Representative Elijah Cummings Outlines Democrat Plan to Remove President Trump via Michael Cohen…

It was curious to see Michael Cohen walk out of his sentencing hearing last week without having to report to jail/prison for the punishment therein.  Generally speaking when the final adjudication is presented the accused begins to serve his/her punishment. However, not in this case; and not with the construct of this pleading, this quid-pro-quo.

In the prosecutorial agreement within the Cohen case, there obviously remains the fulfillment of terms.  Michael Cohen doesn’t report to prison until March 6th, 2019.  Why the exceptional judicial delay and generosity?….  The incoming Chairman for the House Government and Oversight Committee, Elijah Cummings, explains:


There it is; transparently obvious for any political observer who has a modicum of intellectual honesty. House committees will use testimony from Michael Cohen as the cornerstone for their well-structured political strategy to eliminate the existential threat to their ongoing DC livelihood, President Trump.

There should be no doubt this plan was conceived well before Special Counsel Robert Mueller passed the investigative torch to his compatriots in the Southern District of New York. This impeachment/removal approach is a synergy between multiple benefactors, and is entirely by design.

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421 Responses to Representative Elijah Cummings Outlines Democrat Plan to Remove President Trump via Michael Cohen…

    K Schlichter at Townhall has the best idea I’ve seen yet for dealing with this absurd witch hunt…only question is the best timing.

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    • Garry Smith says:

      I wouldn’t be opposed to hearing attorney M. Cohen extoll the virtues of moral platitudes. But more than that, using this same standard as it applies to actual criminal acts, I think parlimentarians should step up to dispel any confusion about the slush fund of many many millions of tax dollars money used in attempting to conceal the the actions of elected officials regarding their own behaviour with subordinates. And Representative Cummings should be the first of his peers to tell that story and if or how it might apply to himself. You know what they say about stones and glass houses.


    • Yes I thought Schlichter had a brilliant, unexpected take which would both outrage and confuse the swamp. Double whammy, especially since grace seems to be a foreign concept to them.


  2. I would love to see them attempt the impeachment… My bet is there won’t be enough democrats willing to vote for impeachment for fear of their own lives… the people are going to put it to them… this will not happen, REST ASSURED the military will not allow it, they were ready to surround the Whitehouse for Nixon… you don’t think they will surround it for TRUMP?


    • LazarusLong says:

      As a former career US Army NCO I would like to agree,but the US Military leadership has changed in the last couple of decades,with hard leftists being the one appointing the top brass to command positions based on their political beliefs,not their loyalty to the country or their competence.

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      • Sloth1963 says:

        I can’t like it but I also can’t deny it is so.


      • dawndoe says:

        I totally agree. I said elsewhere that even the rank and file are brainwashed to thinking in a globalist manner. They will likely follow their globalist commanders.


      • George Suchko says:

        Agree totally. I’m still waiting for non-compromised 4 stars to go OTR regarding Bergdahl, Benghazi, tens of billions in waste in Iraq and Afghanistan, and more. Yes-men for 8 years under Obama have been the bulk of our senior command ; they got their stars the DC way —-they kissed butt!


      • John W says:

        I find it hard to believe that a good strategist would neglect to deal with this specific issue very early in his planning to defeat the deep state traitors. There has been dozens and dozens of “retired” military brass and others who were forced out in other ways over the past two years. My bet is that there are enough patriots at or near the top and in positions from which to deal with the traitors in their ranks.


    • aarmad says:

      I don’t think the military are all ‘globalist’ in their thinking. The leaders/generals may be, but the real troops, NO. I was in a LONG time ago, and I agree things change, but the rank and file can not have changed that much.BUT that remains to be seen. The fact this witch hunt has gone on this long is scary. If it comes to war it will be totally different than the Civil War. It will be both coasts against the rest of us. I would bet on the rest of us.


    • Hun Driver Widow says:

      The Yellow Vests may rise up here if the corrupt hacks in Congress try to impeach our President!! It won’t be pretty. Apparently, the Marxist Rats like Madd Maxine, Delusional Cummings, and Stuttering/Stammering Piglosi and her side kick Schmucky weren’t watching the Trump rallies during the midterms. President Trump had thousands waiting in lines for hours while the Marxist RATs couldn’t fill an outhouse. If it weren’t for the RAT voter fraud, the RATs would still be thumbing themselves, just my opinion.


  3. Andy says:

    And now we know what the deep state strategy is to impeach Trump. You fools may get away with impeaching the president, but he will NEVER be convicted. He will remain in office. Then we can have our civil war if you continue on this path.

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  4. Rose says:

    If he thinks the normals will sit back and watch a corrupted DOJ and DA attempt to undo an election think again demorats.

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  5. What a frightening time we live in at this moment. I just pray that patriots like us will stand strong.

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  6. Elle says:

    Watching the Cummings tape it became clear to me from his comments about Nixon that these old fools think they can relive their glory days from Watergate. Old Generals fighting the last war. Rather, they are just Old Fools fighting now, annoying everyone with their bombast and constant calls to the police department every time someone steps on their lawn. Only today, they ican sic their barking media on us and make us endure never ending rants on Twitter and Facebook

    Where are we headed if we can’t get this in check? To war, I’m afraid. Perhaps on a global scale. Look at what’s happening in France If these traitors don’t stop, that may be what happens here as well. I believe that once that happens, then the Globalists will be very sorry as in a true war, what is to stop them – with ” them” being any foreign entity who feels like it – from bombing Google’s servers? California is much like France, many citizens are not happy with the power and would be happy to help it fall.

    God help us!

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  7. pochas94 says:

    Despite the fact that Trump cannot be removed unless convicted by the Senate, the Dems continue their exercise in futility. “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result” – Alfred Einstein

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    • Yes but the Dems approach controls the media “narrative” and convinces uninformed, busy and/or weak minded voters. The House impeachment vote is NOT about removing Trump, it is about winning the presidential contest in 2020.

      Hopefully POTUS will use such a vote to finally release all the ammunition he has on them.


  8. Mike diamond says:

    It’s time to investigate how the democrats rigged the midterm elections! How Obama and Hillary got a free pass on all their crimes! The liberal press like cnn,is still trying to influence the election of our President in a negative way! Pray every day for our President like never before!

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  9. OpenMind says:

    My comment this morning was from a smart phone and included plenty of typos and did not convey my complete message. I realize that the media types bloviating about impeachment don’t understand that a conviction and removal is highly unlikely. That said, don’t think for a minute that the SDNY won’t indict POTUS or members of his family under seal, only to leak the existence of any indictment to the press in an effort to swing senators toward removal or to whip up the public against a second term in 2020. I’m not saying I like this or that it’s defensible, but that is what is likely to happen. I can already hear Swalwell and Lemon discussing a leaked indictment for tax evasion. Sure, they can’t prosecute while POTUS is in office, and they probably would not prosecute thereafter, but to fuel the outrage train and the D candidate in 2020, it’s shortsighted to suggest they won’t try just about anything.
    Also, while I can’t stand what is happening in this country, I believe the literal calls to arms I’m hearing from Trump’s backers are dangerous and misguided. The system isn’t all the way broken just yet. Trump did win and was seated, afterall. Now, with a debt of 22 Trillion, plus underfunded entitlements, perhaps the whole thing is already gone, but politically speaking, the tea party did take the house and Trump was elected and seated; that has to be acknowledged.
    Finally, to some extent it seems like POTUS left the door open to letting the bad actors skate with his post-election speech about the Clintons being good people who had been through enough. It was shortly thereafter that Sessions made it clear he would not be pursuing team Clinton. That whole sequence has always bothered me. I realize it was an attempt to be magnanimous, but it was a mistake.

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    • Trump Train says:

      “lso, while I can’t stand what is happening in this country, I believe the literal calls to arms I’m hearing from Trump’s backers are dangerous and misguided. The system isn’t all the way broken just yet. Trump did win and was seated, after all. Now, with a debt of 22 Trillion, plus underfunded entitlements, perhaps the whole thing is already gone, but politically speaking, the tea party did take the house and Trump was elected and seated; that has to be acknowledged.”

      This has been my take on it but the fact is we need to be prepared because we are dangerously close to the line which I believe will be crossed in 2020. WHY? BECAUSE NOTHING IS BEING DONE ABOUT THE MASSIVE FRAUD, VOTE HARVESTING ECT FROM 2018 NOTHING. The point of no return is when we no longer have a say in electing our representatives, that changes the government. The triple tier justice system is leading the way.


    • G. Alistar says:

      And….I might add. Mueller’s investigation is beyond the tipping point of being political kryptonite to the dems. Only the hard core, biased, resistance cannot see what’s going on. Blind spots are powerful indeed.


  10. Charles Tate says:

    I am not sure about the timing on this yet, but it looks like Mr. Mueller needs to be imprisoned for destroying evidence in his own investigation. He inherited the enterprise counterintelligence investigation commenced by the FBI department led by Peter Strzok and McCabe. Mueller hired Strzok and Page (McCabe’s consigliere) onto the investigation. He later apparently learned about their lengthy and revealing confessions on their government issued phones and had to let them go, concealing the reasons for their separations. Now we learn that in December 2016 through Mueller’s appointment in April-May of 2017, all of these confessional messagings between conspirators Strzok and Page have been erased. Erased while the evidence of Russian involvement with our elections was under the special care of Mueller and his team. Mueller knew, or later learned (about July (?) 2017 when he got rid of Strzok-Page) that in fact the entire counterintelligence investigation was created by McCabe-Strzok, et al. as an “insurance policy” if Trump won the election. Obviously the fact that the entire collusion investigation was a hoax perpetrated by persons on his team should have alerted him to the value of the evidence contained in their confessional messaging. If he then destroyed the evidence that was central to his investigation, he is, I believe, guilty of a crime. Shouldn’t he be dragged out of his house in the wee hours now?


  11. Looks like a battle to the end. Only one team / POTUS leaves the field standing up. That sums it up.


  12. C R Lord says:

    I am absolutely convinced that the President is just allowing all these rats to come out of the woodwork and expose themselves for the deceivers they are so they can be dealt with as they richly deserve.

    Elijah Cummings is a direct insult to the name of the great prophet who would spurn his profit — driven activities. I believe the prophet Elijah would call this deceiver out in such a way that it would make him tremble and sweat profusely.

    There are true men who stand tall in history and never seek attention and little insignificant men like Elijah Cummings who live for their own self-gratification and go everywhere seeking for attention.

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    • TradeBait says:

      100% agree. PDT told the world he is a “counter puncher”. To be effective at it you have to deflect the opponents’ punches and let them bounce off your strength while they think they are doing damage and winning. So he goads them into going first, then he responds with more goading to see what else they have Eventually they run out of punches and they fall down exhausted or just he nails them. He sends their faithful slaves chasing after bright shiny objects or plays cat and mouse with them. He’s been a master at it. EJ is just one more doofus playing the part of the punch drunk fighter thinking he still might have a chance before he gets knocked out permanently.

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  13. Pam Greco says:

    This is a disgrace, to try to take down a sitting President. 62 million Americans voted for this man. President Trump is my president.


  14. Bill says:

    As the Mueller Russia scam is falling apart, the Clinton server crimes have been reopened, the Russian Uranium deal is becoming examined, The Clinton Foundation “pay-for-pay” and a number of other Democratic potential scandals are being kicked into high gear, they go to the Democratic/Socialist/ultra-left wing/Liberal “HOUSEHOLD ODOR ELIMINATOR (HOE)” strategy. When ever a Democratic scandal starts to bubble up they immediately send out 12oz cans of HOE to cover up the stench. The HOE is designed to cover up the stench and redirect the narrative away from the Democratic scandal and if possible keep the stench covered up until it goes away. These cans filled with the coverup/redirect strategies and content are sent to all members of the mainstream/lamestream corrupt media, all members of the Democratic leadership, the late-night talk show hosts and any other spokes mouth who will spout the coverup/redirecting narrative.
    If this does not address the stench and it begins to break through, they send out the 32 oz cans. If the 32 ouncers do not do the job and the stench begins to break through, they send out the trucks with the mosquito apparatus but with the tanks filled with HOE. Next comes the crop sprayers and finally if the stench is not overwhelmed at that point, they fill up the belly tanks of the aircraft used to fight forest fires. They are rapidly approaching that point.
    One example…The Kavanagh situation was designed as a “twofer” to destroy a good man and his family, to hopefully prevent the building of a solid conservative SCOTUS but also to rapidly plan and execute a solid HOE strategy and content. We now see the major Democratic spokesmen like in this Facebook article and showing up in major print media and CNN, MSNBC, ABC CBS and NBC and their paid shills that feed the lies to Facebook, Google and other left-wing social media.
    These actions are also designed to undercut the Presidents support prior to 2022 elections.
    Don’t let the Democratic/Socialist/ultra-left wing/Liberal get away with it….the Country is on the right track to regaining its position of solid leadership that the world so badly needs.
    As Sun Tzu said “To defeat the enemy you have to defeat the enemy’s strategy which you do by changing the ground rules”. President Trump did that in 2016. Follow his lead Republicans, Conservatives, Independents and Democrats who are concerned about the direction their party is going.
    Call them on their use of HOE and don’t let them get away with the strategy.

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  15. Liam Song says:

    These claims that Cohn was convicted for campaign contribution violations and the further claims that Trump is therefore some kind of an un-indicted co-conspirator, these are the new and equally vacuous “Russian-collusion” lies. Cohn’s judge should never have allowed those charges. Cohn accepted them as a part of a broader plea deal and they slipped through stapled to his other charges but otherwise unexamined. Very likely the point of it was to begin this new press campaign based upon the flawed logic nobody in the MSM is considering. The current fake news and indeed Cummings impeachment dreams are based on Cohn having engaged in these alleged illegal campaign payments (monies accepted by a campaign and then used to proactively influence voters) but …

    “Both of these illegal contributions charges depend on the Federal Election Campaign Act’s technical definition of a “contribution.” The U.S. Attorney’s Office never explained how expenditures made to suppress news stories meet the definition of a ‘contribution.’ It was just assumed.”

    The money in question was actually used to suppress press coverage and voter influence, not enhance it.

    “When the FECA was enacted, the Supreme Court had to grapple with the limits that the First Amendment imposes on the FECA, including on the definition of “expenditure.” In Buckley v. Valeo, the Supreme Court determined that there had to be some limits placed on what could be considered “for the purposes of influencing” an election and thus determined it could be applied only to electoral statements that urged voters to expressly advocate for or against a candidate. If statements did not have those words of express advocacy – clear statements of support or opposition to named candidates – then they cannot be considered expenditures. Not publishing a story has no content – it cannot contain express advocacy – and thus cannot be an expenditure subject to the FECA.”

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  16. Snowball says:

    So what is the new acting A.G. Doing about all of this ? Just what I thought, NOTHING. A lawyer in the justices department working as a S.C. , breaks the law, breaks policy, and he does nothing? Looks like Trump puts people in office and all they do is cash a paycheck.


  17. TwoLaine says:

    I’m totally fine with this, as long as every CongressCritter, past and present, who used taxpayer funds as their slush fund to pay off their victims/harassers is subpoenaed for testimony at the same time, and treated to the same questioning.

    At the same time, I would like to know what law allows them to use our $$$ this way and what budget line it comes from, so President TRUMP & Team can do something about it.


  18. TwoLaine says:

    The minute I saw MC on the tubes pretending he was a hero (the Comey/Creepy Porn Lawyer Complex) I knew this was the bargain he made for delay. Go prostrate yourself on live TV first.

    I hope George PapaD and Corsi add this to their lawsuits. George had a week to report on totally trumped up charges. Cohen is the wordt of the bunch and gets months. Total B.S., as usual!


  19. Callahan44 says:

    Let’s see where we stand: No Wall. Clinton, Comey, Obama, and the rest of the treasonous scumbags, and their handlers, free while our soldiers who are protecting their troops in Afghanistan are jailed for murder. The countries who sent the caravans just given Billions in aid–your tax dollars, for those of you who actually pay taxes. The Fed trying to stop Trump’s economy. Republicans in control of the House solely because of their cheating in the midterms–and our President doing noting about the fraud to reverse this. I never thought I would say that the French have more balls than we Americans, but at least they are out there doing something to prevent France from becoming the next rape capital of Europe, courtesy of “Cultural Enrichers”. Where are the American Patriots surrounding the Capitol? If I were the Deep State traitors and disgusting perverts on the Left, I would be feeling pretty good that those on the Right are making a lot of noise, but in the end, won’t do a damn thing!


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