Chief Justice Roberts Criticizes POTUS, Defends 9th Circuit – Trump Responds 79% of Decisions Overturned…

On Tuesday President Trump was questioned about Federal Judge Jon Tigar in San Francisco issuing a temporary restraining order against the administration.  The Tigar decision allows those who cross the border illegally to request asylum. The president responded: “this was an Obama judge, and I’ll tell you what, it’s not going to happen like this anymore.”

The activist asylum ruling comes as more than six thousand Central Americans, are currently located in Tijuana Mexico, with an equal or higher number to follow, all trying to force their way into the U.S.  However, apparently the frustrated response by President Trump triggered Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts:

(NY Post)  Chief Justice John Roberts on Wednesday rebuked President Trump’s scathing criticism of the federal judiciary — praising the longstanding American tradition of judicial independence.

Roberts specifically pushed back against Trump’s description of a judge who ruled against his new hardline migrant asylum policy as an “Obama judge.”  Roberts said Wednesday the US doesn’t have “Obama judges or Trump judges, Bush judges or Clinton judges.”  (read more)

Now at this point, and using historic references, pontificating Justice Roberts would think that’s the end of the issue.

Boy was he wrong…

This is the era of Trump.

In the era of Trump, the Marques-of-Queensbury rule book is nothing more than a high-brow coffee table paperweight.  Within this battle, if you use your official position to step-foot into the political public policy arena,… well, as Mike Tyson said: everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face….  And so it goes.

Here we go….

The jukebox goes silent, and POTUS Trump locks the door.

Driving the left-wing media and #NeverTrump coalition to their fainting couches, President Trump didn’t hesitate to fight back with some factual statistics to support his  continued frustration with the ninth circuit justices.


This Thanksgiving CTH is thankful for the era of Trump.

Finally someone is fighting back against the knuckleheaded stupidity from DC.


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333 Responses to Chief Justice Roberts Criticizes POTUS, Defends 9th Circuit – Trump Responds 79% of Decisions Overturned…

  1. Robart never Trump that we know, But He is OUR President whither you like or not Robart,
    I never like Him anyway,

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  2. Bonitabaycane says:

    Roberts is a coward, a liar, a hypocrite, and a traitor.

    He full well knows that judicial activism, based on political philosophy from the Left, is reality.

    His deciding vote, ignoring the Constitution, and disregarding judicial restraint, gave us Obama Death Care. Where was his “judicial independence” as he rewrote the law, bowing to public and personal pressures? Even Justice Kennedy strongly opposed the individual mandate as violative of the Constitution.

    Roberts could have spoken up for “due process” during the Kavanaugh Hearings but chose to hide behind his robes rather than rebuke the unconscionable conduct of any Democrats.

    And to date he has not rebuked any FISA judges, who he has appointed and supervises, for violating the Civil Rights of American citizens.

    Instead of rebuking our VSGPDJT, who is protecting American citizens against unlawful invasions into our Country, Roberts should rebuke the judges in the 9th Circus who undermine the Constitution through their far Left Judicial activisim, and are making our Country unsafe.

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    • “It’s unethical, unAmerican and unambiguous to speak ill of Judge Reinhold.”

      – Chief Justice Algonquin J Roberts


    • Roberts exposed himself to be exactly what we thought he was after that ridiculous ruling he made about Obamacare. You know, the one that he ruled was a “TAX”? Now that he has come out and criticized the President on this issue, that the President is absolutely right on, we NOW have all the proof we need to prove just where he(Roberts) has his loyalties. He cannot be trusted from this point on for any reason to give a reasonable ruling.

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  3. Litlbit2 says:

    I can not understand how people in respected positions can not wait to get to a mic and profess they are bought and paid for by evil people with a agenda. An agenda that can not be sold, promoted or believed by free thinking folks that have moral values, taught by caring parents in a nation(USA)believing in the power from above.

    Mr. Roberts opinions were tainted ever since Obama called in his marker and Roberts chose to re-write a law and become god-like for passage to control 4/5 of the American economy. Then to once again open for the world to see decided he could also decide border safety for again all Americans! Roberts is not a Chief Justice rather a paid for mouthpiece for his owners, collecting taxpayer funds thinking he is important.

    Mr. Roberts, seek mental health, also have a adult explain the story about the bucket full of water and your finger.

    Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Roberts as the American Taxpayers will more than likely continue paying you, your salary for a job way over your ability.

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  4. Longknife21 says:

    We need to have some function of Judicial Review by SCOTUS. Any Judge hitting 5% overturn rate on Constitutional issues gets a warning, and 10% gets automatically relieved and replaced. And that should be reduced on basic Constitutional issues to 2% for warning, and 4% for expulsion over time. A 79% overturn rate is so ridiculous, it is hard to believe any intelligent court system could EVER get that bad! Nobody in any job, no matter how unimportant, should be allowed any failure rate like that. Some is understandable in skill or diagnosing problems, but these are all based upon bad Judgement!
    A failure rate of 2% on Constitutional Issues should be “Down the road, Karl!” for Judges! They are SUPPOSED to know better.

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  5. I was a California voter inn 1994 when Proposition 187 passed overwhelmingly. If that law had been allowed to stand California and the USA would be a completely different place.
    We voters did not matter, however because the courts got immediately involved, including the 9th Circuit. 5 years later when a Democrat Governor was elected, he stopped the appeals process and the future is now known.
    The Proposition said that no benefits were to be paid to illegal immigrants.
    The voters voted but voters don’t matter. Only Courts matter, in the end.

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  6. George1 says:

    Ain’t that Cute. Roberts still thinks Justice is blind.
    Ha Ha, it is to laugh.


  7. Benson II says:

    Justice Roberts, bought and paid for. The Bush legacy lives on.

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  8. notunderwhelmed says:

    Irish children adopted through a third-party Central American country— hmmmm. Illegal adoption perhaps?
    What does the swamp have on you Chief Justice?


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