If they send 5k troops and weapons, they will get back 5k dead Saudis, and the weapons will go to turkey or IS. Then we have the moral choice of backing up Saudi against our nato partner. Turkey has quite an awesome military.
    I love your theory, and wish it would work….but Saudi is going to be beaten so bad, they will lose their own country…never mind helping keep that area of Syria calm.
    This whole thing blows my mind…there must be another shoe or 2 to drop soon. Either with Israel sending in troops, fighters, and some sort of Turkish agreement they won’t attack the former us base or territory as long as the “bad” Kurds don’t join the “acceptable” Kurds. This is nuts, Arabs and Jews, against the Persians in the Levant. With the Russians and Turkey there, and the Iraqi border. What could go wrong.

    • rf121 says:

      Who cares? Their problem since about 750 AD and nothing we do is going to change that.

    • thedoc00 says:

      You over estimate the Turkish Army. The reputation of the Turkish Army in the West rides on the excellent performance of the Turkish Brigade in Korea. I have first hand knowledge of the Turkish Army and I also work closely with the US Army Officer who prepared the Brigade for deployment.
      The Turks are tough and good but not the water walkers you think. Remember, they had their buts handed to them by the Syrian Kurds and have had issues with the PKK in Turkey. So, you conclusions are not so accurate.
      With Kurds in Syria and Iraq working towards agreements with their central governments, the Kurds in Turkey are again isolated. Turkey does have a reason to stay in Syria spending money they don’t have.
      There are allot of diplomatic moving parts in play that we do not see and media will not report with respect to Turkey and Russia. Folks in the Middle East are easier to work with if you don not have troops on their land and are not dropping bombs on their people (friendly or enemy).
      Plus as rf121 says….it is not necessarily our issue any more.

    • California Joe says:

      Trump would never allow Turkey to attack SA troops in Syria or anyplace else!

    • mr.piddles says:

      A NATO member running a deadly offensive operation against a “friendly” country aligned with the U.S. and Isreal?!? Holy Schnikes! That could be World War material.

    • Robert Smith says:

      Like when the Chinese Army went to teach Vietnam a lesson?

  48. Reality says:

    Saudi troops facing Turkish troops, ISIS remnants,”good” anti Assaders (bwaaa) and Assad’s military.
    Leave them to it.

  49. 1oldGator says:

    Almost like the President has a plan and knows what he is doing.

    • mr.piddles says:

      The Really Smart Folks think “generationally”. Yawn.
      President Trump says: “I’m a doer. Not a talker, and not a dreamer.”

  50. Cheese says:

    Maybe the savings from brin those troops home can be used on the wall. You heard it here first.

    • Larry says:

      Many, many people are thinking the same thing.

      • dbobway says:

        Let the baby boomers scream from the mountain tops ,
        The same who used college to stay out of Vietnam.
        The same who protested the war and blamed our soldiers.
        The same who’s parents voted for the men who sent the unfortunate sons to die on foreign soil, with no outcome.
        The sons and daughters who lost their parents and family members killed in Vietnam,
        Voted for our President, who is bringing their children home.
        Finally a leader who represents all Americans, not just the elite carpetbaggers.

        • Judyann Joyner says:

          Amen to that
          We must make it our #1 priority to get RID of D.C. Elitists
          BOTH PARTIES

        • Angelle Staria says:

          Please don’t make such a rash, general statement about the baby boomers.
          This baby boomer has walked through the lowest bowels and halls of hell for decades, not a mere few years.
          This baby boomer has put his life on the line more times than you can imagine. The losses, the scars and the pain are staggering. But I would live this same life all over again to help all those this baby boomer and others sacrificed to help.
          There are too many of us you don’t know anything about to shout out…”let the baby boomers scream…”
          It is wisdom to carefully think before painting a broad stroke on a beautiful canvas.

          • Angelle Staria says:

            Did you stop long enough to think and realize that many who served in
            Nam were baby boomer age? 1946-1965
            Some us didn’t even wait to be drafted. We volunteered.
            Some of us, like myself, voted for Donald J. Trump. This baby boomer even began to pray for the man a year before he was elected.

          • dbobway says:

            I was born a baby boomer Angela.
            I’m the son of a soldier.
            Broad strokes are 65 million Americans voting for anti American policies that will ruin our constitution.
            I have grown up with these people, many are my friends. They don’t get it and they don’t want to hear it. If they stay ignorant we will lose the ability to make any kind of paint strokes on a beautiful canvas.
            It will end in tribal conflict, Only the strongest will survive. This isn’t a joke about ideology differences.
            Why would any American wants to dissolve the sovereignty of our country?
            Why would any American want to silence fellow Americans?
            Why do you want to silence me?
            The future of my children is at stake,
            There is no peace in that.
            I’m sorry if I offended you.

            • David A says:

              Good points all around. Curiously those messages do not contradict each other in how they were intended.

            • Angelle Staria says:

              Please understand, I don’t want to silence you. Never!
              Perhaps you would have better written “some baby boomers.”
              Most of those who died in VN were of early baby boomer age. For all who got college deferments, many more answered the draft call.
              DJT didn’t serve. But I am not going to judge him on that matter. Maybe God didn’t want him to die so he could be POTUS today. Who knows? The wisdom of some of these things is beyond my pay grade. Which is precisely why I don’t and won’t paint a whole large group with one broadstroke. That’s all I am saying and asking you to rethink a little.
              I am as pro-American as it gets. I vote pro-American, pro-life, pro rule of law, pro-justice, limited government, pro-gun, pro-religious freedom and have done so since my very first vote decades ago.
              I understand quite clearly, every issue you bring up. But there are many, many people in that 65 million you mention who are NOT baby boomers. How many illegals, millenials, generation x, even legal immigrants who vote anti-American everything?
              So you can’t throw out a figure like 65 million and paint it as a broad stroke of being all babyboomers. The blame lays across the whole spectrum of age, race, religion and gender (females included, especially the younger woman who vote democratic and liberal, progressive by the millions…and they are not baby boomers.)
              If you can understand that point, then you get it.
              You really didn’t offend me. I have steel skin, skin that has been hardened by a lot of gross death, government tryanny, here in the US and in other horrible, dark countries pre 1989.
              It’s just that I wanted you to look at that issue a little more fairly and not so generally.
              I don’t question the sincerety of your heart. Sometimes we just need a little more light in how we perceive people and the issues of the day.
              Personally, I welcome any enlightenment from somebody who can expand the horizon of my understanding.
              Peace and good will.
              PS: Btw, the name I go by, Angelle, is a writing and music pen name. It is a male name for me.

              • dbobway says:

                Thank you for a thoughtful and respectful response, Mr. Staria.
                Rarely do I get to grow from a debate, except here at CTH and commenters like you.
                You are helping me make a point, I needed to flesh out. I’m a late Boomer. The first vote, I would have cast was Nov. 1972. I was 3 months too young. Within days of Nixon’s inauguration, I was starting the process of being drafted A-1. History changed my fate. The draft was ended and Vietnam experiment had ended.
                I would never judge a person by their military involvement. I’m not bitter at people getting deferments to go to college instead of getting drafted. I am troubled our government did make that judgement. Our government has continued on that track all of my working life. Again, Liberty has it’s price, and I wouldn’t trade my lot in my place in our country. I could do a lot worse.
                On November 6, 2016, I voted for a man who is aware of my lot in this country. DJ Trump decried an end to some of the most notorious limits that have been put on the working men and women of this fine country. God bless him for that.
                There are 65 million voters who disagree with our duly elected President. Instead of accepting that election, My generation has decided, individual self reliant people, need to be reeled in and lose their voice, their choice. No longer can we disagree, and still live together, free.
                I have many dear and loving friends who lean left. The leaders of their movement tell them, I’m wrong, period. So, if I keep my beliefs to myself. I can navigate my way through a way of a life, that doesn’t bode well for the future of free men.
                Our country was built on virtue and moral clarity. We can’t be free men without truth.
                Our President is a populist. Everyday he fixes something that ‘We the people’ have railed about for a very long time.
                Prison reform.
                We are finally getting our soldiers out of harms way in the Middle East.
                Hemp is legal to grow nationally.
                Everybody who wants to work can work.
                Just as a write this, The song by Neil Young ‘Ohio’ on pandora. Students died protesting our soldiers being in Vietnam, or was there another reason?

    • WES says:

      Cheese: Somebody moved your MAGA cheese!

    • Michael Todaro says:

      The troops should be relocated to our southern border and execute a Blackjack Pershing strategy. Latin America poses an infinitely more deadly threat to USA than the ME. The alien invasion of diseases and drugs alone kills more Americans than ISIS does. Add MS 13, rapists, murderers, drunk drivers & welfare leeches into the mix and you have the deadly “chaos” the MSM lowlife’s are ranting about. MAGA/KAG!

  51. barnabusduke says:

    Just…WOW! Ya’ can’t keep up with a VSG! (I sure can’t!) 😉

  52. Mark says:

    I must admit, this is DAMN exciting, now that we don’t have skin in the game. Let them fight it out and kill each other. I just hope the house of saud doesn’t fall to Iran or IS. Oil will triple.

    • t1m0thyb says:

      We no longer import oil into the US that is why our gas prices are low compared to world wide prices

      • DJ says:

        Actually, we still do import and will for a while. Oil isn’t just oil, there are many grades. Some refineries were set up for oil from other countries that isn’t available here. Conversations take time.

      • Mark says:

        Oil is fungible. Like I said, the oil price will triple if KSA or Iraq fields shut down. If you think the usdm producers will keep selling to us buyers at the same 45/bbl while the market price is 150/bbl…well…I know you don’t think that.

    • mariner says:

      I don’t think there’s much chance of that.
      Remember (although we haven’t heard from them in a few months) that the Iranian regime, she no doing too good.

    • Robert Smith says:

      No matter who controls it, they will pump it. It’s worth too much to not.

  53. amjean says:

    Thank you God for sending us President Trump! Weeping with joy, we should all bow our
    heads in prayer. We have never seen anything like this great man and owe a debt
    of gratitude to President Trump, for his sacrifice.

  54. Don’t. Doubt. Trump.

  55. Madmax110 says:

    Wish McCain was around for this.

  56. Magnificent.
    And for the record, three Obama Defense Secretaries went on tv in 2016 to strongly criticize Obama’s “leadership”. That was three years after Obama fired Mattis from Central Command for asking too many questions about Iran. Didn’t even call Mattis. It was on the news.
    But Trump.

  57. Caius Lowell says:

    F’ing a MbS and PDJT — well played…

  58. Mark says:

    KSA made the offer public in April to take over for us, if we left. I’m sure they had advance notice, and have been making plans. I don’t think anyone took the offer seriously at the time, as their military is kind of a joke. Let’s hope for the best.

    • Zorro says:

      ” I don’t think anyone took the offer seriously at the time, as their military is kind of a joke.”
      Au Contraire says the GCC

    • mariner says:

      I don’t believe that’s true anymore.
      Wouldn’t it be interesting if MbS is a student of Sun Tzu?

    • WES says:

      Mark: Not all KSA units are a joke. What most people don’t realize is in the kingdom of SA just members from one tribe comprise all of the security positions in the kingdom. These people all know each other and are related by blood. They stick together! You would not want to have a close encounter with these guys! They are ruthless!
      A few years back a security breach in their ranks was discovered after an attack on an oil refinery. Everyone and his brother involved were quickly and ruthlessly eliminated! You really don’t want to know the details of how they went about fixing the problem!

  59. Crawler says:

    I still find it utterly amazing that one can become more informed reading Sundance here at the CTH (not to mention the wise and informed commentators) as opposed to watching network and/or cable news, or reading printed media.
    It speaks, no it shouts, volumes of the state of journalism in America today.
    Thank you, Sundance, for all you do, and a Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  60. twingirls (@twingirls49) says:

    Maybe now we could have a military parade.

    • WES says:

      TwinGirls: Yeah, remember Trump once wanted to have a military parade? For some unexplained reason it never happened. Well if Trump ever does decide to hold a military parade in the future hopefully there will be a 5th column of Marines to round up all of the. “usual” suspects! Hey, we can dream can’t we?

  61. Was wondering about the linsey greyham meltdown. Understand now. It’s their world. Warmongers cause outsized trouble while they sit in the comfort of home.

  62. DJSnyder says:

    WINNING! 😀

  63. wildmoon says:

    Just like to point out that Saudi Arabia, although Belle of the Ball in western circles, is universally despised throughout the ME. It has long been the American desire that they Iraq be ruled from, behind the screen, through their Saudi proxy. The problem with this is twofold. First, everyone hates the Saudis. Second, the Saudis are incompetent and will have to be advised by Israel who have very considerable influence in KSA. So you see what is happening? America is pulling out and leaving a proxy Pro Consul in place. The Pro Consul will have to depend on Israel to advise it. Israel will rule from behind the screen. Clever eh? I give it about 15 minutes before the Iraqis tell KSA to get stuffed and cut the land route to eastern Syria. Also, Rouhani is in Ankra today. What do you think they are talking about.

  64. MaineCoon says:

    When I read articles like this, my first reaction is to burst out laughing!

  65. America First says:

    Wondering what effect if any this development will have on the whole refugee problem? St. Louis is inundated with Syrian refugees; I’d like to think they will go home someday.

    • spoogels says:

      ONLY stay if they’re Christians
      The Musloids- OUT

    • says:

      Just hit the rack. I find it extremely difficult to sleep while doing the Snoopy dance. Ain’t we got fun. Interesting to see if any of the media wankers step up and say they were wrong.

  66. woohoowee says:

    Strategic engagement with peace is the prize. Extraordinary man is our PT45 🙂

  67. mr.piddles says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong:
    1.) President Trump political checkmate — at least as far as the “protect the Kurds!” crowd
    2.) Turkey checkmate — protection for the Kurds + a new political/military game in town. Now THIS dynamic between Turkey and Saudi Arabia should be interesting…
    3.) Iran checkmate — you thought living next door to the U.S. military was uncomfortable… “say hello to my little friend”
    4.) Isreal checkmate — as in: improving Isreal/Saudi diplomatic and intelligence relationship = military protection on the northern flank (in theory); at least make The Mullahs think twice about too much meddling to the South
    Hm. I like. In a weird “The Middle East Is A Complete Mess But This Might Be A Major Alignment” kinda way.

    • RJones says:

      Hopefully, we won’t see war break out between Saudis and Iran and/or Turkey. Leaders in Iran are probably pressured enough right now that starting a war might look like an opportunity to them…if Pakistan got pulled into that the result could be disastrous….not arguing with Trump’s approach, just saying it’s not without substantial risk. Maybe our diplomats can help keep things on a relatively even keel…guess we’ll see. Should be interesting to watch the evolution, especially how the other players in the region, especially Qatar, react.

      • mr.piddles says:

        Peace Through Strength. It’s not just for breakfast anymore, and not just for the U.S. Sure… risky… very much so. But that describes 2000 years of that part of the world. At least now we have more chess pieces on the board to keep each other in check. In theory. Everybody stay calm, nobody loses their head (hee hee… Saudi Arabia).

      • Peter Rabbit says:

        Qatar is small country of 3 million, of which 2.6 million are nin-citixens from other countriez that actually manage and work in all the industry that alllows country to survive. It is protected by large U.S. military base.
        Qatar armed forces are pathetic and ineffective (Recall the movie “The Mouse that Roared” starring Peter Sellers) . Saudies could take over anytime by driving a couple of pick up trucks, over their common border, with a dozen elite Saudi troops. No shots would be fired. Lazy Qataris, unwilling to defend themselves, would immediately surrender. Except for removal of Royal Family, Qatar would continue to run without skipping a beat. Life would go one, huge amounts a natural gas would still be produced by the foreign work force, and Al Jazeera would be destroyed. Brookngs Institute office there, completely funded by Royal Al Thank Family, would close. I see no bad outcomes.
        MBS is right not to trust Qatar, who support and house some of the worst elements of the Muslim Brotherhood.

      • Jenny R. says:

        If war were to break out with Iran and KSA, I have a feeling Iran would topple quickly — domestic concerns.
        And if war were to break out between Turkey and KSA — well, that is why the President said he might not help out a NATO member way back at the beginning 😉
        Pakistan would be loathe to join in such a thing…KSA is where Mecca and Medina are located; it would take a lot of messaging to not stir up trouble for themselves.

      • annieoakley says:

        If the Saudis want to fight Iran and Turkey I think it is a good thing. Better their tribe against the other tribes. It is the Muslim way. Go for the Caliphate in the lands of the Caliphate, it need not concern the US. Just be sure Israel has support from the US and Israel can defend itself.

  68. kurt72 says:

    Watching our POTUS operate on the global stage is a graduate class in Strategy. I know as I have 2 Masters in business/economics!

    • trishinsouthernillinois says:

      No one ever mentions (media, talking heads, etc) that president TRUMP went to a military school…military schools teach war strategy. ??

      • G. Combs says:

        AND he learned it young, in his teens then followed it up with practice in Manhattan.

      • Zorro says:

        Yeah Trump never went to military school, or graduated Wharton School of Business, just sits around and watches gorilla tv for 8 hours a day say brilliant Demosocialists with terminal TDS.

        • louche9 says:

          It speaks volumes about the self-regarding “intellectuals” of the Left who were so ready to believe anything negative about PT, they unquestioningly fell for that. He trips them up over and over, because the John Kerry brigade simply refuse to believe that they can be outwitted by someone so clearly “beneath” them.

      • Michael Todaro says:

        Yes, POTUS DJT graduated from an elite American military school and Mohammed Obama radicalized in an Indonesian madrasa. MAGA/KAG !

  69. trishinsouthernillinois says:

    I’m guessing this is, “the next phase of the campaign” we heard about when our withdrawl was announced.

  70. Carl Timothy Smith says:

    And what is the actual resource that needs protection in the middle east? Oil! And who are the top two producers in the world? #1 The United States of America( thank you Donald J Trump, Greatest President Ever!), #2 Saudi Arabia(Formally #1 before Donald J Trump, Greatest President Ever!)
    So we get the oil, and former #1, now #2, agrees to protect our Kurdish ally. Ask yourself where is the power, who owns the pot of gold, and who controls a shit pot? Donald grabbed the gold, Russia and Iran can fight over shit. I think this is called winning, and I’m not tired of it.
    God bless Donald J Trump, and take a minute to pray to God to give our President the strength to persevere in his effort to save our nation.

  71. David R. Graham says:

    If Syria exit is carried through, along with AFPAK and Africa, USA is out of NATO and UN.
    That would mean “Europe First” establishment is de-platformed.
    That would be the best Christmas present I have ever received. USA strategic interests are westward into and across the Pacific.
    ” …. westward leading, still proceeding …. ” The entire impetus of Christianity is westward, coming originally from India and Tibet.

  72. teeheeman says:

    As the numb skull kids would say…….SWEEEEET!! Maybe a young generation will be taught history and learn about this some day.
    It’s about Trump being smart enough to use LEVERAGE as Sundance has been writing about.
    And then there is Jared Kushner who is probably involved in this somehow – that young guy is both BRILLIANT and likable.
    Winning indeed…… NOT. TIRED. YET.

  73. MALTHUS says:

    A continued ground-force presence in Syria was going to lead to a military confrontation with Turkey some day. A military confrontation with Turkey would have produced a deep schism in NATO.
    A weakened NATO (vis a vis Russia) would jeopardize the independence of Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine and Hungary.
    It’s just not worth it.
    Saudi Arabia and Iraq are presently well able to contain what remains of ISIS. Our combat task in Syria is done, except for the few remaining advisers and instructors who oversee combat pilot training for the Arab Gulf states.
    Plaudits should be accorded to President Trump for the wisdom.and foresight he demonstrated with this decision.

  74. Butternut says:

    Uh, that article referenced is dated 11/18/2018.

  75. jeans2nd says:

    Even more brilliant – while MBS is protecting the Kurds, Iran will now be doing the fighting and dying taking out the last nasty pocket of ISIS.
    “Update: Tiger Forces to begin offensive against ISIS in east Deir Ezzor”
    H/T TTG at Col Lang’s
    Remember, we have our diplomats in country, and have the largest seat at the negotiating table.

  76. Butternut says:

    Or rather 11/22/2018. The thrust remains the same. It has just been cooking awhile.

  77. Zorro says:

    Does this mean that Mathis wasn’t in the loop?

  78. Thomas Wictor is worth a read on this topic and the Mattis resignation more generally.

    • nimrodman says:

      Thx, I’ll repeat my question from page 1:
      Anyone got any idea which special-ops combat missions he’s alluding to with the sub flying jolly roger flag in Apr 2017 and Sep 2017?
      I’d have to start keyword searching, so hoping some military types would recognize those dates and know the missions.

      • Perhaps ask Wictor directly. He may respond to a Gab message.

      • Zorro says:

        Wictor made his analysis of the sub on Twitter which suspended his account and can’t be accessed. My memory is that the sub’s mission took it to NK. He speculated that some commandos, that might have been GCC instead of US,went ashore and might have taken out some NK generals thus “freeing” Kim Jong Un to be able to talk to SK and the US.

      • Texian says:

        It is a ghost ship. The USS Carter sub contains a center moon pool for equipment and personnel deployment that includes a diver lockout/saturation system. Its area of operation is the World. It has been known to prowl the Pacific in recent years. As far as Missons, you will never know unless you were there..
        Example of a vessel with a “moon pool”..

        • nimrodman says:

          thx Texian, Zorro, and cripto for the replies
          Interestingly, just last nite on cable – classics channel of some sort – I watched
          Hell and High Water
          Made in 1954 (!) with a rather young Richard Widmark.
          The premise was a surprise nuclear explosion detected up in the Aleutian Islands, so Widmark as a WWII-era sub captain is pulled in on a secret mission to re-furbish an aging sub, pull as many of his former crew back in, and lead an investigatory cruise up there to see what’s what, taking 2 scientific researchers with nuclear expertise.
          But from some kind of intelligence, the island in question is suspected of being a nuclear-weapon housing facility.
          So it’s a non-military “research” cruise but a “spying” cruise at the same time.
          They nose around the island and there are big fuel tanks and mammoth warehouses.
          Then they stumble on a hanger where what looks like Korean military are outfitting a U.S. B-29 or whatever model bomber, complete with American insignia. They surmise that they’ll send it somewhere to drop a nuke and America will get blamed.
          Interesting flim. Made just after WWII, so military style films are what Hollywood was pumping out. And with Koreans the bad guys, that’s consistent with the Korean war around that time. Just Wiki’d Korean War and it says June 1950 thru July 1953. So if this film was released in 1954 it would have to have been in production near the end of the active war.
          Worth a watch. In street scenes, many of the cars still look like 40s models.

  79. chilloutyo says:

    This is an amazing move by Trump. The reason the (Sunni) Saudis are the perfect replacement for our troops in Syria is that they will prop up the (kind of Sunni) Kurds in order to stave off the (Shia) Iranian influence in both Syria and Iraq. Turkey is led by Erdoğan who is a personal enemy of the Saudi Crown Prince. The danger in our leaving is that Turkish forces would attempt genocide against the our Kurdish allies there. The Saudis will make this much more difficult for Turkey.
    Sunni ISIS is already a non-entity in Syria (but BIG in Africa). The Saudi military is not first rate but, given the stakes, they have probably deployed the best they have. It is interesting that the deployment of Saudis has already occurred. This had to have been coordinated extensively many months ago.

    • Kent says:

      One hopes the future military leadership of SA is forged in battle with advanced weaponry…’today’…so that they may lead the near future SA forces in advancing peace in their geopolitical space…AND that the PEOPLE of Iran regain control of their nation from the chains of Islamic radicalism present at this time….(no thanks to jimmuh cahtah the dhimmi, CFR and zbignew….

    • Jenny R. says:

      Saudi military has been getting a lot of tech help from…the U.S. and Israel. Both countries have fairly adequate fighting forces and fairly adequate equipment and trainers…or so I’ve heard.
      The Saudis may not be as second rate as they once were; plus they could likely call on help if it is needed — and we would not necessarily have to be that help.

  80. Mason3000 says:

    It’s important to note the article linked is from a month ago. In other words, this move is a not a reaction to our withdrawal, but rather preparation for our withdrawal. 4D Chess!!!

  81. Linda K. says:

    If the Saudi’s can’t fight , they can bribe the Turks! Money talks,

  82. Kent says:

    obama and his administration set the ME on fire…literally…so many have died as a result of his policies and the killing continues against the Christians….his scoreboard of the conversion of secular ‘regimes’ to Islamic regimes is quite impressive…if one sees such as progress, that is….he and Hillary/kerry set the uneducated and needy hordes upon Europe with the willing cultural annihilators of various European nations facilitating the downfall of their own nations…much as the leftists/dems are doing here in the USA….Muammar Gaddafi warned that he stood between the hordes of downtrodden africans and Europe…..
    I pray the evil can be stopped…..

  83. Lucille says:

    Not only brilliant, but planned…calling in markers. “Some day, and that day may never come, I’ll ask a service of you.”

    • Rynn69 says:

      And isn’t it interesting when Trump passed the OMNIBUS spending bill with the understanding Republicans would fund border wall, they tried to nix deal. Let’s see how honorable Republicans are. I hope they really understand what is on the line – protect the people or go the way of the Whigs.

  84. jeff semda says:

    Russia doesn’t have the money for a sustained fight especially with oil under 50. Sanctions will limit Irans ability. Assad can’t do it alone. US the prince and Kurds will mop up and be the victors in the end. Assad will be done and gone. Brilliant.

    • WES says:

      Jeff:: No, Assad is a survivor and enjoys solid support from his tribe. He isn’t going anywhere!

    • jeans2nd says:

      We are no longer in the regime change business. We are in the behavior change business.
      Sadly, we are so used to “regime change” wars it is a knee-jerk reaction for us.
      Assad will stay or go depending on what the Syrian people want, not what we want.
      Pass it on, shout it from the rafters – behavior change, not regime change.

    • Jenny R. says:

      I think they will let Assad stay for stability reasons, but he’s going to have to behave himself. If he doesn’t, then he’ll be gone.

    • thedoc00 says:

      Russia is not there to fight.
      They are there to counter balance the US, provide equipment and protect their 50 year old investment in Latakia as well as the Assad Family.

  85. NJF says:

    saw this earlier, and was waiting for the post here! #Winning

    • thedoc00 says:

      One thing to note and connect with the rumors of France possibly deploying troops. All the equipment in the photo is French. The French have a substantial investment and interest the Gulf States arms market. Keep that in mind while evaluating French motives in addition to Macron using it as a political distraction.
      This is the type of mission the Foreign Legion is kept around to execute.

  86. jus wundrin says:

    Regional ally?
    Nope, never, not in a million years. Islam is the enemy. They are satans representatives, no matter what the decoration or flavor of the day they pretend to be, islam is evil. Yes, GREAT idea to get out of Syria, in fact lets get our soldiers OUT of every islamic hell hole since there is noting, NOTHING of value there, only death. Shame on me, but let them butcher each other over misinterpretations of their unholy book. Islam is evil……PERIOD.

    • Kent says:

      wall them in an observe the results….from the gates of Vienna so to speak…
      but the reality is…it’s too late for that.

      • Kent says:

        …on the other hand, they didn’t ask to be born there or in that/those cultures….
        those who fight against the evil in their lands deserve support…
        …it’s a conundrum……

    • grlangworth says:

      It’s their party.

  87. Moultrie Flag says:

    “Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the DC Decepticons are concerned about the Kurdish groups in Syria as the President Trump withdraws U.S. forces.”
    Thank you for your excellent reporting Sundance.
    Lindsey Graham actually CRIED real TEARS on TV for the Kurds.
    Bigger question, all reports are that Mad Dog left over this issue.
    Either he killed all that needed killin’
    Or he mysteriously missed this step in the 45 minute meeting with POTUS yesterday.
    My gut is, based off his visible disdain while doing it, is that THE MILITARY IS GOING TO BE USED TO PROTECT OUR BORDERS
    He didn’t like and was not enthusiastic during his visit to the border.
    Which is OK,
    Trump isn’t playing anymore UniParty Proxy war games.

    • Rynn69 says:

      Question: Can a group of corrupt DC politicians who, in real time, are demonstrating an utter lack of compassion and concern for American citizens by fighting against a common sense border wall cry GENUINE tears for a group of people across the world in the Middle East?
      Me thinks not.
      Question: Is this about compassion for the Kurds or $$$?
      Me thinks the latter.

  88. Sunshine says:

    Jumping with joy when I found out. The Kurds deserve their own homeland after all they sacrificed fighting the Islamic barbarians.
    And, btw, Turkey’s Erdogan is a vicious Islamist. Nothing good with the guy. And President Trump knows it.
    Long live the Kurds!

  89. Lucille says:

    We live in stressful but exciting times. Can you imagine how utterly boring it would be with anyone else in the Presidency…a weakling like Jeb or an inept Crooked? I’ll take the “what’ going to happen next” any day!

  90. Mark says:

    I wonder if the end game is divide Syria. Give the Kurds the northeast section, where we helped them clear. Israel, would love it. Iraq would love it, as long as a bunch of them left kirkuk and northern Iraq. Turkey would live with it, as long as they stopped trying to annex a piece of turkey. Syrians wouldn’t be happy, but if it ends their civil war….
    Kind of like another Yalta/league of nations map redraw, but instead of the masterminds sitting around a table, with a map and marker, they are instead moving people and haping events to achieve their desired outcome.

  91. Marian says:

    Good grief people, have you seen what the Saudis have been doing to the Yemeni people? They are head lopping barbarians, who were also knee deep in 9/11 . What about the Christians in Syria? You know the ones your beloved Marxist Kurds have killed on occasion for being Christians. Yeah, I get it. They are like Palestinian Christians, worthless and expendable people in the perverse quest for rapture. Personally I think the Russians are on the side of God and Christ in Syria.

  92. Doc says:

    To quote Tenacious D: “That’s f*ing teamwork!”

  93. J-Mac says:

    The factions…
    Turkey & Qatar
    Syria-Iraq-Iran-Houthi (Yemen) & Russia
    Saudi Arabia-UAE-Egypt-Israel-Syrian Kurds
    The question is do Turkey & Qatar join with Syria-Iraq-Iran-Houthi-Russia or not?
    It’s a very unstable situation..
    Turks will take Manbij though. That at least is certain.

  94. Brian Backes says:

    Good post. Much clarity.
    But will it come to pass.

  95. wlbeattie says:

    <= I have almost wet my pants with pleasure at reading this
    The #Kurd (true) allies protected – with only God knows what defenses
    @RT_Erdogan stymied
    #Democrats stymied
    #Trump vindicated
    ?Pssst: #RezaZarrab
    #Turkey broke #USA/#UN #Iran sanctions

  96. hillbilly4 says:

    For a business man, Trump has turned out to be a brilliant Statesman. I know many are supercritical of him about Mattis leaving. But, the President is Commander in Chief, and Mattis must toe the line, or leave. Even he knows this. The Commander in Chief may not always tip his hand about what he knows as one understands negotiation better than Trump. Mattis should have had a bit more patience with Trump.
    This President was sent to lead us. He may seem uncouth, temper tossed sometimes, buy by golly he LOVES this Country. How refreshing.

    • Rynn69 says:

      General Mattis leaving – Not upset AT ALL. General Mattis rose the ranks by playing in the swamp. He might have started out being a true conservative Republican – caring about the safety of American citizens, desire for small government, allegiance to morality and justice. He ended up a Democrat.

      • Dutchman says:

        Truman sent a lettrr, on w.h. stationay, threatening to kick him in the balls.
        LBJ had his aides brief him, while taking a dump.
        Clinton got blowjobs in the oval office.
        What, exactly about DJT is ‘uncouth’?.

  97. Broseph McGee says:

    Sounds nice on paper, but I’m skeptical. Sure as hell better be better than words. Of all people the Kurds we betray again.

    • Wink says:

      So you think that destroying ISIS in Syria is a betrayal? If you really want to know what’s going on in the ME check Heshmat Alavi twitter. Quit breathing the fetid fumes of the MSM, it’s toxic to your well being.

  98. Dutchman says:

    Given talk of alliance with msb and israel, what are the chances msb and asad getting along?
    With the US, with Obama policy of asad must go off the table, if msb and asad could work together,, that lessens influence of russia and Iran(with asad), and puts a check on Turkey.

    • Jenny R. says:

      Assad at this point is a bit of a non-entity. He has “control” of his little area of Syria, and that’s about it. He’s already basically turned over his country to the Turks and Iranians anyway…the part the Kurds control is only due to their fighting IS and regaining territory (territory they will not be so willing to give back to Assad; he really hung them out to dry anyway).
      I think the Saudis are going to be the last best offer that Assad gets; we’ll see if he takes it.

  99. Wow what a Christmas present ? From our VEry Stable genius PDJT.
    Thank you Lord for shedding your grace upon us.

  100. Joan Calhoun says:

    when is the world going to realize the Brilliance of this man?

  101. Rynn69 says:

    President Trump: I will never, ever let you down.

    • Carrie2 says:

      Rynn69, can we hear more teeth knashing from military and democrats? I think so and again Trump has created a relationship that no one truly expected. Personally Turkey’s dictator needed this come down and has no way to counter it. I think we forget Trump’s world travels in his business and contacts and knowledge of how to make connections many years ago that will continue to pay him and hence America off big time. This did surprise me but then again Saudi Arabia is now a good friend. The military always want to be military and democrats will also want to be naysayers and feel more comfortable creating havoc. End result: LOSING BIG TIME!

      • Dutchman says:

        “Democrats want a small army, and they want to send it everywhere, Republicans want a BIG army, and they don’t want to send it ANYWHERE”

        • Mongoose says:

          Ever hear the saying “Si vis Pacem, para bellum!”? You don’t have to send troops anywhere, just let the enemy know you ARE ready for anything.

          • DeWalt says:

            It’s called peace through superior fire power. It’s what thugs understand.


            Amen Mongoose. After the kidnapping of a U.S. Army general in Italy I was appointed to a team of officers ordered to conduct a threat assessment regarding all Department of Defense (DOD) personnel deployed overseas. In November 1982 we delivered our assessment with a recommendation for a standard operational concept to combat the threat to the Joint Chiefs. After spending the better part of six months interviewing military and civilian security officials all over the Far East, Middle East, and Europe we returned with a bit of a surprise for our military seniors and the civilian oligarchy. Our assessment determined that the most significant threat to all DOD personnel deployed overseas was that presented by the Nation of Islam, not the communist hoards. Before the folks in the briefing room could stifle their phony indignation, we delivered our operational concept. In one line our concept was; “We must kill them in their beds, before they kill us in ours!” Needless to say none of us could count on big jobs in the Pentagon nor with corporate America after that briefing. Our stated/implied tactics would focus on small units and/or very long range indirect fire elements making small surgical strikes on specific targets. In short, get in, negate the target, get out! No need for large bodies of forces with long logistical tails, and/or aircraft carriers with dozens of support vessels, and/or airbases with costly leases, etc.. in foreign lands. In short, our little plan would make one hell of a crack in the American military/industrial complex. Now, look at what we have accomplished since 2001. Besides asking the military and civilian leadership to justify the money and lives we have expended since 2001, see if any of them would be willing to listen to the people of Syria, Libya, Iraq, and/or Afghanistan. Especially ask the minorities of each nation how they have fared since Uncle Sam with great statesmen like Obama, McCain, Bush, and Clinton started lending helping hands. Want to bet that most folks living in those lands wish that the USA would get out and stay the hell out of their lands and lives! Once again America, Mr. Trump is clearly demonstrating that most of our civilian and military leadership since the end of WWII has been/is a gaggle of self-serving, witless, pissants! C.W. Lauderdale Soldier/Cop/Grunt, Retired.

      • Michael Todaro says:

        Mohammed Obama’s only experience was street hustle in Chicongo. Running 3 card Monty scam does not morph into foreign policy skill. MAGA/KAG !

      • southernsue says:

        once the evil black hat allaweed was ousted,saudia arabia was able to move forward thru mbs
        the demons aka black hats want to overthrow mbs and put the illuminati/luciferion,one world order,evil allaweed back in charge
        trump and mbs are allies and trump and mbs will build a good political friendship and will have each other’s back
        instead of constant war
        we can move forward with new innovation and possibly peace
        hillary and obama and the illuminiati/luciferions/one world order crowd can go pound sand and hopefully evaporate like water

      • nobodyspecial1958 says:

        Also, they have been coordinating with the Israelis, even allowing flights to Israel to pass through their airspace. They are quietly working to counter Iran and the play against Turkey further complicates Iran’s position.

      • Lindenlee says:

        I love how all these TDS sufferes talk about Trumps ignorance of international affairs when these dullards have never left their home towns.
        In most countries, when you do “business”, you are actually dealing with the government, not just the business. It is not like the US. President Trump knows all these people, and has for years. They know who he is. They respect him or perhaps fear him, but it’s all good.
        I look forward to the weeping and gnashing of teeth from the Dullards.

    • sucesfuloser says:

      It’s important to remember to keep Trump’s back protected, so many supporters are fair weather friends; emaciated wolves that follow the loudest voices.

    • accurite1 says:

      I would add the following:
      Think of the Military budget as a pie. Part of the pie is for R&D which keeps us in the lead, Part for implementing new technology. Part on maintaining troop strength and part on war. Over the last 17 years the part on war has been expending lives, ammunition, wear and tear on equipment ect. This part is gone and cannot be recovered. What Trump is doing is eliminating or reducing this part of the pie and increasing the other part of the pie by shifting funds and not adding additional debt. This in return helps to keep our military the best in the world.

  102. MustangBlues says:

    Wonderful, uplifting information from Mr. Sundance.
    President Trump is a true leader.
    We are very lucky to have such a statesman warrior as our Godfather.
    MAGA. Forever Faithful.

  103. Rob says:

    The Saudis need to stop both Iran and Turkey
    Keeping the Kurds independent works towards that.
    It is like multi-dimension chess
    Hope Saudis can continue to help the Kurds wipe out ISIS

  104. Vanessence says:

    The Vanguard, leading from the front! 🙂

  105. […] CHECKMATE – Saudi Crown Prince MbS Sends Replacement Troops To Defend Kurds in Syria&#823… […]

  106. Electra says:

    WOO HOO! Our VSG President has done it again. Well played!

  107. mtk says:

    The vaunted Saudis being portrayed as the standin saviors of the erstwhile Kurds of the moment begs one question. What explains Yemen?
    Should not that be a settled conflict by now.
    If lies are being twisted to serve a greater good then granted at some point the fabric of truth must stretch across the lies to assert an end game. The old, “Here is why, ‘It was worth it analysis?'” Sorry for the scare folks, there was never anything to fear, but…”
    There is far too much water under bridge in this game of lies. As such there has got to be moment where the pretense has to drop. As in, “The battle was joined, the enemy was found wanting and the war was won” moment in time.
    Such that there can be be a step back from the body of lies game being played to achieve the greater good and a return to truthful values.
    Point being.
    If the truth must be protected with a body of lies, certaintly it could be argued that the strength of the Truth is such that it is on its last grasp. What would Sun Tze say about an adversary resorting to lies to protect the truth?
    Would it say, the implied observation is the result of a forced descendancy, or that the enemy is within and lies are the last resort.
    Yes, I understand the game, it is the disconnect that is troublesome. We’re truely living in a duality of truth/deceit.
    Either, way it’s slice or dice, the lies must stop if we’re to claim a victory at some point.
    Put it this way, to buy the winmins argument, by employing a ANOVA analysis means that the body politic of this Nation are engauge in a grand scheme to obscure the issues of the truth as a matter of strength to carry out a victory. Therefore as such, the whole ‘muh russia’ ”small group’ construct is by design an enabling feature of the lies. Certaintly, explains why , none have paid a price. Why would the lie constructors pay a price, when they may have been ordered to do so. On the other hand, maybe it is all BS, and the State needs something, or someone to blame, more likely it need a believable truth (lie) to cast blame or failure away from the truth.

    • Jenny R. says:

      Yemen won’t be settled until the Iranians are tired of giving cash and material to the rebels. It’s a cruddy situation for the average Yemeni, but as long as Iran is willing to fund proxies in that region (with help from others, by the way), then there will be problems.
      Fortunately, they seem to be burning through cash at an fast rate — and the Iran deal only gave them so much — economically I don’t think they’ll be able to keep it up (although it would be nice if certain others didn’t help them out so much…Europe, looking at you).

      • Truth seeker says:

        Iran won’t tire of that. They’ll stop giving money when they no longer have any to give. Why do you think 0bama gave them so much $ and where do you think that ended up?

      • DeWalt says:

        The policy of Economic Security is National Security. That is how Reagan beat the Soviets. Strength our military and our enemies will spend themselves into oblivion trying to keep up.

    • TXRaider says:

      Comment deleted by Admin…

    • Garrison Hall says:

      At issue, I think, is the president’s decision that the US cannot and should not be the world’s policeman. The Middle Eastern nations have been playing “poor me” long enough and, if they are global economic powers, then it’s high time for them to start defending themselves. Iran is trying to take over the Mideast, it’s in their interest more than it is in our interest for them to keep that from happening.

      • Mongoose says:

        And it is time for others like the Saudi’s to get real world fighting experience so they can effectively defend their region against other bad guys. Not saying they are the good guys, or at least not always, but they have the ability to take care of themselves rather than depending on Uncle Sam.
        Europe is lost. They chose not to defend themselves and have capitulated to the EU bureaucrats, a.k.a. OWO, or Nazi’s, or whatever you want to call them. The Nazi’s lost in Germany but they spread into the world with a lot of help to metastasize into the globalist cancer the world is facing today. This is akin to the fall of the Soviet Union. Communism didn’t die, it just moved on to new hosts and is alive and well, especially in places like California.

        • Linda K. says:

          I think it is healthier for nations to defend themselves, but I may be wrong, didn’t the U.S. decide to be big daddy after World War ll? We didn’t want Japan or Germany to have an army again, so are our troops are still stationed in Europe ,and Korea too, now I think of it.

      • DeWalt says:

        Iran is Russias proxy. This is the cold war 2.0. Instead of us fighting Iran and allowing this to be Islam against the Great Satan, we will simply let the Muslims fight it out. Eventually we will end up with a new set of Strong Men dictators to keep ech other in check. Think Saddam and Omar.
        Iran is doing the conquest that Russia can no longer do.

      • Lindenlee says:

        The warmongers of the Uniparty will be engaging in weeping and gnashing of teeth.

    • agentcommonsense says:


    • margarite1 says:

      I think your post is interesting and I’ve read it a couple of times but it would likely be even more interesting if I understood what you are saying.

    • Old Codger says:

      What a load! If you can’t make an argument without clearly saying what you mean, STFU!

      • At least, be clear that Trump is not the liar; quite the contrary. He is only outstandingly pragmatic in utilizing what material is available to good — and truthful — purpose. His truthfulness, and how he makes it a winning play, is what we find so amazing about him.

      • mtk says:

        Clearly, my point was to play word salad because to speak plainly would have been…
        Don’t confound what I wrote, as commentary towards anything specific. What I wrote was meant to illustrate a DUALITY.
        In the world of lying, where lies fly left and right, where does, “The lies become the truth and the truth become the lie as an axiom” stop or begin?
        No one here(@CTH) would argue that the whole crux of past two plus years has been to erudite oneself of the BS coming out the political spectrum.
        How is this for clarity. If lies exist for a purpose, then it’s the ‘purpose’ that becomes the only remaining truth.
        With all the lies, whom here can discern what that purpose is anymore?
        Clearly, that was my point.
        As one eccentric codger to another…
        STFU as an arguement of rhetoric is an argument that beguiles the moniker.

        • Paul Cason says:

          The old axiom, if you tell a lie enough, people start to believe it and so does the liar. Then you start telling other lies to cover up the original lie. As the Apostle Paul, in Romans said, Do we continue to sin that grace may abound? GOD forbid. At the end of the age, right will be called wrong, and wrong will be called right. We are there now. Point, the word of GOD had already brought this out many many years ago.

  108. Garrison Hall says:

    Trump is signalling that it’s high time for our Mid-East allies to pick up the ball and run with it for a change. After all it’s is their backyard Iran is trying to dominate. The Saudis and the UAE have shown their willingness to confront Iran in Yemen. Now it’s time to confront Iran (and also Turkey) in the Kurdish territories. The Kurds are a natural counter to radical Islam which, despite the demise of ISIS is alive and well in the Mid-East and definitely threatens the oil Kingdoms. Trump is saying, it’s time for you guys to pick up the slack. Good for him.

    • AliciaC says:

      I think it is a bit more than that. He is treating the E.U. Differently than the Saudi’ and UAE. Trump is treating them like strategic allies. The E.U. more like recalcitrant children, which they are:) And he is smart in doing that, the E.U. has lost its way while MBS is leading the way toward reform, regardless what the neocons tell you.

  109. noswamp says:

    Brilliant. This news made my evening.

  110. lanahi says:

    I’m glad we aren’t throwing our friends, the Kurds, under the bus. There is no more loyal ally than they are. Nice going, President Trump.

    • Herbert Kroll says:

      You are probably talking about the Iraqi Kurds, who fought hard indeed. This is about PKK/YPG Kurds in Syria. The PKK/YPG created a neo-marxist banana republic in the North East of Syria. I still wonder what happened to the Antifa guy who joined their “fight” to find out nothing much was done but sprouting propaganda on the internet against Turkey and Saudi Arabia…

    • Moultrie Flag says:

      Pretty sure they will be OK

  111. noswamp says:

    Well played indeed!

    • says:

      With all this excitement, it would be useful to take a pause, and back off to the 30000 ft level. …….ite hard not to see God’s hand in this.

      • Yes, and chuckle. I recall the scene in “The Ten Commandments”, when Moses chastises the Jews, stopped at the Red Sea and immediately whining about turning back to Egypt, and he spreads his arms wide and shouts, “Stand still, and behold the Mighty Hand of God!” And what follows…

  112. TXRaider says:

    Can we give it up for Sundance? Not even Drudgeor Zero Hedge have this info up yet. Also, a message to Adam Gingrich (aka as JohnWickofPolitics):
    How our MAGA **** taste you neocon P..OS!!!

  113. TXRaider says:

    Hey Adam Gingrich aka JohnWickofPolitics…..hows our MAGA *I*k taste?!?

  114. TXRaider says:

    Fuck you admins

  115. TXRaider says:

    I know you see this faggots. Tick tock. Hope nothing happens to you.

  116. kea says:

    That’s MY (Our) President !!!! Wow just wow!!!! Bravo Mr President

  117. czarowniczy says:

    In a way I think it best that Trump removes US troops, if for no other reason it reduces the chances of the US and Russia getting into a shooting match through some mistake.
    Go back to the beginning of the Syrian mess where postings here were pretty well cheering what was seen as Assad getting tossed out of Syria and then, when ISIS stepped in, the fall of Syria to Islamic nutjobs. There was a couple of us predicting that Assad would be there period and that as things turned darker Russia would step in and take control.
    Had the US not stepped in to nail ISIS Russia would have ponied up bigger than it did but as the US was willing to waste our troops and treasure doing Russia’s job than why shouldn’t Russia let us do the heavy lifting? The US can claim ISIS was severely damaged and the Turks had been gathered into a secure enclave in Syria right up against Turkey. Mission accomplished.
    Now the Saudis are going to send troops to replace the 7000 US troops to be removed. They will undoubtedly be protecting the Kurdish enclaves while the Turks are gearing up for the US to unass the areas so they can go back to killing Kurds en masse. The Saudis are going to have to base and support their forces, air and ground, while Turkey is right there, set up and ready to go. I want to see who’s going to give them basing rights and for how long. If you think Saudi/Turk relations are iffy now, just watch what will happen to them if they go to blows over the Kurds…let’s not forget that Turkey still wants to regain ownership of provinces in eastern Syria that used tyo belong to the Ottomans.
    As the US leaves the Russians will build up their long time bases at Latakia and Tartous, they need them to keep Assad in power, secure their petro empire and ensure they have a stable basing so their Black Sea fleet has access to the Med (yeah, I know, there I go again with their fleet). The Kurds are a bargaining chip for Syrian/Turk relations and the Russians have gone to shooting at each other over them in this Syrian dustup. Will the Russians side with the Saudis, protecting the to gaining traction with the Saudis to threaten the Turks? Will the Russians just stand back and let the Turks go at it with the Saudis as either way their bases are secure? How will the Iranian forces, overt and covert, interact with their Saudi enemies…and how will the Russians influence Iranian actions to court the Saudis?
    The Russians have huge petro interests with Iran and if they can get an ‘in’ with the Saudis they might get an ‘in’ to Saudi petro interests and lessen US influence. Normally that would be a far reach but with the Congress doing whatever it can do to insult the Saudis over the Kashoggi incident that’s not too far a stretch now.
    Once we pull out of Syria it’s a whole nuther game. We’ll have two of the biggest and best equipped military forces in the Mideast toe-to-toe in an already dangerous place with both Iran and Russia free to throw some poop in the fan. Iran will be free to build military positions just off of the Golan Heights, with Russian support, and launch attacks on Israel. Russia will have its military and intelligence forces entrenched in the Med and be back on track to building the pipelines and petroleum infrastructure it was working on before the mess started.
    I’m hopeful that our military can come home, repair and replace and be ready to go back – at some not too distant point – and clean up yet another mess caused by our withdrawing before we got the situation nailed down.

    • margarite1 says:

      I’m glad I was born here and not there.
      What a continual mess!

    • Jan says:

      This is in essence a civil war amongst warring factions of Muslims across country lines. While we have economic interests in the Middle East, we cannot solve THEIR problems using our troops. Look what G.W. Bush did–he took out Saddam Hussein and ruined Iraq’s infrastructure leaving it defenseless against Iran when Iraq had always balanced Iran or at least since the Shah was ousted. OVomit and Hillary assassinated Ghadaffi, tried to insert a Muslim Brotherhood puppet in Egypt, ran guns to ISIS in Syria, got 4 Americans killed in Benghazi and then let civilians get “gassed” in Syria and then withdrew from Iraq so ISIS could take Iraq and then Syria; gave $150 billion to Iran.
      Pres. Trump pledged to end the Afghanistan war and get us out of Syria while destroying ISIS. Destroying ISIS came first. Now we’re withdrawing from Syria. Is ISIS/Taliban/Al-Queda coming back??? Yes, but right now it’s a Middle East problem because it arises out of the Islam theology. Christians can’t solve this problem–it has to come from the Muslims.
      We may have to go back in, I agree. But our military is in desperate need of respite and rebuilding, as you say, and we are sadly behind the likes of China and Russia in war technology. Protecting our utility grid strikes me as high on the priority list,, not to mention all of our borders, ports of entry and shorelines.

      • czarowniczy says:

        I’m not completely against removing our troops, I just don’t want to see another mess like we left in Iraq when we not only left but totally ignored the advice of experts on how to stabilize Iraq from the invasion through our pull out.
        We are leaving the Mideast to Russia and China. Russia has owned and continues to own Syria, there was never any doubt that they’d give up or lose ownership, I’d just like to know what deals were made between Moscow and DC over using US forces to do Russia’s dirty work in cleaning up ISIS and destroying the anti-Assad rebels.
        We’re facing a helluva mess there, and Russia and China are poised to take advantage of it. We can’t seem to solve the area’s problems but Russia and China don’t have our wishy-washy political problems when it comes to direct actions – they just whack whoever’s necessary and install a heavily armed puppet. Russia blew that in Afghanistan but they won’t make that mistake again.

    • maggie0987 says:

      You mentioned the Kashoggi affair……….
      when you click on the Nov article cited by Sundance and read the comments there is interesting info about Turkey possibly bugging the embassies etc. which puts into context the antipathy between Erdogan and MBS.

      • czarowniczy says:

        Countries bugging embassies is almost doctrine, the stories of the US and Russia bugging each other’s embassies is a hi-tech thriller.
        If y’all remember Reagan had the US embassy in Moscow that was being built torn down, it was being built by a Russian concern and was riddled with state-of-the-art bugs that made the ‘bug in an eagle’ plaque look like Radio Shack.
        I’m betting that if the truth be told the US had something to do with bugging that embassy, the Turks and the US both had something to gain from doing so and I just have problems with the idea of the Turks getting inside with enough freedom to plug in a hi-tech bug. Jes asayin’.
        I’ll bet that after that Saudi embassy bugging release there was a major paroxysm of debugging checks through everyone’s embassies, far more in depth than the usual sweeps.

    • AliciaC says:

      If Trump was free to do what he wanted, he would have a strategic alliance with Russia. The moves of the Dems and neocons are pushing Russia into our hemisphere. Trump saw that an alliance with Russia would be very important for the U.S. China, on the other hand, is a much different story.

      • czarowniczy says:

        We blew it under Clinton when we could have really have moved Russia but we let the klepto-Commies gain control.
        Cina is cunning and is aligning with Russia to suit its purposes, China’s making big moves in the Mideast and Russia’s more playing a defense than expanding. I can’t wait until China replaces Russia as Iran’s big brother. China’s already knee deep in providing materials and assistance in Iran’s strategic programs including missiles and ALLEGEDLY their nuke weapon program.
        I think that if things keep going as they are the Russians will swap horses and start cozying up to the US but that all depends on which party will control DC. The Rats are more aligned with China (Gee, I wonder why?), they like that top-down benign kleptarchy government. There’s also the rumor that China’s more free with spending cash than Russia is.
        Russia and China have signed agreements and accords but as both have a history of slimy political actions these may be more a way of delaying the inevitable confrontation between them. Both seem to be building forward bases in their joint frontiers designed to be used in case of a war and both have substantial troops in the area. They have a long history of animosity and China’s had eyes on the resources in Russia’s far east for a very long time. We’ll see how this shakes out.

    • Jeff P. says:

      It will not be under Trump. I can guarantee there is NOT 1 Politician that can do what VSG Trump is doing and has done thus far and will continue to do for 6 more years. Probably if a Demoncrap gets elected though or a RINO…

  118. spoogels says:

    So now some are saying this:
    The day President Trump decreed the US would abandon Syria and Afghanistan, controversial US mercenary group Blackwater declared — “WE ARE COMING’.
    Does this mean war has just been privatised?

  119. spoogels says:

    Quite frankly I don’t care. If Blackwater -whose forces consist of paid voluntary mercenaries- want to fight there- let them.
    Not our young guys who are not seasoned fighters.
    Besides I believe Pres Trump has his sights on Hezbollah both here in the US( remember Iran has threatened they have forces INSIDE THE US), in South and Central America where there are a lot of them, and in Lebanon via Israel

    • margarite1 says:

      I’ve always thought we needed energy independence so we could tell the ME to go pound sand. In a related matter I wondered if the ME was behind our “environmental” movement…after all…it gave them money and power.

    • mark says:

      Yes Blackwater! Let them go and kill innocent civilians and be sued by whomever and be treated as war criminals when they come back to the USA. A Marine is now on trial for killing a known bomb maker who 2 of killed his troops.

  120. fred5678 says:

    Haven’t seen any comment here on the TIMING — the news article is from A MONTH AGO and said “Saudi Arabia and the UAE have sent military forces…”. HAVE sent. Past tense.
    Past PERFECT tense if you ask me!!!!!
    The forces were sent OVER A MONTH AGO!! This has allowed over a month to coordinate a hand-off to Arabs using the wonderful and deadly Made in USA equipment:

  121. Broseph McGee says:

    I’ll believe this when I see it, but I am skeptical. If Kurds get slaughtered that’s a tough 2020 vote for me.

    • fred5678 says:

      Saudi Arabia and Kurds share common enemies in Turkey and ISIS — fingers crossed on this cage match.

    • G. Combs says:

      “I’ll believe this when I see it, but I am skeptical. If Kurds get slaughtered that’s a tough 2020 vote for me.”
      TELL me WHY in HADES should I see MY friends and relatives KILLED overseas in a war not of our making but of the making of the Globalist Elite?
      I am getting DAMN sick and tired of this “Let’s You and He FIGHT” when it is not the instigators shedding the blood.
      The Middle East Before and After Hillary and Obama
      4 July 2012 — Under the guise of the “war on terror,” the Obama administration [with Hillary as Sec of State] is expanding US military operations in Yemen through stepped-up drone attacks and special operations forces on the ground… — World Socialist Website
      Iraq: In 2002, as a senator for New York, Clinton voted for the authorization for the use of military force in Iraq. In her accompanying floor statement, she claimed it was to ensure President George W. Bush was “in the strongest possible position to lead our country in the United Nations or in war”
      Pakistan: In 2007 and 2008, Clinton strongly disagreed with then-Sen. Barack Obama about striking al Qaeda targets inside of Pakistan… Obama would go on to authorize 407 drone strikes in Pakistan, killing 3,089 people. Nearly 300 of these occurred while Clinton was secretary of state, during which time U.S. diplomats opposed only one or two of the strikes. Whatever hesitation Clinton once had in attacking militants in Pakistan vanished upon being confirmed as secretary of state.
      Afghanistan: In 2009, Clinton supported three-quarters of the Afghanistan surge…. It is hard to identify any enduring political or security gains in Afghanistan that have resulted from the surge. Moreover, more than three-quarters of all U.S. troop casualties in that country since 9/11 were killed or wounded in the four years after the surge was initiated.
      Libya: In 2011, Clinton was a strong proponent of regime change in Libya… Academic research shows that great powers enjoy freedom of action to avoid becoming dragged into wars involving allies, but the Libya regime change intervention was, unfortunately, one that the Obama administration chose to fully support, despite misleading the American people at the time that it was not the goal. Obama correctly labeled not planning for the postwar scenario his “worst mistake” and correctly described Libya as a “mess.”
      Syria: In 2012, she reportedly proposed to the White House — along with CIA Director David Petraeus — a covert program (apparently larger than the one later authorized) to provide arms to vetted Syrian rebel groups fighting Bashar al-Assad’s government.
      Should Hillary Clinton win the White House, the United States, already at war for 15 years, would be led by a president deeply aware and comfortable with the military. It’s impossible to know which national security crises she would be forced to confront, of course. But those who vote for her should know that she will approach such crises with a long track record of being generally supportive of initiating U.S. military interventions and expanding them.”
      Even Mother Jones did not like Hillary’s ‘War’ record:

      • strateshooter says:

        the Kurds were the primary Western ally in defeating ISIS. |Their contribution should not be underestimated. If they suffer as a result of this decision then I too have a problem with it.

        • singingsoul says:

          strateshooter says:
          “the Kurds were the primary Western ally in defeating ISIS. |Their contribution should not be underestimated. If they suffer as a result of this decision then I too have a problem with it.”
          Go defend the Kurds take your family and fight but do not ask other peoples sons to die for your affection for the Kurds.
          I do not want Americans to die any longer in a place that is skewed up for centuries. How long should we protect the Kurds for how many years and how much blood and money to we shed and spend ..?

    • Jeff P. says:

      I could care less if any ME are slaughtered so long as they are NOT Christians. I will vote Trump2020 unless he does something to harm Americans! Kurds get killed, well that is a part of living under Satan/Allah’s rule in the ME since that is the Primary Cult over here. Maybe POTUS is giving them that opportunity, the opportunity for Self Chosen freedom, not Forced Nation building and Regime changes to accommodate the Military Complex via Corrupt US Politicians etc…

    • Linda K. says:

      Isis began when Obama pulled us out of Iraq without any status of force agreement. What a horrible carnage he left and yet, no one ever blamed him! While now here in Syria, I see Assad and Russia are stabilizing forces to prevent Isis from gaining ground. The Kurds are an amazing people in a precarious situation for sure. Hopefully all these players can work out an agreement to live together.

  122. Reality says:

    It’s about time the US dropped the bizarre mantle of global cop and fixer based on “mom and apple pie” values for the world, and if you don’t like it we make you eat .
    Too many well meaning simpleton boy scouts manipulated by a very serious very competent globalist crony military industrial complex means patriotism is tuned to profit.
    It bankrupts us with deficits and unpayable debt.
    You won’t understand this, but US foreign wars won’t be possible when oil is priced in some variety of IMF SDR.
    As the Iraqis dipped their fingers in blue ink we just still never, ever got how the rest of the world works. We thought American exceptionalism was accepted as a superior system. It isn’t.

  123. Reality says:

    Errr… “It isn’t” accepted by the world as a superior system, I mean.
    Great for the US, ridiculous for the Middle East

  124. Pyrthroes says:

    We stand agog. Talk of von Clausewitz, Sun Tzu! Nearing a mere two years, Trump’s diplomatic-military and political-economic accomplishments tower over all but a select few U.S. Presidents. The contrast with Gangrenous and MzBill is beyond enumeration.
    Energy independence; 2.617 million jobs since 2017 alone; aligning national security with regional States’ interests, confronting vast globalist consortia from Brussels to Peking and Wall Street; literally shutting down Congressional Swamp Creatures, turning their O-so-Special Prosecutor’s seditious libel back on Brennan-Clapper-Comey’s subversive IC Axis plus Gangrenous, MzBill, and all their works… “melodies unheard are sweeter– therefore ye soft pipes, play on!”
    As Roberts shows his colors while geriatric harridans such as Pelosi, DiFI, Fauxcahontas, Maxine Wigmore, “Occasional Cortex” Coco Loco and their peculiar ilk strum stringless banjos in committee, Trump’s line-of-battle crosses every T. For all his virtues, the most excellent Gen. Mattis apparently failed to comprehend Trump’s benignly pacific vision vs. Quantico’s “charge for the guns” playbook. Half a century on, rounding the Tercentennial, we look forward (in spirit) to seeing this great man receive his due.

  125. Redhotsnowman says:

    Wow. All I can say is wow. My president is by far the most amazing president I’ve ever had the pleasure of voting for. I may vote for him twice in 2020. Heehee.

  126. What if Ivanka cries to daddy if rumors arise that Syria is using chemical weapons again. Will they bomb another airport/

    • Wink says:

      Huma is that you?

    • mr.piddles says:

      Nothing about this arrangement stops anybody from bombing anybody else. Carry on, Generals! This is more about putting our diplomacy and Ally Network to work for us in order to attempt major course correction in wayward foreign policy. I don’t see Canada, UK, France, or Germany saying: “you know, we’re really worried about this ‘Kurds thing’.” Watch out. Next thing you know we’ll have the Polish Wojska Lądowe cordoning off a big Safety Zone in northern Iraq and Syria. :^)

  127. Interestingly enough, the story you link to – the Middle East Monitor – was published a month ago – Nov 22. That means everyone, from Mattis on down knew this was happening. All the media outrage, all the ranting from our politicians was / is nonsense. They held this info from the American public so they could castigate PT more

    • CountryDoc says:

      There is an article on quodverum indicating Mattis’ resignation is a U.S friendly tactic of deception. I’m pondering this.. .looking for a place to post my discussion/questions on this thread

  128. wodiej says:

    LOL, PT had this planned from the get go. Trump is like an Eagle crapping on all of the liberal heads. Yippee!!

  129. Darrell W says:

    Thank you President Trump! And thank you Sundance!
    Does anyone know if Saudi Arabia and the UAE are already in Syria protecting the Kurds? The article’s source ‘Middle East Monitor’ was written on November 22, 2018.

  130. JaimeInTexas says:

    Saudis to the rescue? Brilliant? WTF!!!
    Who will the Saudis hire to do the ground work? Who will do the air?
    Against who exactly?
    Have you seen pictures of the Christmas celebration in Aleppo since Aleppo’s rescue? Just like in Saudi Arabia /sarc

  131. The Java Witch says:

    I LOVE them apples! Merry Christmas, Sundance and my Treehouse fam. God bless each and every one of you. (((<3)))

  132. zorg2 says:

    Spiced apple cider – a holiday treat for us all !

  133. anthony earl says:

    awesome read. thanks. i always can learn something.

  134. CountryDoc says:

    I love Sundance and CTH. It is hard to figure out where to jump in to a conversation , reply to thread and sub threads all following different timelines — so I’ll “Jump in” at the end, but I woke up thinking about a comment in this thread:
    Thomas Wictor is worth a read on this topic and the Mattis resignation more generally.
    I love Mattis. The military loves Mattis. I have flesh and blood currently serving and they are disappointed about Mattis leaving. We are trashing him on this thread because he wanted a Muslim sympathizer as an aid, as a Globalist Neocon Hawk. But he leaves many purely patriotic tracks through and through that make it hard to believe he is so superficial. He had to know the Syria Pullout was on the table as an option for a long time. I can’t see him throwing a temper tantrum and leaving after working so intimately with Trump on building up U.S Military, defense, and strategising for so long with him. Trump is not in his bedroom tweeting, eating McDonalds and tweeting by himself and then coming out of the bedroom and surprising the whole country — left, right, and his closest cabinet and advisors with a spontaneous pullout that was only in his head. A marine General whose troops adore and worship him, does not simply up and retire.
    So the link above — indicating that the “retirement under disagreement” may be psy-ops “rope-a-dope” move to make the enemy think Trumps cabinet is disintegrating, might make sense.
    VSGPDJT has accomplished amazingly and miraculously more than any other president, and possibly any world leader. I say that with all sincerity and without hyperbole. He is achieving his accomplishments in a more complex world arena than has ever existed.
    What if his revolving door of advisors and cabinet members leaving has all been for show? Each advisor that leaves may have unofficial marching orders to take and execute wherever they go. Interesting that we don’t hear of them again. Yet “someone or group of people” is carrying out marching orders for this VSG to do what he did in two short years. And the 2nd year he was speaking almost every night in political rallies all over the country.
    The unfolding plan has been in the works for a long time. Reactions to current events have been prepared for in detail. Many more are collaborating than meets the eye.
    Regarding Mattis leaving, and the Syrian pullout. There has to be much, much more to the story than meets the eye. He is not that superficial, and the relationship between Trump and Mattis (and many more of those who have left) cannot be that fickle — not in light of the winning that our POTUS is accomplishing.

    • G. Combs says:

      Consider the comments at the bottom:
      List Of Military Elite Purged And Fired Under Obama
      Also consider this candid portrait of President Trumpafter a campaign rally.
      My father was brought into NYC when they were hanging the marble in the TT atrium, by a buddy of his. I was only 10, but he brought me along. And I met Trump. A truly amazing person, actually. We have millionaires/Boston Brahmins on one side of the family, I can’t remember ever meeting any other millionaire who would, or COULD, work a “real” job, so to speak. He was a little surprised to see a kid on the job site, but he was one of the very few adults that didn’t speak down to me, or at me.
      I was a gifted kid–and that s*cks, because other kids don’t relate to you at all, and adults don’t know what to make of kids who are as well read and articulate as I was. He treated me like PEOPLE, and I have never forgotten that.
      And it was funny–went to see him in Phx. My other half and I were just about the last out, as I had to find and use a restroom–and there he was, just talking about floor treatments with the janitorial staff LOL. They were in a total jaw drop state, talking to a billionaire, and he was taking notes.
      Anyone who has seen Trump on a job site could tell stories like mine. The “working” Trump and the “campaign” Trump are nearly polar opposites. He’s running a classic Sun Tzu campaign, and I am enjoying every minute of it LOL.”

    • sturmudgeon says:

      CountryDoc.. interesting comments.. Thanks! (food for thought)

  135. dd_sc says:

    Bolton heading out the door next? I wouldn’t mind that; replace him the pro-Trump staffer (name escapes me) that Bolton forced out soon after arriving.

  136. Glenna McCormack says:

    I like apples.

  137. JohninMK says:

    Just want to point out that that report is 4 weeks old and refers to a single convoy that had already arrived. That event had nothing to do with Trump’s announcement re Syria, it was planned following a meeting in Syria back at the end of May.
    I am sorry but anyone who thinks that either the Saudi or UAE army is up to fighting battle hardened Turkish proxy troops with Turkish F-16 air support is clearly unaware of the pathetic attempts made by the best units of those armies over the past four years in Yemen. This is with full US supported ($330M fuel to start) air strikes against a rag tag Houti force colloquially known as the ‘Flip Flops’ due to their shoes. In general Saudi citizens regard the forces (apart from the Air Force, as beneath their status unless they are an officer, most of their army is Pakistani/Sudanese. Their equipment may be amongst the best money can buy but that’s as far as it goes.
    One good thing, if it actually happens, is that it might reduce the humanitarian disaster that is currently Yemen by giving the Saudi/UAE something else to think about.
    Over the past few weeks Erdogan has moved a lot of gear to launching points along his border plus moving his proxy forces in Afrin (NW Syria now effectively occupied already by Turkey) into position to strike east. He stated that their purpose was to attack the SDF Kurds who he believed are in cahoots with the Turkish PKK ‘terrorists’. There is no reason to doubt that that plan was about to be activated.
    By his announcement and without realizing it, Trump, contrary to what the MSM would have you believe, could well have saved many US lives and/or egg on face.
    The reason is that that decision was probably inevitable. US forces are at the sharp end and embedded with SDF units and logistics chains. In the event of a Turkish strike the US forces either had to be pulled out, quickly, or they would have had to be protected, mainly by special forces and airstrikes on the attacking Turks which would have led to the first war between NATO countries.
    So, this could have resulted in either a clear example of the US running and abandoning its allies in the event of real danger or a war against another of its allies.
    Instead we have Trump, as I said, probably unknowingly pulling a diplomatic masterstoke, getting out of the trap that Obama’s move into Syria was inevitably going to be sprung, with minimal collateral damage. None, or very few US deaths and sighs of relief from countries around the world. Plus a Christmas present to all those with sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, you get the point, who will now be safer.
    Trump is effectively forcing the SDF Kurds and the Syrian Government together so that together (and with the Russians) they can face-off the Turks. This is a big step towards peace, it is the people in Syria who should sort out their country, not uninvited forces like the Turks/US/Saudi/UAE etc. trying and failing to impose a solution that suits them not the locals.
    Now, if he can pull the same trick in Afghanistan, by forcing the Government and the Taliban together, he will go down in history quite differently from how some, not on this site I might add, would like.
    You may not be aware but the battle lines of tribal alliances in Afghanistan today are precisely the same ones the British faced in 1841. We just attach labels like Taliban to hide the fact that invaders face national resistance. All the US has to do is avoid the fate of us British, slaughtered on the way out, but back then there were no helicopters or C-17/C-5 airlifters.

    • mr.piddles says:

      “Plus a Christmas present to all those with sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, you get the point, who will now be safer.”
      The World is a complicated place, and always will be. ^^THIS^^ is the most important thing! :^)

  138. Tottie Mitchell says:

    This is a Nov 22 news article. CTH makes it sound recent….

  139. Joe S says:

    Great article Sundance.
    Erdogan is a strange NATO “ally.”

    • thedoc00 says:

      Turkey is becoming an unnecessary NATO member and Erdogan knows it.
      The other Balkan States are no longer a Warsaw Pact Threat, the US and NATO no longer need the listening posts on the Black Sea Coasts and there is now a buffer region between consisting of Armenia and Azerbaijan between Russia and the Med.
      Even the bases in Turkey are no longer needed by the US if we can sustain our Gulf State alliances.

      • mr.piddles says:

        “Even the bases in Turkey are no longer needed”
        This always seems to be the Go-To Argument for Turkey. “What about the bases?!?!?”.
        It’s like “think of the children!”, but for F-16s instead of children.

  140. beachbum31 says:

    Cavuto brings in Rep Green from texas to enlighten us on his former business show today. what a total loser dolt

  141. thedoc00 says:

    This puts another facet on the murder of Khashoggi by factions within the Saud Family opposed to the current leading faction. They were trying to preempt this decision by driving the US and Saudi Arabia apart. This proves the depth of the corruption within the US Government that has NO political party boundaries.

  142. Ziiggii says:

    Not to mention, this falls squarely in line with POTUS Middle East foreign strategy that he has been building since day 1…
    Add to that, we (USA) are now energy independent enough to not need to have a ‘strategic’ interest in how the ME is governed. Other than as having a voice in support of our regional allies. That means the ME will be the ones to figure out how to work through all the complicated regional squabbling.
    Also gives this Administration the ability to exert more focus on bigger issues in the world: China, Russia, NK & Iran.

  143. jhynds says:

    Mo MAGA Baby!!!!

  144. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Massive unmasking of the Khashoggi conspiracy here as well! Not only checkmate (love that term), but also some extraordinary chess defenses for the playbook! 😀

  145. not2worryluv says:

    And Putin is looking down a tunnel and doesn’t realize it not light but a big beautiful Trump Train headed his way.
    Boom Boom Boom – Bye Bye

  146. Trump Train says:

    Trump has the opportunity to go down as one of the most effective foreign policy Presidents in history. His actions if successful will be much harder to reverse that his economic successes which will start to be dismantled in 2021.
    I guess there is still a chance that the traitors in the obama Whitehouse, fbi, cia, nsa, justice, civilian side ect will be held accountable, prosecuted and the top echelon executed while the rest spend their life in jail………..and a chance that he massive voter fraud, vote harvesting dry runned in the midterms will be dealt with including prosecution and jail for the corrupt officials and finally the “masters of the universe” be held accountable for their unconstitutional oppression of conservative free speech.

  147. Linda Jean Burkett says:

    When did the dems and msm start to give a flying fig about the Kurds? I don’t remember them whining and wringing their hands when the Yazidies were being run out of the country. PDJT does need to remember that the enemy of our enemy is our friend for only as long as it profits them.

  148. Dont be so confident Sundance. Their is a deep and long term problem with this whole set up geopolitical and ethno-national elements which left unchecked threaten to rapidly overwhelm the entire global order to our detriment. By abandoning the region so rapidly, Trump has signaled weakness which will quickly encourage attempts to overthrow US allies throughout the region. Ultimately, given the current world situation it will delve to threats on the US directly by forces whose size we have never seen before.
    Regarding the Saudi move to replace US troops, what you aren’t considering is the ethno-national balance of power in the area. Worse because of globalism, these problems have been exported to Europe directly. By employing Saudis as proxies we employ their religious influence as well, namely Wahaabism. This religiously fanatic sect of Islam is hated by Shias, Secularists, Russians and Turks alike. Their spread into the region will not be tolerated by the Russian-Iranian-Syrian-Turkish alliance. They will rapidly escalate fighting to counter the Saudi moves.
    In turn, by abandoning our Kurdish and Christian and Syrian Democratic Forces allies, Trump has essentially left a vacuum in the area. That vacuum is going to be replaced with either Turkey, Syria, Russia, Iran, or Saudis or some combination there of. Rather than wait for the Saudis to establish themselves, its highly likely the Iranians will quickly move to establish total Shia control over Iraq, Syria will move with Turkey to attack the Kurdish dominated eastern Syrian front, and all will move against Saudi forces to forestall them allying with the recently vanquished ISIS forces.
    Whoever wins in that conflict will eventually subjugate the Kurds. This has pmhuge downsides under either Saudi or Russian victory. Currently the Kurds have been exploring the oil in their regions of control. That oil was going principally thru Turkey and linking the coffers of Kurdish group. That money in turn was used to expand the power of the main Kurdish groups and their politico-criminal networks in Europe. If the Kurdish-Saudi alliance is defeated before becoming cemented, that Kurdish oil network will fall under the Russians and the larger Kurdish diaspora will be effected and likely radicalized. If the Saudis manage to hold onto the region then the Kurds will sti be radicalized by Wahaabi influence. Either way the Kurds will become more militant and more radicalized.
    The largest Moslem communities in Europe are the Algerians, Morrocans, Kurds, and Turks. The later two are particularly ferocious fighters but thankfully not historically heavily involved in Jihad. Instead they have been involved with organized crime centered on sex trafficking, drug smuggling, arms trading, the white sex slave trade, and protection rackets. However backed with oil, and distributed thru the Saudi-Western oil network, the Kurds become a YUGE player on the world stage from the demimonde to the diplomatic field. We all know the pernicious influence of the oil Sheiks, imagine that lower in the hands of wild eyed, martial hill tribesmen. In contrast, if defeated that same Kurdish oil network falls under Russian influence which as a result will make its influence even further felt in Western Europe and in turn further radicalizing Kurdish grievances
    To counter a strengthened Kurdish nation backed with oil and Saudi Islamic radkcalization, the Turks, the Iranians, the Russians and the Syrians would rather suffer to fight and subjugate the Kurds. The Iranians and Turks and Syrians both have large numbers of Kurds in their countries and dont want to see them empowered. Russia would like nothing better than to take control of the oil reserves in the region and further curtail Euro-American oil influence. It’s clear the correlation of forces favors an immediate escalation of action by the Russian led alliance. With an alliance already established and ready to fight, this alliance they will now move to engage the Kurds and Saudis.
    Whilst celebrating Saudi intervention, you fail to understand the geo-military dynamics. The Saudi Army simply isnt up to task to intervene rapidly enough through Syria and Iraq effectively to counter all of the aforementioned. Insteas they will encourage the Kurds to intervene from the North and meet up with Saudi forces from the South with the hope of securing Iraq. Simultaneously, the Iranians will move to fully take contr of Iraq before that happens and eject any remaining Western forces remaining in the country. A of the opposing forces will engage in battles around the center of Iraq and into Eastern Syria whilst Turks move to cut the Kurdish front from Northern Iraq into North Eastrrn Syria.
    Finally Sundance, you fail to consider the negative religious changes this will cause. Wherever the Saudis go, Wahabist and Salafist Islamic imams, preachers, and mosques go. The war by Shia Iranians, secular Syrians, Ottoman Moslens, and Christian Russians with the Sunni Kurds will push the Kurdish population into increasing Salafist Sunni religioisity. This will fuel a rise of Islamic extremism that has been mostly thankfully absent in the community until now. In turn, that Sunni extemism will spread into European Kurdish communities. The war between Turks and Kurds wi also spread to Europe featuring attacks by each community across European cities resulting in crackdowns by the beleaguered Western governments. The crackdown will be followed with direct declarations of Jihad by Kurds and/or Turks against the Europeans.
    Meanwhile the combined weight of Iran, Syria, Russia, and Turkey will be enough to push the Saudis right back down to the Saudi border. The result will see Russian political influence spread from Turkey down to Syria and Iraq and into Iran and the borders of the Arab gulf states. Simultaneously our withdrawal from Aghanistan will have similar effects and Russian influence and predominant control will once again return to Central Asia. The result will be the reestablishment of a neo-Russian empire, but allied with Moslem and Chinese powers into a single Eurasian bloc whose population and economy will over match the disunited, ethnically conflicted Western powers including America.
    These are all huge geopolitical disasters which will have catastrophic ramifications on American balance of power. The will require an even larger military buildup than ever seen by the US in the region, lest we risk losing the entire Middle East to the new Sino-Russian Eurasion bloc. Such a development has never been seen before and will rapidly move to us being forced to defend the territorial integrity of the US itself but with a fragmented, balkanized, and disunited multiethnic populace in ou country, and a government which cannot even agree to build a wall to defend its borders. Literally we are looking at the rapid and quick dissolution of the US itself.
    Trump thinks economics Trumps everything. That leveraging personalities and relationships can replace raw geostrategic power. Not always and not most of the time, and certainly not given what I be explained above. A temporary reprieve owing to Trump’s “special abilities” will not last. In these circumstances no matter how many jobs are made, the divisions of the US and the unification of the Sino-Russian Eurasian bloc will be exploited by enemy forces right up to the US borders. Never has such a situation been faced. Real strategists not partisan supporters understand this and we are extremely worried. As a long time and partisan Trump supporter who worked on his campaign starting in 2015, I am one of them. That should give you pause to listen in and of itself.

    • Trump Train says:

      I think most realize that Trump is a temporary reprieve from the inevitable. These people will never give up, ever. There will be an global religious war sometime in the future……that is a given.

    • CMDCMRET says:

      This lengthy failed analysis is built on a single misconception….”By abandoning the region so rapidly…”. The region hasn’t been abandoned ergo your argument is well worded nonsense.
      Master Chief sends

    • Reality says:

      I’m sorry ‘ol buddy… son isn’t going to die defending the Kurds. He has as much in common with a Kurd as he does with a horse. There are too many silly logic leaps in your piece.
      It’s the lesson of Vietnam that you neocon fantasists are incapable of intellectually assimilating.
      “disunited multiethnic populace in our country” Correct ,so you’ll support PDJT all the way with a $20 billion wall. Good.

  149. Attorney at Law says:


  150. azchick says:

    My grandson who was in Kuwait is OK with turning the whole middle east into glass. When we think we have to rebuild, prevent, protect everyone in the world that’s when we get into trouble, Get out and let God sort ’em out.

  151. Jacob Standifird says:

    Your analysis seems right on to me – this will end up helping re-elect DJT. Also, I suspect there are more reasons why Mattis was abruptly forced out, maybe even a power struggle.

  152. shipley130 says:

    Perhaps this is the reason that President Trump didn’t go ballistic about the murder of Koshogi. I figured something was up at the time.

  153. Sandy says:

    Another brilliant Trump move!
    Please let us know when someone actually spots those Saudi forces in Syria.

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