Apparently George Papadopoulos knows; but can’t say:


Unfortunately CTH only has our spidey senses to go with.  However, our antenna has been looking at one specific person since he was initially put into the 2016 campaign as an advisor on security matters.  Those of you who have read here a long time will note the reasons for our long held suspicions….

There was always something sketchy about Decepticon former Representative Mike Rogers; and former head of the House Intelligence Committee; being on the Trump team as a national security adviser to the campaign.

The guy is brutally ‘Deep Statesketchy.

Way back in 2014, when HPSCI Chairman Rogers and Charles “Dutch” Ruppersberger penned that stunningly obtuse and ridiculous Benghazi report; we knew something was terribly afoul in both the intelligence community and the congressional oversight therein. For the sake of absorption I won’t repeat it all here, but GO DEEP and you’ll see it clear as friggin’ day:

2014 – The Rogers/Ruppersberger Report is specifically designed, by wording, to provide political cover to both parties – Republicans and Democrats within the Gang of Eight particularly included, and protected.  It is professional obfuscation in structure, content and wording. (link)

Representative Mike Rogers retired immediately after writing that insufferable cover-story.

So how did Decepticon Rogers come to be an advisor to the Trump campaign?

When Rogers joined back in 2016, CTH kept asking who would be stupid enough to hire this notorious deep state operative as a campaign adviser?    The entire set-up looked sketchy as heck.  In hindsight it sure does make sense now.

After the election, in mid-November 2016, right before NSA Director Mike Rogers made his unscheduled and unapproved visit to Trump Tower for a private conversation with President-elect Trump….. to discuss things, presumably related to “spygate”; the other Decepticon Mike Rogers was kicked off the transition team:

Via Washington Post – […] Rogers, a widely respected former FBI agent who headed the House Intelligence Committee, had been seen as a figure of stability and continuity in intelligence matters. He was mentioned as a possible next director of the CIA or director of national intelligence.

But Rogers was told last weekend by Rick Dearborn, executive director of the transition team, that he was being removed from his role in the national-security group advising Trump.

He was replaced by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.), who took over as the committee’s chairman after Rogers left Congress in 2014. (read more)

When Decepticon Rogers was quietly kicked off the team, and no explanation was given; and the Washington Post was unhappy; and we knew there was an ongoing battle within the intelligence community; our suspicions of Decepticon Rogers went from twitchy to full blown warning flares and signal rockets.  We knew something was up….

In hindsight, and against the backdrop of Carter Page and George Papadopoulos being set up for ‘Spygate’, I’ll bet a donut Decepticon Mike Rogers was involved.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., left, and the committee’s ranking Democrat, Rep. C.A. “Dutch” Ruppersberger, D-Md., right,  GO DEEP

GO DEEPClick Here



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  1. dd_sc says:

    Rogers, a widely respected former FBI agent …

    Imagine that. Can’t really pass that off as coincidence at this point.

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  2. Sunshine says:

    SUNDANCE: I read your links for the Benghazi Brief and your earlier doubts about Rogers.
    I am truly impressed with the extensive work you did back then.
    I also noticed you were getting 40 to 60 comments per post. How life has changed within a few years! You’ve become a STAR.

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    • guybee55 says:

      SD has always been a star. It just took some time for people to recognize it.

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    • cali says:

      @Sunshine: I couldn’t agree more because you are totally right!

      Even back then Sundance’s spidey senses were on the mark then and continue to be.

      Rogers had a personal interest back then in the coup of Ghaddafi and it involved his wife who was a contractor who suppose to provide security. There was a substantial contract involving lots of dollars that went into the Rogers bank account.

      Isn’t it ironic how the worm turns – it never fails! Whatever is/was in the dark is coming into the light even after all this time has passed.

      God sees, hears and takes notes while striking at his chosen time! 🙂

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      • Zippy says:

        So, what WAS the big Benghazi scandal they were trying to cover up in a few sentences? I don’t want to have to read the entire 2014 SD content on this.


        • cali says:

          @Zippi: The biggest scandal began with the gang of eight – intelligence committee – who not only approved operation zero footprint but then also approved gun running on a major scale while also approving shipments of weapons to Syria as they knew the next coup planned was to take place in Syria.
          Turkey assisted as they provided their port to bee using for all the shipments flowing into Syria while they were in the middle of the coup in Libya.
          Like Sundance said there never was an embassy in Benghazi but rather a CIA black rendition site ergo Hillary refusing to have our uniformed personnel provide security as is protocol in embassies around the world.

          The biggest but not yet exposed scandal was Hillary giving Amb Stevens a server that was part of her use of personal servers. This server was suppose to provide the sale of our nuclear secrets and blue prints for our weapons which was for sale. Ambassador Stevens knew full well what was on that server and why he took it to Benghazi. Also on that server were SAP which were also sold to enemies alike.

          When Stevens realized that 20,000 MANPADS fell into enemy hands while Hillary/Obama et al sold military hardware additionally he balked and threatened to expose their treachery. Whistleblowing come to mind ergo he was left to be assassinated. Dead men tell no tales.
          Our SEALS looked at that server before they were also murdered and acted quickly by removing it from Benghazi into safe hands unbeknownst to Hillary et al. They realized what was on that server and why.

          That is the condensed version of the Benghazi scandal. Our department of defense refused to participate in that coup that angered Hussein and Hillary et al. They called in their own mercenaries that night – the muslim brotherhood who murdered our men.

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          • Sunshine says:

            It makes one’s blood boil that callous Hillary escaped responsibility and no media pursued the truth although a few blogs had figured everything out.

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          • echobravoleader says:

            Never heard the Benghazi server story before. Source? Most everything else seems to fit other reports.

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          • the ruester says:

            One of the Benghazi defenders went on Joe Rogan and explained that Steven’s was supposed to release the brother of the local militia leader from said black site on the day the attack took place. They (the militia… ALL OF THEM) are also no longer with us, along with said navy seals. I don’t have to guess what you think about that, how it fits in with all of the other reporting. The biggest scandal of all time, AFAIC. If it happened during Vietnam they would still be bringing it up.


          • DH says:

            This is unreal.


        • Sunshine says:

          Summary: The secret operation was named Zero Footprint.

          Hillary and Obama transferred Millions of $ in weaponry and missiles to the Syrian Rebels but it turned out it wasn’t the Rebels but rather Al Qaeda and indirectly Islamist groups such as Al Nusra.

          When they realized how they got fooled, they tried to recover the weapons but couldn’t since all trace was lost.

          And that’s when they sent Ambassador Stevens to Benghazi to set up recovery of the weaponry. They refused to help Stevens because dead bodies don ‘t talk.

          What followed was the destruction of the Mid-East.

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      • Jan Phillips says:

        Amen, Cali!


  3. sweepyjeff says:

    Remember the Q post Bill Mitchell posted a few weeks ago: “Activate Session” LOLOLOL Like he was going to “come alive” with his hammer and all that. I think even Bill has given up on that. Hopefully everyone is about to give up on this Q business also. We want someone prosecuted for using the Patriot Act tools of surveillance for political spying. And we want it now.

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    • josco scott says:

      Ooh! Trifecta! Q Mitchell Sessions!

      This is why I’m wary of CTH these days.

      Mean Girls have proliferated and are giddy when you can drop some nuggets of hate.

      Please. Stifle yourselves? At least until midterms are over?

      Like NeverTrumps in 2016 whose tone you emulate, I was always livid that the outcome of the election might be influenced by pettiness and division.

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    • cozette says:

      People who have done research based on Q questions and links don’t demand prosecutions NOW. Frankly such a demand sounds quite childish considering the multi national and multi generational scope of the corruption and pure evil POTUS has been fighting. Hopefully more people will read the posts so they have a fact based and mature understanding than you seem to have. Frankly, the only “person” who’s been attacked as much as POTUS has been Q and by the same people using the same smears. Q was being read by all the major media sites and urged them to just ask POTUS to confirm legitimacy and yet no one did. Journalists were inundated with requests to ask but they all refused. Q was listed by Times as one of the Top 10 internet presences along with POTUS so clearly it was topical. Insteading of asking which would have settled things unambiguously the media instead tripled down on calling it a fake, dangerous cult. How odd. Dangerous for whom? The same people Trump poses a danger too? Apparently. Please just MAGA and don’t carry water for the #fakenews shills.

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      • oncefired says:

        O)ne thing Janda did make sense on is that the cases had to be ironclad and PDT had to get his Judges in place so Hussein judges didn’t throw cases out on technicalities.

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      • The Q team’s mantra has been for Americans to research for themselves and think critically. I am amazed at how much I have learned from throwing out old assumptions and following the facts from multiple sources.

        We are all entitled to our own opinions about Q but as far as I’m concerned the team’s force has been for the good. Americans are much more awake despite MSM propaganda and that has changed everything. The left is no longer controlling the narrative and their playbook has become predictable.

        Let’s keep our fights for those on the wrong side of goodness. We are on the same team though we may arrive at our awareness from different paths.

        And many thanks to everyone at TCTH. I’ve enjoyed the thoughtful comments and sharing of information. I continually recommend this site to other truth seekers.

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        • Countrywatch says:

          Good post EI. I have learned huge amounts of information from the Q posts simply as a result of questions asked by Q and lines of research to follow. It has been fascinating and I am convinced that the intelligence type drops/questions posed have been from a very small team connected with military intelligence, (who post as Q), with President Trump posting those drops signed off by Q+. Time will tell – I would think after the mid terms.

          The Hatch Act is significant with regard to the silence of Q in the last few weeks, according to Neon Revolt. The last post by Q before he went silent gave a large amount of background information plus the reasons for slow roll out of justice. However, there is a highly significant amount of action behind the scenes in terms of Huber, Sessions, Grand Juries. Q Post 2381 is very well worth reading indeed:

          I stick to my belief that Sessions is working for the President and doing exactly what P Trump has asked him to do. It seems that most others on this site disagree. That is not a problem as we can all have our own opinions. We are, as EI said, all on the same side. The problem is when people become very vicious in their criticism of Sessions.

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      • Daniel says:

        There’s no upside for the opposition media to legitimize Qanon. So why would they? Qanon comms are targeting a specific demographic set. It creates the conversations through statements and questions posed. It serves its purpose just as Twitter serves a different yet important purpose just as rallies serves a purpose.

        I will not go to Trump rallies. I hate crowds and too much noise. It’s too disorienting. Doesn’t mean I don’t support Trump — it just means I need a different venue to be reached. Trump covers a LOT of bases in the diverse messaging he does.

        And speaking of diverse, look at what Trump’s relentless outreach is doing to the black community! The message is now “join us or be left behind wallowing in hate!” That’s my interpretation and I’ve learned a lot about certain black mindsets out there and I can tell you it’s an effective way to reach a people who are extremely keen on taking advantage of opportunities given to them. They have to decide and I can’t predict what the majority will decide — still individuals with hearts and minds complicated by a life of being told lies since birth. But those with ambition will undoubtedly join.

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        • icehole3 says:

          Me as well, I prefer to watch the show.

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        • AH_C, Boofer says:

          Witness the joint Candace Owens and Kanye effort, Blexit taking off (www.blexit.com). I already bought a hat, the “X”, which I will wear to work on casual Fridays.

          Last Friday, I wore my MAGA hat, as I usually do for the past couple of months, a black CW4 came up and actually gently held both sides of my head and said “I hope that MAGA thing is legit and Trump isn’t a “f-ing” fascist. I responded, “how can anyone look at the booming economy, falling unemployment numbers among minorities and think Trump did MAGA because he somehow wants to put the boot on their neck? You can’t believe everything the news tells you.” He responded, “I hope so for our sake.” My response, “Especially for our kids’ future and prosperity.”

          Frankly, it’s almost comical, to see that certain look one gives you when they mentally think “Orange Man = Bad” upon seeing the hat, but they try to act like they didn’t notice anything. Then again, I’ve gotten a smile, a nod or even a furtive thumbs up from people I didn’t expect. So far, no one’s filed a complaint or did the meltdown in front of me yet, but if they do, I’ll not hesitate to throw their race card back in their faces. LOL

          So this new hat ought to throw some of these NPCs here at work for a loop: that cognitive dissonance – “Rayciss (whatever else they think of MAGA) wearing a “We is Free – getting off the democrat plantation” hat. LOL

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          • Daniel says:

            These are people who have been systemically mentally abused. Literally told lies every day of their lives about all manner of things and especially about their victimhood. If I hadn’t seen so much of this for myself, I never would have believed there could be a culture in the US in which going to prison makes you more credible to others. Most people here know what I’m talking about and yet when it’s actually reviewed objectively, it’s positively alien. How could something as backward as that have developed naturally? This is what a damaged people do to make the best of a very bad situation.

            I’m not supporting black victimhood mentality in my own way. I’m just expressing a means of understanding what it may be like for the back people who still cannot bring themselves to trust that Trump has everyone’s best interests at heart with no exclusions. To believe this, one would have to believe something contrary to that which many black mothers have taught their children over the years. That’s no small matter.

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        • Rock Knutne says:

          Daniel –
          You’re right on the money!
          There is NO downside to following Q. It’s quite simply another avenue to follow for information. If President Trump had mocked or disavowed them, the Q followers, then it might be a different story. He hasn’t. He sees them as a positive force of support. Surprisingly they get mocked here and by the left. That’s a bit closed minded in my opinion.

          One other item for those upthread. I’ve been here for quite awhile, since Trayvon. Read here a few times every day. Post occasionally. I think The Sundance ‘team’ does a great job with it’s deep research and well written articles. But SD is not one guy (or gal). Sorry to burst your bubble.

          In the meantime I think I’ll stay open-minded and patient. Quite a few twists and turns in this story have already occurred that we’re not forecast here. The midterms will be yuuuge and might be the turning point we’ve been waiting for. Or not.

          Either way I’m gonna support our President and people of Conservative principles.


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      • Beigun says:

        Don’t forget another bashibale figure, the ‘Ole ‘Bama Possum, laying low….

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      • Apollo says:

        Wow! Haven’t seen cozette in awhile!

        Still serving up “crow” to shove vindictively in front of those who (correctly!) pointed out that Sessions has been useless?


        • I read that post from cozette, and find that the only people “shoving” anything in front of anybody are those of you who seem hell bent on shoving hateful comments toward others here on the branches of the tree house.

          Why? When Q or anyone else is bringing folks to Trump’s agenda, what difference does it make? Millions, to boot… I don’t get the hate from those of you who do nothing but bash Sessions of anyone that mentions Q.

          It’s apparent that it’s y’all that are the ones with a problem, unable to let others be themselves since it doesn’t “fit your thought process”.


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      • When is the last time Q posted anything????


        • Phil Free says:

          Oct. 9th ; so, Hatch Act and all … although we could theoretically see posts Nov. 7th, some think Q’s going for the 30-day, so that’d be Nov. 9th (3rd day after mid-term elections).

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          • Raquel says:

            From what I see, Q has posted since Oct 9. Something must have happened on his account on that date, because I had to redo something. I hadn’t seen any post for a while after Oct 9, then I kept trying to see if I could bring up the current thread. I think I clicked his name or header. I learned to do this when I viewed blogs and had trouble bringing up current posts. So I tried it with twitter; and now his site seems to be working properly.

            As to looking at Q as a negative, we need to remember who is on our side. Let’s stay unified and stop trying to kill off our allies.


    • oncefired says:

      Alternative view from Dave Janda (Didn’t know him until this interview) who still claims Sessions & Rosey are White Hats. A lot of other interesting info in there. Very long, if you just want the White Hat Theory forward to the 1:00 mark. Personally I think they both have to go after the midterms, but I always listen to all points of view just to learn if I am missing something. I have been watching Greg Hunter for years.

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    • DMWT says:

      You need to read NeonRevolt’s most recent article on Q confirmation and POTUS being Q+.

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  4. citizen817 says:

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    • czarowniczy says:

      And if we go back to the early days of the troubles in Stria with the Kurds, Turkey and the Russian Levant petroleum infrastructure…

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      • Deplorable_Infidel says:

        “troubles in Syria”

        This is from April 15, 2018. I deleted the link for the map because it blows up on the website. It is at the Lew Rockwell link.

        Syria is a mess.

        From this article, the gerrymandered map of who controls what:


        [map link deleted]

        So we have multiple warring factions, each with their own objective. Sometimes their objective aligns with that of another faction, sometimes it does not.

        This seeming unrelated article (the Anthony Weiner laptop in NYC) has a 19 minute audio clip of Eric Prince. Starting at about 16 minutes in, he mentions the “Treaty of Lausanne”. It seems if these borders change, than Turkey gets to reclaim some of the lands lost after the Ottoman Empire collapsed.

        “The NYPD wanted to do a press conference announcing the warrants and the additional arrests they were making” in the Anthony Weiner investigation, but received “huge pushback” from the Justice Department.



        Almost everything we have done in the Middle East over the last many years has been wrong.There has been fighting going on there for several thousand years.
        Throughout history, other wars have been started over incidents or information that turned out to be false or greatly exaggerated.


        In conclusion, a huge piece of this conflict is that treaty from the 1920’s. Eric Prince mentions at the end of his interview (2016) that the Turkish President was trotting out maps of how much territory Turkey would regain if Assad were to be deposed and Syria’s borders changed.

        There is more at stake than just a pipeline and the fate of the Kurds and other Christian minorities going on over there.

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        • oncefired says:

          The different factions in the Mideast of been fighting for thousands of years. Any bit of messing around over there, even before the starting of wars is akin to stirring up a massive hornets nest! As bad as Assad was, the one constant while he had control over Syria is a bunch of different religions lived in somewhat peace. Then The Hag & Hussein had to start sending radicals & weapons there after ruining Libya, which Turkey was more then happy to oblige so they could try to rebuild their Ottoman Empire

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        • czarowniczy says:

          There’s NATO’s control over the Med at stake. NATO controls the Russian navy’s access to the Med and the Atlantic and has access to Russia’s southern flank. Russia tried to co-opt Turkey and Greece with petro dollars and has partially succeeded. Turkey and Russia went at it over the provinces in Eastern Syria that Turkey wanted back and are about to go at it again if Russia doesn’t deal with the issue.

          The South Pars NG field is HUGE and Russia, Qatar and Iran control it. That Russian pipeline and liquefaction plant in Syria would be the shortest, cheapest and most secure transport route and a cash boon for all involved. That field is the world’s largest and holds decades worth of huge cash income for the controllers.

          The Turkish government is constitutionally held in check by the Turkish army so its less about what the ‘whoever’s in office’ than it is ‘whoever controls the army’. The Islamists have been trying to turn the army more Islamic over the decades, they know where the power is,
          but the army still has a lot of upper echelon who have dreams of an Ottoman Empire.
          Turkey is the most powerful military country in the Mideast – everyone’s courting it and no one wants to piss it off.
          There’s a whole bunch in play but the US plays a short game as we change policies with governments and that changes far too often to deal coherently with the Mideast.


          • Deplorable_Infidel says:

            “Turkey is the most powerful military country in the Mideast – everyone’s courting it’

            All the prophetic events of Daniel and Revelation occur in the Middle East, but believers living today do not have to worry about any of that.

            1Thessalonians 1:10 And to wait for his Son from heaven, whom he raised from the dead, even Jesus, which delivered us from the wrath to come.

            1Thess 2:19 For what is our hope, or joy, or crown of rejoicing? Are not even ye in the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ at his coming?

            1Thess 4:16 For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:
            17 Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.
            18 Wherefore comfort one another with these words.

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      • Victoria Nuland was in Cypress twice in 2016, purportedly to discuss “solutions” to reunify Cypress. That might relate to what Deplorable posts below re. Turkey (Cypress is very close, geographically to Turkey), or it could be only Israel. I could not find, but think Nuland was implicated in some of the anti-Bibi campaigning of BHO’s administration in Israel.


        Nuland is also supposedly linked to BHO Administration actions relative to Ukraine vs. Russia conflict. Will try to find that link.

        So question, was Cypress intermediary for Israel oil?

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        • After more digging it appears that there was a lot of pressure on Netanyahu in 2014-2015 period to renegotiate the existing deal between an Israeli company (Delek) and an American company (Noble Energy) for developing some of its offshore fields.

          My spidey sense tells me that BHO and his money grubbing allies smelled money in this “renegotiation”, which likely Papadopoulos was mixed up in as well. I haven’t been able to surface anything that ties Cypress into this deal but it is located near the fields so might be staging area.

          Likely the globalists involved have hidden their tracks well. Oil seems to be in the center of the “negotiations” that Nuland undertook at State Dept.

          In the end there was a compromise to allow gradual sale of Delek/Noble share of these fields. Noble may have some specific technology that is well suited for the conditions of that field–they’ve done a lot in the Gulf in the past and have significant ops in other non-Western offshore fields.

          A Greek co. was given the nod to develop two other offshore Israeli oil fields earlier this year.

          Some links, if you are interested:

          Map from Energean that shows how close the offshore oil fields are to Cypress:

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        • czarowniczy says:

          Quite possibly.
          Before the war began Russia was developing alternate routes for gas to Europe to prevent the old Bloc nations from holding Russian gas passing thru hostage.
          Russia was also wooing Turkey to build gas and petro terminals there, loading Turkey with Russian activity and petro dollars. At the same time Russia was soldering Greece and Turkey together by creating a natural gas terminal and transmission lines through both countries they’d both have to cooperate on. That could potentially crumble NATO’s southern flank and its control on Russia’s Black Sea Fleet. Note Russia’s grab of the Crimea to ensure its uncontested basing of that fleet.
          Russia was building a huge NG liquefaction plant in Syria, one that would turn the NG from the Pars field and other Levant sites into LNG for transport to Europe and Latin/South America. Those lines, as would the oil lines, run through territory ISIS was fighting in/controlling.
          I said long before Russia directly entered the fray that they’d never allow Assad to fall, they’d do whatever was required to keep him in place as his family’s been the keystone for Moscow’s control of Russia. It’s about oil.
          Also Israeli oil and not wanting the US directly involved to a point where Russia and the US would be head-to-head, too much for all to lose there. Israel discovered a large oil reserve offshore in the Med in a ‘disputed’ area. Russia, Syria and Israel couldn’t afford to go at it with each other over those oil fields so that’s still in play.
          I always thought about this being an oil war. ISIS changed the narrative but I believe ISIS was about money and oil as much as it was Islam, they just changed the game for all of the players.

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          • Great post. Ever since Fisher and Churchill spearheaded the conversion of the British Navy to oil power, it has been helpful to view great power politics through the lens of oil. And just to add another layer of complexity, China is investing in port facilities and rail links in Turkey and Greece in an effort to be more of a player in this same drama, immensely complicating our ability to respond to Russia. It is hard to overstate how much Hussein, the Hildabeast, et al screwed us on this.

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            • czarowniczy says:

              Russia ‘united’ Turkey and Greece by building petro lines through both countries and huge NG transfer point/plant right on their joint borders. Turkey and Greece are NATO’s control point for Russia’s Black Sea fleet, it has to pass thru the Bosphorus to get into/out of the Med. Russia won’t give up Syria for oil reasons but also as Tartus is Russia’s only reliable naval port in the Med for that Black Sea fleet. More than ever Russia needs Turkey and Greece more or less on its side as that Fleet is its only way of naval protection for the petro empire it will center in Syria.
              Oh yeah, Turkey is also NATO’s southern flank on Russia


    • CA M says:

      And by “eyes” everywhere, he means Five Eyes–UK, Austrailia for sure. They did a Push-Pull. They pushed “Intel” in to Papadapoulous and then tried to later “Pull” it. But Papa D didn’t take the bait. Hahaha. This is awesome! What a story!

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    • WSB says:

      You go, George!!! Victoria Nuland…that is gonna sting!

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    • oncefired says:

      We all know Nuland was behind starting the revolution and turning Ukraine into a failed state led by Neo-Nazis just to piss Russia off

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    • Jan says:

      Then why, GeorgePapa19, were you always trying to set up meetings between candidate Trump and Russian officials, oligarchs or Putin if your expertise was energy in the Mediterranean and Israel??? I have no doubt that you were in way over your head. You got played by these Cambridge people & spies and once the Russia investigation got taken over by Mueller, you suddenly were in deep doo doo without a rope. Candidate Trump’s campaign was not a normal campaign team. Were you at any time during your six or so months on the campaign wearing a wire or after you were arrested in July 2017? Why were’n’t you interviewed by the FBI at an earlier date (before January 2017) if your conversations with Downer resulted in the FBI opening up a counterintelligence investigation on Trump and Russia? I could go on, but you’re never going to answer these questions anyway. To me, you look like a plant to spy on the Trump campaign who got double-crossed for your efforts. BTW, who was paying you from March 2016 thru the fall of 2016 while you were jet setting around internationally? Did the FBI/DOJ attempt to get a FISA warrant, national security letter, etc. on you?

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      • oncefired says:

        That was reported in the MSM that he was trying to set up meeting, no one has ever asked him that question directly. Was he trying to do it or was it convenient for the MSM to say he was trying to do it?

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      • Kaiser Derden says:

        Why were’n’t you interviewed by the FBI at an earlier date (before January 2017) if your conversations with Downer resulted in the FBI opening up a counterintelligence investigation on Trump and Russia?
        How the hell should he know why not ? ask the FBI … troll


      • stephen fenlon says:

        Maybe because there was a LOT of Russian money in Cyprus until the Greek owned banks collapsed. That money would have been looking for a home.
        Also, IIRC, Syria laid claim to part of that oilfield, in dispute with Israel. I’m wondering if Syria would have utilised Russian drilling expertise as I presume the Russians were involved in the proposed pipeline project.


    • TMonroe says:

      And speaking of the state dept, we still know much more about the FBI players than has been reviewed about them.


    • recoverydotgod says:

      With Steele corresponding with Nuland about Papadopolous, it is curious that his name didn’t end up in the dossier. The dossier was the tool to get a FISA warrant on Carter Page. I wonder if there was a FISA warrant on Papadopolous based on any of Steele’s work.

      Victoria Nuland denies being part of meeting with Steele



    • Ziiggii says:

      “Victoria Nuland, Obama’s state department figure, is someone who was in touch with Steele…”

      AND here we begin to come full circle back to Oleg Deripaska and his possible connection to all this… the ‘secret’ boat trip off Norway that he took with a certain Russian Gov’t person was said to have involved specific discussions revolving around Nuland. Can’t wait for the curtain to get pulled back regarding this part of the story!

      (reminder there are tapes of the boating trip – reportedly made by the Russian Sex group / Red Sparrow)


  5. Patriot1783 says:

    MIke Rogers wife worked in a defense firm within Libya too leading up to Benghazi…she, surprise surprise, resigned too rather abruptly around same time as the attack.

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  6. Right to reply says:

    Why would CC hire him?


  7. Justavet says:

    Gee why would they write that report? Oh that’s right because the Intel committee as well as BOTH party’s leadership agreed on the original Benghazi Operation, which was to fund, organize, and ARM ISIS. Of course when Russian Intel found out they looked Iranian lead and paid gangs on the compound which cost 4 Americans their lives.

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    • oncefired says:

      The Benghazi operation was all a CIA Op, so all our darling politicians had to act like it never happened, in reports and in public. Somebody with integrity should have stepped forward and said “its one thing for national Security, it’s another for Hussein’s personal war”. Roosterhead wasn’t going to do it!

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      • Zippy says:

        “The Benghazi operation was all a CIA Op”

        If you mean an operation to locate and ship some of Gaddafi’s arsenal to Syria via Turkey, I’m with you. With virtually effortless digging at the time, I figured out the much easily.

        So, what is the SHORT summary of the Benghazi attack cover-up that SD posted about in 2014. The fact that they claimed that the attack was due to a YouTube video when they knew it wasn’t? Some dark reason they didn’t manage to OR didn’t make a serious effort to stop the attack with US military resources? I’ve watched the film about the attack, “13 Hours.” Is it accurate?


  8. smartyjones1 says:

    This is another great job by SD to offer insight into an area where I nor most would even venture a guess. Frankly, the distraction with tangents about AG Jeff Sessions are beyond annoying and I’m fed up with it. Let’s wait until what happens after the mid-terms and then we’ll see what’s what.

    The idea President Trump did not know Jeff Sessions would recuse on Russia is odd and not likely. Once the firing of James Comey went down; everyone knew a Mueller was going to be appointed. Steve Bannon even warned about it before the firing but I think for the good of the country President Trump is correct in cleaning house. It takes time as this is high-level sedition and treason with a host of other crimes committed such as the unmasking right into the Obama WH.

    As long as the House is held; I don’t think the game plan will either. Hell is certainly coming.
    Those who are skeptical can remain so. There is, however, a first time for everything and a first time for the brilliant outsider in President Trump.

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    • MAGAbear says:

      Well, PDJT says he didn’t know Sessions was going to recuse himself, so why think otherwise?

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      • covfefe999 says:

        That’s right. And I think Sessions didn’t even give Trump a heads up! Trump was in England when Sessions held his surprise press conference announcing his recusal! Totally shabby. I don’t think Sessions is the spy but dang he has to go. He has caused massive problems for Trump.

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        • cozette says:

          Please. Sessions said during his confirmation hearings that he would recuse. Trump could have pulled him if he didn’t like his answer. Trumps complaints about recusal are recent which got the press to defend Sessions who was initially despised as Trumps attack dog and to explain to their sheep the importance of recusal if theres even an appearance of conflict of interest. This positions Sessions were he needs to be when prosecutions happen. Non partisan. Law and order. Fair. It also has resurrected the issue of recusal. Who is really in the cross hairs over the issue of recusal? Rosenstein and Mueller. Put the Sessions speculation to bed, PLEASE. Focus on the revelations Sundance shares and the mid terms.

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          • GB Bari says:

            Except Rosenstein and Mueller both looked right back at those crosshairs and flipped the bird. They have no intention of recusing since there’s no one above them to force the issue other than PDJT. But he is politically hogtied only until (hopefully) Nov. 7.

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          • RJones says:

            Trump’s complaints about recusal are hardly “recent.” And Congressional hearings are nothing but a game of weasel words; everyone knew that a former Sen, leader of the Judiciary Cmte, would not be denied this job.

            I will agree that Trump’s tweets about Sessions over time definitely had more a feel of theater than true complaint, and that feeling was reinforced by comments originating with Q and echoed by Stealth Jeff and others. But, the most recent tweets from Trump had a different feel, at least to me, which sounded much more like actual anger.

            While I’m open-minded on Sessions, and desperately hope to shown wrong by the start of actual prosecutions and by Sessions NOT leaving, SD makes a very strong case that DOJ has been hijacked and they have successfully delayed, impeded, obstructed disclosures to protect themselves and the institution. Btw, that was sure my impression from watching the testimony after the IG’s report on the Clinton email investigation. We’ll know if Sessions does leave after the elections. If that happens, I think we can be pretty confident what his role was…evidence on the table or not. He’s many things, but befuddled and stupid are not two of them.

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            • RJones says:

              Btw, how do we know a post-election departure is not just Sessions deciding he finally needed to get out of the way? Because someone who actually loved their country and who wanted Trump to succeed would come down with one of those rare curable cases of brain cancer well before the elections.


              • Beau Geste says:

                R.Jones (from Iowa/Illinois?), only my opinion, of course. But obama/hillary fully appropriated and subjugated the AG and FBI, and replaced all “unflexible” independent IGs across the executive branch. So would be expected for their cabal to attempt to retain or at least neutralize government anti-corruption functions to hobble a new president. That key position is the AG. Sessions has been a sleepy lapdog while the burglers continue ransacking, rather than a watchdog or guard dog.

                “What would sessions have done differently if he was a plant, compared to his actual performance (or refusal to perform, investigate, or cooperate with congress)?” He has had almost 2 years. He is less conflicted than Rosenstein who was in the thick of the corruption and FISA court fraud. Sessions didn’t have brain cancer 2 years ago when he suffered an attack of blindness to corruption and illegality in his own DOJ and FBI. And even McCain was able to continue being functional (causing problems), protecting the swamp, while he had brain cancer.

                As a sort of contrapositive, “What would an honest, competent AG intent on cleaning up corruption and illegality in the DOJ/FBI and cooperating with congressional oversight have done differently than sessions has done?”

                You yourself opined that “SD makes a very strong case that DOJ has been hijacked and they have successfully delayed, impeded, obstructed disclosures to protect themselves and the institution. Btw, that was sure my impression from watching the testimony after the IG’s report on the Clinton email investigation. We’ll know if Sessions does leave after the elections. If that happens, I think we can be pretty confident what his role was…”

                Its only my opinion that sessions is more of a “plant” shutting down the DOJ/FBI than an incoming broom to clean up the mess and restore legality. Based on session’s actual behavior, I think we can agree… We will soon be pretty confident what his role was….


                • RJones says:

                  I think we agree. If Sessions has been supporting a real Huber-led investigation, he’s a hero. If, instead, he’s just been there blocking action to corral Rosenstein/Mueller he’s a part of the conspiracy. If he was so conflicted he honestly had to recuse and could not assist cleanup in any capacity, well, he should have resigned. The fact that he didn’t resign leaves us with only the two possibilities: corrupt or hero.

                  I will say that the strongest counter-argument to SD is the fact that a whole raft of FBI officials have been removed and replaced, all except Priestap, and there are a couple of scalps (Comey, McCabe). Against that, however, DOJ has hardly been touched and a whole layer beneath the top level officials is still there and by all appearances actively obstructing. The IG review of the Clinton email probe was a bust, the leak trap was a bust, the FISA abuse investigation looks to be jammed up, the spying/framing/entrapment and collusion with foreign govts including – for cripes sake Russia, has gone nowhere. EVERYONE can see what a corrupt pile of crap the Senate Intel Cmte is and nobody does anything. There’s not a damn person in Wash DC with any clout willing to stand up and declare the emperor’s clothes are missing. There are so many corrupt people involved that it’s unclear whether it’s even possible to clean it up even if we got an honest person running DOJ. Americans should be literally up in arms over all this, but even the stinking media is corrupt. We don’t even actually *know* the people we think aren’t corrupt are actually honest. That’s how bad it is. What a disgusting embarrassment for our country. Yeah maybe they’ve always been corrupt, but they’ve never tried to steal an election by force or, after losing, tried to remove the elected leader in a stinking coup. We’re the full equivalent of a petty, 3rd world country at this point. That’s what these people have done and they’re all traitors to the US.


            • Lady Sid says:

              According to a young friend of his from Alabama, who works in the WH, and who was going around my neighborhood a couple of days’ ago checking to see if we had Early Voted for a certain Republican candidate for US Senate, the AG is unhappy with his job and wants to go back to Hibberd AL and cut his grass! I told this person, well, thanks a lot, that Jeff had let down the President and the country with his stupid recusal. Remembering that then-Senator Sessions spoke in our county at a big Repub fundraiser in 2016 as a huge supporter of candidate Donald Trump when our State Party honchos were raising money for Jeb! Remember that? All who attended said Jeff did a great job.
              The person visiting our neighborhood said that Sessions was the most popular politician in American history, at one point having an 80% approval rating. So what’s a mother to think?


              • RJones says:

                Man…I hope that’s just a bad rumor…If Sessions leaves, he’s dirty, and it will be a sad day for what is the great state of Alabama. Depressing thought. Wouldn’t want to be part of his family…


          • BOB54 says:

            Thank you… that’s exactly how I feel.


          • lurker2 says:

            cozette, please, you are not correct. Even WaPo disagrees with you:

            Sessions didn’t explicitly promise to recuse himself from any potential FBI Russia investigation in his January confirmation hearing to oversee the Justice Department. But he did promise to seek legal counsel to avoid the conflict of interest of serving on the Trump campaign and then in the Trump administration.


        • oncefired says:

          Sessions was Duped by the remaining scumbags running the Insurance Policy! You would think with all going on around him, he would have second thoughts and un-recuse!


          • AH_C, Boofer says:

            Duped, or playing along to go covert? If he resisted the advice to recuse, the MSM was ready to pounce the next morning with a full course press that Sessions is subverting justice under color of law. Or play possum and they move on to other squirrels?

            The thing to keep in mind, when Admiral Mike Rogers went to see Trump, there were only a few trusted members in that meeting, including Sessions and Flynn – not even VP Pence was in that group, so make of that what you will (token cuck??).

            The DS sidelined Flynn rather quickly on a bogus charge – in essence for “reportedly lying to Pence & media”. Sorta like Meuller charging the Russian 13 for political interference with “willful” failure to comply with FARA.


      • AH_C, Boofer says:

        Head fake? If you’re going to kill the “king” would you tell him how and when?


  9. cthulhu says:

    Wait, there are two Mike Rogers?

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  10. Alison says:

    Well no wonder I’ve been confused ! There are two Mike Rogers (confusing enough), and the decepticon Mike Rogers was mentioned as a possible CIA pick. Then Mike Pompeo was picked for CIA, and I ‘morphed’ the decepticon Mike Rogers into Mike Pompeo, and wondered why President Trump selected such a sketchy character (Mike Pompeo).

    THEN President Trump promotes Mike Pompeo to SOS, and I’m still wondering why POTUS is thinking Pompeo is one of the good guys! THEN Mike Pompeo SHINES as SOS, and I am even MORE confused!!!

    So I had the right suspicions about Decepticon, but I conflated the wrong name to him 😟

    Just glad I didn’t ask stoopid questions about it here in the Treehouse 😂

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  11. kathyca says:

    speaking of Wray, I’m about 99.9% sure this is his daughter busy proving the nasty apple doesn’t fall far from the diseased tree

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  12. mtk says:

    Geewiz, Sundance…

    Not all only do we have to deal with, political marriage incess, your also saying we have to deal with shared first names manipulation .

    Glad your at the forefront of identiting an easy construct of confusion. For a moment there I was like, “what legs can you have left to stand on.”

    never lost faith in the Yoda of our times, folks.

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  13. I confess straight off that I have not yet read the Benghazi Brief – ok, ok, so bend my dog tags! But I seem to recall that there was also a corporation that this pissant and, more directly, his wife were in bed with – I believe she was a VP or such – that was, I think, located in the region. Just can’t remember the details right now.

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    • Ah, yes – just found it – from Judicial Watch:

      “Libya also was an area of activity for Aegis, Ms. Rogers’ company. As Rep. Rogers assumed control of the Intelligence Committee, an Aegis subsidiary, Aegis Advisory, began setting up shop in Libya. “Aegis has been operating in Libya since February 2011,” noted an Aegis Advisory intelligence report aimed at corporate clients. The report, marked “Confidential,” notes the company’s ability to provide “proprietary information [and] expert knowledge from our country team based in Tripoli.” Security was part of the Aegis package, too. “Aegis has extensive links in Libya which can be leveraged quickly to ensure safe passage,” the report noted. In 2012, Al Jazeera reported that Aegis was hunting bigger game in the country, “seeking a $5 billion contract to guard Libya’s vast and porous borders.” Aegis declined to respond to Judicial Watch’s questions about Libyan border security contracts.”


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    • MelH says:

      Sundance, The Benghazi Brief needs to be published. I can put you in touch with a great New York Literary Agent. He is especially attracted to muckraking of famous figures who thought they would always get away with murder.

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  14. covfefe999 says:

    Papadopolous says his wife’s work visa has been cut off. Sorry about lack of link to specific tweet, having trouble with crappy mobile twitter. https://twitter.com/GeorgePapa19


  15. mtk says:

    Just to flash up memories…

    During the campaigne, while PDJT was riding forward to securing the nomination, do recall the confusion that was occuring within the ranks of leading personalities. A revisit, to factual transcripts of that period, with all the pushing and shoving, may reveal, that PDJT was well aware what was foot. And, the theatrics, after the fact add to the context that, “what was occuring was an unorthodox response to the threat within, by unorthodox, i mean an outside of the box responce that refused to play with the game afoot.”

    The closer one is bound to the intrigue, the more with reflection they are apt to harbour TDS. He didn’t play the game, he played the game, “mess with the bull, get the horns with a candle on it”

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    • seekingthetruth2 says:

      OK, let’s play….either your spell checker is the Queens English or it is actually you typing this. Which? BTW, is everything in your universe a Matrix or Star Wars perspective?

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  16. jus wundrin says:

    It will be interesting to see what happens if Papadop changes his plea. Im also wondering who is giving him any additional information, or has he been doing a lot of homework?

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  17. maggiemoowho says:

    Mike Rogers and Robert Mueller at David McCallums book party in 2016.

    Robert Mueller, Kristi and Mike Rogers. Photo by Tony Powell. David McCallum Book Party. Isham Residence. January 15, 2016

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  18. SR says:

    There will be three month honeymoon period for PTrump after winning both houses. I can not wait end of Muller SC and some indictments before presidential noise starts.

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    • lemmus1 says:

      … let’s win first, then enjoy the honeymoon …in the past 9 days there has been 3 major hits thrown our way …9 days left …already voted …holding my breath for whatever is coming next …they won’t go quietly

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  19. Rob Smith says:

    Rogers now serves on the Alliance for Securing Democracy advisory council {with Podesta, Chertoff, Kristol, McFaul, Stravidis and a bunch of Obama cronies) which is partnering with Facebook to censor American free speech rights.



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  20. fakenoozisforfools says:

    The Washington Post was disappointed after Rogers was dismissed from Trump’s security team? That tells me all I need to know about what a bad move it was to have him around in the first place.

    Some really bad apples were hired to serve in the Trump administration. Some of them are gone. Too many others aren’t. DRAIN THE SWAMP.

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  21. Lt. obvious says:

    I think it was Carter Page

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    • YL Calif says:

      You mean the FBI undercover informant? Carter Page also completed his fellowship with the Council on Foreign Relations (Deep State). After Page got on the Trump team (via Ed Cox, RNC Never-Trumper), Page skipped around Europe looking suspicious so his FBI handlers could “document” his Russian contacts for the phoney Dossier to get the FISA warrant.

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    • EJ says:

      Agree. There were likely many spies.


  22. notunderwhelmed says:

    If, as former CIA officers have stated, the USA has no control over our $, the mega military industrial complex, the MSM propaganda machine, and we are constantly spied on by Intel — we are no longer a republic. Kennedy lost his threat to break the CIA into a million pieces. — Biggly. If they can crash our economy, set up anyone who is a threat, create wars,— how will Trump survive?

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  23. I was also confused awhile ago when read “Mike Rogers “ interviewed on MSNBC/CNN and said negative stuff about Trump’s policies . It was this fake/bad Rogers NOT the good Admiral (NSA ) Rogers. Glad that was cleared up

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  24. digleigh says:

    Wasn’t he gang of eight and one of many who left after the Benghazi fiasco? Our guy Saxby Chambliss also left around that time, and I think maybe upwards of 4 of the gang of 8 at that time are now gone….. After Reading the Benghazi Report, this did not surprise me… How long was Rogers on the staff? I did not even remember he was! What is amazing to me, is how quickly things against Trump are leaked by so many, and picked up by the hate Trump media, and things like this are kept on the down low.. and the NeverTrumpers slow walk, crawl anything that would be esculpatory for their own Republican President! These folks are shameless!

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  25. COLK says:

    I love this forum and its many “contributors”! But- as the old saying goes- “When all is said and done, then more often than not, more is said than done”.
    So at the risk of preaching to the choir here, I personally would like to say that I have heard enough over the last 30 years to convince me of my own position and know exactly where I stand on these issues and have already taken the only ACTION that I currently have at my disposal –
    I firmly believe that OUR only hope at this point in time is to vote the bums out next Tuesday-
    WE must defeat DEM or we will continue to suffer these OUTRAGEOUS ABUSES OF POWER at the hands of OUR OWN GOVERNMENT! SO PLEASE HELP STOP THE MADNESS AND VOTE!!

    (I’m sorry for screaming! I’m still working on my first cup of coffee.)

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    • Rock Knutne says:


      Go vote straight R.

      Then primary the bums that don’t support President Trump the next time they’re up for election.


  26. notunderwhelmed says:

    I want Trump to have 2 terms. I want him to continue his agenda to MAGA. I don’t want the swampy bastards to win! Vote & keep informed!

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  27. Jive Pawnbroker says:

    If Rogers was the spy, then that would be sad news for me. I attended Adrian College at the same time he did and we served on Student Government together. I always thought highly of him and was proud to point out to family and friends that he was a fellow Adrian alum.


  28. E.jay Miller says:

    Again, this CTH thread is populated with Jeff Sessions speculation and opinion. I was a believer in the White Hat Sessions as long as possible–but hey, after Left-side establishment Attack after Attack; after so many fully obvious and seditious Crimes ignored, after Major Criminals Conspire to Obstruct Justice in plain sight, after The Justice Department becomes obviously and actively complicit in the Obstruction of Justice–it is no longer possible to ignore the fact that Jeff Sessions is complicit and Guilty of Obstruction of Justice–giving cover to Criminals is aiding Criminals is Criminal. Indictments of these Seditious Criminals would have the immediate effect ensuring that the House of Representatives stays on the “right side” with Mid-term elections. We should not be contemplating a possible Impeachment by the left-wing commies in the House, or, their control of all of the Committees. Sessions wears the Black Hat proudly.

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    • Rock Knutne says:

      Sessions is still in his position because President Trump wants him in it.

      Reconcile that.


      • lurker2 says:

        The reason why Sessions and Rosenstein still have jobs is because of Mueller. When Mueller wraps up the witch hunt expect to see some personnel changes.


    • Beau Geste says:

      Agreed. Sessions is the “insurance policy”. While the despicable 2-bit congressman rogers is likely a mole-spy, he was only temporary and not in a position to even come close to being a firewall. The despicable bengazi coverupper rogers is not the kind of plant that would embolden Papadopolus and Meadows to excitement and risk-taking. They would bot be energized by a 2-bit supernumerary in the woodwork. Sessions is the bulwark protecting the swamp. He was placed in the position which is the mechanism needed to fight against corruption, to throw sand in the mechanism. He was placed in the precise position to protect the coup, the seditious FBI/DOJ activity, and the clinton foundation/uranium-one/weiner laptop contents and all other criminal wrongdoing of the swamp. With an honest AG, the congressional investigation would be finished with public disclosure and appropriate prosecutions. The Awan, seth rich, “security officer Wolfe, leaking, illegal unmasking in violation of the 4th Amendment, the FISA Court fraud and other scandals would be dealt with “by the book”.

      Sessions is the plant. Trump can’t fire him because he lacks senate support. Grassley signalled senate support after the midterms (if GOP holds).


    • RJones says:

      Premature conclusion.

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  29. jerseyjoe says:

    Read Ken Timmerman’s courageous book, “Dark Forces, The Truth about Benghazi”. The role of Rogers and McCain. He was on it, but it was an inconvenient fact.


  30. Chewbarkah says:

    Per Wikipedia, Cong Mike Rogers was a Special Agent in FBI’s Chicago office (specializing in Organized Crime and Public Corruption — he certainly cleaned all that up) from 1989-1994, then elected to Mich State Senate, then Congress. Here’s the Biggie: Was interviewed to be the new Director of the FBI after Comey was fired. Who was recommending the candidates to POTUS???

    Rogers money quote from 5-30-2014 in The Hill: members of Congress “have somehow decided over the past year that our intelligence services are the problem…they are part of the solution.”


  31. antonyrg says:

    Sundance previously wrote an article saying that this guy saved the U.S. from a massive constitutional crisis.


  32. Lactantius says:

    Here is the core of the Sundance post:

    “After the election, in mid-November 2016, right before NSA Director Mike Rogers made his unscheduled and unapproved visit to Trump Tower for a private conversation with President-elect Trump….. to discuss things, presumably related to “spygate”; the other Decepticon Mike Rogers was kicked off the transition team…..

    When Decepticon Rogers was quietly kicked off the team, and no explanation was given; and the Washington Post was unhappy; and we knew there was an ongoing battle within the intelligence community; our suspicions of Decepticon Rogers went from twitchy to full blown warning flares and signal rockets. We knew something was up….

    In hindsight, and against the backdrop of Carter Page and George Papadopoulos being set up for ‘Spygate’, I’ll bet a donut Decepticon Mike Rogers was involved.”
    Admiral Mike Rogers wears the tallest white hat in all of the lead up to the inauguration. President Elect Donald J. Trump took the information provided by Admiral Rogers and moved his entire transition process out of Trump Tower and he became very alert to loyalty and honesty. Mike Rogers, the rat, was tossed out on his keister.

    President Elect Donald J. Trump undoubtedly had legions of “good guys” all banging on his door wanting to just be helpful in “teaching” him the ways of Washington. But Donald J. Trump had a long history with “good guys” who were really trying to position themselves at his expense. That is why he places so much trust in his own children. Donald J, Trump was a fairly shallow person on his way up, but he became a very complex, very savvy and deep thinker as his experiences informed his wisdom. As St. Lactantius put it: “The first point of wisdom is to discern what is false, the second to know what is true.” When President Elect Donald J, Trump learned what is false, he stopped it in its tracks. That is his “builder’s” instinct at work. Learning what is true in the deep swamp is sometimes a fool’s errand. Time and tide wait for no man, so President Elect Donald J. Trump moved cautiously ahead without the benefit of knowing the facts. That is no different than any battlefield where the bullets are flying.

    Coincidence is not causation. But, when too many coincidences begin to pile up, a wise man “smells a rat” and acts accordingly. However the wording came out, President Donald J. Trump asked FBI Director James Comey if he was trying to screw him. Its a fair question and one that gives the asker the advantage reading body language. It blew Comey’s confidence to shreds and he sat in his car and “memorialized” it. That is how rats operate.

    The deep state mob is NOT some sort of “family” with a consigliere and code of operation. The deep state is an aggregation of prima donnas and cockroaches all pursuing their own interests and collaborating when it seems profitable to them. The “establishment” hates President Donald J. Trump because he is a disrupter, can not be bought and is too cocky by half in their view of “propriety.”

    The deep state grapevine is full of gossip, innuendo and a fair amount of deception. It makes some people paranoid. It also makes some people act like they are more informed and more influential than they are. Seasoned deep state manipulators move useful idiots around like so many pawns. They also have a pretty good sense of how to stack the deck.

    So, the trail of Mike Rogers, the rat, is probably a very good way to get to the main players in the obstruct Trump world. It is often the people on the periphery of the trail who provide the most information. If you ask a player on the periphery if he would rather do his job as outlined or be an ideological renegade, often as not, that come-to-Jesus question will bring focus to his immediate future.

    At this point, it is not clear just “who” is taking the lead in deconstructing what the deep state players have unleashed on Donald J. Trump from POTUS back to potential candidate. If the Department of Justice were above corruption, we would trust it. If the Inspector General of the DOJ were secure in his tenure and had the man power to dedicate a task force, we could have more confidence in an investigation free of political influence. But we don’t.

    Sundance lays out his logic and reasoning and what he posts is as good as anything available. If there were an active conspiracy out there, by this time in the game, someone with a grudge would be a conduit to Sundance and Sundance would be posting all sorts of stuff he couldn’t substantiate. But the deep state is just a mob replete with paranoia and moxie. Unfortunately, the Mueller group does have far too much power and far too little oversight to be representative of the concept of justice. Governments have bad habit of anointing super sleuths with too little oversight.

    President Donald J. Trump, the disrupter, has yet to unleash his powers on the Mueller armada. The president has been playing his cards very close to his chest. He has no reason to start a war with Mueller unless and until it comes to that. After all is said and done, Mueller is just as likely to do a Comey-type exoneration on President Trump that Comey did on Hillary.

    Draining the swamp is quite different from rooting out the deep state. Ideally, political party affiliation should not make a difference in administering justice or investigating crime or in administering the income tax. Corruption expands when a power vacuum “invites” it in. In the final analysis, principled leadership is the best antidote to the growth and spread of corruption.

    Of all the names of players in this drama, it may come down to Rogers the rat, Page and Papadopoulos who blow the whole mess apart.

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    • lanahi says:

      Trump is surrounded by military intelligence which is far better and certainly more trustworthy than the other intelligence services. He has, by necessity, a large cabinet and staff which are more of a question mark, but he tries to get the best people for the job regardless of their political stand. They have become experienced in other administrations and not necessarily loyal to his objectives, which also means he has some enemies in his camp. He is aware of that and is weeding them out slowly, but it all takes time. In the meantime, he has only a trusted few in the military, but I think he can trust that inner circle and their expertise absolutely. Without them, it would be very lonely at the top.

      Trump makes use of the people in his cabinet until they no longer benefit him and his agenda. He moves fast from one phase to another and many cannot keep up with him and the pressure. So it is interesting to watch the change-overs but may be a mistake to make much of it. I do believe he is draining the swamp in some of these personnel changes but just leaving others behind who are still good people. It may be hard to work for him too. He is known to have a good heart and is generous in how he treats others. But his personality suggests that he would expect others to be as hard driven as he is. When you combine that with the necessity to save a nation, the pressure would be nearly brutal unless they are all in with it too and have the endless energy of a teenager on steroids to go with it.

      BTW, I think Jeff “Silent Assassin” Sessions is one of the white hats. We’ll see.


  33. Fake News says:

    What does it matter if nothing is ever gonna be done??? We need a new AG and FBI director and SC. and that isn’t going to happen. It’s always “wait until…”. And nothing happens. Sessions had done a tremendous job for the swamp. He has boxed in POTUS. He had done an incredible job of protecting HRC. Amazing that POTUS gets an SC 16 weeks after taking office. And nothing for HRC for 30 years of crimes.

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  34. railer says:

    Yes, Rogers has always been fully institutionalized in the Swamp, and constantly sought the camera. When he was disappeared from the Trump team, I welcomed it. Same with Christie, he was never of value. It wouldn’t be surprising if either or both were rats. But all of this has to play out in the proper sequence. First, the FISA abuses will eventually be exposed, and the abusers’ will get handled. Then we can move on to secondary players like the rats.


  35. TomA says:

    This Mike Rogers wasn’t the only fifth-columnist in the Trump Campaign, but his involvement in covering up the Bengazi criminality is foreshadowing of what is to come if Sessions is allowed to sell-out and coverup the FISC criminality by dozens of senior federal officials and politicians. Sessions has already covered up and buried the enormous Obama Administration IRS criminality and let James Wolfe off the hook for numerous Class I felony acts, so don’t be surprised if he finds a way to bury the crimes of nearly the entire senior ranks of the DOJ and FBI. Sessions is a mole. Put in a bulldog like Pompeo and heads will roll.


  36. recoverydotgod says:


  37. Donna in Oregon says:

    There are many spies within the Trump administration.

    One of the many Deep State Ops is the Caravan. This has been planned for a long time IMO. John Bolton just got rid of one of them…..

    Fernando Cutz McMaster’s director for South America who previously reported to former deputy NSC advisor Ben Rhodes.


    Jeff Sessions has his fair share of them in the Civil Rights division.

    Always follow the money when dealing with Democrat Socialists:



  38. Spamf Roming says:

    Attorney General Rudy Giuliani


  39. Pingback: Who Was The Deep State Spy Within The Trump Campaign? – IOTW Report

  40. Gil Stonebarger says:

    what I still can’t figure out..how do we fix all of this criminality peacefully?


  41. Elwood says:

    If Qanon were real they WOULD be subject to the Hatch Act. No post lately? Coincidence?


  42. Elwood says:

    Trust Sessions. Think.


  43. Elwood says:

    Look at Sessions. Look at his entire life and career. This is the “moment” for which he was born. He knows this. He understands the importance of his time and his position. Trust Sessions.


  44. Haveaspine says:

    Chris Christi really brought in some beauties to the Trump Team. Christi was responsible for bringing in FBI Director Wray. Where is Christi? Thought he is good friend with the President.


  45. Rob Smith says:

    For the record, there are 3 Mike Rogers:

    Michael D. Rogers, Alabama GOP congressman
    Michael J. Rogers, Michigan GOP and ex-House Intel Cmte chair
    Michael S. Rogers, Adm. & ex-NSA director.

    There are also three Jim Baker’s:

    James A. Baker III (DOS), ex-Sec. of State Bush operative
    James A. Baker (DOJ), Comey General Counsel, “Mr. FISA” per Wikipedia
    James H. Baker (DOD), Director of the Office of Net Assessment, Department of Defense, involved in the Lovinger affair


  46. Rynn69 says:

    Do we have the “Good” Mike Rogers, former NSA Director, and the “Bad” Mike Rogers, former Michigan GOP Congressman?


  47. G. Combs says:

    I think there was more than one. (WHY stop at one???)
    So Mike Rogers was FBI….

    How about the CIA???

    name redacted h t tps://threadreaderapp.com/thread/937831014965153792

    Adm Mike Rogers saved the country. On nov 18 he met the NATSEC team of PDJT transition team and briefed them on it all…. At that meeting were current DCI Pompeo , former DCI Woolsey, now ambassador, Mike Flynn, Jeff Sessions, and PDJT.

    James Woolsey served as CIA director in President Bill Clinton’s administration and joined the Trump Team in September 2016 and left January 2017.

    MiKe Flynn, Woolsey and Islamist Fethullah Gülen of Turkey:
    “The General’s FARA filing revealed that a September 19 meeting occurred and that Islamist Fethullah Gülen was discussed. But the filing claims that Flynn’s work was on behalf of Inovo, not the Turkish government, and that it concerned merely “the political climate in Turkey” and “doing business in Turkey,” related to the export of natural gas….” https://newswithviews.com/establishment-insiders-mueller-and-woolsey-falsely-target-ltg-michael-flynn/

    Woolsey, who was at that meeting twisted the story. This is where the accusation of Flynn planning to kidnap Gülen came from:
    “Former CIA Director James Woolsey has been in contact with FBI agents working under special counsel Robert Mueller regarding his knowledge of former national security adviser Michael Flynn…” https://thehill.com/policy/national-security/357605-fbi-spoke-to-ex-cia-chief-about-alleged-flynn-plan-for-turkish

    “Woolsey, who served on the board of Michael Flynn’s lobbying firm, Flynn Intel Group, was at a meeting on September 19, 2016, with Flynn and Turkish government ministers …” https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-james-woolsey-mueller-mar-a-lago-2017-11

    “…’I didn’t want to fly under false colors’: Ex-CIA director James Woolsey abruptly quits his senior advisor role in Trump transition team…”


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