Trey Gowdy Discusses Need For James Comey and Loretta Lynch Testimony….

Retiring House Oversight Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy discusses the need to subpoena James Comey, Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates for testimony between the joint Oversight and Judiciary Committee.

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93 Responses to Trey Gowdy Discusses Need For James Comey and Loretta Lynch Testimony….

  1. Sentient says:

    He looks so hip with that stubble. Almost like a non-roosterhead.

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  2. tax2much says:

    Too bad that I don’t trust a single word coming out of him.

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  3. JonB3 says:

    Another disgusting GOP Swamp creature

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  4. Sandra-VA says:

    “At this point, what difference does it make?”

    Seriously, it is too late to do anything about this stuff. Nothing will happen even when they prove all the criminality that transpired, so why should we care any more?

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    • JX says:

      What’s needed is for Whitaker to act.

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      • Max Tadpol says:

        Good point JX. Interim AG Whitaker can be the disrupter by getting Grand Juries and Prosecutions started.

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      • Carrie2 says:

        JX, and the scares the heck of many in Congress as they are a big part of the problem and continue as the 2 parties in 1. Now to remove them after 12/15/18 and start a fresh Congress but again as I have stated before: no more in DC but in their state/city/districts so we can keep an eye on them and they use today’s real time video for business and hence not more than say 1 assistant. This way we know they are not longer taking big money from donors to do what they want altho hired to do what we want, and do the reading and work and not some assistant doing it. Their salaries will be determined by the state and no longer lifetime benefits nor salary increments unless that state allows it. Time for the 2 parties in 1 understand the party is over!

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      • jeans2nd says:

        Please please please, stop putting your hopes in Whitaker. Please. Just stop.

        Watch AAG Whitaker, watch what AAG Whitaker does. Listen to AAG Whitaker’s words.
        This writer has done both, watched and listened. AAG Whitaker is doing exactly what AAG Jeff did. Nothing more. Nothing less. The “Boost LEO Morale” tour continues unabated. Attaboys given to all participants.

        Nothing has changed. Nothing will change. imo
        Praying though, for Mr AAG Whitaker to prove me incorrect.

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  5. RobInPA says:

    Trey is talking?!

    The only sound I hear is .

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  6. GB Bari says:

    Trey is certainly an accomplished Swampist. He speaks so directly and assertively. It’s a shame his actions – weak and almost nonexistent – don’t seem to follow his words.

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    • madeline says:

      Why is he retiring…?


      • huecowacko says:

        He either sensed that his constituency was catching on to him, or he’s an innate never-Trumper. The latter is why most of the 40+ GOP MCs retired.

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        • Lindenlee says:

          I have not checked this out, but I heard that Republicans, ever the noble ones, get term-limited out of their committee seats, while Dims don’t. I heard/read that many of those retiring had reached their limits, and could no more wield the power, AND COLLECT THE LOBBYIST CASH, of a committee head. And thry could not bear to return to the lowly status as just a representative of their constituents.

          Much too little money and prestige for their exalted selves.


      • GB Bari says:

        He says in the interview he will be doing something “exciting” in South Carolina. Whatever that is…?


  7. rashomon says:

    Trey? Bye, bye, bye.

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  8. magatrump says:

    Notice the purple tie.

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  9. trapper says:

    Pre-election. Post-election. See the difference? When these guys get talking I instinctively check to see if my wallet is still there. They’re always trying to lift it and leave comprehensive immigration reform in its place.

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  10. Uncle zeb says:

    Guess he wants to optimize his face time for the next month.

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  11. Elwood says:

    Gaslight central here now, Sundance. Thanks.

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  12. CAP says:

    all bark no bite

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  13. But, but, but didn’t Hillary have Chris Stevens killed and the Benghazi consulate burned to the ground because stinger missiles? She’s always destroying evidence…it’s her crime spree MO.

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  14. RetiredProsecutor says:

    Serve the subpoenas and stop talking. Witnesses don’t get to negotiate.

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  15. 300 says:

    BWAHHHHH are his lips movin, then you know the rest

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  16. MIKE says:

    This is not the Conservative Treyhouse. We treepers are actually interested in bringing lawbreakers to justice, not just sausage-stuffing them with dressing, and a sprig of parsley.
    Just leave Trey Von Gowdy. Don’t embarrass us anymore. Just go.

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  17. chojun says:

    Sundance your skepticism of Gowdy is right, and has merit, but I also think that his agenda and the President’s agenda have a lot of synergy in terms of the situation at the DOJ.


  18. Sanj says:

    Roosters crow so pleasantly


  19. Gunner says:

    Hey Gowdy — here’s my ‘need’ for the day — you ‘need’ to go away and take your grandstanding with you.

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  20. History Teaches says:

    Appease the base with talk, then stall and retreat when faced with Democrat response. Or when knowing they have the final say. Rinse and repeat. The time tested uniparty playbook.

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  21. Mr. G Q loves him some purple ties, he must have a closet full. Buh bye.

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  22. pnj01 says:

    The Republicans have owned all three houses (Senate, Representatives and White) for the past two years. Yet, after the Election when Gowdy is a lame duck and Ryan is gone, all of a sudden they want to do some real investigation? We have been jobbed. Gowdy and Ryan delivered on a deal with someone. It is evil.

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  23. Nothing in Trey’s bag for Chris Paronto…who’s living and would turn it down.
    Can’t pin a medal on the dead. You want to honor them, Trey? You should have pinned the blame on Hillary when you had the chance. This was truly sickening:

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  24. Piggy says:

    Forgot the (U-DC) for Gowdy.

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  25. CornPicker says:

    Was gay Christopher Stevens a hero killing Christians in Syria? What were all of them doing under obama Hillary ,evil and devil in Libya anyways ? Up to no f ing good that’s what ,and what of all the great stand down hero s of Benghzi ,who were told to do nothing and did nothing, where were they at the 2012 election, silent as church house mice, .Now that Trump made it safe for the stand down hero’s to come out , they come a crawling out the woodwork with books and a movie.And now Gowdy raises his ugly Rooster head who was running cover for a deep state pointing his finger at the low IQ .Remind me to feel sorry for these idiots who were serving under obana,hillz and were left out in the cold.


    • Sandra-VA says:

      Disgusting comment from someone who clearly knows nothing.


      • Jues says:

        He’s referring to the gun-running out of Benghazi organised by Hillary’s State Department into Syria to arm and fund ISIS & Al-Qaeda to overthrow the secular Government of Syria under Assad – which includes many Christians.

        Clinton was intent on the destruction of the secular Syrian nation – and we are still living with the consequences.

        In all the Benghazi hearings when did Gowdy ever raise this illegal gun-running and funding of terrorists organised by Clinton, McCain – and yes – Lindsay Graham.

        That is why you can’t trust Lindsay Graham – he needs to cover his own behind regarding his decrepit venality in relation to the destruction of Syria and lining his pockets along the way along with his buddy McCain.

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    • jeans2nd says:

      You clearly know little or next to nothing. Chris Stevens was not gay. Chris Stevens had a female fiancée. Even were Chris Stevens gay, so what? That means nothing. Chris Stevens was doing what his Sec of State and Commander in Chief asked of him.
      Please lay blame where it belongs.

      Read the Benghazi Brief before you embarrass yourself even more. Start here, and follow the link in the post called “Benghazi Brief.”


    • lin says:

      You have a nasty way about you corn picker.

      Mr. Stevens did what his gov asked him to do. He was also set up to take the fall. His plea for help before this attack was clear and ignored. He was tortured,,,,,,
      ,,,, and raped…………………….. without mercy without mercy.
      Like I said he did what his gov asked him to do.
      You hate paying taxes but you do it anyway right? You do what your gov tells you to do.


  26. Phil aka Felipe says:

    Trey ‘The Mouth From The South’ Gowdy on Trump’s choice for Attorney General: “He can do better than me”.

    You got that one right, goober.

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  27. California Joe says:

    Howdy Gowdy dropping flak and a smoke screen again which is what he does best. Like the Wizard of Oz….all flash and no substance. Let’s see his SLOW pronunciation of EVIDENTIARY as he tries to impress the rubes and hayseeds watching his performance!


  28. MaineCoon says:

    Stuffed shirt. Be glad when he’s gone. When the chips were down, he never produced. Hope he never pops up again in the public view. Be gone. Big mouth. Accomplished nothing.

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  29. E.jay Miller says:

    The Politicians are WORTHLESS.
    We need JOE DIGENOVA to be the Attorney General and take the criminals to court and then to jail.NO PLEA BARGAINS.
    All conservatives hoping to salvage The Rule Of Law in this nation should email, telephone, fax etc The White House and/or The President to respectfully plead for him to nominate Joe DiGenova for permanent Attorney General of the United States ASAP.
    You can leave a message for the VSG Donald J Trump at (202) 456-1111
    You can call the switchboard at (202) 456-1414
    You can email him also go to this website:
    What are you waiting for?

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  30. dogsmaw says:

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    • Anonymous says:

      Hannity is one of the biggest blowhards around. Zero analysis and talks over his guests. Radio host filling up endless air time by repeating things. At this point, people like him are a an active harm to the conservative cause because they waste time.

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      • MAGAbear says:

        Sadly I think you’re correct. Too many of these talking heads care more about keeping their base of listeners filled with red meat than keeping them informed of reality.


      • wendy forward says:

        Tick tock. Or something.


      • Jues says:

        It’s the DOJ that is the problem.

        Hannity shouting from the rooftops is trying to put pressure on the DOJ & FBI to DO SOMETHING.

        Hannity can’t go around prosecuting these criminals in case you haven’t noticed. Hannity’s job is to build pressure on the DOJ to do their job.

        He doesn’t get much help with this tbh.


    • cwf60 says:

      They will refuse to attend just like many before them with no consequences. There will not be a day of reckoning in my humble opinion. Time is running out.


  31. All horse and no cattle Gowdy.


  32. lydia00 says:

    Looks like a last minute face saving tactic. They know it does nothing. They don’t care. Big mistake listening to Paul Ryan.


  33. Melski says:

    Joe DiGenova forgot to mention Gowdy’s name when he was roasting the other do-nothing-Republicans. Gowdy is the worst of the worst. All talk no action. Glad he will be gone.


  34. Doug Amos says:

    Oh boy; that will scare them. Enfeebled, posturing Rinos; endless!


  35. JonS says:

    Good riddance to the lame rooster head. I refuse to watch or listen to him. He isa traitor to us all


  36. Rose says:

    We have a saying in cow country, he’s useless as tits on a bull. He plays smart lawyer before the camera then reverts back to deep state Rino. He’s finished nothing he’s started.


    • lin says:

      Yeah like those ‘questions’ he asked the hilary? such kindergarten games he played. I knew it then…and thought ” another bag over our heads. Another looser swamphole. Another swamp frog.


  37. David Vicknair says:

    Big talk now, Gowdy, because you know they will refuse and Goodlatte and company will simply slink back into the shadows like the feckless mongrels they are. We’ve been punked by the Rinoplicans yet again. I’m afraid that Trump is on his own. Listen to DiGenova’s segment on WMAL elwhere on CT where he suggests that if he (or someone like him) were nominated to replace Sessions that certain persons in the DOJ would need a quick bathroom break.

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  38. Sedanka says:

    Trey Gowdy is an empty suit, like the vast majority of “Republicans.”

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  39. mtk says:

    Just about the time someone gets their feathers in a bunch and wants to run them out on a rail, tar and feather them, well, i mean indict them, prosecute them and convict them.

    That will be about the time someone else comes forward and says in the grand wisdom of things the statutes of limitations has run out.


  40. Robert Smith says:

    I don’t care if these are less than than they should be. I want to see them testify!


  41. apfelcobbler says:



  42. Monadnock says:

    I remember when the Benghazi hearings were going on – thought for sure that Hillary and Barack were gonna wind up toast………………….

    I’m smarter now.

    Enough, Trey, just go home. Your shorts are showing.


  43. lin says:

    LoL….hey gowdy now your asking for this….hilarious.
    Trey it;s time to get out of your training pants.

    Gowdy always had a pin head…don’t ya think..not a lot room for brains.


  44. Sean Bragdon says:

    Gowdy admitted this morning on Fox that he hasn’t met with President Trump. At all.


  45. weareallandrew says:

    Howdy Doody Gowdy will be remembered as the Chief of the Circle Jerk Investigation that went NoWhere. Its not all his fault, to be sure- but he is the public face of dog- and-pony shows that accomplish nothing but self-inflation of Weak Members.

    Yes, the sleazy puns are meant, as that’s my opinion of Congress right about now.


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