Court Filing: James Wolfe Sentencing Memo Due Tuesday December 11th, 5:00pm…

The entire MSM apparatus were breathlessly waiting for the Michael Flynn sentencing memo in the hopes they could glean some information as to the nature and substance of the details within Flynn’s engagement with the special counsel.  It is unlikely anyone will be awaiting the sentencing memo for former SSCI Director of Security, except us.  The DOJ sentencing memo is due Tuesday, December 11th, at 5:00pm.

It will be really interesting to see the details of James Wolfe’s sentencing memo, because some (not us) have speculated Wolfe’s minimal charges were due to cooperation with the DOJ on larger constructs.   According to the original indictment, James Wolfe leaked “classified” and “top secret” information from the Senate Intelligence Committee to the media.  However, Wolfe was only charged with one count of lying to the FBI.

CTH suspects the reason for the minimal charges, is specifically because the corrupt DOJ (Rosenstein) is providing cover to the corrupt SSCI (Warner/Feinstein/Burr); and Wolfe has not been a cooperating witness – because he was never asked to cooperate in an investigation the DOJ never intended to pursue.

(Court Filing Link)

The BACKSTORY – To understand why and how the DOJ appears to be covering-up the most damaging evidence toward the institutions of the Senate (SSCI), the DOJ and the FBI. The discussion must first establish a a key distinction:

What we know of the DOJ and FBI events, is entirely different from what the DOJ and FBI have admitted to.

#1) The DOJ and FBI have never officially said, or made a statement about, the FISA Court having sent a copy of the FISA application against Carter Page to the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 17, 2017.   That knowledge has come from our independent research and review of the released parts of the FISA application.

#2) The DOJ and FBI have never said, or made any statement toward, the FISC application being leaked by the Senate Intelligence Committee on March 17, 2017, by SSCI director of security James Wolfe.  That knowledge has come from our independent research and review of the: (a) Wolfe indictment; and (b) the released FISA application.

#3) The DOJ never indicted SSCI Security Director James Wolfe with leaking the FISA application.  Nor did the FBI or DOJ technically ever state within the indictment that Wolfe received, let alone leaked, the FISA application.

Within the Wolfe Indictment, the FBI did describe with some detail the type of document sent to the SSCI and the date therein (March 17, 2017).  It was later, when the FISA application was released (July, 2018), when we could compare the description within the indictment, align dates and pages with the FISA documents, and put those issues together.

The three points above did not come from any admission by the DOJ or FBI, but rather by connecting information that was produced in individual and unrelated releases.

How we gained knowledge is very important and being overlooked/conflated in discussion.

As a consequence of what was never officially released, the DOJ is not “technically” covering-up these issues within the James Wolfe pleading;  rather, the DOJ is simply continuing a process of not revealing information that would be highly damaging to the Senate Intelligence Committee and the FBI/DOJ.

However, accepting the DOJ and FBI have never officially gone on record is also the baseline to understand that James Wolfe cannot be striking a plea deal, accepting a lesser charge, to avoid being charged with a crime he was never indicted for; and the DOJ/FBI have never said existed.

Wolfe was charged with three counts of lying to the FBI. In his agreement Wolfe has plead guilty to one count lying to the FBI.  James Wolfe cannot be striking a plea deal, accepting a lesser charge, to avoid being charged with a crime he was never charged with; and, *more importantly* the DOJ/FBI have never said existed.

If there was a plea in return for cooperation on other indicted persons, James Wolfe would not be sentenced until AFTER all assistance had been given in those other cases, so that if he backed out, the heavier charges could be brought. Additionally, any plea that requires cooperation is spelled out within the plea document that’s filed with the Court. If there’s cooperation the court must be informed so the court can take that into account for sentencing.  None of that is present in THIS PLEA agreement.

The fact the DOJ never charged Wolfe with leaking the FISA application; and the fact the DOJ never even admitted to giving the FISA application to the SSCI; is the baseline for the DOJ and FBI to be covering-up the bigger untold story.

Remember, if it were not for our (and others) independent research we would never know the FISA application was given to the Senate, let alone leaked from within it.  If we were to go by what has officially been stated by the FBI/DOJ, none of this information exists.

Start with point #1 – the DOJ has never admitted to giving the SSCI the FISA application; neither has the Senate ever admitted to receiving the Carter Page FISA application in March 2017; exactly the opposite is true.

When you consider all of the statements from Richard Burr, Mark Warner and the Senate Intelligence Committee members, going back to March/April 2017, the fact the Senate had the application is a massive story unto itself.

Several SSCI senators including Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, Ron Wyden, and especially Mark Warner, made outlandishly false statements about the DOJ and FBI activity surrounding the Russia investigation during the time-frame when no-one even knew the SSCI had custody of -and reviewed- the application.  It is demonstrably true those committee senators were making false statements throughout 2017, and well into 2018; and no-one knew how purposefully false they were because no-one knew they had the FISA documents.  It was a secret kept easily hidden by the nature of the classification.

Even through today, there’s never been a single MSM article written about the Senate having the Carter Page FISA application in 2017; and/or not a single confrontational question to any of the committee members about their statements. So, there’s a typically swampian political motive for the DOJ/FBI to not expose those lying senators.

Secondly – The DOJ has never admitted, or outlined, the SSCI leaked the FISA application to the media.  Nor have any of the recipients (Buzzfeed, Washington Post or New York Times) ever admitted to the possession therein.  Again, that’s a massive story unto itself.

So when I outline how four issues are being intentionally buried by the DOJ and FBI:

(1) the FISC sending the FISA to the SSCI;

(2) the SSCI leaking the FISA;

(3) the media receiving a copy of the FISA; and

(4) Wolfe never being charged with the FISA leak…

…all of that is based on research and dot-connections that are not in open evidence as admissions by the DOJ and FBI.  It would also be intellectually dishonest not to accept that all of that activity took place during the current administration.

The DOJ and FBI have never officially outlined any of the above; and the DOJ/FBI have never been questioned on record to get an admission for any of the above.

The decision to protect the Senate and the institutions of the DOJ and FBI was made long before James Wolfe was indicted in June 2018.   It was likely an outcome of those earlier decisions -to keep this damaging FISA information hidden- that led to James Wolfe never being charged with leaks of classified information.

The “cover-up” per se’, is in the fact(s) the DOJ and FBI have never outlined to the American public that James Wolfe received and leaked the classified FISA application.

The decision not to inform the public, or to outline the truth behind the events, is factual.

That decision is a fact because officials have never made statements outlining what is known by those of us who have done the legwork.  That decision is also hidden by a complicit main-stream media.

The motive behind that decision is open to interpretation; however, the most likely motive for the DOJ and FBI to hide all of this is nothing more than a typically swampy decision to protect the institution of the Senate (SSCI); -and- to protect the integrity of the FISA court; -and- to protect the DOJ and FBI as agencies within the apparatus.

James Wolfe is nothing more than a benefactor of that intent.

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65 Responses to Court Filing: James Wolfe Sentencing Memo Due Tuesday December 11th, 5:00pm…

  1. Leucotheahints says:

    Friend of the Prosecution.
    Herr Muellah also gave Epstien with Lolita xpress light sentence.
    There is nothing in this “Matter” for leverage against The Donald

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    • vikingmom says:

      And the only Epstein angle that the media wants to discuss is that Trump’s Labor Secretary was involved in the decision to give him a sweetheart sentence 10 years ago…with zero curiosity about who might have been directing that decision from higher up.

      Hint, hint – starts with Bill and Hillary and ends with Clinton!

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    • Which makes my point that I have stated here many times. If you don’t have a prosecutor nothing will be done, which is why nothing is being done.

      Sessions recused himself and was unaware/blind to any corruption anywhere at DOJ and FBI. President Trump says Sessions wanted Rosenstein (Google it). That means RR was in charge of it all. Sessions disappeared on anything that mattered regarding corruption and the plot against Trump.

      That is why, I believe, PT did not elevate RR to acting AG. Whitaker is a placeholder and Sessions’ man and will do nothing. Nothing will be done until a new AG is put in place sometime next year.

      I don’t know why RR is a snake and so opposed to PT. I don’t know why Sessions was so weak. But this is why nothing has been done and is not being done. There is no Huber with hundreds of indictments waiting to drop and so on. All that is wishful thinking.

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      • lanahi says:

        I think that Huber might be bringing the other charges. He’s the only prosecutor in the case besides Mueller. His investigations have more to do with the Clinton Foundation but also the FISA stuff. We know he has been meeting with Horowitz and Whitaker and is due to testify in congress this month. That was postponed because of the funeral along with everything else so I don’t know the new date.
        Certainly, RR and Mueller are not going to go into this or anything else that might look bad for the FBI or DOJ, but maybe it hasn’t been mentioned because of Huber’s ongoing investigations. I don’t think Huber is going to spare the FBI or DOJ from embarrassment if it means missing anyone. That doesn’t mean the public will be aware of all of the facts…some things might remain behind doors if they are just minor players.
        What we can’t lose sight of is that everything is so interconnected with everything else. It is a strategical nightmare to even organize it all, but Huber has been at it for a year, along with over 400 of his staff. It might be awhile before they get to Wolfe.
        Those who don’t think anything will be done are ignoring the political suicide that would be for Trump if there are no prosecutions. It simply isn’t possible to do nothing now or to skim over it lightly. There HAS to be major prosecutions soon…they really have no choice even if they don’t want to do it. But I do think Trump wants it done ASAP, and he’ll get what he wants.


        • More Covfefe Please says:

          Thanks for you insightful reply. Why I am negative on Huber is he is an Obama appointee and there is no evidence he is doing anything or has done anything. Mueller doesn’t talk either but there is a trail of destruction we can see that indicates he is doing something. Sessions never took corruption and the deep state seriously. People say he was a part of it but I think he is just naive.


      • Leane Kamari says:

        Pictures /screen play for the plebs – nobody will be exposed (aside from McAbe) and only the average american citizen will pay a price, everybody else gets off scott free,


      • Issy says:

        So glad you said that about huber. I never believed anything would come of that just because jeffie appointed him.


  2. Paco Loco says:

    “Traitors to the left of me, traitors to the right of me”….stuck in the middle with you.

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  3. Over / under- 2 weeks : only fair since that is what they gave Popedoplus for same offense and that balances the books – exchange of pawns ( mucho sarcasm )


  4. MaineCoon says:

    He’ll get the same 14 days as GeorgeP, which explains why GeorgeP only got 14 days.

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  5. anniefannie says:

    Is that O’failure on the table in the middle of the photo? Be just like him to be overseeing this whole debacle and come out clean as a whistle!!


  6. NJF says:

    I’m so disgusted. I don’t know how POTUS stands it.

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  7. Disgusted says:

    Where are the actually powerful criminal investigations and indictments we care about, like Obama, Clinton’s, Holder, Lynch, Lerner and her boss, etc.
    They all attempted and committed real crimes against this country! But, no. All we see anywhere or hear about are the little nobodies like this guy Woods and his girlfriend, Popadoupalus, Page, etc, Not enough. Where is real news of real progress against the actual criminals?

    Liked by 3 people

    • mimbler says:

      Actually, we don’t seen anything really being done even to the little guys, unless they are our guys.

      Page wasn’t even charged IIRC.

      I’d be delighted to start with the little guys. That would discourage this kind of behavior greatly in the future.

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  8. justlizzyp says:

    My money is on time served/ no jail time. He already let the committee know that if anything comes his way he’ll rat them out.

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  9. chooseamerica says:

    If there’s one honest person in government besides our beloved president, will they please shut out the lights so we can close this corrupt government down. We sincerely need to start over with all new blood.


    • Zippy says:

      “If there’s one honest person in government besides our beloved president”

      We’ll see when he chooses to sign or not sign the third instance of a budget he said he’d never again sign – one without funding for real border security.

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  10. Nigella says:

    I foresee a slap on the wrist


  11. GenEarly says:

    I just love these instances of bi-partisan criminal coverups from the DC swampsters. Living under a corrupt oligarchy here in the USSA reminds one of the good old days in Stalingrad.

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    • Deplorable_Infidel says:

      “the good old days in Stalingrad.”

      I am not a Beatles fan, but I know they did this:

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      • GenEarly says:

        In reply to my post and unfortunately most responses to this criminal non-subterfuge by the Feral Dept of InJustice:
        “… something slowly dawned: Most of the posts are slyly ironic, trying to point out the endless dishonesty and hypocrisy of the left. It seems the goal is to score rhetorical points of some sort or another.
        And I realized I found this sort of thing profoundly boring and, well, irrelevant. Why?
        Because we are well past that sort of thing being useful in opposing the left. Anybody who has been paying attention knows that of course the left lies constantly, that hypocrisy is bald-faced and ignored beyond its usefulness as a tool against non-leftists, and that irony is about as effective against them as whispering “Please, stop” to a gang of rapists.
        At this point I’m uncertain when, or if, the resistant to the leftist takeover becomes more concrete, but I am quite certain that sarcasm and irony won’t be the weapons that stop them. ”

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    • Mark L. says:

      The only difference is that we do know what was going on. An attempted coup of an elected President. The political apparatus and MSM pretend to look away, while shacking the puppet and lying to our faces. We have waited more than a year for this twilight zone government to right itself. Time is slipping away I fear.

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  12. f.fernandez says:

    He cooperated. Once he knew he wouldn’t be bedding the prosti-reporter, he rolled on the network.

    Climb down off the ledge.


  13. It appears the next honest AG can charge Wolfe with leaking the classified documents. Correct? If so, lets get one! I’d pay big bucks (half of my social security check) to see Warner in CUFFS.

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    • mimbler says:

      I might be wrong, but I don’t think so. I thought when they pled to a lesser charge the greater charges went away.

      But, perhaps a future AG can overturn that? I really don’t know. But I would bet, that “it just isn’t done”.


      • GrandpaM says:

        I’m wondering since he was charged just with lying to the fbi, if he could be charged later with leaking classified info. May be a lurking lawyer can answer this.

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        • Doppler says:

          I think the plea deal can by agreement preclude related charges, or charges arising out of certain activities, or before or after a certain date. Lawyers can craft many different things, and do not like flat rules that supposedly cover everything without nuance.


        • I read somewhere (forgot) that the other charges were dropped. I hope that is wrong but it fits with the corrupt RR and DOJ we have. This is frustrating.


      • MILupper says:

        He could be charged I believe. The 3 original counts were all lying about his contacts with the reporter concubine. Leaking classified material is a separate crime.
        Has his security clearance been pulled? Never saw that it had.

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      • lanahi says:

        The greater charges don’t just go away unless that’s specifically a part of the plea deal. Mueller might do that but I’m not sure that Huber has to go along with it.

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  14. Elwood says:

    FISA cuts both ways. I’m sure if there WAS an open FISA investigation(s) that was being run by the good guys it would be all over the news. NOT!

    Is there an open FISA on Imran Awan?
    Is there an open FISA on John Brennan, et al?
    Is there an open FISA on Uranium One?

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  15. Merkin Muffy says:

    The Rosenstein DOJ will ask for the maximum: A slap on both wrists, not just one.


  16. Bogeyfree says:

    What I don’t get is why Whitaker can’t jump in and say, I’d like to double check the prior investigative work before we proceed, as I smell a rat.

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    • mimbler says:

      What Whitaker can do, and what he will do, might be totally differen things.

      While, I can’t know what he’s doing, of course; I certainly haven’t seen any activity attributed to him, and since he was Session’s rh man, he shouldn’t need any time to come up to speed.

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  17. twingirls (@twingirls49) says:

    I think it’s time for our “yellow vests”!

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  18. Greg says:

    The Swamp is laughing knowing they are going to come out of this richer and wiser.
    The people who need to see reports like this never will. They banned me on twitter 2 days before the election, I have a new twitter but tweets just seem to fall off a cliff, no feedback at all. I’ll tweet this but I’m pretty sure no one will see it.


    • GB Bari says:

      Sounds like you’ve been “shadow banned” by the Leftists at Twaddle. You can see your tweets but only your approved friends/followers can see them; no one else can.

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  19. Zippy says:

    “The decision to protect the Senate and the institutions of the DOJ and FBI was made long before James Wolfe was indicted in June 2018.”

    The decision by whom? If the answer is, as I suspect, the guilty parties then who watches the watchmen? Answer – apparently no one. And PDJT doesn’t know this or knows it and just allows it to happen?

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  20. Doug says:

    So why bust him in the fisrt place????


    • mimbler says:

      I think they had to make some token efforts on the big guys/gals where their crimes were already in the newspapers. If nothing else, than to inoculate them from real prosecution like they did with Hilliary and her crowd.


      • All Too Much says:

        The arrest, and ultimate connections drawn from the to 82, maybe 83, texts Wolfe sent to his NYT report girlfriend, gave cabal members a heads up about the state of investigations, inquires, etc.

        DOJ drafted the Wolfe indictment with the details it did, not to charge Wolfe with the larger crime, but to give the cabal notice of what was out there. No other reason make sense, to me.

        Sessions was AG at the time, but who knows what role he played. If any.

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  21. Jim in TN says:

    What about the reporterette that slept with him and who he lied about conversing with? If he never committed a crime of leaking to her, why should he be punished for lying to them about talking to her?

    Just trying to come up with a reason why they are going to let him off easily. Especially since he was blackmailing them if they don’t.

    They are breaking the law.
    He broke the law.
    He lied as they investigated his law breaking.
    They charged him with lying but not with lawbreaking.
    He threatened revealing their lawbreaking.
    Now they need a reason to go easy on him.
    But since they didn’t charge lawbreaking, they can’t plea cooperation.
    So what is left?
    Time to look magnanimous and not punish lies that only existed because of prosecution.
    Takes away primary complaint of their victims,
    While rubbing the salt in deeper.


  22. chojun says:

    Is there ANY possibility or evidence of any possibility that Wolfe is cooperating in any investigation?


  23. Doug says:

    I just re-read the original 3 count indictment. It is OUTRAGEOUS beyond words he is being allowed to plea to only 1 count of lying when it is acknowledged he had long term, extensive contatcs with reporters AND that passed classified information.

    “The Rule of Law” is a cruel joke.

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  24. alliwantissometruth says:

    Well the AG will do something about thi….
    Oh wait, we haven’t had a real AG in decades. As a matter of fact, that office seems to have turned into a sleep clinic these past few years

    Yeah, well the House can…
    Oh wait, the House is not only steeped in Deep State corruption, the democrats take over in less than a month

    But hey, the Senate will set things straigh…
    Oh wait a minute, it too is filled with corrupt Deep State criminals

    Well, that leaves our honorable judiciary system, they can…
    Oh darn, that system is filled with corrupt activist judges controlled by the Deep State too

    Government is NOT going to fix the government. That’s totally obvious. It’s been rigged from top to bottom for decades

    The fix needs to come from outside the government, but with half the people being brainwashed nitwits and sheep, I have no idea where that fix will come from


  25. Anonymous says:

    This is why I disagreed with renewing the FISA law. We should have let it expire like Rand Paul said. Trump and Nunes should have doubled down and just gotten rid of it. The whole security state is prone to spying on Americans and wrecking our freedom. You can’t put a bandaid on it. You need to cut the cord.


  26. Zorro says:

    Drinks on Ali Watkins after work tomorrow.


  27. Hebo Sabe says:

    Sundance is more of an eclipse.


  28. jus wundrin says:

    The pic SD posted at the bottom of the article is apt for the times we live in. How soon will it be until the modern romans start throwing the Christians, and other nonconformists to the lions?


  29. WES says:

    If FISA is being covered up then chief justice Roberts has to be directly involved? Asking for no one.

    Liked by 3 people

  30. Republicanvet91 says:

    I suspect the previous sentencing memos for Flynn, et. al., were pushed to the media, with emphasis on lying to the FIB/Congress and low sentencing also emphasized so nobody will be surprised when Wolfe is also let off with a light sentence.

    Maybe a fine with minimal jail time. And ZERO mention of what he did in the media.


  31. mtk says:

    Been following and reading closely Sundance’s blogs on the issue James Wolfe indictment.

    I believe I understand SD’s talking points quite well. They are very well articulated.

    That said.
    Maybe the insight that should be added to Sundance’s inquiry is when it comes to the date redactions in the FISA. The issue for these date redactions might be something along lines that have not been articulated. I am going to attempt to outline my thinking.

    The first observational is the date redactions may well have been made to obscure the dates within the actual application to the dates of the FISA as leaked by Wolfe. Yes, I am saying Wolfe modified the FISA that he leaked, or was told to do so. Why do I believe this?

    When considerating the value of the leak to the media, it served the ‘insurance policy’ gang’s ploy of stoking the MSM that had just recently bought into the Steele dossier narrative with the leak now providing hard evidence the FBI had enough warrented suspicions to seek a FISA. In return, armed with the FISA the MSM given its vested water carrying role for everything HRC, was now all in.

    The only problem is the dates in the actual application may have had a glaring problem, so the dates needed to be changed before the leak, and may be the reason for the date redactions as to not highlight this issue within FISA.

    The problem with the dates, may very well show, that the FISA processors missed filing dead lines as stipulated by the statues that govern the FISC, and that all the same the FISA was still approved.

    If my reading of the FISC statues is correct, the FBI is premitted to start actual surveillance and employ the full intelligence gathering capacities of the State without a FISA warrent provided that the FISC is notified.
    That starts a clock ticking, in which time the FISA must be approved, once approved all the past surveilance becomes legal.
    If memory serves me correctly, the FISA was not aproved, and a new clock started ticking, the clock with the FISC statutes that allow the government to admend and address the concerns of the FISC(I believe it is ten days).

    This is where Peter Strokz’s college buddy on the FISC enters the picture, and had him approve the FISA, even through A.) it missed the deadline imposed by the FISC statute and B.) did not have Yates sign off on it(more on this later).

    This observation may explains why Coultier’s 99 page review of the FISA a few months later was shortly followed by Peter being removed from Mueller’s team(besides the text messaging) and the approving FISC judge being recused from the process.

    (There is more to come)(Will continue to post under this thread through out the weekend)

    Will be expanding my thinking on subject to include Sundance’s inquiry on adverse leaks within the DoJ food chain observations. The frienemy quandary he has cited numerous times.

    Liked by 1 person

  32. WILLIAM ELBEL says:

    How can those incompetent boobs at the FBI continue to get away with one count of lying when someone is expected to remember past commentary exactly?



  33. Gary Ingle says:

    Let me guess, 5 days hard time with a cellphone in the lockdown cell? I bet Warner calls him first in the cell and mentions arkancide for bad behavior…


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