John Solomon Discusses Latest Spygate Developments With Sean Hannity…

John Solomon appears on Fox News Tick-Tock to discuss the latest breaking tick-tock developments deep inside the spygate story.   The bombshell discovery lies within a chain of emails, prior to the FISA application against Carter Page, that includes DOJ and FBI officials discussing the lack of substantiation for the warrant request. [Story Here]

Additionally, Solomon outlines his sources telling him the reasons for President Trump to delay any involvement within the declassification process.  Meaning the sources for Solomon are the same voices advising the President. [Key pointWatch:


Wait.. A.. Minute.. James Comey is scheduled to appear on Friday right?  Now ask yourself: why would the people feeding information to Solomon want him to push this story into the media bloodstream ahead of that testimony?  Wouldn’t earnest investigators prefer to question Comey about these emails without him having time to prepare?….

Think about it.

Perhaps HERE’S The Reason

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229 Responses to John Solomon Discusses Latest Spygate Developments With Sean Hannity…

  1. E.jay Miller says:

    These criminal conspirators have no need for hints and telegraphing intent or moves through tricky leaks to the media. Do you really imagine that they are all sitting in isolation? Of course they meet and discuss their plight, their options, their feints, their public statements, their secrets, their plans, their moves, and their efforts to deceive–just like they always did, just like the pols and the other deep state actors do–face to face and off the record. The amount of orchestration and scripting is off the charts, truth be known, just like it was before Trump announced.
    I’m betting their email and texting traffic is minimal and down to:
    “can we meet for breakfast at that place we went that one time after we went to see that movie at that other theater last week?”
    The Question is; “is Whitaker, or Huber, or any of ‘the fine and hardworking agents that make up the bulk of the FBI’ (we used to hear about so often) actually doing a GD thing about any of it? Is there even ONE WHITE HAT working in DC for the preservation of The Rule of Law? Why isn’t the great Joe DiGenova already announced as the Next Attorney General? Anyone? Anyone?

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    • James Carpenter says:

      Yes, I’m beginning to hear voices in the back of my mind…
      “Bueller?, Bueller?, Bueller?”

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    • Zippy says:

      ” Is there even ONE WHITE HAT working in DC for the preservation of The Rule of Law?”

      My informed guess would be, “No.”

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    • formerdem says:

      maybe I am a weakling but I think it is tougher than that. For most people, their best approximation to listening to the voice of the electorate is indeed listening to their bosses, whose bosses were appointed by the President. It is not so easy to discern the voice of the electorate in opposition to that. The facts available to each person are probably not so very very clear, as to enable overcoming that. Absent such unlikely clarity, most people are indeed supposed to hear the voice of the electorate in the directions that come from POTUS’ appointees, even the doofy ones. It is the right way, and every person choosing his or her own way…. you may be impatient and wish they would but I don’t think you have really thought that all the way through. No I do not.


    • Don L says:

      They probably meet daily on that tarmac at the well-hidden Phoenix airport, I’ll just betcha.


    • Marsha Frey says:

      As always, after all is said and done – more is said than done. Where I once had faith it has been replaced with doubt. Where I once had hope, it has been replaced with unbelief. The only individual I have any confidence in is Donald J. Trump and in most instances he is limited in what he can do.


    • There is another possibility, a “barium meal” Solomon is a known “source” for those in the WH. Everything doesn’t always have to be as negative as it appears. We are in the END game here. Moves, and counter moves. NOTHING is as it seems IMHO. Subterfuge on BOTH sides, who holds the high card? That’s right POTUS.

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    • Ummm … trust the plan?

      Remember how PDJT publicly complained about Jeff Sessions and everyone said it was just theater, to give Stealth Jeff room to maneuver and force the opposition to close ranks around him so when he finally springs the trap on the Deep State his integrity and independence will be unassailable?.

      Now that President Trump has FIRED Jeff Sessions, he’s ever more independent and unassailable, and integrity-ier! Man, this is gonna be great! And he passed the torch to Rosenstein, who takes over the tens of thousands of sealed indictments. /sarc


  2. coolmamie says:

    This has been a very interesting conversation, but regardless of the various motives and schemes discussed, there is an underlying TRUE STORY here. There is a set of facts, largely documented, and it is only because of Trump that there is a probability that the whole truth will come out when he thinks the time is right.

    Common sense tells me there has to be division in the ranks . Mostly black hats, I have no doubt, but some white hats have to be there too. That simply stands to reason. I also buy the argument from Q (and I am a huge Q skeptic) that the election of Trump was the first time in years that white hats felt there was an environment in which they had any chance of exposing the deep state they live within, without paying a dear price.

    If I were a white hat in the FBI, I would leak to FOX because it would have its greatest impact there. The Devin Nunes/Fox News connection is the only reason this sordid story has seen the light of day.

    These people (Comey, Clapper, Brennan, et. al.) created a cluster—k by doing business as usual under the expectation Hillary would win. I do not think there has been any perfectly executed master plan on the part of the deep state since then. Strangely, I think it is the Mueller probe that will be their ultimate undoing. Sans the SC, they would certainly have gotten away with it.

    The whole thing is an illogical, though fascinating mess. It is fun to hypothesize, but there is no way that there is a Master Plan of any kind in effect here.

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    • cali says:

      @coolmamie: ^^^^^^^^^This!

      This leak is intentional for maximum infliction of Comey angst as his sh$t is about to hitthe fan. These questions will serve as a conduit to cut into the heart of this matter about the muh Russia conspiracy against the president.

      I always remember Pelosi’s C-SPAN appearance explaining the lefts ‘wrap up smear” which is an agenda by the dems that has been successfully applied time and time again.

      They so here in this case as these emails describe in detail how the first FISA docs were used as sourced after Steele feeding his info to Yahoo news.
      Each and every time they re-applied at the FISA court – four times to be exact – they added more bogus sources to achieve continued spying via the FISA court.

      All the fake media agents involved in publishing leaks as fact based stories they were added to the required FISA renewals despite all coming from one or two sources: Steele, McCabe and Comey. Even Strzok got into the act during his Crossfire as their favorite news agents published the leaked stories which then were food for the Hussein/HRC writ large colossus of DOJ and FBI/CIA.

      Despite all that after they ‘thought she would never lose” and she did lost they had to go into overdrive to cover their tracks and their treasonous activities. They were also sloppy in the process.

      Here we are as selected sources are given first hand accurate facts from behind the scene white hats. Solomon is one such trusted and selected source.

      This is the sunlight they believed would never shine on their treachery. Dark to light is good and despite their hiding behind redactions to keep their crimes from wandering into the public view it appears we are witnessing the rapid fire coming down on them all BEFORE the new congress is seated.

      Comey is sweating bullets and by golly that narcissists needs his balls busted for a very long time. Comeuppance will be his diet for times to come as he will learn that his sealed indictment for the military tribunal on 1 January 2019 is ripe for release.

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    • “Sans the SC, they would certainly have gotten away with it.”

      Exactly,. PDJT signaled as much when he extended the olive branch to Hillary Clinton. But the dummies couldn’t take yes for an answer, and just had to keep digging.

      In hindsight, as horrible a misstep giving Hillary Clinton a pass was thought to be at the time it was much, much worse.


  3. Sandra-VA says:

    I am in disagreement that Solomon and Carter are being fed leaks by the Coup Plotters. They are getting it from those that are trying to thwart the conspiracy.

    If you pay attention closely, you can figure out who is doing the leaking… and I am not going to say who it is in case they get stopped (as they were for some months when this all began).

    Solomon and Carter are on our side. I don’t understand why we are being dissuaded of this notion.

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    • lawton says:

      Has there ever been any good guesses on who specifically is giving them this info?


    • Sandra,
      I agree with you, but it is certainly possible that the coup plotters will take advantage of any release of information to further contrive their defense (and to ensure their stories “match” as much as possible).
      While I was young during Watergate, the one similarity was that news was fed piecemeal to the public by WP and Woodward/Bernstein. I suspect that the stories lagged what the reporters knew. And Mark Felt was not who I would have named as potential leaker.

      Gradual leaks do help bring the public along and also diminish the shock attendant to learning about such massive law breaking from within the government. But it is tough to move the public as I suspect many have tuned out already–having concluded that there was no collusion and that there was corruption. Many don’t see how serious these crimes are, imho.


  4. Interesting. Dan Bongino has said it many times that he believes Solomon knows the entire story and is slowly feeding it to the public. Dan Bongino himself seems to know the entire story and has already released a book, SpyGate, which many details are coming to light in recent days that are apparently already in his book.

    I am curious how Bongino will react to this post being that he does contribute to FNC, as well. We know he reads here regularly. (HI DAN! 😎 )

    I believe there is a system of various ways of informing the public of the mass corruption. People consume media differently from person to person and at different rates—so to inform as many individuals as possible, you have to feed the information through assorted methods at targeted paces.

    That is why I also do not believe Q is a LARP—in fact, the phenomena has gone international and spreading throughout Europe—even here in Germany.

    That said, I also believe these various sources are trying to let us down softly when we find out that only a fraction of the people who should go to jail will actually go to jail. Bongino has said this—I also remember it being in discussion here many months ago—if you start arresting and prosecuting a bunch of DOJ and FBI agents, any case they were involved in prosecuting becomes tainted. Meaning potentially thousands of criminals are set free. Heck, even Q made mention of that towards the beginning, saying we should be lucky if we get 60% of what we want.

    Regardless, we face a Constitutional crisis.

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    • Zippy says:

      “if you start arresting and prosecuting a bunch of DOJ and FBI agents, any case they were involved in prosecuting becomes tainted.”

      I’ve made that point before. However, the situation is much worse than that since the HIGHEST levels of major fedgov agencies were involved in this case which doesn’t put into doubt just the cases involving individual agents, it puts into doubt everything the agencies have ever done, ESPECIALLY any cases involving secret evidence.

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      • Excellent point. I think it may even be the main sticking point preventing even the President from blowing this thing wide open.

        What it will ultimately boil down to is finding a way to stop the bleeding corruption and preventing it in the future without sending all of the criminals to prison—at the same time preventing the masses not to rise up in violent protest BECAUSE the bad guys are not going to prison.

        It is a very jagged bitter pill to swallow. Personally, I would blow the whole thing up and start from scratch. I doubt that will happen.

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    • lurker says:

      That is why I also do not believe Q is a LARP—in fact, the phenomena has gone international and spreading throughout Europe—even here in Germany.

      A lot of people read and believe in horoscopes too.

      Near a friend’s house there’s a psychic business in a nice building on a nice street. Must have a lot paying customers. I wouldn’t set foot in that place, it would be less wasteful to just toss money up in the air and let random people catch it.

      You need to keep track of Q’s accuracy. Someone here the other day claimed that Q predicted McCain’s death. But upon looking at the Q comment it actually had nothing to do with McCain’s death and everything to do with him being involved in spygate. Do not ignore facts when they are staring you in the face. Do not suspend logic and reason because you want something to be true.

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      • I knew somebody was going to make this argument.

        I think you miss the point. Leave the predictions aside—NOBODY has a 100% track record—NOBODY.

        However, the main body of information being shared by not only Q—but the FOLLOWERS—is accurate. The Truth about the corruption is being spread to potentially millions who would have otherwise not have a clue<<<THAT is the point.

        It is about the world wide discussion.

        Furthermore, many of the arguments claiming to debunk Q have also turned out to be bogus when looked at closely—many disparaging Q are themselves full of BS.

        I already know the arguments made against Q…I do not need to hear them repeated. I mentioned Q as part of spreading the word about the corruption…THAT part is as ACCURATE as anybody…even if the information is first discovered and discussed in places like CTH.

        Until, it all comes out—if it ever does—much of what many of us believe we know is nothing more than educated SPECULATION.

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      • Furthermore, the first line of your reply and the entire 2nd paragraph are not an argument. No substance and condescending. Something you might expect from a lefty.


      • formerdem says:

        Q calls the President a liar, albeit very sweetly and with protestations of support and claiming to believe these lies are clever and patriotic. This is why I denounce Q as often as the site will allow me to. POTUS is not a liar and does not deliberately affect opinions he does not believe. Q says he does. Down with Q. Down with Q.


      • All Q does is take known facts, and educated guesses based on those facts, and puts them out in riddle form. Pretty much what Sundance does, but with much more dramatic flair and with a heavy dose of fantasy and speculation.

        Ignore Q.


    • Don L says:

      The cure to the problem; (bad high level cops not prosecuted only because they worked on sending a lot of bad guys to jail themselves), is to make any anti-constitutional (seeking to overthrow an election) lawbreaking at these high levels encoded as treason, with the death penalty as a possibility. Isn’t our nation worth saving? Some skate and it merely opens such action as a lottery.

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  5. Summer says:

    Both Solomon and Carter have been doing a fantastic job uncovering the story and explaining the details to the public. That’s what real investigative journalists are supposed to do. They go where the story leads regardless of political ramifications. I can respect that.

    Real journalists should report facts whenever they get hold of them.

    Now, about the motives…
    Do you believe that Comey could be caught lying about his involvement if the info about the email chain was withheld from the public? Wouldn’t he know about the existence of these (and probably many more) emails in the first place?

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  6. jameswlee2014 says:

    The Russians have a saying for the attempt to extricate oneself from a blatant offense; ‘getting out of the water dry.’ Look, it doesn’t make any difference how the story gets reported. The people who did the crimes know who they are. I The guilty are quite aware of their culpability. Sundance has figured it out in detail, Fox has let everyone know it happened. I don’t care about the motivations of either, because were it not for them I wouldn’t know that this ever happened and their evil deeds would have remained unseen in the darkness. I think the work that BOTH the Fox crew and Sundance have done is priceless and we are in their debt.

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  7. trumpmemesandreams says:

    “why would the people feeding information to Solomon want him to push this story into the media bloodstream ahead of that testimony?”

    It puts Comey on the defensive and allows for new avenues to questioning.
    1) It forces Comey to potentially make contradictory statements, or clam up entirely.
    2) Ask yourself: would you rather have sanctimonious lecturing Comey who controls the entire narrative, or Comey dissembling to defend actions and decisions?
    3) Republicans can be dismissed as “crazy conspiracy theorists” — so by having information put into the public and media consciousness it lends some acceptance to it ahead of time. Not just “Oh there goes Nunes again…”

    Don’t think for a second that Comey and the Deep State don’t have their tentacles into everything and already know the line of questioning and where investigators have been looking. They do, these are overall some very clever cookies and they infiltrate everything. Leaks of their misdoings apply public pressure. Yes, leaks tip some knowledge of what’s going on within the Team Trump investigation, yes, but it puts strain onto (and sows doubt amongst) some of those who have acted in illicit ways.

    Who’s going to flip? Who has information that we don’t want out? Who is cooperating? Am I going to jail?

    Look at it another way: Why does Mueller et al. do what they do regarding questioning, selective leaks of testimony, or immaculately worded (and redacted) statements (eg Flynn most recently)?

    Pure intimidation.

    Many of these sorts of leaks are the same thing, but in reverse, from Team Trump. It’s a big fat red sign that says “We Know. This Is Not Going Away.” to the Deep Staters. That’s aside from whatever sort of tactical benefit leaks may have in exposing prior false or misleading statements, or causing others to have to change narratives (ie, lie more) mid-stream.

    Considering the entire establishment has been aligned against Trump from before day one, I think we’re rounding the bend on things. It’s increasingly obvious there’s documented proof of illegal actions. We need a full-time AG, and Rosenstein out. Nothing big will happen until that’s in place, and until the IG report and Huber hit.

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  8. Donna in Oregon says:

    This is exactly why we do our own research. There is no perfect crime, the Swamp always makes mistakes.

    Our job is to catch them.


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  9. NedZeppelin says:

    It occurs to me that the 2 predicates for a successful criminal case are (a) evidence and (b) someone who wants to prosecute. In Mueller, we lack the first but have the second in spades. In our normal world, crimes occur, evidence is found, and the crimes are prosecuted, and since that happens to be the common usual experience, we never think about the second part of the equation, the presence of a “will to prosecute.” It is always there, right? But once the huge gravitational forces of money and power take over, the will to prosecute turns out to be not an irresistible force at all, but one which can easily be deflected away. It appears, there is no “duty to prosecute” – the decision to do so is, at its root, an entirely political decision. But does the willful failure to do so constitute obstruction of justice (which we normally characterize with actions, not failures to act.)

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  10. johneb18 says:

    They have Comey dead-to-rights. It doesn’t MATTER that Comey knows that we and Congress know about this email conversation. It will be fun to see what he comes up with as a defense with some time, though video of seeing him gulp and grab a glass of water when blindsided by it would have been fun, as well.

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  11. Donna in Oregon says:

    I’ve always thought the Spygate evidence leaker was Dan Coates.

    I have never believed that the DOJ Inspector General and his staff is/was worthwhile.

    Because: Dan Coates released the FISA Memorandum of May 2017. It is the most substantial evidence of wrongdoing by the DOJ/FBI ever presented. Granted, it’s blacked out everywhere… everything else the Swamp does. But it is the nexus of Spygate.

    Dan Coates is connected, he is part of that DOJ/FBI/NSA system. I think he likes to frustrate the Swamp efforts but doesn’t want to destroy his beloved institution(s).


  12. f.fernandez says:

    There is good reason to let this leak prior to Comey’s testimony. At worst, he lies thereby perjuring himself or pleads the fifth. At best, he assumes the truth is known and then spills his guts to corroborate the story of the email chain.

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  13. jackbeowulf says:

    fyi.. its all a dog and pony show. RINOs want an excuse for a smoking gun to get rid of Trump/Pain. if they create enough crap, the rinos will vote YES.


  14. Bth says:

    Comments on this thread the best I’ve read in a while.

    We are all frustrated and hoping the worm will turn. I, for one, believe it will be when Mueller issues his report. Hard to believe Whitaker will let him stretch this out indefinitely.

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  15. CubanBelicoso says:

    One email trail is leaked and Comey is part of it!!! Big deal…

    Where is the communication (email, texts, meeting Notes’s) between:
    Comey/McCabe, Brendan, Clapper, Lynch/Yates, BHO,
    …AND their puppet masters?

    We should remember to keep the inquiries at the TOP level. The Deep State is not Peter Strozk or Lisa Page. These little guys are just Useful Idiots.


  16. Bombshells and bombshells, each one more explosive than the last! Wow! So now we have enough evidence to convict everyone involved in SpyGate 11 times over! Before that, we only had enough to convict them 10 times over!

    YAWN. Wake me up when something happens other than blog posts, Tweet storms, and YouTube videos.


  17. BTW – leaking damaging info ahead of the big reveal is a form of damage control. No matter what it is or how bad, a controlled release always softens the blow and gives the flaks time to spin.


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