President Trump MAGA Rally, Huntington West Virginia – 4:00pm EST Livestream…

The first of two campaign rallies today, President Donald J. Trump holds a MAGA rally at Huntington Tri-State Airport in Huntington, WV.   The President is expected to speak at 4:00pm EST with some speakers and events preceding.

Update: Video Added

RSBN Livestream LinkFox News Livestream LinkAlternate Livestream Link


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242 Responses to President Trump MAGA Rally, Huntington West Virginia – 4:00pm EST Livestream…

  1. Pam says:

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  2. Pam says:

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  3. Pam says:

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  4. wheatietoo says:

    Talking about our immigration laws:

    “This is the pro-cee-dure…this is our law…this is crazy.”

    It is, Mr. President…it is insane!
    Thank you for explaining it, because so many people don’t understand how insane it is.

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  5. Pam says:

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  6. paper doll says:

    He’s on fire!

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  7. wheatietoo says:

    It’s currently 51 degrees there in Huntington, WV…with a NW wind.

    That’s chilly.
    It’s no wonder the people are shivering.

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  8. Pam says:

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  9. tvollrath66 says:

    The president is a well oiled production machine, and then some.

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  10. Pam says:

    Joe Seals just said the Indy feed will be up in about 30 minutes from now.

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  11. FYI, cspan livestreams longer than FOX…still on now….

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  12. agentcommonsense says:

    I don’t think anything could show the love to POTUS than for Montana to vote Jon Tester out.. He really wants this and I hope Montana gives it to him

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  13. linda4298 says:

    I am watching RSBN pre rally coverage, now that that the live rally is over, did anyone else hear the screaming, someone screaming about his f***ing phone, more screaming, than silence, weird.

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  14. My concern in WV is voter fraud….it can only work when a race is close and I am sure Manchin has his operatives working hard at it….just hope the turnout is really large and Morrissey can pull out ahead by more than a couple of percentage points.

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  15. cliffaheadwolvesbehind says:

    President Trump has done so much for this country and the fact that the House is in jeopardy just doesn’t make sense. What is wrong with people?
    Look at the job growth!!
    And they want to hand back control to Nancy Pelosi?
    So frustrating

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  17. Serena says:

    I heard a clip of Obama’s rally driving home a little while ago. He was doing his black hipster ghetto shtick and laying it on thick. Don’t let then bamboozle you,give you the old okie doke,hood wink you. Don’t believe their lies etc. So nauseating!

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  18. Gil says:

    Alec baldwin arrested for punching a guy in the face over a parking spot.
    What is he, hollywood antifa? I hope he gets charged.

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  19. kathyca says:

    If you enjoy watching Obama being heckled as much as I do, please enjoy.

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