Broward Counts Wrong Ballots – Supervisor Brenda Snipes Blames Criticism on Racism…

Let it not be said this wasn’t transparently predictable. After missing the deadline for reporting the official machine ballot count, the hand-count in Broward County had to be halted when officials noticed the staff were counting the wrong ballots today. This comes on the heels of Broward County Supervisor of Elections claiming her critics were racist.

It’s how she rolls along; year, after year, after year…. and no-one ever puts a stop to her consistent lack of competence, because racism. Yup, you can’t make this stuff up folks.

FLORIDA – […] On Saturday, the volunteers started sorting about 22,000 undervotes and overvotes in the contentious contest for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture.

That came to a grinding halt when lawyers found thousands of overlapping ballots which clearly showed a vote in the agriculture race but were fuzzy in the Senate race. (read more)

This happens the same day SoE Brenda Snipes claims any criticism of her performance, amid years of consistent Broward County election mistakes and chaos, is due to racism:

FLORIDA – […] On Friday, with a hand count of votes under way, about two dozen protesters continued their vigil in a car park outside Snipes’s headquarters. Some claimed without evidence that she had missed the deadline deliberately because the results she oversaw boosted Scott’s overall lead.

In a short interview, Snipes, 75, said: “You know, the protesters have been claiming stuff all week so whatever they’re doing, that’s what they’re doing. That’s what they feel like they need to do.”

Asked if she felt it was racially motivated, the supervisor replied: “Probably. Probably.” She declined to elaborate.

Snipes had promised “100%” in a CNN interview earlier this week that Broward county, a Democratic stronghold, would complete its machine recount on time. It appeared to do so with just under 15 minutes to spare before Thursday’s 3pm deadline. The recount showed Scott, currently the Republican governor of Florida, down 606 votes from the first count and Nelson down 1,385 – a net gain for Scott of 779 votes.

But mysteriously, Snipes only sent the results to the Florida secretary of state at 3.02pm on Thursday, rendering the entire exercise a waste of time and money. (read more)

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274 Responses to Broward Counts Wrong Ballots – Supervisor Brenda Snipes Blames Criticism on Racism…

  1. mcfyre2012 says:

    I work in a Florida county gov’t, and some of the most downright incompetent people I’ve ever met…who have no business being in positions of authority/responsibility are just like Brenda Snipes…women of color with dubious educational backgrounds/credentials.

    And the first utterance they make from any type of criticism is “racism.”

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  2. Truthfilter says:

    Kruella Deville, Kruella Deville
    She’s counting up ballots that she herself fills.
    It’ll take a few more days to thwart the people’s will-
    Kruella, Kruella Deville.

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  3. SalixVeridi says:

    Well….GOLLLLLLEEEE! She’s incompetent and a racist and a crook! Triple play!

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    • rumpole2 says:

      It’s worse than that…. she’s a Democrat!

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    • James Harvey says:

      She’s not incompetent at all actually. Ask yourself this, will she still have a job next month? Yes she will. She will never be punished in any way at all.

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      • clairebee says:

        Let’s hope this time will be the last time for her incompetence.

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      • SalixVeridi says:

        Yep…that’s why I added the ‘crook’ part. There appears to be a wagon load of cheats and liars out there, who are in positions of power. We have all seen so much this past year, and here’s yet another example of the three monkeys, “See No Evil…” maxim.

        It is just making most of us wanting to scream out and yell, “Jail Time!” Are there anyone left in DC with morals and integrity? Or is she just another example of us ‘little folk’ getting smacked down if we ever tried anything of these shenanigans? It’s sickening.

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  4. Funny, her “incompetence” ALWAYS favors the democrats …. when it looked like the republican was going to gain a thousand votes, well, the tally was two minutes late and the republican didn’t get the votes! Must have just been another incompetent coincidence…


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    • twingirls (@twingirls49) says:

      Calling Mr Mueller, Calling Mr Mueller….

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    • Boots says:


      Where are tens of thousands of Floridians protesting in the streets, demanding Snipes be immediately removed, and stating they’ll remove her from anywhere near the ballot counting process if need be?

      People need to stop asking why government isn’t doing something. Government is the PROBLEM. Not the answer. Don’t you understand that the only way to remove Snipes and Buchard, and all those like them, is if the people organize into massive protests and pressure/embarrass/shame government by loudly demand Snipes’ and Buchard’s removals, and to propose/pass necessary laws?

      Email, letter, phone call, text, Twitter campaigns should also be used to pressure/embarrass/shame government.

      If the people in Boston in circa 1775 had waited for others to do it, there’d be no America. Instead of asking “Who will right these wrongs?”, they took action. Where are the Floridians who should be protesting? Home pounding on keyboards asking “Who will right these wrongs”.

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      • Yes!!! THIS!!! I just posted on my GOP FB page that we need to take it local! We need to push back! We can no longer focus on the big picture. The left has been advancing for too many years as we looked at the big picture and where did it get us? The time in nigh. There are two choices before us now. Freedom or tyranny. The left offers us tyranny and the GOP has gone the way of the democrats. They have left us behind in their search for the middle ground. We are past that point! There is no middle ground! Either you are a constitutional conservative or you are a socialist/communist. Freedom or tyranny! What’s your choice? You cannot sit this one out else you forfeit your choice. Trump is our instrument that was given to us by GOD to help us fight back. He is the right man at the right time. But, he needs our help to drain the swamp. He cannot do it alone. It needs to be done from local to Federal and that’s where we come in. We need to hold our elected officials accountable for their votes and actions. Challenge them how their votes square up against the Constitution! We were lucky to have Robert Brown give 2 presentations this weekend in our town. If you don’t know, Robert Brown is a Constitutional Scholar who has an excellent DVD presentation on the Constitution. He gave us an example how his questioning of our previous Rep. Denny Rehberg in Montana went from 50% to 80% on the Constitutional scale. People need to get involved.
        Recommend highly his Constitution series

        Also recommend this video since many people including Mark Levin are pushing the Article V Convention of States which is extremely dangerous.


        • lemmus1 says:

          …note that the historical estimates are that no more than 3% of inhabitants of the British colonies of North America in 1775-81 actually fought for the rebels …and yet they managed to change the world forever

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    • mopar2016 says:

      Snipes is definitely a crook. She looks Russian to me.
      Maybe Mueller should open up a ten year investigation.

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    • Our new AG should appoint a special prosecutor to investigate not only this fiasco in Florida, but Arizona, California and every other state where uncounted votes keep showing up. This prosecutor should use the techniques now being used by Mueller & Co. against members of the Trump campaign and administration. Interview EVERYONE involved, even the lawyers who flocked in to assist with this fraud, then anyone who gives statements that are inconsistent or don’t “match” charge them with perjury and any other federal crime imaginable, then tell them they are going to spend the next 20 years in prison, bankrupt them with interviews and testimony before a grand jury, and then offer reduction in charges if they will tell the truth and testify against the leaders of this “organized voter/election fraud”… Soon the DOJ would be charging key democrats all the way from Washington state to Florida, using RICO statutes, and this huge ORGANIZED ELECTION FRAUD CRIME RING would be broken up and those involved in it imprisoned.



      • lemmus1 says:

        …not to be a negative Nellie but an appointment of a Special Counsel first requires evidence of a federal crime (unless your name is Rosenstein) …so far, afaik only state laws have been violated …and that’s the heart of the dilemma


  5. Trump Train says:

    Its actually racism to blame your failure across the entire group, meaning she is a complete failure, incompetent fool but should not be taken to task because all blacks are this way……..

    braid dead idiot. YOu think decent blacks would call her out


  6. Jane Smith says:

    We need comprehensive voting reform.
    The Democrats are testing what they can get away with for 2020.

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    • Boots says:

      We need comprehensive voting reform.
      Who’s gonna get it for us? Government? Politicians who we voted for? Both have had decades to enact “comprehensive voting reform”. They didn’t. Why? Because they >>>don’t want comprehensive voting reform.<<<

      The only way we *might* get some voting reform is if tens, hundreds of thousands of conservatives across the country organize into massive protests and pressure/embarrass/shame government by loudly demand Snipes’ and Buchard’s removals, and to propose/pass necessary laws. Email, letter, phone call, text, Twitter campaigns should also be used to pressure/embarrass/shame government.

      If the people in Boston in circa 1775 had waited for others to do it, there’d be no America. Instead of asking “Who will right these wrongs?”, they took action. Where are the Floridians who should be protesting? Home pounding on keyboards asking “Who will right these wrongs”.

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    • Doreen Scott says:

      In Florida you must show an ID with your picture on it. All the counties in florida got it right except the usual suspects broward and Palm beach counties. It’s not the voting but who is doing the counting that is the problem. Democrats will always cheat with the vote count.


  7. James Harvey says:

    Imagine being a conservative in 2018 and thinking that this is a competence issue and not understanding they do this on purpose, then scream “racism” when you call them on it.

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  8. jindfw says:

    This race card is getting worn out. Just call it what it is, blatant incompetence. And as such incompetence happens to typically be found in an affirmative action cases. Go figure? SMH

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  9. jeans2nd says:

    The Protesters’ claim that Snipes missed the deadline on purpose were “without evidence,” but Snipes claim of racism, which really were without evidence, were taken as the Gospel Truth.

    Well alrighty then. No bias whatsoever in this “journalism.”

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  10. florida91 says:

    Brenda Snipes is a low IQ organ grinders monkey for the Democrat party. She is a product of Affirmative action which insures that she can be counted on to do what her handlers tell her to do. She was hired specifically to CREATE AND PERPETUATE FRAUD, NOT TO BE COMPETENT! Susan Bucher too.

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  11. anniefannie says:

    Any time you flip out the race card, it just means you were caught doing something that you KNEW was wrong and in order to get away with it, you simply get out the deck of cards and pull out the one that says RACE. Hillary played practically the whole deck. Wow! And we all know she was guilty of so many things that she needed the whole deck. Dr. “Nova degree” Snipes is only guilty of election fraud. No, I can’t prove that she bubbled in a single ballot. Maybe she was put into play because she is so dumb that she wouldn’t recognize election fraud if it came in labeled boxes. She is a tool. Ranking up there with a sack of rocks but with a “doctorate”. Most states don’t recognize Nova (aka diploma mill for advanced education degrees).
    Folks, we have to organize before 2020. Dimms are already in the midst of their trial runs! They now know how to rig all the elections. We need to be observers at EVERY polling place in the country. We need to lobby to eliminate early voting. That is the single largest method of voter fraud. Guess the Russians in Congress ushered that in! Every state needs mandatory picture ID in order to vote. We really should have a national picture ID and they should be scanned at the polls. By linking to the internet, it would be easy to know if the “person” had already voted and if your “ID” had already been used, a protest could be lodged immediately. That way, the other “vote” could be invalidated. If credit card companies can check balances every time you purchase by credit card, the feds should be able to check when someone has voted. I know this won’t be popular among the election thieves. Tough!


    • guitar107 says:

      Agreed, but how can we stop the fraud of “finding” boxes of ballots?

      Dim crooks are experts at manufacturing dim votes behind the scenes and surreptitiously mixing them with valid votes.

      Somehow that practice must be monitored and stopped.

      Also, who is in charge on invalidating election results when a county breaks the law and does not report
      a. Total number of ballots cast
      b. Partial counts every 45 minutes (per FL law)?

      finally, who is on charge of prosecuting and imprisoning the perps of election fraud?

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  12. AngelOnejudicial says:

    Black privilege.

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  13. Kathy says:

    RICO is coming.


  14. CNN_sucks says:



  15. Janeka says:

    It was not her “Intent” to defraud the people just like it was not the unlicensed pharmaceutical distributor up on the corner “intent” to sell his dope to the local police officer..


  16. Gerry says:

    It’s not incompetence.
    It’s not racism.
    When is the stupid party (the GOP) going to wake up. How many elections are these Democrats going to steal? They had the goods on her from two years ago and even further, but Rick Scott did nothing about it even when a judge suggested she broke the law in a previous election result. That’s incompetence on his part.
    I hope Governor DeSantis addresses the issue and prosecutes as necessary. That is the only way to stop this. Start prosecuting people who break the law. Why is it that the Republicans are the ones that are investigated and or sued? Wake up people. We are in a war and we are not admitting it.

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  17. Anonymous says:

    In a graphic:


  18. LibertyVibe says:

    In essense, Ms. Snipes is saying that black people are so stupid, they can’t count. I find her statement offensive and deeply racist. Perhaps she should accept that SHE is the one with the low IQ, and quit trying to drag all black people down with her.

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  19. Chicago->Arizona says:

    The race card is the Cultural Marxist weapon of control and silence.

    Patient: United States of America
    Diagnosis: Cultural Marxism
    Symptom: Voter Fraud et al.
    Prognosis: White displacement / disfranchisement

    White Americans will be the minority in the coming decades according to demographic projections.
    We lose MAGA due to voter fraud … our borders will be open to Reconquista hordes from the south and Islamists … white displacement will rapidly accelerate.

    Elephant in the room: Global White Displacement

    Half the American white population is voting for our demise.
    They would rather drop down to the fetal position and get boot stomped than be called a xenophobic , Islamophobic , homophobic , racist and they hate mother nature.

    Islamic Caliphate is creeping i.e. Minnesota , Michigan … Sharia law شريعة‎ ..Hisbah حسبة‎
    The Reconquista hordes from the south.

    Source: the history of Homo Sapiens

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  20. Florida politicians should not be allowed out of the state. Keep them there – not in DC.


  21. Boots says:

    Someone above asked why aren’t politicians doing anything about Snipes. See my response above. Here ’tis again, with half the pic links as above.



    Democrats Protesting Conservatives’ Free Speech:

    Conservatives Protesting Democrats’ Vote Suppression and Election Theft:

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  22. dawg says:

    I’m so freaking livid about so many things right now. I hope she gets a dose of karma soon like Avenatti did. Doesn’t seem like anything else is gonna stop the nonsense going on all around us. Karma or God himself.

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    • Rex70 says:

      The timing of Avenatti “experiencing karma” may have been all of its own happening, BUT something tells me the domestic violence rap and eviction are just the start of–the changing of the guard at the DOJ. I think I like this Whittaker chap, hope that he follows through with these legit charges on these sleazeball Dems for a change…and maybe he can assist Dr. Snipes in experiencing karma, as well, with all of the filth she is sure to be wallowing in right now and before this debacle.


  23. joan and bill says:

    every one needs to sign the current petition at we the people your voice in government to investigate voter fraud on a national level we did


  24. Boots says:

    The Dirty Dozen Times Two
    8 million Florida voters. About 4 million of them conservative. And only 24 of those 4 million conservative voters show up at SOE Broward to protest. Any questions?

    “On Friday, with a hand count of votes under way, about two dozen protesters continued their vigil in a car park outside Snipes’s headquarters. Some claimed without evidence that she had missed the deadline deliberately because the results she oversaw boosted Scott’s overall lead.”


  25. Our multi-cultural societies are completely unsustainable if merit is not the objective standard for performance and the rule of law is not the final arbiter of justice. It’s all going to go to hell unless the people we have elected to office (who should know better) grow a pair and start enforcing these standards and remove this rot before it completely takes over.


  26. elmo says:

    Astonishing incompetence. Not just one person either. It just keeps on keeping on. Fire them all.


  27. Honestly…
    WHY cannot someone like Me, “gender neutral” NON-Racist, Looking for a HONEST vote accounting.. NO MISSING vote or Ballots, everything accounted for..
    LORDY I’d GIVE-UP, (My God givin right), to VOTING PERIOD..
    Why cannot a person Like me get, or have or have a Job? doing this?
    Really a honest question? I’m independent person…

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  28. Rex70 says:

    DOCTOR Snipes?! Pu-lease. Like, with the same (utter non)sense that there is a REVEREND added in front of Jesse Jackson’s name? What. A. Joke.


  29. Paul says:

    Very sad to see a person make themselves look bad. It’s bad for the county too because they don’t get what they pay for. What will it take to make the voters realize they are getting robbed and lied to?


  30. fakenoozisforfools says:

    Snipes is the living embodiment of black privilege — having the race card available to offer as a response to being called out as a complete eff up..


  31. I posted on here the other day that she would eventually pull out the Race card.


  32. CornPicker says:

    A lot of people are feeling very negative towards lady Snipes this negativity isn’t good for health, my mom once told me to remember that the people your angry with were once babies and to picture them as ..even if you have to put the face or hair on the baby to picture it right in your mind ,”its hard to be mad at a baby” ,she would say ,I hope this helps anyone who’s angry at baby Snipes


  33. HJR27 says:

    One of the problems with the attempt by elected politicians in striving to, at least, appear impartial and unbiased, is to appoint or delegate personnel who regardless of race or creed, are simply unfit for the job at hand. For a supposedly educated individual such as Brenda Snipes to employ a racial motivation for criticism of her historical record of ineptness or incompetence in the performance of her duties is a great misservice, in itself, to her race and only goes to prove that she was never fit for this position to begin with.


  34. namberak says:

    Is it just me or does this gal look like Lt. Uhura after a month long bender?


  35. Sound An Alarm says:

    It must be racism to complain about lawlessness. The new norm for dems.


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