Sunday Talks: Kevin McCarthy Discusses Midterm Election Results….

Maria Bartiromo holds the most significant conversations today surrounding the midterm election and the predictable consequences therein.  Starting next week, what we see in the lame-duck congressional session will form the cornerstone of the next two years.

Historically, Wall Street Republicans (GOPe) prefer to be in the minority; it is part of their structural Decepticon model.  Representative Kevin McCarthy appears with Ms. Bartiromo to discuss his take on what is to come, and his desire to become Minority Leader.

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92 Responses to Sunday Talks: Kevin McCarthy Discusses Midterm Election Results….

  1. McCarthy is a RINO–>CUCKOLD.


  2. law4lifeblog says:

    I live in DC area and I’m constantly hearing radio ads saying what a great conservative, immigration hawk and Trump supporter McCarthy is….all of which is of course a lie. I’m still praying Jordan can somehow become Minority Leader

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  3. smiley says:

    “Wall Street Republicans (GOPe) prefer to be in the minority; it is part of their structural Decepticon model.”

    It is the House version of the Senate Cloture vote. It is the ‘I voted the right way but didn’t have enough votes’ two-step.

    The problem Jordan will have is that he campaigned very little to keep the majority during the midterm elections. As a result, how does he convince the conference to vote him into the leadership role?

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  4. stumpers!1954 says:

    AZ patriots, DO NOTt allow the dems to steal your vote. get people together to PROTEST. Email and write letters to Whitaker and Head of National Security. FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT for us and for your children….DO IT

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  5. Viviene says:

    Watch now that the Republicans are in the minority, Kevin will be fighting his butt off to fund the border walls, what a BIG JOKE. Kevin you are a fraud. Shut up.

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  6. TwoLaine says:

    For starters, the healthcare discussion is utterly ridiculous. They had so many chances and they f-ed them all up. If they had ideas, they’d have done something by now. GIVE ME A BREAK!

    Close your eyes and listen and it will seem like every election cycle since God only knows when.

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  7. The republicans knew it was coming, did nothing to prepare for it, and now fraud and corruption are displayed out in the open…I basically lost my state of Arizona, and the country will not be far behind. There will be no more fair elections. Ever again. The republicans just watched our country drink the kool aide.

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