Sunday Talks: Darryl Issa Discusses Flynn Case, FISA Abuse and Upcoming James Comey Testimony…

Congressman Darryl Issa appears for an interview with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the sketchy Mueller case against Michael Flynn; the likelihood that someone in the administration is going to have to talk to the FISA court about likely DOJ abuse; and the second round of questions for James Comey scheduled for tomorrow.

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32 Responses to Sunday Talks: Darryl Issa Discusses Flynn Case, FISA Abuse and Upcoming James Comey Testimony…

  1. Johnny Bravo says:

    If there are any convictions to come to these low life, duplicitous, toss pots, no one will say; “wow, I never saw that coming, on what grounds?!

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  2. Hebo Sabe says:

    They will never put him near a witness stand.


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  3. IPack says:

    The DOJ/FBIOffice of Special Counsel are destroying evidence, preventing witnesses from testifying, intimidating whistleblowers… Except for a few drive-by shootings and mysterious “the witness stabbed himself in the back eight times and threw himself of the bridge” incidents, this looks like the entire thing is coming straight out of Gambino crime family’s playbook.

    I don’t know how long the President is actually going to ignore it or can ignore it…

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      Who said President Trump is ignoring this? Have you not seen his tweets?

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      • Beau Geste says:

        anyone can “tweet”. The US President can issue Executive Orders. He can order an investigation and release of DOJ/FBI corruption records. He can order an investigation and prosecution of “leaks” by congress (eg, senator warner, adam schiff, using the same standards applied to reality winner. He can order investigation of whether obama wiretapped Bernie, McCain, Romney, any other candidates for public office, any congresscritters, at any time from 2008 to the present, and release all the records. He can order an investigation into obama foreign campaign support/donations, and voting districtd swhich have more votes than registered voters. He can order full investigation and prosecution (applying the same standards applied by the DOJ to ordinary US citizens) of all the FBI “leakers” identified by the OIG report. He can order release of the FISA Court study referred to by Sundance, evidencing “contractor” abuse, and 85″ improper use. He can order external review of the weiner, seth rich and wasserman-shultz computers, and a report on NSA interception of all Awan communications outside congress. He can order release of advice given to the obama administration about withholding information from President Trump. Of course, he can order release of the records requested by congress, as he promised. just a few.

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        • Sayit2016 says:

          whew!! it is a good thing you know all of this and the President doesn’t….You need to call him…..immediately.

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        • Carrie2 says:

          Beau Geste, I also think Trump is just awaiting that special moment to bring the hammer down. The more who dally in telling the truth, or hide or destroy dox will not get away with it in spite of their thinking they are covered and will not be caught. In other words, they don’t know or understand our President and how in the end he gets what he and we want. Have you noticed our President’s more heavy duty remarks? This means he is pushing and pushing and they will be thinking they are home free and then find themselves hopefully walking to the gallons and there are many more of the creeps adding to all those we already know. They seem to have forgotten that even Alexander lost a big battle and so will these creeps!

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    • Leane Kamari says:

      Gambino crime family’s playbook or Stasi and KGB I might add.


  4. happyinfidel says:

    So this is the high-leverage centre-ring fulcrum now, isn’t it? Could Issa be right? Is there any real chance that Sullivan will expunge this guilty plea and blow this deal out of the water? The actual conviction and joint submission no-punishment punishment are so small now they’re only being played for symbolic value. Sullivan could have groused a bit but still rubber-stamped the sentence and be done with it. Instead, he’s digging in. Executing his own search warrant, so to speak.

    Even then, what he must see is that the DOJ failed to comply and now appear to have destroyed evidence as well. Surely he’s not going to just shrug this off. Some believe he’ll be critical of Mueller but still follow through. I can’t see it. Not if he knows about the scrubbed Strzok and Page phones. Not if he saw Comey gloating about exploiting the (inevitable) disarray of the new incoming admin to sneak the agents in. Total entrapment. No I think Sullivan’s going to go large.

    And if he does, this will be a straight-on black eye to Mueller, Comey, the whole damn lot of them.

    God, fingers crossed!

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    • iPack says:

      Probably just pretending to be impartial… Can’t trust trained lawyers.


      • jebg46 says:

        No, Sidney Powell has great confidence in Judge Sullivan. She did a radio interview about it a few days ago. The Judge was involved in Senator Stevens’ case where he was exhonerated. In that process the Judge discovered the loop holes in the process and closed them so there is hope that he can really go after the Mueller misdeeds in Flynn’s case.
        Praying unceasingly that we actually see some justice in this case. Once again my glimmer of hope can’t be suppressed.

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    • trialbytruth says:

      Consider this as well, is it possible Sullivan would like on the supremes? This would be a good audition.

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      • RedWave 2020 says:

        He may want one but he would be too old. We need to choose young judges so they can stay on the Supreme court for long. We shouldn’t make the same move as Clinton did with nominating 60+ year old judges as then they can be more easily replaced by democrats as they grow older / die. Thankfully slick willy wasn’t smart enough to think off that so we may have a chance to replace Ginsburg/ Breyer cementing Control of the supreme court and preventing decisions like ACA.

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        • Carrie2 says:

          RedWave2020, and let’s not forget that Sotomayor is seriously ill with her diabetes and has been known to have many falling down problems. Diabetes can kill and apparently her is a super serious diabetic condition. So, maybe even more possibilities of new SC judges who will follow the Constitution laws of this country. I am always praying for this to take place.

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    • stablesort says:

      “Is there any real chance that Sullivan will expunge this guilty plea and blow this deal out of the water?”

      If Sullivan does as you suggest, the story line will morph into one that says Flynn was guilty as charged but was saved by a mistake in his prosecution. Unless Mueller can be charged with malfeasance of some sort, such as erasing Strzok/Page phone data, Flynn will have to live with a ruined reputation of the rest of his life.

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      • Moultrie Flag says:

        IF HE DOES IT.

        This will be buried in short order in the MSM, and a subsequent wrongful prosecution suit will make page 23 after Flynn gets his lawyer fees back and buys back his house.

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      • Beau Geste says:

        Judge Sullivan should order an independent investigation of the prosecution for ethical violations and what was essentially fraud on the defendant and fraud on the court, as he did in the Stevens case. Did they violate the DOJ rules to entrap Flynn (yes), did they withhold evidence (yes), did they violate the court’s orders from months ago, and recently (yes).

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    • Sayit2016 says:

      Thank you for your sane and cogent comment.

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  5. CopperTop says:

    What Issa discusses about going to a Judge about discussing the lies he/she was told. There is a process by which they will call upon Carter Page to make this happen. It will be easier with his help. It’s most likely will involve en banc hearing of the FISC and good lord this has taken forever to bring forward. Carter Page: practitioner of uber patience.

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  6. GB Bari says:

    Rosenstein testifying? IF he even comes, it will be another several hours of smirking, empty replies such as “I cannot comment due to ongoing investigations.”

    More time-wasting sideshows until the Commies take over the House.

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  7. Zorro says:

    Would love for Flynn to rip Herr Mueller and the deep state a new one followed by Page and PapaD.


  8. Mark says:

    This is getting tiresome, trite, and boring. Miranda rights were violated? This is a multi millionaire genius congressman? Flynn was not detained. This wasn’t a criminal investigation. Why in the @#$k would Miranda rights apply? The whole premise of a cointel investigation is to be deceptive to suspected actors of foreign powers, to gather intel. I’m surprised they identified as fbi, and didn’t try to send in a spy to get info from Flynn.

    He was working for turkey, lied about it and said it was an eu firm. Never filed FARA until he was charged with not doing it. Lied on the FARA forms. Trip(s) to Russia, meeting Putin. Advisor to president. FBI had every right to suspect him, and open a cointel “matter” on him. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they got a fisa warrant on him too.

    We all support trump, but the lying sucks. His lying, Flynn’s, his lawyer, his advisors. It was endearing at first, all his boasting, embellishments, and …well…yes…even some of this lies don’t bother me. Like the storm thing. Of course he had a fling with her. Who cares, he can do what he wants, and it doesn’t change that I voted for him to improve the economy and build the wall. He just keeps going and going, the twitter crap is over the top now too.

    Congress has no power to do anything. Senate has now power. The executive has the power of the executive branch (doj). If he wanted to fix it—he would. He is scared, because he thinks he will be impeached. If he really wasn’t guilty of anything, why would he be afraid? There would have to be overwhelming PHYSICAL evidence of a real crime for 2/3rds of senate to convict and remove him. Of course congress can and will impeach him. Who cares. It means nothing, if the senate won’t remove him. He is obviously afraid there is in fact evidence, that will get him convicted in the senate. Or else someone with that much temper, that much ego, would have ended this a year ago. If he really didn’t do anything (proveable) wrong, Fire mueller, Rosenstein, Wray, end the probe, fire all the investigators, and tell them to stuff it. This is beyond a doubt, perfectly legal. Why won’t he?


  9. Mark says:

    There must be 50 lies documented and confirmed by Flynn in his statement of offense. His filings were full of lies and omissions, and had to be corrected 3 times.


  10. GJM says:

    Oh, No! Darryl Issa talks tough. This is all we ever get…talk, talk, talk. The record of this Republican House is disappointment after disappointment. Yet, they continue to have the audacity to go out and speak publicly as if they really care.


  11. Mark says:

    Same crap, over and over. Grassley send a subpoena DEMANDIng such and such by such and such. Gomer, Sanchez, Issa, Nunez, rand, gowdy, that other fake from Utah who quit, Jordan demand answers now! All bs tick Tock running the clock nonsense. They have 0 power, but plenty of theater and aspirations. Bread and circus for all. While the deep state runs everything, and gets rich.

    All the power in America is with doj, black robes, corps. That’s it. President has a bit, and the legislative has nothing. Complete opposite of what the plan was. The power is supposed to be with congress and senate.

    This sucks.


  12. Mark says:

    Mr. Sessions, the former attorney general on whose recused watch was appointed Special Counsel Robert Mueller, is a convenient scapegoat. The Justice Department, however, is part of the executive branch headed by President Trump, and under the constitution’s Article II, Messrs. Sessions and Mueller are “inferior officers.”

    If Mr. Trump allows Mr. Mueller and former Deutsche Bank lawyer Robert Khuzami, now acting U.S. attorney in Manhattan, to mire his presidency in legal quicksand, he’ll bear some of the blame himself. It’s Mr. Trump’s Justice Department, Mr. Trump’s prosecutors, Mr. Trump’s executive branch that is pursuing this case.

    Perhaps if Mr. Trump moves to shut the whole thing down it will trigger outrage from Congress or the public about interfering into an ongoing criminal investigation into foreign interference with an American election. My own sense, though, is that the American people would be receptive to an argument that if you want to defeat a president, you need to do it by running against him in an election rather than by pushing the prosecutorial envelope with perjury traps and novel interpretations of campaign finance law.

    If Mr. Trump can make that case, it’d be a win not just for his own presidency but for the office itself. Future occupants of the office, Democrat or Republican, would be grateful, as would be citizens whose security depends on a president able to focus on the job with a boldness un-sapped by prosecutorial excess.

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  13. Mark says:

    a liberal Supreme Court justice, Ruth Bader Ginsburg… in a concurring opinion in the 1996 Supreme Court case Brogan v. United States, warned of “the sweeping generality” of Section 1001’s language.

    Justice Ginsburg wrote: “The prospect remains that an overzealous prosecutor or investigator — aware that a person has committed some suspicious acts, but unable to make a criminal case — will create a crime by surprising the suspect, asking about those acts, and receiving a false denial.”…

    Justice Ginsburg wrote, “the Department of Justice has long noted its reluctance to approve §1001 indictments for simple false denials made to investigators.”

    Ginsburg warned that the law’s “encompassing formulation arms Government agents with authority not simply to apprehend lawbreakers, but to generate felonies, crimes of a kind that only a Government officer could prompt.”

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